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Candi greeted him with her usual smile as he came into the kitchen, and approached her standing there next to the sink. She had always been a very pleasant girl… kind, and always sensitive of others. Ted wished right now she hadn’t been such a great sister.

She rested at ease in a simple sheer dress that defined every beautiful curve and angle of her young body. The light streaming in the window, was flooding through that hollow area between her legs highlighting the pillared outline of her finely sculptured legs, and caressing her with its most elemental and adoring light.

Ted felt his cock twitch as it always had lately whenever he was around his sister, and elevating itself to an exaggerated state of arousal. He had been having fantasies about her for some time now, and was extremely embarrassed by it. He couldn’t help it she was just simply put… that beautiful. Maybe she won’t notice this damn boner, he thought to himself.

“Hello Ted,” she melodiously hailed as he approached her smiling beautifully.

“Hello sis,” he replied, being careful to avoid her eyes while trying to maintain a safe distance between them. He loved her very much even adored her somewhat, and wouldn’t risk damaging his relationship with her for anything. Which made this silly infatuation of his seriously problematic.

Candi had graduated high school last year, and was remaining home a year before starting college to work and save as much money as she could before enrolling. It was Saturday, her day off and the two of them pretty much had the house to themselves for the next week. Mom and dad, gone now for a vacation in St. Thomas, and still had a week remaining there.

“How have you been lately Candi,” he ask her. Hoping as he spoke she wouldn’t notice his nine inch raging hard-on, lurching about all over the place.

“I’ve been fine Ted, now come give your sister a hug, and I promise not to bite you,” she said laughing as she held her arms out. It was that light girlish giggle she always emitted, when she was extremely happy and pleased.

Rising up on her tippy-toes she wrapped her arms around him then kissed him on the cheek. She was pressed firmly against him and Ted nearly fainted. He could feel his sister’s firm young breast against his chest, and she had accidentally placed her genital mound right over his obstinate hardness. The warmth flowing from her young pelvis was making his cock spasm against her. His heartbeat was like the roar of thunder in his chest, his face was flushed a bright rose, and his breath was becoming labored.

“God, she must feel that he thought, and now she’ll know what a pervert I really am.”

The golden light streaming through the window labored the highlights of her soft blonde hair, elevating the rich highlights there. It fell on her perfectly smooth skin teasing the shadowed hollow at the base of her neck. It caressed her adoringly, and enveloped her with its subtlest tinting glow, giving her an almost angelic appeal. She was outrageously innocent and sweet standing there surrounded by the warmth of its color, he thought.

Ted adored her, he couldn’t help it… he had tried and failed, resisting his feelings for her was futile. The mere memory of her splendid body the simple scent of her perfume, or the sun light in her hair, gave Ted an instant hard on. “Sleepless nights! O sleepless nights! What agony this love hath wrought in this, my wounded heart,” he mused to himself.

Just then Candi rose up on her feet, and looking at his shoulder brushed at something on his shirt twisting her body against him as she did so. Inadvertently her vulva had now fully captured Ted’s raging hard-on with the clumsiness of her careless movements.

Ted suddenly thrust his hips forward involuntarily at the sensation of her movement. Pinning her against the counter, and ramming his enormous cock directly between the folds of her mound. He was shocked at his body’s movements, and so embarrassed he wanted to melt through the floor and disappear.

He closed his eyes and moaned, “Oh my God Candi, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen!” He stood there motionless, his eyes lowered to the floor to afraid to look up, and fearing her reaction.

Candi took his trembling hand with her own squeezing it gently as she said,

“You know how much I adore you Ted, there is nothing in the whole of this world you cannot talk with me about.”

She gently placed a hand on each side of his face, and placing her lips close to his ear she whispered, “It’s ok Ted, everything is going to be fine!” Then, to his complete surprise, she kissed him full on his mouth forcing his lips apart, her tongue darting into his mouth to explore the sweetness of his warm cavity, and make known her desire for him.

She was pressing her heated vulva against his twitching manhood as she kissed him moaning softly in her throat, and raking her long nails lightly down the back of his neck. With each forward thrust of her body Ted’s Bayan Escort Gaziantep organ increased in stiffness until at last he was rock hard and directly adjacent to Candi’s damp heat.

