Caprice: Permission to Fuck Dad! 01

Ava Addams


How about a little dad/daughter naughtiness? How about we add a little girl/girl action? How about we add a wife that prefers girls over her husband? How about a wife that wants her husband and daughter to fuck for a baby? Yeah! you say? OK then, carry on.

If you think a married dad doing the dirty with his daughter is an extramarital affair, move along. If you think a wife doing the dirty with another girl is an extramarital affair, move along. If you’re offended by extramarital affairs in works of fiction, then please do move along. There are lots of other great stories out there better suited to you. Thanks!

Thanks to Nev for reading for boo-boo’s with his eagle eyes! XO

Caprice: Permission to Fuck Dad! 01


“Caprice, we need to talk to you.” Dad had that serious look that meant something important was up and my stomach knotted at once.

His wife of two years sat with a stiff posture next to him, causing me more anxiety. Sunny was five years older than my twenty-two, so we didn’t exactly have a stepmother stepdaughter relationship. But no animosity. It was Dad’s choice and made him happy. That was all I cared about.

She glanced at her silent husband and spoke up. “You know we’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while now.” I nodded, wondering what I had to do with it. “It’s conclusive now that I’m unable to have a child.”

“Oh no, I’m sorry, Sunny,” I said sincerely. I know how much she wanted a child.

I glanced from one to the other still waiting to discover how I fit into all this.

Dad took my hand. “We decided to have a surrogate carry our baby, Cap.” I nodded. Still blank. “What we would love is if you would be the one to do that.”

I blinked hoping that would clear things up. Dad squeezed my hand.

“We talked it over and there’s no one we’d rather have than you to carry our baby,” Sunny said.

“Wow.” I know I sounded ludicrous, but I was still trying to digest it all. “I’d have to think about it. I never even thought about carrying my own baby yet.” I hesitated. “Or even if I want to have a baby…”

Dad said, “Yes of course you want to think about it. We expected that. Consider it. Come to both or either of us with any questions or issues you have. I’m sure you’ll have plenty.”

“Yes, thank you. I’m sure I will have questions.”

Dad slapped his thigh and said, “Now how about I take you both out for pizza and beer?”


The first time I sexually thought of my daughter was when she was nearly nineteen. Or I guess I should say the first time I got hard for her. Her Mom was in hospice care at home, and I had taken the bedroom next to Caprice.

My wife’s struggle was difficult on me emotionally. Our marriage had been solid, and we were so perfectly suited to one another. I needed sex every day and she did too, so we spent most of the time talking when and were so our daughter didn’t catch us. We truly did love each other.

It was late and I was heading to my room when I heard Caprice crying. I didn’t’ think I could be much solace to her because my grief was deep, but I had to try.

I sat on the edge of her bed, and we talked. She calmed down some but was still upset. She asked me to stay with her. It didn’t occur to me that she was a woman now because she was still my little girl- even at eighteen.

I slipped into bed with her and pulled her against me. She sighed and squirmed back. I put my arm around her, and my hand landed on her breast. Filled my hand. It was at that moment I realized her breasts were like my wife’s.

Cap sighed again and put her arm over mine, effectively locking me in place with my hand covering her breast. At the same time, my cock engorged and pushed into her soft ass that was nestled tight against me.

I don’t’ know if she knew what she was doing, or it was actually offering her some comfort. But at this point, I was not going to make a big deal of it. I can’t say she wasn’t offering me some comfort as well, albeit in a way that shouldn’t be happening.

Her breathing became soft and even and I knew she was sleeping. My cock still rampant against her soft body, but my shorts and her gown separated us. Her nipple was hard and beaded in the palm of my hand, but her hand was still on top of mine.

I eventually fell asleep. She stirred in the morning and rolled to face me. She sweetly kissed me on the lips and thanked me for staying with her.

She hugged me and threw her leg over my hip. Her heat made my cock restless again.

I hugged her closer, my cock rubbing against her before I released her to get ready for work.

We never discussed it after, but I’d guess she was as aware as I was .


The weather was unusually hot, and the aqua pool called my name. Dad and Sunny were at work, and I was stretched out with a book and my skimpiest bikini to catch some sun.

“That pool looks cool, mind yabancı gaziantep escort if I join you, sweetheart?”

