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Lilly lay on her stomach, hiding away from the rest of her family inside her tent. She sighed to herself thinking about her friends and what they would be doing now, while she was here, in the middle of nowhere. She had only come camping to support her sister who had just broken up with her boyfriend.

Lilly hadn’t been camping in years, and although it was a drag being away from all the Christmas parties and her friends at least she could have some time to herself to relax. She lazily reached for the zip of the tent which she pulled down, totally unaware of the vision that would greet her on the other side.

There, camping beside her family, she saw him. He was perhaps 10 years younger than her at a guess, but to her in that moment in time age did not matter. He was beautiful, with a lean sinewy body, and from what she could make out blue eyes that flashed with darkness and intensity. He wore a black jumper with a hood that he seemed to be hiding under and she guessed that maybe he was like her… somehow detached from his surroundings, lost in his own thoughts as he stared into the campfire that he sat beside.

Lilly swallowed deeply, unaware that a lump had risen in her throat. She looked away from him and rolled over onto her back. A cold breeze blew into her tent, caressing her hair and chilling her to the bone. She realised that she had been staring at the boy for quite some time and now she was feeling uneasy. She didn’t usually find younger boys attractive but something about him, even though he must have been at least 18 caught her eye.

“Lilly, are you awake? Dinner is ready, your father wants to know if you are joining us.”

“Coming mother!” Lilly rolled her eyes and sat up. She felt like a teenager again, being summoned for dinner by her parents. She was about to crawl out of the tent when she hesitated… did she look ok? would he notice her? Oh Lilly really, look at yourself, 28 years old and worrying about what a teenager might think of you. She smiled to herself and shook her head in an attempt to rattle the thoughts right out of her head. She climbed out of the tent and smiled at her mother.

She took a chair by the fire and looked around for a sign of him. Her sister sat beside her and chatted about the food, the fire, but Lilly was distracted barely even hearing her.

“Lil, are you listening? Whats up with you tonight?”

“Oh sorry, um… nothing, just thinking about work. I… I really don’t want to go back.” Lilly smiled, hoping her sister didn’t notice the deep blush that had crept over her face. She shifted around in her chair surprised at the effect the boy had had on her thoughts.

Lilly looked towards the boy’s tent and saw him standing there, talking to a girl, perhaps a friend… maybe his girlfriend. He looked agitated and the girl frowned as she spoke to him. He took the jug she was holding and placed it on the table set up near their tent. He walked back to the fire and crouched down, resuming his early expression of faraway thoughts as he looked directly into the flames.

Lilly felt herself longing to walk over to him, to speak to him and know the thoughts that filled his head. As she stared at him he looked up and for the first time their eyes met. She tried to look away, embarrassed that he had caught her looking, but he continued to meet her gaze his eyes locked onto hers.

A slight smile played at the corners of his mouth and his eyes burned into her. She blushed again looking away quickly wondering what he thought of her. She began making small Maltepe Escort talk with her sister. As she spoke she feigned interest and occasional laughter but inside her pulse raced and excitement washed over her. He had seen her, and not just a cursory glance, he had really seen into her and maybe even guessed at her thoughts. Perhaps wishful thinking, perhaps a premonition but Lilly really felt that something had passed between them.

As the evening followed its usual path of chatter, drinking and fire gazing Lilly kept an eye on the boy. His evening mirrored hers, he seemed at odds with the girl but on the whole enjoying himself. He drank beer and smoked cigarettes leaning back in his chair peering up at the stars. He too kept an eye on her, and looked over at her each time he touched the girl or kissed her to see if she was still looking. Lilly met his gaze each time wondering if he was teasing her. If that was his intention he was succeeding, she squirmed in her seat imagining it were her he was kissing.

