Amy Anderssen

All parties are over 18. There are scenes of reluctant sex in this story and some light name-calling. If that makes you uncomfortable, please skip this story.


As I waited for my ride, I lamented the death of our car. That rusted-out shell wasn’t worth the pittance the wrecker paid me for the scrap metal in the end, and we still couldn’t afford a new car, not while I was the only one working. My wife, Kendra, was off work on an extended health leave; her disability allowance was extremely low and we were having trouble meeting our debt obligations: credit cards, insurance, student loans, and more. In some ways, I thought, my wife was in worse shape than the car bad been, but I immediately felt bad for thinking that because she was also the love of my life. She struggled with depression and the last thing I wanted was to make her feel worse about it. I wanted to handle everything so she wouldn’t have to worry.

Being without a car posed challenges and we needed to take taxis or city transit to get groceries and necessities. Unfortunately, I worked in a city about an hour from where we lived and my employer was not a big believer in working from home. Commuting daily by bus was expensive.

I laid all this out to one of my co-workers one day in the break room. Daniela said she had experienced similar problems when she had lived in one of the smaller towns outside the city. I knew the name of the place she had lived; it was actually on the same route as my own little town. She seemed to blush as she told me how she managed, but I didn’t see why the subject of carpooling would redden her cheeks.

I asked with whom she had carpooled and she named off three men: Pete Kreisler, Ernie Chu and Scott Finn, all of them senior salesmen. I knew who they were, but only slightly. I’d met them in briefings and shared a few jokes over coffee and donuts. By strange coincidence, before we finished our coffees, Pete Kreisler wandered into the break room with an empty travel mug at just that moment we were discussing his carpool. He grinned at Daniela and she smiled back sheepishly. He set his cup down on the counter by the coffee maker and stepped toward her, holding out his arms.

Pete Kreisler was about six feet tall. He looked youthful but I knew he had been with the company for twenty years, so he was probably at least forty. He was smartly-dressed in his suit and tie, but he looked perfectly comfortable. His brown salt-and-pepper hair was neatly combed and he was clean-shaven. His smile revealed perfect white teeth. A fresh scent of deodorant blossomed around him.

Daniela rose to meet Pete’ embrace, and I noticed that his hands wandered very freely across her back and, for just an instant, down to her backside. She did not flinch, but gave Pete a quick peck on the cheek before leaning back out of his arms. Was that a slight shiver of pleasure that made her tremble?

“It’s been too long, Daniela,” Pete said.

Daniela nodded and spoke up quickly. “Would you believe I was just telling Sam here about your carpool?”

Pete raised an eyebrow and looked at me. He shook my hand and favoured me with his winning grin. His grip was hard and fast and he gave three shakes of my hand before letting go. It wasn’t hard to see why he’d do well in sales; he was charm itself. He turned his attention back to Daniela.

“Telling him what about the carpool?”

“Oh, just that his place is on your old route,” Daniela said it quickly as if to deny that she told me anything else about the transportation arrangements. “He’s commuting on the bus right now.” She told Peter which suburban town I lived in.

“The bus… does that still make you leave for work about three hours early to stop in every little one-horse town between there and the city?”

“Yeah; it’s about an hour’s drive to the city by car, but two-and-a-half by bus. Thanks to an early departure time, I get to work about an hour early.”

“You could get an hour or almost two hours more sleep if you rode with us.”

I thought I saw Daniela twitch slightly. I thought I detected a note of warning on her face, but it was quickly forgotten as Peter commanded my full attention at that moment.

Pete continued. “We’ve had an empty seat since Daniela moved into the city. It’s yours if you want it.”

I inquired about the costs involved, and Peter reassured me by quoting a more than fair cost that would save me a great deal on bus fare. I wrote down my address and gave it to him and asked when we would start. As it was Friday, he suggested we begin on Monday. So, it was agreed.

On Monday, when I came downstairs for breakfast, Kendra straightened my collar. She poured me my coffee and served toast. She had a cry about the fact that she was not working, “not contributing” as she said. I reassured her that she did contribute to us, we were fine and that she just needed this time to get better. It would work out. I used the carpool as an example of how things were getting better. We had more time together görükle escort bayan in the morning and the evening and it was going to cost less.

There was the honk of a horn outside, heard simultaneously with a text message notification. I checked my phone. I had added Peter to my contacts and his message came up. “Here.”

