Candy’s Wedding


This is the conclusion of the stories of Candy Peacher and Aaron Berrybush. It follows chronologicly after “Aaron’s Apples Ch. 10.” I hope readers find it to be a fitting conclusion to this tale of neighborhood and family lust.

Life was really looking up For Candy Peacher and her fiancé Aaron Berrybush. They had just both graduated from the University of Missouri and secured jobs with Hallmark Cards. They would begin work the week after their honeymoon; Aaron in the Marketing Department and Candy in the Design Department. The households were buzzing with wedding preparations as June 15 was not far away.

The ceremony would be in a small chapel and the reception as well as the dressing area would be in the community center next door. Candy’s maid of honor was a friend from school, Lynn Lieble, and Aaron’s best man was another school friend, Nathan Roberts. Candy was happy that Lynn and Nathan would be in their wedding as not only were they good friends but they were good looking and would make the pictures look fine. Lynn was very well endowed in the boob Department and was 5’2″ and about 120 pounds with auburn red hair. She was dating Nathan who was a foot taller than her and was slim except for his cock which filled her pussy to capacity.

Two weeks before the wedding Felicity and Virginia threw Candy a bridal shower. It was a typical bridal shower. She got the usual gifts of sexy lingerie and edible underwear. Lynn gave her a whip which she said was to keep Aaron in his place. She received some practical gifts as well and Virginia and Felicity teamed up to buy her a gorgeous floor length nightgown for her wedding night. It was sexy beyond belief and Candy knew Aaron would have fun working his way through to his final prize. The final gift was from Felicity to her daughter which no one else understood. It was a large candy cane. Candy and Felicity flashed knowing smiles at one another. Thursday June 13, 1985 was a very warm day in Kansas City but nothing compared to the heat that would be generated at the bachelor and bachelorette parties that night. Lynn was determined to give Candy one whale of a send off. So, after seeing a male strip show the party goers went to a suite in a hotel at Crown Center.

Lynn had stocked the room with wine and other liquor. The eight ladies were having a grand time talking about the strippers they had seen asking how they compared to Aaron’s cock. Three of the other ladies already knew and had to stay silent as Virginia, Felicity and Cherry were invited along. Candy would be the first to admit that the cock show had turned her on.

So, when there was a knock at the door she was happy to see a half dozen studs walk in. They were horny volunteers that Lynn had recruited from Candy’s graduating class of her high school. Candy recognized a couple of them. They were all very good looking and had huge bulges in their pants. Lynn simply said to them, “Now strip.”

The guys took turns stripping. They had no style as they shed their garments without much fanfare. The women looked on whistling and shouting. Lynn told Candy, “This is your chance for one last fling and it is my gift to you. So, take your pick of which guy you want first.”

Candy’s loins were burning with lust. She checked out the meat in front of her. They all were sexy so she decided to pick the biggest cock. There was no contest as one guy had a massive ten inch prick. She kneeled on the floor in front of him and took his erection into her mouth. Lynn quickly grabbed herself a guy and told the others, “You all draw straws or something for the other four or something as that is all of the guys I could get. We have all night and Candy and I will share in a little bit.”

It didn’t take long for the four other guys to be paired with ladies. This just left Cherry, Candy’s grandma, and Aaron’s 19 year old cousin Joyce Lemon. At first, they were satisfied to watch. But, Cherry caught Joyce lightly massaging her crotch as she looked on and told her, “That is pretty hot, isn’t it”

Cherry put her arm around the young girl’s shoulder as Joyce responded, “You can say that again.” Cherry drew the petite Joyce against her laying her free hand in the girl’s lap.

“You know those guys will love fucking you too. You are pretty damn sexy yourself.” Joyce opened her mouth to answer but found Cherry’s tongue at her lips and her hand replacing hers against her twat. Little did Cherry know but Joyce was bisexual and had made love with more girls than guys. As soon as Cherry made her advance Joyce replied with vigor pulling Cherry on top of her and yanking the old woman’s blouse off over her head. Cherry helped Joyce take of her bra so Joyce could suck her boobs like a starving puppy.

