Camping in Hard Wood


Camping is fun, always has been to you at least until you get lost in the woods.

Things went so fast you hardly remembered how you got out here. I mean it’s wasn’t every day you had two hot guys fuck you at once, it just sort of happened.

Hopelessly lost, without food or water and with night is falling things had started to get serious. Then you had stumbled across the boys camp out in the woods. Lucky for you, they had food, water and big hard cocks.

This had all started when you went camping with some friends and spent most of the night drinking when you had gone out to heed the call of nature. However somewhere along the trail you had gotten turned around. You had walked long out of shouting distance before you realized how lost you were. Now panicking and nervous you pressed on hoping to find your way back, only to be greeted by the dark quiet woods.

You wandered alone and afraid until you saw the light of a campfire ahead in the distance, thinking it was your camp that you had just taken a big loop you rush forward stumbling through the heavy brush towards the light source. Crashing into the clearing of a camp that wasn’t yours however and sitting around the fire were two figures.

The two young men turned in surprise to see you, the one on the left saying “whoa shit, are you okay lady?, what on earth are you doing way out here?” Concern and shock in his deep voice.

“I’m sorry I got lost in the woods, I’m not sure how to get back. I’m just happy i found someone.” you explain, relief flooding through you as you walk up to the fire.

“Well you’re not going to be able to find your way back Eskort in the dark, but your welcome to crash here until morning, would you like something to drink?” One of the guys offered holding up a bottle of water.

“That would be great, thanks!” you reply accepting the bottle gratefully and wondering what would have happened if you hadn’t come across this small camp and how you could possibly thank them for setting you over till morning.

Both of the guys, who you would learn later are Greg and Danny. They were about your age, both lean and attractive. You noticed both sporting major hard-ons almost bursting out of their shorts, without apparent cause.

You realize that the trip through the brush had torn up your clothing and when you walked into the firelight had illuminated your barely covered body. You had spent most of the winter toning the sexy curves which were now on display for the first time this summer.

The thought of your body getting them so hard so fast, it just got you going. Your pussy getting damp against your panties, as wave of lust passed over you and toward the two very hot men with their large hardons. Deciding not to say anything or attempt to cover the excess skin and letting them enjoy the show. You settle down between them and take the water drinking deeply, explaining how you came to be in this mess.

Until a wicked idea crosses your mind and the naughty thoughts take over your storytelling. You pour some of the water over your chest, commenting on how unbearably hot it is tonight. As the water pours over your torn T-shirt your shapely breasts come into view through the wet fabric, you hear a marked difference in the guy’s breathing, now much heavier and its clear they are both turned on to the point of bursting. Pure lust runs through you as you decide what to do, losing self-control you make your move.

“So how am I going to thank you boys for saving me?” you say coyly

Both of them immediately brushing away any kind of reward, insisting “it’s a pleasure to take care of a beautiful woman like yourself.”

“Are you sure? I was awful lonely in those woods and I’d love it if I could pay back the nice strong men keeping me company.” You implore placing a hand in each lap directly on each of their hard ons “That is provided you don’t mind.”

Greg and Danny looked at each other for a moment and nodded. “If you insist miss” Greg said as he reached back and pulled off his shirt. Revealing dark tattoos running down his arms and across his chest.

Danny following suit both of them stripped on either side of you as you removed your torn clothing. Now fully naked you get a good look at your heroes. Tall, lean and muscular with nice hard cocks the pair of them.

Taking Greg in your mouth you suck with gusto as you hold onto Danny’s member with a free hand. Your last hand starting to satisfy your craving pussy. The sheer sudden eroticism of it was really getting you wet and you wasted no time getting on your knees and taking turns blowing the boys.

Taking Danny by the cock you guide him behind you and spreading your wet pussy as you bend over to suck off Greg. The invitation clear he plunged into your tight pussy, fucking fast and hard.

Trying hard to concentrate on working the cock in your mouth while another spears between your legs was a challenge at best. It felt so good however that you didn’t care very much, all you wanted now was let the two cocks you captured fuck you thoroughly. It wasn’t long before you where climaxing around the two cocks.

Once it passed you broke off from the boys and scrambled to your feet. Turning toward Greg, you guide him into your pussy while you stand. Turning your head around and indicating to Danny the smaller of the two you let him work his own shaft into your ass. Thankfully it was slick and wet from your pussy, Danny slid himself into you. The feeling of two cocks deeply inside you at the same time, literally squeezing your G-spot between them.

It was just overwhelming and the boys lifted you up off the ground until you were literally bouncing on their hard cocks. Your weight fully supported as they fuck you roughly in both holes. You let out a scream of pleasure and they just fucked you harder and harder. Stretching out your pussy and ass. Both boys came furiously inside you filling you up and making you cum again.

Exhausted everyone fell back, Cum dripping from both your holes you, settled in between the boys. resting your head in Greg’s lap softly sucking his cock and enjoying the taste of the mixed sex.

The rest of the night is just a blur of blowjobs, fucking and letting the boys play with your body. You fell asleep soaked in cum being gently fucked and woke with both boys hard and eager. You let them use you, in every way and loved every minute of it.

It was such a wild night that the boys invited me to stay the weekend. After a quick call to let my friends know you were okay, you gladly accepted.

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