I kissed my wife good-bye and told her I loved her and that I would call her through the day. Then I copped a feel inside her housecoat, which made her laugh. I picked up my briefcase and walked out to Pete’s vehicle, now pulled up in the driveway.

I don’t know one type of a car from another really, but Pete was driving some kind of black SUV with tinted windows. The passenger side window rolled down and I recognized Ernie Chu; he directed me to the back door. I got in and seated myself on the wide back seat. I was not alone back there: Scott Finn sat behind the driver.

I considered my fellow passengers. I had observed Pete’s tall, dark and athletic physical presence on Friday. Seeing him now, sitting down, it was hard to remember that Ernie was shorter than Pete, only about five and a half feet tall, as I recalled from seeing him at the office. His dark hair was straight and framed a full, golden face. His black-rimmed glasses added a severity to his appearance belied by his easy smile. Scott was the youngest of the three and closest to my age; I’d guess he was about thirty. He had blond, curly hair and a wiry, slim physique. His face defaulted to a regrettable sneer and I wondered how he performed so well in Sales with that look on his face.

“Good morning,” Peter said.

I said hi to everyone. We had all met, but Peter saw to it that we all remembered each other from various meetings.

Pete pulled out of the driveway, and as we backed on to the street, we saw my wife in her housecoat in the front window of the house waving goodbye to me. I waved back but I doubted she could see me through the tinted glass.

“That’s a nice piece of ass to come home to,” said Scott.

“That’s my wife,” I said, suddenly irritable.

“Scott didn’t mean anything by it,” Pete said. “We all noticed her, didn’t we, Ernie?”

“Yeah,” Ernie said. “Nothing wrong with showing some admiration for another man’s squeeze.”

“I guess,” I said, wanting to drop the matter.

Talk turned to work and work-related subjects and I engaged occasionally. I was content mostly to listen to these more experienced individuals and their insights. Perhaps, because my mind was only half on the conversation, I noticed something odd. We had missed the turn-off to the highway and were still driving across my town. We were entering an old industrial park.

“Guys,” I spoke up. “What are we doing here?”

Scott laughed. “Not what are we doing so much as who are we doing…”

I didn’t like the sound of that one little bit. We pulled down a nearly abandoned road; there was grass growing through the shattered pavement in places. Farther down, we turned into the large parking lot of an abandoned factory. We parked beside the building where we were least visible from traffic on the street or passing cars on the nearby highway. When we were parked up, I heard myself asking the others what we were doing here, but Pete was silent and Ernie simply unbuckled his seatbelt, opened his door and got out of his seat in the front. My passenger side door was yanked open a second later and I found myself caught between Scott on the inside and Ernie on the outside. I heard Scott’s seatbelt disconnect as well, and I knew he had greater reach now.

Pete was watching my reflection in the rear-view mirror. He saw the fear in my eyes.

“Don’t worry,” Pete said in his smooth, relaxed voice. “Nothing will happen here unless you want it to.”

“Well, I don’t want anything to happen here at all,” I stuttered. “I want to go to work.”

“We’ll be at work on time. I’ve been driving these roads for years. We have enough time to stop here for thirty minutes and still make it in to work with time to spare. The question is how to spend thirty minutes. Let’s see if Scott and Ernie have any ideas.”

I had leaned into the middle of the back seat to put some distance between Ernie and myself, but that put me into Scott’s easy reach. The blond man put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me back before leaning in and planting a deep kiss on my lips. I struggled slightly against his grasp, but Ernie had secured my legs and I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. My panic passed as I realized that even with Scott’s lips on mine, I could still breath through my nose. Scott’s breath smelled minty and fresh. His arm was around me from behind and his hand kneaded my shoulder rhythmically. The kiss was powerful and became increasingly invasive. I felt Scott’s tongue probing my lips for an opening and to my astonishment, such an opening appeared. My lips parted and I felt the swell of his tongue inside my mouth, touching my teeth and my own passive tongue. I yielded altıparmak eskort to his kiss.

In the meantime, Ernie was not inactive. Having secured my legs, he began to use his hands to caress them, and all the resistance faded from me.

Pete spoke up from the front.

“Daniela told me a bit about your circumstances. I know money is tight. I’m suggesting that you keep your cash for the carpool and let us take out your share in trade. You see how it can be. Why, I even see that pocket rocket of yours putting a point in the front of your pants. You’re loving this.”