I can’t say I haven’t thought about a son that would look like my Dad. He was stocky with thick thighs and legs and arms. Dark stubble covered his sharp jaw, and long black lashes hooded ice blue eyes.

“I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have join me,” I smiled.

We have always been casual, and he has seen me in this bikini as well as some pretty skimpy nightwear. Sunny had updated his wardrobe and he had a pair of mid-thigh pool shorts on, instead of his worn-out shorts. The black showed off his tan, which made his dark skin even more bronze.

He pulled up a chaise next to mine and put his hand on my leg. “Have you given any thought about carrying the baby? Any questions? I don’t even have it all sorted out yet but if you have questions I can’t answer, we will find out.”

“I have. A lot of thought. I checked the work thing, and they give time off and it’s spelled out clearly, so no problems.”

“Okay great. To be sure all your expenses will be covered so I don’t want that to be a concern to you.” I nodded assuming that was the case.

“I guess I’m wondering how it would all work. I mean how would I get pregnant? I know there are means to move the sperm but that’s about as far as my knowledge of it goes.”

He cleared his throat. “Yes, it can be done in-office, or by natural means.” He stopped to make sure I understood his meaning. My slowly flushing face told him I did. “Whatever you’d be most comfortable with, sweetheart.”

I mean who thinks about fucking their Dad. Maybe some do but it just never occurred to me. He’s good-looking. Certainly, a sensual man. But it’s incest. But it’s certainly the cause of a lot of finger-wagging. At best. But between consenting adults? I mean this is a different situation. Just not sex for the sake of sex, right? I’m almost providing a service to my Dad and stepmom. But is it what Dad wants? Is he going along with it because it’s what his young new wife wants? I mean he already raised a child. Me. Does he really want to start over? What if something goes wrong with their marriage? My head was spinning. But little did I know things were about to take a radical turn.

I leaned over to get the iced drink glass under my chaise. Thirty-four D’s were barely contained in the gossamer-thin strips of fabric, and any shift allowed my nipples to peek out. The condensation dripped onto my chest, ran rivulets down my chest, and meandered the curves between my tits.

When I glanced at Dad, he was watching the drops sensuously glide down the curve of my tits. My nipples hardened and easily poked through the wispy pink bikini top.

I noticed the surging bulge in his swim shorts as his eyes locked on my nearly exposed breasts. The rush of excitement between my legs was my body reacting to his.

I sat up and pulled my long blond hair through the back of my baseball cap and slipped on dark glasses. The action pulled the bikini even tighter over my tormented nipples.

At the same time a muffled groan and he shifted on his chaise. Whether accidentally or tempting, the leg of his shorts gaped enough that I could see the fat orbs covered in thick black curls.

“If we, did it the, uhhh, natural way, would Sunny be jealous?” Would I be able to give him back once I had him, I wondered too?

“We discussed that, and she said she would yes and would prefer to be out of the house.” I nodded understandingly. “I was also thinking you and I could go somewhere for a weekend or more. It has been a long time since we’ve spent time together.”

“I’d like that. I’d like that a lot, Daddy.”

I would carry their baby.

The atmosphere immediately changed. We would soon be lovers and began the dance. That we were father and daughter was dimming and being replaced by something much more intriguing, albeit depraved. I was not going to think about that.

Dad stood up; the front of his pool shorts was tented. He did not attempt to hide his arousal and I made no attempt to not notice it. “I’m going to hit the pool.”

He pushed off the side and cleanly sliced through the water doing a few laps. His black hair glistened in the sun. His parents are Greek, and he has all the dark skin and hair while I inherited my Mom’s Scandinavian blonde and light skin.

The sight of his cock that was hard for me inflamed me and I decided I needed a little pool cool off time too. I dove in and swam between his legs playing our usual pool games. But this time was different.

When I swam between his legs, he caught me by the waist and pulled me up, so my back was to his chest. His arms wrapped around my ribs, and I twisted and giggled.

His growling laugh was deep and sexy in my ear. I wiggled more which only worked my ass back into his hard cock. I quit moving and pushed back. His breath hitched in my ear and his gaziantep yabancı escort hands splayed under my breasts and on my lower stomach.

“Mmm, Daddy,” I murmured.

“I think we should not practice until we let Sunny know your decision.”

