Camp of Blessing Ch. 04

Alt Babe

Kristanna woke up feeling the strong smell of her fluids in the room. Looking at the floor she could see the wet area, now considerably dry. In a couple of weeks, she would probably be assigned by the nuns to apply a new layer of wax on the floor removing the last traces of the message she made. Kristanna was just glad it wasn’t her cum that got splattered on the floor in such amount. Her sperm was so thick she could probably even wax the floor with it. But this time her load had been almost entirely placed inside Aisha. Still, the whole event had been a big risk, it wasn’t worth pushing their luck with adventures like this in the future.

She had to wear her pantyhose under the skirt now, the only way to keep her member and balls concealed. The cock itself would hug her left leg while her ball sack was partially trapped closer to her right leg and under her crotch. Even if she had an erection her cock would only grow down towards her knee and any precum would likely stay on the pantyhose instead of forming wet spots on her skirt, all would be fine if she resisted the temptation to flex it. While it was a bit uncomfortable to walk and she had to be careful when sitting, quickly the redhead adapted to her new accessory.

In class, Kristanna noticed that Aisha did not show up that morning, the other girls said she was sick with a stomachache and couldn’t come. Kristanna couldn’t help but feel a little worried. Had she exaggerated last night? Maybe she had hurt her friend by mistake, that was an awful lot of cum she deposited in the girl’s belly, from both ends. She wanted to go see Aisha even before the lunch break, but she wasn’t allowed to.

As soon as the bells rang announcing the end of the last class all girls started to walk out and head to the big chapel for the prayers. Kristanna rushed to try and sneak in a visit to Aisha’s bedroom, but she was stopped as she left the classroom by no one else than Valery. This was the girl who thought she was the owner of the school and bullied pretty much everyone. It took longer than usual but the girl had finally found a reason to target Kristanna. Pushing her towards the wall she stopped and looked at the redhead from head to toe nodding slightly, silent for a few seconds.

Next to Valery, there were two other girls, Renata and Julie. They were Valery’s “BFFs”, or bodyguards, depending on how one looked at it. They weren’t very good-looking, their body shapes reminded Kristanna of some of the guards around the school, stacked with muscles and fat, no curves. Valery finally spoke, “You’re the new girl right? The big-ass bimbo who arrived a month ago. How come we never talked?”

Kristanna looked at the girl, they had the same height, both standing at six feet. Valery had blonde hair and very light blue eyes showing a very Scandinavian build. Unlike her friends, Valery was stunningly beautiful. But her curves were not like Kristanna’s, she had a good pair of double Ds but pretty much no hips or legs. She had beautiful blue eyes with an aggressive aspect to them. They showed her experience and toughness, she was no one to be messed with and certainly looked older than eighteen.

“We never had a subject to talk about”, Kristanna sarcastically replied.

Valery nodded, “Well, now we do, bimbo. I’ve seen you walking around with a smile on your face, making friends, talking to Aisha and others, shaking that fat as and big tits of yours. But you have not proven yourself yet, we know nothing about you.”

“Well. I am Kristanna, I got here a month ago, nice to meet you. Now you know all you need so excuse me.”

Kristanna tried to leave but Julie grabbed her arm, the redhead pulled her arm out of the girl’s grasp and looked her in the eyes, anger taking over her expression. Pulling her arm away was surprisingly easy, she thought, she was stronger than those girls. But if she started a fight now she would end up with more problems than solutions. She couldn’t risk people finding out about her cock.

Valery spoke interrupting Kristanna’s thoughts, “You don’t want to turn your back on me, Kristanna. You see that girl over there?” Valery was pointing at Kate, Aisha’s roommate. Kristanna knew her just from seeing her around the school but they had never talked, “That girl saw Aisha leaving her room last night, and other nights before that. She knows Aisha went to your room yesterday and today she is mysteriously sick. Now, I don’t care what kind of drugs you girls use or whatever you do, only God can judge that”, The sarcasm in Valery’s voice was evident, she continued, “But the nuns, oh they won’t like hearing that Aisha has been sneaking into your room during the night. I think they would even increase the watch if they heard of such a thing, maybe assign you a few more cleaning tasks as a punishment, move you to other rooms. Maybe even do a sweep on all of your things to see if you are hiding anything, make you strip at the locker room and look in all of your “hiding places”, and I mean Eskort ALL of your hiding places, those nuns can be thorough…”

Kristanna swallowed nervously, she definitely couldn’t be searched like that. Valery kept talking, noticing she was affecting the redhead, “It would be so unpleasant to go through this since you just got here. I’d hate to see you in that position.”