The night crawled towards midnight and her parents went to bed, her sister had gone to bed much earlier. Lilly sat there longer still, long enough to see the boy and his girlfriend go to bed. She sunk into her chair stretching her feet towards the fire. She wiggled her toes and squeezed her thighs together. She felt flustered, tormented by the boy. She stroked her neck with her hand then traced it down her body, past her breasts, down to her belly where she rested it. She let out a sigh. She began to fantasise about him, imagining his hands on her body, his mouth on hers.

She was about to go to bed herself when he came out of his tent. He stared at her with such intensity that her breath caught in her throat. He walked towards her adjusting his hood over his head to keep out the cold.

She began to tremble despite the fierce heat of the fire. As he got closer she could see his dark blond hair cropped short underneath his hood. He stood on the other side of the fire, his eyes ablaze but his expression cool and still. She tried desperately to think of something to say. He walked around the fire and sat down beside her. She glanced at his face fleetingly then looked away, anticipation churning in the pit of her stomach. She looked at him again and opened her mouth to speak but he placed a finger over her lips, brushing against them lightly.

He took his finger away and leaned back in the chair. Her eyes trailed down his body and in the firelight she could see his erection imprisoned in his jeans. She looked up quickly to see him watching her and a look of arousal setting itself on his serious features.

He turned around in his chair and looked towards her tent. Her heart skipped a beat and her mouth filled with saliva. He wanted to go to her tent with her, she could hardly believe it. He stood up before her and offered her his hand. She took it, noting the roughness and strength of his fingers from hours of physical work. He pulled her up and led her to the tent. As she walked she felt that her panties were soaked through and she was amazed at her own abandon. She knew that what was happening was wrong, not at all like her. She felt waves of excitement wash over her. This beautiful stranger, a teenager for christ’s sake was taking control of her and she was allowing it. Surrendering herself to his will, behaving in a way that was most unlike herself… she certainly hadn’t foreseen such an encounter when deciding to go on a family holiday.

Once inside her tent illuminated by the light Anadolu Yakası Escort of a lantern, they crawled onto her bed and grabbed desperately at each other. He pulled at her clothing, she grasped the hood of his jumper and pulled it back. They peered at each other, their faces so close they could feel each other’s breath. He stroked her cheeks and she ran her fingers through his hair.

He leaned into her and kissed her, his body pressing against hers. She could feel his erection digging into her and the awareness of it sent electricity into her. His tongue sought out hers and she responded, kissing him deeply and hungrily. His lips were soft and his hands firm and persistent exploring the shape of her body through her clothes.

She moaned softly, arousal building up as feverish as the fire that still burnt outside. He watched her, smiling teasingly as he traced up and down her groin over her sweat pants. She squirmed beneath his touch, her nipples hardening and her pussy aching for him to explore her fully.

He took her arms and he raised them above her head pressing them to the bed. He held her wrists firmly as he kissed down her neck, biting gently, dragging his teeth across her flesh. She turned her head to the side allowing him further access to her neck. Her skin was flushed with desire and goose pimpled as he licked the little raised marks he left behind, evidence of his biting.

He continued to hold onto her wrists with one hand as he tugged at her pants with the other. She lifted her ass to make it easier for him to pull them down. He kissed her mouth again and she moaned into it desperately as he took two fingers and pushed them deep into her pussy. She squirmed again, he was making her crazy as he played with her and restrained her hands. She closed her eyes in ecstasy.

He looked down at her and spoke for the first time in a whisper.

“You are so fucking sexy.”

Lilly gasped, she couldn’t believe this was happening. “I wanted you from the moment I saw you. I want to taste you and feel you so bad.” In her head she applauded herself for saying how she felt, sharing her innermost desires with him. She whimpered as his fingers increased their pressure and speed. She stared into his eyes and he watched her as she breathed in deeply.

He kissed her again before saying “I wanna see you cum so bad.”