Sixty-nine with me. I am so horny, I want to eat pussy,” Joyce yelled. Eagerly Cherry and Joyce finished disrobing and planted their faces in each other’s musky depths. The blushing bride was now taking it up the butt while she ate her Mother’s cunt as her mother furiously sucked on another’s stud’s cock. Once everyone had come for the first time Lynn called change, Antep Bayan Escort the only rule being Candy got first pick. This time as Candy rode one of the guys like she was in a wild west show Joyce was being fucked hard by the guy with the ten inch prick and Lynn was making out with Felicity including rubbing her boobs all over Felicity’s vagina. Just after 11:30 Cherry and Felicity announced they had to leave. Candy complained that she didn’t have the chance to nurse on those big boobs yet. Cherry relented and gave her five minutes of titty play. Not to be left out Felicity ate her daughter’s pussy while Candy sucked on her grandmother’s boobs. When time ran out Cherry and Felicity raced out the door with Cherry still putting on her clothes.

The rest of the ladies were sad to see them go but also a little happy as there were now equal numbers of girls and guys. For the next three hours they fucked like rabbits. But, Candy did miss Aaron’s attentions and thought of him frequently during this lust filled evening.

Meanwhile, Nathan was having a bachelor party for Aaron at his house. It was a small party just Aaron, Nathan, Aaron’s father, Candy’s father, and two guys from the neighborhood. There was the usual joking about Aaron’s life ending and they watched some porno. At 10:15 the door bell rang and in stepped three hookers. Nathan pointed to Aaron and all three of them strode up to him. The blonde went straight for his crotch as the red head kissed him passionately and the brunette took off his clothing. While the red head and blonde gave Aaron their attention the brunette did a strip and pointed at Nathan saying, “you first, fuck me.”

Without any foreplay Nathan buried his rod in her gash as Aaron had been pushed to the floor and the blonde was riding Aaron’s cock and the red head was sitting on his face receiving a rabid cunt eating. After several minutes the red head and blonde tended to the other guys as the brunette had her turn with Aaron. In an hour and a half all of the guys had been well fucked by at least one of the whores and Aaron had been fucked by all three of them. It was just before midnight as the guys, still naked, were swapping stories about the hookers when Cherry and Felicity walked in. Cherry commented, “Looks like you all have been having a little fun. Felicity why don’t you fuck the stuffing out of Aaron, while I take care of the rest of these horny bastards.?”

Both gals stripped down for the second time that night as Felicity purred, “whatever you say Mom. Aaron this might be your last chance to play with my apples and drink my juices. So, Come and get it.” They could feel the heat coming from each other’s bodies as Felicity ground ravenously against Aaron’s body as he jammed a finger up her ass hole.

Seeing that Aaron and Felicity were well on their way Cherry decided to act out one of her long time fantasies and ordered, “Now, the rest of you slobs get over here. I want one of you to kiss my mouth and neck, another to kiss my ass, one of you on each boob and the last one eating my pussy. I want to feel all of your hands caressing all over my body.” The guys eagerly complied. Cherry had never felt anything like this before As every part of her body was being stimulated her hands were busy rubbing the three cocks within reach. Every couple of minutes she would order a change of positions. She came when she saw her daughter taking it up the ass from Aaron. After the orgasm Nathan broke the news that the party was over as there was lots to do on Friday. All of the guys left leaving Aaron alone with Felicity and Cherry. they admitted that they really needed to get a few hours of sleep too but not before Cherry had a little more time with Aaron. By now Aaron was limp and couldn’t get it up. But Cherry didn’t care she wanted the lad to kiss her boobs and pussy one last time. She didn’t know where Aaron got his talents for this stuff but she sure was going to miss his sweet touch.

As Felicity and Cherry left the Berrybush home Virginia was coming from Candy’s party. They barely said hello as they were worn to a frazil. They just waved at each other went inside and fell right to sleep. The next day was taken up with picking up tuxedo’s and flowers. All of them seemed busy decorating the reception hall and church. Finally, that evening they sat down to rehearsal dinner at one of Kansas City’s world famous steak houses. The Peachers had sprung for the biggest filet mignon on the menu and an open bar in a private dining room. Everyone was excited about the big day and everyone went home without any thing unseemingly naughty happening at the restaurant. Candy’s and Aaron’s parents and grandparents were apparently worn out from all of the errands. So, the bride and groom volunteered to take Libby and Peter to their hotel.

When they got to the hotel Libby invited them up to the room saying, “Aaron, there are a couple of things Peter and I want to give you and our niece. Don’t worry we will pay the parking.”

The young couple agreed to follow them to their room. Both of them were thinking in terms of wedding presents and couldn’t imagine what Candy’s rich Chicago relatives would give them. Once in the suite Libby motioned to Aaron to come closer, “We will give you kids a check tomorrow but we have several smaller presents to give you now. If you show great appreciation for the little gifts tonight tomorrow’s check might just grow.”