“Kate won’t say anything,” Kristanna replied, but the words “making you strip” didn’t leave her mind.

“Ah, you think she won’t say anything? You’d be surprised what girls will do to be part of my club. You know, to be in the inner circle!”

Kristanna looked at Kate who was talking to another girl and as her gazes crossed Kate looked down and walked away. She was sold, she had submitted to Valery’s pressure and to be accepted she was betraying her friend Aisha, consequently Kristanna. There wasn’t much to do at this point, Kristanna couldn’t risk being exposed that way, she had to at least hear Valery out.

“Alright, fine. What do you want me to do to “prove myself?”

“Now we’re talking”, Valery smiled and looked around making sure no nuns were around, her “bodyguards” positioned themselves a bit away, watching for movement before Valery continued, “The task is very simple. I heard two nights from today the nuns will have a “surprise blood examination” on all girls to see if they all are clean and behaving well. As you probably know, some of us are not known for behaving well in this place and that has gotten us quite worried. To perform the blood exams there will be a doctor coming from the city, Dr. James Schubert is his name. He will arrive at the end of the afternoon, sleep here and the exams will be performed on the next day, all you have to do is go to his shack and fuck him in exchange for giving all the girls a pass on the exam. Simple right?”

“Go to his shack and fuck him?”, Kristanna was a bit surprised at the nature of the task, she wasn’t aware this kind of sexual blackmail went on in the school, but apparently, there was a lot she didn’t know. Valery was skeptical of Kristanna’s innocence.

“Oh come on sweetheart, do you think girls like us are put in this place because we’re saints? Don’t act like you never fucked someone with that such inflated bimbo body you have! We always do this, it’s called teamwork, you take one for the team, hmm? And it can be fun!”

“I’m not a bimbo! And what if he still fails the girls at the exam anyway? Even after I have sex with him? What guarantees that he will honor this deal?” Kristanna tried to poke holes on Valery’s plan, maybe it would make her give up on the idea and leave her alone. But the blonde had been doing this for a while, it wouldn’t be that easy.

“Don’t worry, he will honor his word, Doctor Schubert is a long time “customer” of this institution. He will do it because he wants to come back in a month or so for another exam and fuck another young and hot teenager he would never get the chance to fuck outside of this place. I know the guy, he is a pathetic nerd”, Valery leaned forward whispering on Kristanna’s ear, “If you think this place is pure, hun, you haven’t seen the half of it.”

Kristanna didn’t have much to argue about, it was either complying or risking exposure for her and Aisha. A price too high to pay. She needed to play Valery’s game for now and think of what to do later, “Alright. I’ll do it. When is it?”

“Good girl! Tomorrow night he will arrive, in the early evening. He will be staying at the cabin west of the main building, that is where most of the visitors stay when they come. All you have to do is sneak out, go to the cabin unseen and do your part. Then we will leave you alone and Kate will forget what she saw, and we will have the beginning of a wonderful partnership!”

Somehow that sounded too good to be true, but Kristanna had no time to question things. She had to figure out how to sneak out and what to do when she got to the cabin. I mean, would he even want to have sex with her if he saw what she was packing?

Sister Beth came walking down the aisle with the last warning, calling all girls for the prayers before lunch and interrupting their conversation. The day went by fast, and all Kristanna could think about was what she was gonna do about Valery. She was also worried about Aisha as the morning interruption with Valery had prevented her from quickly sneaking to her room before lunch, so she had to go for the afternoon activities.

As soon as her activities were finished for the day she finally managed to go to Aisha’s room. Knocking on the door and waiting, no one came to answer it. So she simply entered. She saw Aisha on the bed, all wrapped up under a blanket. Slowly she approached the girl, trying not to scare her, “Hey Aisha, what is going on? Are you feeling better?”