He let go of her wrists and pulled at the fly of his jeans. She sat up and watched, her eyes unable to move away from his groin. She reached out and placed her hand inside his jeans as soon as his fly was undone. She grasped at his cock, feeling his briefs damp with pre cum. He pulled his jeans off as she continued to rub his cock pulling his briefs down to see his velvety knob slick with his own wetness. He leaned back on his elbows, watching her. She was aware of his gaze, and she loved it. She tugged at his briefs until his shaft and balls were exposed to her.

Lilly peered up at him and met his eyes with hers. Using a single fingertip she collected the bead of pre cum that rested on the head of his cock. She smoothed it around his knob, watching as he now caught his breath, sighing with pleasure. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment as she traced her finger around and around as she cupped his balls with her other hand.

He opened his eyes again and stared at her, his blue eyes deep and shining. She took her finger and delicately raised it to her mouth, licking off the pre cum, her tongue gently lapping it up savoring the saltiness of his excitement.

“Oh İstanbul Escort god, I want you now, I want you so bad.” His voice was husky with desire and desperation. He sat up and pulled her towards him. He removed his jumper and helped Lilly do the same. Her hair tumbled down over her breasts and he brushed it away gently. “I want to see your breasts.”

Lilly straddled him feeling his hard cock pressing against her pussy. She moaned as it rubbed against her clit and she moved her hips teasing herself and him at the same time. He cupped her breasts leaning down to suck on them, grazing her nipples with his teeth. She arched her back leaning into him, encouraging him to continue. He responded biting a little harder, sending shocks through her body.

She leaned up on her knees and reached down for his cock. She guided it into her pussy, only allowing the head of his cock to enter. She stared into his eyes and he stared back. She smiled to herself then asked “How bad do you want me?”

He cleared his throat then answered “I want you so fucking bad, I want to fuck you all night long.” Lilly felt a divine power as she lowered herself slowly onto his cock, and as she did she placed her mouth on his. They whimpered into each other, kissing passionately as they became one.

While they fucked they stared into each other’s eyes. Lilly took in his beautiful form, his neck and collar bones, his shoulders and his muscles, his strength enveloping her as his arms wrapped around her tight.

He rhythmically thrust in and out of her, driving her mad with his unrelenting passion. She ground against him, moving around on his cock, thrusting with his movements. He licked at her neck and ear lobes and whispered into her ear “You make me so fucking horny.”

His words pushed her over the edge and she feared her family might her whimpers. She nestled her face into his neck, breathing in his smell of skin and sweat. He thrust harder still and she pushed down firmly onto him. He tightened his grip on her, his hands squeezing the life out of her. He said “Oh baby I’m gonna cum”

Lilly needed no further encouragement, she let go with him and she cum as well, watching his expression as his climax washed over him. She closed her eyes as hers took hold, wave after wave of heat and electricity rushed from her clit through her body and she rocked backwards and forwards as he squeezed her.

When she opened her eyes he was gazing at her quietly. He whispered “You really are very beautiful. I can’t believe we are here together.”

Lilly smiled, resting her head on his shoulder. “Neither can I.”

They lay for what seemed like hours on her bed, looking at each other and stroking each other’s naked bodies. Lilly felt totally relaxed in his presence, but deep down knew it was not the same for him. He began to dress himself and he looked at her pensively. Lilly realised that now it was her turn to stop the words from passing from his lips.

As he began to speak Lilly placed her finger on his lips, tracing their perfect shape, admiring their fullness. She nodded gently and smiled.

“Its ok, you don’t have to explain.” She touched his cheek and kissed his lips softly. “You should go now, before your missed.”

And as suddenly as it began, it was over. She watched him sneak quietly back to his tent, disappearing inside it with one quick glance back in her direction. Daylight was beginning to make its way over the campground. Lilly shut it out, zipping her tent shut.

She lay down, snuggling into her warm bed, the faint smell of sex still lingering in the air. She closed her eyes and smiled, she would have to think up an excuse quickly so she could spend the day in her tent, dozing and thinking about what had just happened and the beautiful stranger with the dark intense eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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