He was lost in the sensation of her warmth against him, the smell of her hair, her firm breast, and most of all the taste of her kiss. Her lips were soft and warm as they touched him, stealing the sweetness of his hot soft mouth. He tingled deliciously from the pressure of her lips, and his body was flushed with heat. His mind was a blank as his heart was beating like trip hammer.

Ted’s hands went to his sister’s satin smooth breast as he began to stroke and softly squeeze the nipples. Slowly lowering one hand to raise Candi’s dainty dress, to further explore the wonders of her young virginal form.

No longer possessing the power to practice any meaningful kind of restraint, he slid his shaking hand over the mound of her panties feeling the heat and dampness of her passion there. His own body tense and hot as he gingerly outlined the jutting folds of her labia, exploring on he found that sensitive lump, and whipped it once causing Candi to flinch against him, and moan deeply against his mouth.

She was whimpering softly as she kissed him, and thrusting herself forward on his exploring hand. The glow of his touch was a trace of fire on her body making her tingle, and adding to the intensity of her already turbulent desire for him.

“So long she had waited for this, and now at last the man she loved and adored was touching her. She had always loved Ted, not this way exactly, but always some way, and expressing that love was only natural,” she thought.

Her feelings for him as a man had not awakened until she had accidentally caught sight of him sleeping late one afternoon so long ago. When the image of his handsome well-defined young body indelibly etched itself on both her memory and her heart. She fell in love with him that afternoon, and began to actively fantasize about him often after that, knowing that he would be her first lover.

He had been sleeping that afternoon having a dream, and he looked so adorable lying there naked. His huge cock was standing at attention as he smiled and called her name repeatedly. She had wanted to take him right there at that instant forcing him inside her body, and make love to him. But she had feared shocking him with her rash actions, and frightening him away completely.

She pulled her face away momentarily, and looked at her brother with her perfect almond shaped green eyes her desire and love both readily discernable there floating in those flawless pools of green. Standing with her arms around his neck she smiled softly at him with her full shapely lips and softly said, “I love you Ted, and I have wanted to be with you for some time now. But I was afraid to open the subject with you, afraid that you may think me foolish or disgusting. But I’m not afraid anymore Ted, and I want you for my lover.” Kissing him firmly afterward, and pressing her mound directly into the outline of his hardness as if accentuating her determination to have him.

Candi reached down and let her fingers explore her brother’s massive bulge through his trousers, and it was everything she remembered it being. As her small hands touched him she was filled with a strong sense of urgency that made her sex moist between her legs, and her clit flex within her wet recesses.

Ted eyes hungrily devoured the image of his sister, her eyes now bright, her face fully flushed a light rose, and the rhythm of her respiration laboriously forced. Ted explained to her that he too had been struggling with his own sexual attraction for her for nearly two years now, and like her, had been afraid of alienating her affection for him with the issue of his infatuation.

“I love you Candi, and I’m extremely pleased you want me as your lover,” he said. “Now! Your room or mine?”

With her soft hand in his they made their way to Candy’s room. Ted watched her disrobe her movements both graceful and sure. Every slow agonizing revelation of her body made his heart beat that much harder. Mesmerized by her movements he held his breath as he watched intently, his eyes recording to memory every exquisite detail of her perfectly formed young body.

Taking note of her posture, the finely chiseled definition of her legs, the perfectly symmetrical breast, and the dignified set of her small shoulders. She was in his estimation perfect in every possible way.

His eyes loving passed over her breasts, and flat thin stomach to linger at the high well formed elegance of her young mound, so smooth, flawless, and bare. His eyes devoured the sight of her high puffy Labia, and the lips of her moist vagina, which gaped slightly, full and perfect.

Candi looked down on her brother now completely nude, and her heart was filled with admiration for this beautiful young man. His body so handsome and well developed, she loved him, and she would not disappoint him. Even if she had to lie to him about his performance, she would not bruise his young ego.