“You are a big tease you know!”

“I am?! Me?! You in this sexy itty-bitty bikini.” He laughed, then breathed in my ear, “You know you have your Mom’s titties.”

Mom died, and I know he still missed her terribly, even with Sunny around.

I slid the cups to the side and moved his hand to my tit. He groaned and nipped my earlobe. His kneading my tit was driving me crazy and I ground my ass into his throbbing cock. I felt the heat through our suits even in the cool water.

He pinched my nipples, and I arched my back, shoving my tits into his hands. He squeezed and massaged; his breath harsh. I reached behind me and slipped my hands into his shorts.

His cock was not overly long, but it was thick and heavily veined. I held his hefty balls in my other hand.

“Oh god Cap, you’re driving me crazy. Your hands on me. I never thought I’d have that pleasure.”

He slipped a hand into my bikini bottoms and the water swirled around my swollen pussy lips. He found my clit and rhythmically stroked. I came hard, my cunt squeezing his marauding finger. He kept me high and, on the edge, and I came again.

I turned in his arms, my nipples rubbing his abrasive curls. My bikini bottoms floated off and I wrapped my legs around him after pushing his shorts off.

He moaned and began sucking on my nipples as I stroked his fiery hot cock and toyed with his balls. I rubbed the head down my slit and over my clit. I came again when his cock touched my clit.

He tugged at my nipple with his teeth, pulling hard. I moaned and stroked faster. His hips moved to shove his cock through my hands and against my pussy. Suddenly he tensed, slammed forward, almost driving into my cunt, as his cock released milky white clouds that quickly disappeared into the water.

He held me tight against his body, my nipples still aching. I rubbed them on his chest as our lips found each other. Our kisses were deep, wet, and passionate.

“You’re getting me hard again,” he growled in a lusty gravel voice.

“Sunny will be home soon.”

I swam away and used the steps out of the pool, the water rolling down my body.

“We will tell her of our decision tonight.”

I nodded, knowing that once she knew, we could have sex. I could have my Dad’s cock deep inside me. Feel his hot seed flooding me. I was beyond thinking anymore if it was right or wrong. It was right for us and that was all that counted.


Looking back, I think I married Sunny partly because she was so close to my daughter’s age. I didn’t realize it at the time.

When we were dating, she wanted sex as often or even more than I did. That was another checkmark on her side.

She loved to roleplay and had an assortment of costumes in her apartment. The first time she came out in a short plaid skirt, white sheer blouse, and knee highs my cock nearly exploded.

Sunny didn’t look younger than her age, which was five years older than my daughter, but she made up for it in imagination. Pigtails and smooth shaved pussy rounded it out.

When she sat on my lap and called me Daddy, I think I almost raped her… But I couldn’t have because she wanted it just as much. But I was rough and out of control.

The more she called me Daddy, the more I lost control.

I pretended that her smooth pussy was my daughter’s and those creamy thighs wrapped around me were hers too. The fantasy was too real for me.

Every ‘Daddy’ sent me over the edge, and I began to see Caprice’s face when we fucked. I began to hear her voice. Those moans were hers. I was giving Caprice pleasure.

Sunny was the woman for me, and I asked her to marry me. The day after we were married, she packed all her costumes away and sent them away saying she was bored with that game.



I was surprised that only Dad came down to breakfast. Sunny had already left for work he said. He also said she was having second thoughts about us doing it the natural way. How she did not want to think about another woman naked with her husband, no matter the reason. She couldn’t imagine another woman’s hands on her husband.

We just looked at each other knowing we were well beyond that.

“I understand her hesitation. To be honest, I’d feel the same way. We will give her time to think about it and decide.”

He nodded; disappointment as clear on his face as it was on mine.


We couldn’t go back Our experience in the pool thrust us into a different relationship and there was no going back.

Our touches lingered. Our body contact was more intimate. Our glances were full of sensual meaning. We tried escort gaziantep yabancı to back off for Sunny’s sake. We tried to do what was right.

I came home late from a date and saw the glow of my Dad’s cigar out by the pool. It was dark but the pool light shimmered off the silk shorts she had bought him for nightwear. I didn’t blame her. They were intoxicatingly sexy on him. The silk brushed his skin as he moved, even with the slightest breeze. They caressed his heavily muscled ass and rippled across his thick thighs.