“No,” I whimpered.

“He said no, guys,” Pete said, clapping his hands. “That’s it then.”

Scott and Ernie both released me from kisses and caresses.

“If you say you don’t want it,” Pete said. “We have to respect that.”

I was at a strange loss. The removal of hands and lips from my body left me feeling cold and neglected and I wondered what could be the cause of those feelings. I was a happily married, one-woman man, wasn’t I? The truth was I loved my wife, Kendra, very much, but since her nervous breakdown, she had demonstrated almost no sex drive whatsoever. We’d had sex exactly once in the past six months, and that was a pity fuck on my birthday. My needs for sex and passion were not being met.

I found myself looking back at Scott and Ernie with longing, not denial. I considered myself straight but I wasn’t terribly hung up about the notion of gay sex. I’d slept with a couple of guys back in college and while that was just experimentation and not the direction my life took me, I had plenty of fun. Now I was turned on and wanted to play again.

“What… um, what are the terms you’re suggesting in exchange for my services?”

“Ah, so you are interested. The terms are that up to three times a week you turn your ass over to us to use as we will, before or after work, and you have a free ride to and from work for as long as the arrangement holds up.”

Scott’s taste lingered on my tastebuds. He was sweet and fresh. The ghost of Ernie’s hands on my thighs still sent thrills through me.

“Okay, say I… agree… What exactly do I have to do?”

“Oh, nothing unusual for man-on-man stuff. Blow us and let us fuck you. Not all at once, not every day. We take turns and you take what we give you. Don’t try to kid me you’re naïve about this stuff; I can see it in your face that you’ve done this before.”

He was right. I had been with men before and done the things he was suggesting, and I had loved it. The biggest impediment to this arrangement was my wife, Kendra. How could I cheat on her? When it wants excuses, the mind can generate them. She isn’t putting out so this will take the pressure off her to be sexual. I have needs that aren’t being met. A free ride to work is more grocery money back in our pockets. In the end, the excuses swayed me, but I made no pretence to myself: if I agreed to these terms, my actions would be those of an adulterer.

“Okay,” I said meekly.

“What’s okay?” Pete asked.

“I will do it. You can have my body three times a week in exchange for the free ride.”

“Good. Let’s make sure there’s no misunderstanding. Are you giving Scott Finn, Ernie Chu and myself, Pete Kreisler, sexual rights over you in the hour before and after work at least three times per week?”

“Yes,” I said, loud enough to be heard. As if on cue, Scott closed his arm around me from behind again, letting his hand fall to my chest. He pressed my nipple between thumb and forefinger and the little ball of flesh hardened. Ernie had gone back to massaging my upper thighs and my nipple was not the only part of me stiffening. My erection was obvious in my dress pants.

“Wait,” Pete said. The two men stilled, discontinuing their caresses. “Let’s clarify sexual rights. That means we can use your ass and your mouth any way we see fit. Agreed?”

I was desperately horny even though I was still a little reluctant. “Agreed.”

“Good. Take the slut’s clothes off.”

My clothes weren’t as formal as the sales team with their suits. I wore dress pants and a golf shirt stamped with the company logo. Scott pulled my shirt over my head while Ernie stripped me of my shoes and pants. Soon my underwear was pulled down and I was naked but for my watch and my black socks. My clothes were tossed to the floor of the SUV and Ernie pulled a full-sized beach towel out from under the seat. He made me wriggle on the seat as he lay the towel beneath where I was sitting naked.

“Well, not a big tool for the missus, but it’s cute.”

I didn’t care to be humiliated about the size of my cock, but Scott’s lips were back on mine and his heavy tongue penetrated my mouth, muffling any response I might have made.

Meanwhile, Ernie unzipped his trousers and pulled both his underwear and his pants down as he began to rearrange me, turning me by the legs so that I rolled over face-down, ass-up. He stood with his naked arse nilüfer escort to the abandoned factory. Scott manoeuvred himself so that his crotch was under my head. I needed no more suggestion than that. As Ernie continued to position me so I could be taken from behind, I unbuckled Scott’s belt, opened his fly, pulled aside his underwear and exposed his cock. I dove into his crotch, smelling the masculine, musky scent of his groin. He directed his cock by hand so that it was out of the way for me to lick and suck at his hairy balls. Scott gave a little squeal of pleasure. I wondered if it was caused by his delight at the work of my mouth on him or if it was a victory cry.