The tension in the room was growing. Aaron and Candy thought they now knew what Libby meant but decided to let her lead the way. Libby lifted up her skirt revealing a pair of Lemon Yellow Silk panties as she grabbed Aaron’s hand in her other hand and brought it flush against her pubic mound. Libby spoke softly, “Here is the first gift. Notice how wet and steamy my cunt is. It is all your fault, I’ve been thinking about you all day. Go ahead and get down and kiss me there.”

As Aaron put his mouth against the panties Libby let her skirt fall over him. He licked and sucked her pussy through the panel of the panties as Libby began gyrating as if doing a belly dance. Aaron was mauling her ass causing the underwear to get jammed deep into the crack of her ass. Peter looked over at Candy and said, “I bet you can guess what your first gift is can’t you?”

Candy did not answer. She walked over and fell to her knees and pulled down his pants taking his stiff rod into her mouth. Aaron pushed Libby’s legs together long enough to free her of the panties. He was rewarded within a couple of minutes by a flood of sweet sticky nectar. As Libby nearly fell down. Libby helped Aaron back to his feet as Peter was nearing orgasm himself as he couldn’t believe the suction Candy was applying to his member.

Sitting on the side of the bed Libby and Aaron flung one another’s clothes off. Libby cheerfully proclaimed, “That was great. But, your next present contains a bit of a challenge. I will guarantee your gift tomorrow will be bigger if you make me cum while receiving this present. For your next present I will let you kiss my tits.” Aaron had frequently made Candy, Virginia, and Felicity cum while tit sucking but knew it wasn’t a sure thing. But, he had absolutely nothing to loose so he dove in as Peter had moved on to eating Candy’s pussy. It did not take long until Libby knew that the size of the check was about to grow. She would never say anything but Aaron was a better boob kisser than Peter. Candy was fucking Peter’s face with her pussy sending chills up his spine. Libby and Peter wanted to do something special for the newlyweds and had decided to give them $ 5,000.00. Then Peter came up with the idea of rewarding the kids if they willingly participated in one on one sex acts and did well at them. The most they could increase the check to was to be $10,000.00. In the two hours of lust Peter had plugged all of Candy’s holes while Aaron did the same for Libby. It was one of the greatest nights of sex they had since the New Years of a couple years before and Libby convinced Peter to make the check for $12,000.00. Aaron and Candy nearly fainted the next day when they saw the check.

But, now finished with her Aunt and her husband Aaron and Candy drove back home. Aaron walked her to her door kissed her goodnight saying, “Honey, this is the last time I will have to do this. Just think tomorrow begins our new life together.”

When they walked into their respective houses they were surprised to see their parents getting ready for bed. Maybe, they indeed were really worn out. Both mothers were in their ugly granny gowns and their fathers were already laying in bed reading a book. They told their parents good night and were shocked to be in their rooms by 11:30. They decided that maybe going to bed early was a good idea, after all, so they would be a lot more rested up for their wedding night.

Sleep was not long to come over the houses. But, an hour through the darkness was heard, “Honey it is just me.” Just then the light went on as footsteps lightly padded across the floor until arriving beside the bed, “Mom, is that you?”

“Of, course it is. Now be quiet and make love to me,” was the response both Candy and Aaron heard in their own rooms. Both Candy and Aaron were sleeping nude as for some reason it seemed more comfortable tonight. Virginia had changed into her fuck me nightie. She stood beside the bed and slowly dropped the sheer robe that covered her from neck to toe.

It was a lacey and silky gown that came halfway down her thighs formfitting around his Mom’s joy jugs. Aaron could see the straps to the garter belt holding up the matching stockings. Virginia flashed her son a peek of her groin showing him she had no panties on saying, “Mommy Whore wants to have sex with you one last time all by ourselves. Oh, Aaron take me good and hard, cum in my pussy!”