Her eyes surveyed his enormous organ, and her body yearned to be filled by it. Yearned to have him pound her into whimpering submission, until she lay under his total and complete physical dominance as he took her.

“I have waited for you lover, I knew that one day you would feel for me as I felt about you.” Nearly whispering she continued, “I am still a virgin Ted, I saved this for you; you’re so well endowed down there, please be careful with me.”

“Candi, I love you and wouldn’t hurt you for the world, I will be as gentle as I can.” Her words stirred his tenderest emotions, and made him determined to bring as much pleasure to this sensitive and beautiful creature as possible.

She lay next to him and nuzzled his cheek with her face, then found the warmth of his mouth with her lips. His body was warm and firm, and her heart raced as his hands explored her. The yearning inside her was nearly uncontrollable, and would soon completely consume everything but her intense drive toward fulfillment. She kissed him with an urgency that surprised even her, driven by the deep power of her long concealed passion for him.

Ted’s hand found its way to her vulva as his tongue fenced with her own in the spicy warmth of her sweet mouth. His fingers gently gliding over every tender fold of her female organ, lighting a fire in her body that made her moan into his mouth. She was extremely well lubricated, and with moist fingers he began to antagonize her clitoris lightly stroking and then quickly flicking her hard little knob, she trembled against him as he did so, whimpering almost continually.

“Oh please Ted, don’t stop, EVER!”

As he teased her body she whimpered softly into his mouth, and he could feel the tiny bud of her clit grow even harder as his fingers danced about her organ. He experienced the intensity of her heat as he slipped his finger ever so lightly between the swollen lips of her vagina, she was so wet and smooth inside that his cock flexed uncontrollably with the sensation of it.

“Oh God Ted, I love you,” she whispered into his ear.

Candy’s hands began to move on her brother’s body, and made their way to his rock hard manhood. Grasping him with her fingers she began to gently squeeze and stroke the monster in her hand, coxing it to a higher level of rigidity. “God he’s so wonderful she thought, and she wanted all of it in her right now.”

Ted rolled over between his sister’s legs, and beginning at the base of her neck, laid down a trail of moist fire with his tongue, from her creamy smooth neck all the way down to her clit. He began to softly court the shy little stranger, in the valley of her vulva; he swept over her sensitive knob softly at first. Working slowly, he steadily increased both his pressure and speed until he was mercilessly whipping her hard clit with his tongue.

She thrashed beneath the powerful hot strokes of his hard tongue, bucking wildly against his young face. Candi had never experienced sensation like this before, as her sensory system was completely dominated by the thrill of his movements.

“Oh God Ted, eat me baby, please – please, make me come lover,” she cried out.

He could sense from her movement, and the melody of her passion that she would achieve her first orgasm very soon. He moaned loudly against her body as he worked, the vibratory sensation causing Candi to arch upward slightly on his face and gasp sharply.

“Oh fuck Ted, I can’t stand it,” she hissed.

Candy’s breath was sporadic, and her body was now shaking continually, the sensation of her brothers manipulation was nothing short of sweet agony. Her hands were in his hair urging him on in his exploration and holding him tightly against her, as without mercy he pummeled away at her hard little clit.

Her body responding with a flood of sweetly fragrant fluids between her legs, fluid that he savored and quickly consumed. He began to force his way into the stronghold of her passion, flicking his tongue rapidly in and out of her, as he traced her anus with a single nail causing her to undulate wildly upward.

“Fuck me Ted please, oh God, make me cum before I die!” she cried out at him as her body arched upward on his face and stiffened. It was delicious what he was doing to her body, making her tremble and moan so. She had never experienced anything like it before, this storm building in her body promised to ignore both her reason, and control, then boldly have it’s way with her no matter what. She was apprehensive, and a little fearful of this powerful new experience, but overwhelmingly excited too!

“God yes Ted! Eat me baby,” she cried out as he pleasured her with his tongue!

Her legs were shaking and her hands were clutching Ted’s hair with a great measure of force, as she thrust upward with all her might into her brother’s face, then stiffened remaining completely motionless. Momentarily she collapsed back on the bed with her eyes closed, and trembling as the warmth between her legs radiated outward in powerful waves to fill her entire being.