Aisha’s eyes immediately widened upon seeing Kristanna, she seemed to be kind of away before, looking at the ceiling, but immediately turned her head to face her friend, “Oh Kristanna! It’s so good to see you. I think it’s nothing I am just… hmmm just tired… yeah t-that’s it… tired is ah… all I am…”

It was easy to tell that something was odd just from listening to Aisha’s voice. She staggered, her words were loaded with lust, she was practically whispering. Focusing her gaze on Aisha’s body she could see the blue aura around the girl all lit up, she was extremely aroused. Kristanna could hear a buzzing noise coming from under the blanket and figured out what was going on. She abruptly pulled the covers from Aisha’s body. What she saw immediately made her cock twitch and pulse inside her pantyhose swelling almost down to her knee. Aisha was completely naked under the blanket and she had a black dildo inside her ass, it was thick but Kristanna couldn’t see how big it was. The toy was completely buried inside her. In reality, it was about ten inches long and two inches in diameter. A huge dildo, but still small compared to Kristanna’s massive dick.

“Sick uh? What are you doing Aisha?”

“Hmm… oh god… I am sorry, Kris. The truth is after last night I was so horny, I could just feel all of your cum inside me. I could barely sleep and today when I woke up my clit was all swollen up and my entire body felt so hot and sensitive. And my breasts, I think they got bigger, look!”

Aisha pressed her breasts together with both hands showing them to Kristanna, they had indeed gotten bigger and were at least a C cup now. Was her cum doing this to the girl? Her clitoris looked much bigger than it was last night, it was like a very small thumb with a little over an inch, and it pushed up between her pussy lips, hard as a tiny cock. Kristanna had played with that clit for minutes the night before and it wasn’t half this big. There was no other explanation, Kristanna’s cum was changing Aisha’s body, the same way her cock and balls grew slightly every time they fucked.

While Kristanna admired Aisha, her juicy pussy leaking all over the bedsheets and that thick vibrator up her ass, the girl continued, “This morning I couldn’t think of anything but you and your delicious cock inside my ass, so I pretended I was sick to stay the entire day here… thinking of you. I had this dildo hidden and I used it, it’s not nearly as big as you though… and now I don’t feel it anymore, I don’t feel your cum inside me and… and I need it so bad! Can we do it again tonight?”

A shiver went up Kristanna’s spine as the girl’s sexy voice practically begged for her cock and cum. This was the time for Kristanna to show some control. Grabbing the blanket Kristanna covered her horny friend again smiling. Something was changing Aisha, she seemed fascinated with Kristanna’s cock, even addicted to it. The redhead enjoyed it too much to complain about it, the truth is she had fantasized about this for a long time but she never thought it was gonna happen, a hot girl masturbating the entire day thinking of her cock? That was the last thing Kristanna thought would happen when her secret was revealed. Yet, there Aisha was right in front of her, she looked lovely with her begging expression and needy voice. Kristanna finally replied.

“We can’t, it’s too risky. I have a few things to handle in the next couple of days so it is better we just lay low. I have to do something for Valery. And by the way your friend Kate, she is willing to talk about your “little detours” if I don’t help, so you might wanna reconsider your trust in her.”

“Ah, that bitch! I’m gonna show her!”, Aisha tried to stand up but Kristanna held her down.

“No, don’t! Just lie there dear, let me handle this. If you try to do something you will only complicate things.”

For Kristanna’s surprise, Aisha didn’t try to argue and simply lied back on the bed. Kristanna didn’t know what effects her cum had on the girl but it was better if she just rested, maybe the effects would wear off after some time. She wasn’t sure but Aisha was in no conditions of going outside. “Ok… I won’t do anything then. But promise you will get her what she deserves!”

“Don’t worry, I’m working on a plan. I’ll fix this for us and that Valery bitch will have what is coming for her. Now you try not to exhaust yourself too much or get caught with that dildo or you will be in trouble”, Aisha smiled and shifted under the blanket moaning slightly as the dildo moved inside her ass.

Kristanna got out of the bedroom, her boner raging inside the pantyhose, almost tearing it. She could feel some precum sliding down her leg, the base of her cock hurt from being forced down but she tried not to flex it or she could strain the pantyhose. She just walked carefully and slowly, going for a shower, giving time for her body to calm down. During dinner time, Kristanna sat by herself thinking about everything that had happened and how she could fix things as well as continue playing with Aisha without being discovered. Sister Beth passed by her table and nodded acknowledging her presence, bringing Kristanna back to the moment.

