Cathy and Dave Pt. 03

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Part 3


Chapter 7

Cathy met with the hotel staff and was delighted that everything for the wedding seemed to be totally managed by very capable people. She began to realize that her fears of something being missed or unplanned were unlikely and in fact, there didn’t seem to be much left for her to do but write them a check. As she had requested, a large private suite at the hotel would be made available for the wedding dinner. Cathy believed with the small number of guests that a lovely upper level suite looking over the ocean would be much more intimate and memorable than renting an over-large and very ordinary rectangular dining room on the first floor of the hotel.

Returning to her room a few hours later, she was greeted by a call from Stephanie who wanted to make sure that she joined them all for dinner but Cathy politely declined. She fibbed by stating that she still had some planning work for the wedding to complete. Cathy simply couldn’t bear to face Jason and his sister, Julie. Not only did she know what they were doing but she was pretty sure that Julie had most likely told Jason that she was on to them as well. Cathy thought, as if weddings weren’t complicated enough! Therefore, and to avoid dealing with the situation, Cathy decided to eat in her room and in no time, a nice meal and bottle of wine were delivered to her room.

She gave her husband Dave a quick phone call to bring him up to date but decided that she would not mention anything about Jason and Julie. While Dave appeared happy to hear from her and seemed to engage in the detailed review and status of the wedding plans, he was also somewhat distracted and was ready to end the call without sharing much of his day. Cathy knew that it was possible the he was busy wrapping up loose ends prior to heading to Hawaii but thought it was more likely that he was in the middle of screwing his assistant, Sarah. While he always hid his indiscretions, as did she, for whatever reason, Cathy always seemed to know of Dave’s extramarital bed partners and while Cathy knew that flings and affairs were the death of most marriages; theirs fortunately, never seemed to suffer from it.

After hanging up the phone and finishing a couple of glasses of cabernet, Cathy started to relax a bit. She had also showered and discarded her bikini for a short nightgown. It was one of Dave’s favorites; emerald green, plunging neckline with spaghetti straps that reached about mid thigh. In her current state of horniness, she wished that Dave was there to service her. Speaking aloud but to only herself, she exclaimed, “Dave, I need you to fuck me!” Then after taking another sip of wine, she looked at herself in the vanity mirror. Cathy could see that her nipples were fully erect and pushing against the satin fabric of her nightgown. Without thinking about her actions, her hand slid over her own breasts and circled and pulled at her nipples from the outside of her garment which generated a charge that surged through her pussy. Still speaking aloud, Cathy modified her partner requirement and now said to her reflection, “I need SOMEBODY to fuck me.”

Figuring that she would need to please herself, she proceeded to the bed in hopes of finding a racy movie to watch. With her right hand beginning to pull at the slick lips of her pussy, her left hand took the T.V. remote and aimlessly scanned the television for something to watch until she heard a knock at the door. Certain that it was Stephanie stopping by to check up on her, Cathy straightened her nightgown and opened the door.

To her surprise, instead of her daughter standing there, she found Julie.

Immediately embarrassed for opening the door to a near stranger while in such a seductive garment, Cathy backed away from the doorframe as her stomach absorbed the anxiety of this unexpected visit. As she looked at the wide grin Julie was wearing, she felt immediately uncomfortable revealing as much of her body as the nightgown showed.

However, as Julie remained standing in the doorway, Cathy noticed that she looked rather sexy in a shirt that exposed her toned, tan midriff. Cathy licked her lips and noticed on further inspection that Julie was clearly sans bra as the distinct outline of her nipples pressed noticeably against the fabric of her knit top.

In response, Julie made no effort to hide her eyes as they roamed up and down Cathy’s barely concealed body. Cathy took her look as that of surprise for what she was wearing and it made her feel vulnerable.

Julie spoke first, “Hi Cathy, heard you were real busy and couldn’t join us for dinner so I thought I would just stop in make sure that you were ok”. Without waiting for an invitation to enter, Julie stepped across the threshold and entered Cathy’s room.

Even in her state of shock over Julie’s unannounced arrival, Cathy’s mind responded to the fact that Julie was a very sexy woman. In addition to a nice chest and tummy, Cathy could not ignore that Julie’s legs were long, tan and beautiful. To compliment Antep Escort Bayan her figure, Julie had worn a pair of pink shorts cut high to just below her butt cheeks. Cathy’s mind quickly wandered to the fact that, only hours earlier, her own brother got to enjoy all that she was now seeing and more. However, this didn’t trouble her so much as it made her even hornier.