He must have felt my presence because he turned. Even his repose his thick cock pushed out the front. I watched it grow as he saw me. The power I felt went right to my cunt and soaked my panties.

He put his cigar down and stalked over to me. By now his cock was pushing straight out and threatening to slip out the opening.

“God, Daddy.”

“That’s what you do to me.”

“You’re so fucking sexy,” I groaned.

“I’ve never heard you say that, but I like it,” he hissed. “How was your date?”

He never asks about my dates, but I know what he wanted to know, and I understood.

“I didn’t fuck him.”

I could almost hear his sigh of relief. He pulled me into his arms, and we kissed. His tongue was hot and searching. He cupped my ass and pulled me into him.

“This is pretty sexy that you’re dressed and I’m almost not,” he murmured. “But I’d rather have you undressed my baby.”

Sunny was sleeping on the second floor at the front of the house, I stepped back and unzipped the back of my dress letting it slip to the ground.

“Damn,” he groaned taking in my black lace demi bra and black lace thong. Thigh-high black hose and high heels completed my outfit.

“You like?”

“Oh, fuck baby, you know I love,” he said, looking me up and down. He trailed his fingers over the tops of my tits that bulged over the bra. “God these titties…” He scratched my nipples through the black lace, and they popped through. I moaned.

He looked down at my thong. “It splits right through those pretty pink pussy lips. Does it rub your clit?” He stroked the protruding soft smooth lips. His fingernail scratched the lace over my clit, and I jerked at the sensation.

He continued to do that while rubbing his lips over my tits. Little nips and bites covered my overheated flesh.

He buried his face between my tits as his finger slipped into my cunt. “Oh god… Feels so good…”

He roughly pushed my thong down and slipped a finger back in, deeper. I gripped his shoulders. He got a nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. I arched my back while he finger fucked me taking me higher and higher.

I squeezed my tits together, so my nipples were close. He went from one to the other, sucking and biting, fucking me faster. I moaned louder as I flew off the edge. My cunt gripped his finger rhythmically and he groaned louder.

I ran my nylon-clad leg up his, opening my pussy to him.

“God, I want to fuck you so bad,” he moaned almost painfully. “But we can’t baby. At least not now. Not here.”

I slipped my hand into his silk boxers that were soaked with precum. It only took a couple of strokes, and he was moaning into my mouth, cumming in my hand.

He held me tight, his breathing hard in my ear.

“Next time I want to taste you,” I murmured in his ear.


Three weeks went by with nothing new from Sunny. Dad and I hadn’t had any time together after the late-night tryst and I needed him. I wanted him.

She was in the breakfast room one morning when I came down and Dad had already left for work.

“Good morning,” I said brightly, thinking that now maybe my time to find out what she’s thinking.

“Morning sweetie.”

“Dad says you’re undecided as to whether you want a surrogate or not,” I said casually.

“I am. Once you said you’d do it, I realized there was much more to be considered.”

I nodded. “I understand. Totally.”

She wore a satin robe and I realized that she was completely different than me. I had large breasts, she had not much. I was curvy, she was thin and straight. She was beautiful though. She had a cloud of red hair that moved at the slightest breeze. Her skin was creamy white. Unmarred by freckles, marks, or sun.

“At first, I thought I’d not want to be there when… You know. When you and your Dad did it. After a while, I thought I might like to be there too. But that might make it more sexual.” Well, that’s what it is. The thought of her being there was something new I hadn’t considered myself. “Your Dad is so virile… Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this to you?”

“No, that’s alright. I think he’s pretty damn handsome myself.”

“Oh good! Then you wouldn’t be uncomfortable when you had to do it with him?”

“I don’t think that would be a problem.” Not having wild animalistic sex in front of you might be the problem, I thought. “You should keep in mind too that it might take a while for me to get pregnant. Might not be a one-time thing.”

She looked at me consideringly. “Yes, you’re right. Would it be a problem for you?”

“Me? Uh no, I’d do what needs to be done.” I’m a trooper like that.

“You like having sex then?” I looked at her wondering where that came from. I just nodded. “I don’t always enjoy it. I mean I keep Christos satisfied, but I can’t say I always like it.”

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