She was temporarily overloaded with erotic sensations as her mind froze with the overwhelming multitude of incoming sensations. She cried out one last time, enrapt with the depth and intensity of her own sweet release.

“God Ted! I never knew it would be this wonderful, thank you,” she said as she lay back recovering her composure.

“Your welcome sis, I’m happy that you enjoyed it,” he replied. He looked down on her, as her eyes softly communicated her deepest feelings of love to him. Her contentment seemed to radiate in the warmth of that beautifully smiling face.

Knowing he had achieved this for her filled him with a sense of pride. He let her rest momentarily as his hands softly caressed her body, and his eyes rapaciously devoured her glowing beauty. As he lay there, he heard her whisper softly to him, “You will never understand how deeply I love you right now Ted.” Her words cloaked him with a sensation of warmth, which penetrated him to the deepest recesses of his heart.

When she was ready her small hand once again clasp his rock hard cock. It was then that Ted rolled over between his sister’s legs. Then, lowering his head placed one more warm passionate kiss on her sweet shapely lips. Waking once more, the slumbering desire at ease in his body.

Ted began to rub his large cock gently up and down Candi’s wet valley, slowly teasing her body with his massive instrument. As he kissed her again, he placed the monstrous head at her moist entrance, and began to slowly ease into her warm opening. She was very wet, and Ted played at the entrance of paradise nudging her gently, but without meaningful depth.

“Oh God Ted, it’s so large,” she whispered!

Ted pulled slowly back and pushed forward again as he continued on, in this slow and easy manner allowing Candi’s body to adjust to this new experience until he was there at last, against the dreaded hymen. He told her, “This will probably be uncomfortable now Candi, but it won’t last long, I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok Ted, I’m ready, I have waited to long for this to stop here,” she told him.

Easing forward he mutilated the tender flesh inside her body, as she gave a painful report against the side of his neck with her arms wrapped tightly around him. But slowly not long after, her lovely melodious tones of carnality once again resounded favorably in his ears, and what sweet food it was to his soul.

Candi gave out a sharp gasp as his cock parted her swollen vaginal lips, and invaded her most private area. Quivering she rolled her body up around him, then unconsciously bit his shoulder and raked his back with her sharp nails, as her conscious focus was overwhelmed by the sensations of her new experience.

“Oh Ted, please fuck me, please, if you don’t I’ll just die I know I will,” she moaned shyly. As she desperately sought to manipulate her body movements to capture an even greater portion of his shaft to satisfy her raging hunger. It was music to his ears, and he hesitated no longer, but eased the first six inches into her scorching cavern then paused there to enjoy the heat and wetness of her body as it clutched his firm staff!

Ted had worked seven inches into her, and she was still very tight in spite of her abundant moisture. She was running her hands lightly over his body now, as she began to thrust upward on his cock. It was all he could do to contain his joy at the sensation of her movements on his body. Multiple waves of physical joy rolled through Candi’s body as Ted relentlessly hammered his cock in and out of his older sister’s orifice.

“Candi mused in herself, their had been no need for concern about Ted’s ability, as he was now playing her body, as precisely as he played his electric guitar. He was an excellent lover, and she was totally enthralled with his musical score.”

Ted quickened his pace inside her body, his urgency building in intensity. Candi was now thrusting upward on his cock in wild abandonment, moaning softly and cooing as she went. There was nothing between them now, but that deep animal need for release. Like a multitude of brightly lit falling stars their passion cascaded around their body’s enlightening both their hearts with a radiant glow, and warming the love they shared to unprecedented levels.

She screamed then stiffened with her legs wrapped around him, and her face buried in the side of his neck as her body shook uncontrollably. Her vaginal muscles milked Ted’s huge cock for all it was worth like a soft gentle hand squeezing and stroking his hardness.

“Oh God Ted, fuck me hard, tear me in two baby, God this is wonderful,” she told him. This orgasm was much more intense than the first, as it rolled through her body like a young summer storm, wild, and uncontrollable taking her completely by force. She looked up at his handsome face, and a deep feeling of love swept over her, and she then realized that she wanted to be his forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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