Sister Beth was there the day Kristanna arrived at the Camp, she had shown Kristanna to her bedroom and gotten her situated. The nun was responsible for organizing the rooms and their distribution, she often searched them and cleaned them too when needed while the girls were away in class or doing some field activity, and she was responsible for Kristanna’s section. As she watched the nun sitting to eat a thought crossed her mind.

If Beth was responsible for inspecting and organizing Kristanna’s room as well as reporting any issues with it. If she wanted to be out of trouble she would have to somehow fall into the nun’s good grace, or bribe her with something. She thought about Aisha’s behavior and how she was so submissive and willing to agree with her, maybe she could seduce Sister Beth in the same way!

Sister Beth should be in her thirties or forties. It was hard to say how her body was under that nun habit, but she was relatively fit and had a regular womanly body. Only a small portion of her hair would show under the veil and Kristanna could see it was a natural light brown and straight, her eyes were from a similar color, with an almost yellow tone to them and her skin was white as milk, “She isn’t so bad” Kristanna though.

It was certainly a risky plan, seducing a nun would be much harder than a rebel, horny teenager such as Aisha. But for some reason, Kristanna saw this as a challenge. She had a wicked smile as she looked at Beth eating so calmly on her table thinking of ways to lure her in.

Kristanna finished her meal and stood up to take her plate to the washing area where it would later be cleaned. She passed by sister Beth’s table on her way there on purpose and “accidentally” hit her hand on the nun’s glass of juice spilling it all over the table.

“Oh my God, sister Beth! I am so sorry for this!” Kristanna quickly said as she grabbed a few napkins and started to dry up the juice on the table.

“Oh dear, be careful! It’s ok though, I’ll just get another glass.” Sister Beth replied on her soft voice, always so gentle and extremely polite the nun smiled with her eyes at Kristanna.

“No no! I made the mess on your table, you stay there, I’ll get another glass for you, it’s the least I can do.”

“Alright, my dear. Very gentle of you!” Sister Beth replied appreciating the girl’s way to apologize. The nuns loved some penitence, owning up to the consequences of your actions.

“No worries, I’ll go wash it and fill it up again!

Kristanna took the glass from the table and went towards the nearby bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror, her heart pounding at what she was about to do, but she had to go on with it. Getting into a toilet stall she pulled her skirt up revealing her cock trapped against her leg under the pantyhose. She pulled the pantyhose down only enough to free her member and began stroking it thinking of Aisha and the past nights she spent with the girl. Almost immediately her precum started to ooze out. She placed the glass at the tip of her cock and waited until about an inch of it was filled with her cock juice. Then she cleaned her member up with some paper and stuck it back inside the pantyhose doing her best to conceal her boner.

She went out of the bathroom and then filled the glass again with orange juice mixing it with her precum and taking it back to Sister Beth’s table, “There you go, sister. Sorry again for spilling it.”

“Thank you, my dear. And don’t worry about it, accidents happen.”

Kristanna looked around as if she was checking for nearby people that might hear what she was about to say and instead of leaving she sat on the bench in front of Beth. The nun looked at the redhead waiting to hear what she had to say, “Sister, I know this is not the proper time but I just felt I needed to let you know about something… but you have to promise you won’t mention that I told you.”

“Oh! A secret! Sure honey, you know how it works around here: see something, say something, right? What is troubling you?”

“Well, I heard her talking about it but I am not sure… Kate, Aisha’s roommate at my room section, do you know who I am talking about?”

“Most certainly, I know all the girls in the school very well. What about Kate?”

“Well, I heard her saying she has a… I feel a little embarrassed to say… a dildo that she hides in her room.”

The nun almost choked on her food, immediately she grabbed the glass of juice and drank at least half of it, Kristanna had to use all of her strength to contain her wicked smile as she watched the nun drink her precum-laced juice. Widening her eyes at Kristanna and quickly making a cross over her forehead and chest blessing herself the nun replied, “Dear God! Are you sure she has it?”

“I am not completely sure but… I thought you should know. Maybe you should look for it the next time you inspect her room to make sure?”

“I most certainly will! Thank you for letting me know my dear!”

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