Ernie yanked my legs wide apart and I didn’t resist. He pulled me back a little so I was closer to the door. He was standing on the ground outside the rear passenger door. Scott slid his ass closer to my new position so I could continue to sniff out his crotch; he was now able to lean back comfortably against the driver-side rear passenger door.

I felt the wind on my ass; my hole was open to the air of the abandoned industrial site. A few moments later, I felt two dry hands spreading my buttocks apart, followed by a cold dab against my anus, which I quickly realized was lubricating jelly. The hands continued to hold my ass-cheeks open, so when I felt soft, warm flesh rubbing the lube around my asshole and against itself, I knew I was feeling the tip of Ernie’s erect cock preparing to invade my hole. That moment of preparation was all Ernie judged I needed, and I gave a loud groan as he plunged the length of his shaft through my delicate hole.

“No screams here,” Scott said to his friends. “He likes it.”

The truth was, I really was liking what I was doing. I had forgotten how good man-to-man contact felt. As Ernie began to fuck me, I opened my mouth and experienced the flavours of cock for the first time in many years. Through the top of my eyes, I could see Scott looking down at me with a look of triumph. I couldn’t see Ernie’s face, but I could hear his moans as his dick slid in and out of my rear orifice; I knew I was tight enough for him. Not only was I never so well-used as to really loosen me up, but I also practiced exercises to keep my sphincter tight; I never imagined I would be so glad I had.

Ernie’s cock stimulated my prostate as he drove himself home and it was barely minutes before I was leaking pre-seminal fluid from the stimulation. The towel beneath me kept the interior of the vehicle clean and dry. Ernie’s fucking was slow and deliberate, as if he was an explorer making a map of my bowels.

At my other end, I, too, was making a survey, mapping the regions of Scott’s cock. By now, I had charted his balls and the taint below, deliciously close to his hot, earthy asshole, and I had explored the scented forest of pubic hair crowning the base of his cock. There was nothing for me to do now but inhale the organ itself. Its salty taste was mitigated by a scent of bodywash. I enclosed his glans in a long, sucking kiss, letting my tongue run spirals over the top. I had my eyes closed, as my sensations were already in danger of being overwhelmed, but I could easily imagine Scott’s mouth open in a wide ‘O’ as he moaned with joy at the treatment of my lips and tongue on his cock.

I had forgotten about Peter, watching from the front seat. I couldn’t see him, but I heard him laugh.

“And to think we thought we might have to work on him for a week or two,” Pete said.

“No, this boy has been a bottom before,” Ernie said between huffing breaths as he started to speed up his thrusts.

“This mouth is way tighter than Daniela’s pussy used to be,” Scott said. Ernie shared the same sentiment about my ass. It was only now that I remembered Daniela used to be a member of this carpool, a lone woman with three predators. Did she enjoy the free ride the way I was enjoying it? I remembered her hesitation in introducing me to Pete and sponsoring me for a place in his carpool. Did she set me up for this, or did she think I was safe from the wolves because I was a man? Either way, I thought I owed her one, but since I was getting the ride for free and a jolly rogering on the side, I guessed maybe I owed her two favours.

I swallowed more of Scott’s cock. The helmet grazed my tonsils as my tongue vibrated against the shaft. I tasted his pre-cum in my mouth and knew I was doing something right; the salty nectar reacted to my saliva, and a web of leaking, oozing threads joined my chin to Scott’s testicles. I imagined how whorish I looked with the strings of pre-seminal fluid leaking from the sides of my mouth and criss-crossing my jaw, and I wasn’t terribly surprised when Scott also showed appreciation for my appearance. He was taking photos of me with his cellphone. I felt like I should prevent him, make him delete the photos, but in fact, I felt no threat. I wasn’t blackmailed into doing this the first time and I wouldn’t need to be extorted into doing it again. He was just keeping a trophy. I would have to remember to ask him to show me the pics.

“Oh, you easy little whore,” Scott said, triggering a tingle in my balls.

“He is, isn’t he? A very easy little tart. Not even a cock-tease, but right down to brass tacks. I’d say he’s been living a life in the closet,” Pete said.

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