Carlota Goes To College


My introduction to sex was not a best-practice model. When I was seventeen, my parents left me and my older sister, who was twenty and home from college, alone at home while they went for an anniversary weekend away. I was still a virgin at the time, though I had a boyfriend, and I was supposed to be out at a party at his house.I went to the party, but it didn’t go well. Some alcohol had been smuggled in. My boyfriend drank a lot and ended up comatose on the floor. Disgusted, I went home.My sister, Laura, was out when I got back. I went to bed and, tired, turned out the light. At about two am, I heard Laura let her boyfriend in.”Naughty girl!” I thought with a grin. Soon, I heard the bed next door creaking. I heard muffled words. I heard voices raise very slightly. I heard pants and gasps. Half-fascinated and half-disgusted, I listened to them making vigorous love for Sex hikayeleri an hour. I love my sister, but I really didn’t need to know how she squeals when she has an orgasm. When, the next morning, she found out I’d been there all along, she was so embarrassed she shut herself in her room for the rest of the weekend. I was reminded of this two years later when, after a week away from home, I lay awake in my College dorm, listening to my neighbour, Eva, doing it. Eva was no sister. I barely knew her personally, and it was arousing. It was a hot night, and I was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt in bed. I heard Eva begin to moan, apparently enjoying herself. I closed my eyes and pictured her, slim, petite with curly black hair down to her shoulders, on her back. I pictured a man that I found attractive naked, lowering his penis inside her. I grew wetter Sikiş hikayeleri as the sex next door went on and on. At last, I could stand it no longer. I reached into my pants and slipped my fingers in. I was wet and they went in easily. Listening to the sex getting steamier and steamier, I closed my eyes, fingered my nipples with one hand and with the other diddled myself to orgasm, and the cries of ‘Si!’ ‘Si!’ that burst through the wall muffled my own gasp as I came hard.That was it. I needed a man, and I needed one soon. I brushed my long ginger hair and washed my freckly face, then sprayed some perfume on. I got dressed in a little black number and went out to the club.The music was pumping, and everyone was on the dance floor. I looked around for a suitable lay. He had to be about my height, well-groomed, and have a pulse. That was all I Erotik hikaye needed that night.His name was Dani. He was a law student freshman. He had a tongue piercing and a tight navy t-shirt. I grinded against him to one song, then we kissed in a corner booth to another. We had a drink and a laugh together. Then I suggested we went somewhere quieter where we could ‘talk’.Ten minutes later, we were making out in a cab and his hands were on my breasts.We entered the dorm room. He kissed me passionately and then spun me around before unzipping my dress from the back. He pulled his t-shirt off as I let my dress fall to the floor. We kissed again, him pressing me against the door. I felt his cock swelling through his trousers.Then he did something I hadn’t expected. He whispered in my ear, “Can I spank you?”I was taken aback. But I was so horny and feeling so carefree that I whispered back, “Yes.”He seized my arms and pushed me into the room, then he pushed me down across the desk, bending me over so my bottom was tight, and my red hair fanned across the table. He stood back and smacked my bottom hard. I gasped.“Again,” I said.

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