“So Mommy Whore wants to fuck her son, Then how about sitting on my face so I can eat my way back into the hole I came out of twenty some years ago.” Needing to cum right away Virginia was rocking around on Aaron’s face before he could take another breath. She was really getting into it when she felt a fart coming on and told her son. Aaron told her to wait three seconds and then let it go. This gave him just enough time to cover her shit hole with his open mouth and catch the entire gaseous explosion then resume his cunt lapping without the smell making it into the air. When Virginia had cum for the fourth time Aaron laid her down on the bed and rammed his member deep into her steamy tight twat. He rammed and rammed hard and strong. Suddenly, he pulled out and rolled them over and continued the hard thrusts. He was very turned on and reached and ripped the nightie right off of his Mom’s tits shredding it to bits as he did. Squeezing and yanking hard on the titties that had once fed him he snorted, “Oh shit, Mom Fuck your mother fucking son, come on harder, Slam your pussy against me. I love your cunt Oh fuck, let me sniff your armpits, Oh god, yes, fuck me Mommy whore.”

“Come you Mother fucking bastard ram your cock into Mommy’s hole. Damn it show my tits who is boss, rougher, yank the mother fuckers like you mean it. Oh sweet, Oh god, I’m cumming, Oh my, I’m cumming you goddamn bastard.” Virginia collapsed in a heap and after a couple of minutes to recover they made out for another hour or so with his Mom leaving him after giving him a fantastic blow job.

At the same time as Virginia and Aaron were having their incestuous fuck Felicity had come into Candy’s room wearing nothing but her strap on dildo. Felicity was all business and climbed immediately between her daughter’s legs and sent the fake prick home. Candy let out a small squeal as the invader found its way in, but before long she had her legs wrapped around her mother’s fat ass and was twisting her nipples between her fingers. She couldn’t help but swear at her Mom, “You goddamn bitch fuck your daughter Make your daughter cum, and then fuck me up my ass.” That is just what Felicity had in mind. So, as soon as Candy unwrapped her legs from her mother Felicity rolled her over and helped her onto all fours and gently shoved the cum covered dildo into Candy’s bowels. Candy met her thrust for thrust as Felicity milked Candy’s tits as she pistoned her daughter’s poop shoot. It wasn’t long until Candy came again and when Felicity pulled out the fake penis it had little pieces of shit on it which she licked off. Of course, Candy turned the tables on her mother providing her the same joy that she had enjoyed. The only difference was that when Candy butt fucked her Felicity sat on top of her daughter as her Mother-in- law, Cherry, had told her about. It was difficult with a dildo but still very fun and erotic. Felicity fell asleep in Candy’s arms but woke with a start saying, “I have to be getting back to bed with your dad. But, thanks for the sex. By the way, I know Aaron will be a great husband. He is already a wonderful lover.”

The Wedding Day was finally here. Everyone except Cherry left the Peacher house early to set up the reception hall and Candy went to the beauty shop. Cherry had spent the night so that she could ride in early with Aaron. Fred and Virginia Berrybush let Aaron sleep in late as they knew Cherry would be over to make sure he got to the church on time and remind him to pick up Libby and Peter from the hotel. Fred was happy that in a few hours Virginia would have to run out of errands for him to help with as the wedding would be over and all they would have to do is return the rented tuxedos and take care of the mess at the reception hall. Aaron was just emerging, still nude, from the bathroom when Cherry met him in the hallway. His prick sprung to attention right away. Seeing the effect that she had on him she said, “Looks like we need to take care of that before we go. We still have twenty minutes before we have to leave. So, come with me.”

They went to Aaron’s bedroom. Cherry wasted no time in pulling the shoulder straps down on her dress and then discarded her bra. Trying to take a hint Aaron tried to kiss her luscious melons but was rebuffed. Instead, Cherry carefully laid on the bed neatly arranging her dress to try and prevent wrinkling. She spoke bluntly, “We don’t have time for much. But, come over here and straddle my tummy and fuck my boobs.”

Aaron carefully mounted Cherry being careful not to touch her dress. As he swung his leg over her stomach his dick bounced against her tits. She grabbed the seven incher and gently rubbed it all over her orbs. The lad thought he would cum right then and there. After a minute or so Cherry placed his rod in the canyon between her boobs and smashed her boobs tightly together urging, “Welcome to our family. Now come on fuck Granny Peachers boobies., Come on, harder, faster.”

“Oh shit, you have great titties. Oh hell I love them.” He couldn’t believe the friction being created as he went in and out in and out between those massive jugs. For her part, Cherry kept playing with her own boobs keeping them tight against the young man’s cock as she tweaked her nipples and fondled the melons. From time to time the cock was close enough to her mouth that she could reach up and give it a lick. It didn’t take long before Aaron felt that unmistakable urge to cum so he warned Cherry. Her response was right to the point, “So, spray me with your seed. Just keep it on my boobs.”

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