Quickly clearing her head and admonishing herself for staring, Cathy remembered her manners, forced a smile and replied, “Oh how nice of you to stop in and check on me but you know there is an awful lot to pulling off a memorable wedding.”

Cagily, Julie replied, “Oh yes, I am sure that there are a, ‘number of things’ that you must be thinking about right about now.”

Not wanting to discuss any of her ‘thoughts” with Julie, nor responding to what felt sure was an innuendo of the tryst from earlier in the day, Cathy slid over to the desk with a hope that Julie would see that she was busy and leave. Cathy said, “Oh yes, still a great deal to do before the big day” and then she shuffled through the papers on her desk as if she was actually in the middle of reviewing the details for the wedding.

Julie did not react on queue to leave and instead responded, “My goodness Cathy, you seem very stressed. Is everything ok? Then very matter-of-factly, Julie walked up behind Cathy and started to rub her neck and shoulders.

Cathy could feel Julie’s hands on her skin and even though the situation was awkward, she had to admit that it felt wonderful. All the stress of the day; her intense desire to fuck, the lust she felt for her daughter’s fiancé, catching Jason in bed with his sister and now, sitting half-naked while Jason’s bed partner rubbed her neck seemed to help melt away some of her stress. Soon, all she could sense was Julie’s hands on her body and her own, labored breathing. . As Julie continued to slide her hands along Cathy’s neck and shoulders, she commented, “My goodness Cathy, you look beautiful in this nightgown.”

Maintaining her civility and forgetting about the awkwardness, Cathy responded, “Why thank you Julie. It is one of Dave…, er, you know, my husband’s favorites”.

Quickly responding, Julie said, “I’ll bet!” as both of them giggled.

Nothing was said for a few moments and Julie slid the spaghetti straps further down Cathy’s arms to give herself unfettered access to her upper body.

“Cathy, you really do look incredible. Your skin is so soft. I’ll bet a women like you has very little difficulty finding men attracted to you.”

Cathy just smiled. “Well, I guess I have seen a few men check me out from time-to-time.”

“C’mon Cathy, a woman that looks like you must have a long list of lovers.”

For some reason, the comment didn’t bother Cathy and instead she just said, “Well, I don’t like to kiss and tell.”

Julie replied right away, “Well, interestingly enough Cathy, neither do I.”

Just as Cathy registered the reply as a veiled admission of fucking her own brother, she felt a new sensation. In addition to Julie’s fingers sliding across her neck and shoulders, she could now feel Julie’s warm breath on the back of her neck which turned her skin to gooseflesh.

Julie slid her hands down the front of Cathy’s nightgown and as her hands cupped her breasts, her mouth started to suck, kiss and lick Cathy’s neck.

In her heightened need for sexual relief, Cathy offered no resistance as her head lolled to the side giving Julie a clear path to dine on Cathy’s neck and shoulders. Her breasts longed to be touched and Julie was expertly sliding her hands all over her chest. Absentmindedly and in such a prolonged state of arousal, Cathy slid her hand between her own legs and started to manipulate her sex while a small moan escaped her lips.

While sucking on her earlobe, Julie saw Cathy’s hand between her legs. Any thought Julie had that Cathy would resist was now gone and in that moment, Cathy turned her head and sucked Julie’s tongue into her mouth. Julie’s tongue slid past her lips while her hands resumed the inspection of Cathy’s beautiful breasts.

While Cathy preferred men, she had her share of experiences with women as well. She was always fascinated with the difference between kissing a woman versus a man. Instead of the urgency of the kisses with a man, with a woman, it was more delicate and loving. The tongue play with Julie only further invigorated her need for relief.

Cathy could feel Julie start to pull her from her chair and she offered no resistance. As they faced each other, they continued their kissing as Julie’s hands gently pulled Cathy’s nightgown over her head.

Julie’s hands slid down and cupped Cathy’s bare ass and then migrated to roam over her hips and back. Cathy could feel Julie pushing her backwards until she fell backwards onto the bed.

Still standing, Julie seductively pulled off her top, kicked off her sandals and pulled her shorts to the floor.

Gazing at Julie’s naked form, Cathy said, “Julie, you are beautiful.”

Julie stood still for a moment to let Cathy look upon her. She was used to people of both sexes attracted to her form and took great pleasure in sharing it.

Then sliding between her legs, Julie looked up at Cathy’s face and said, “I’m gonna eat your pussy.”

Cathy felt Julie’s mouth on her cunt. It sent shock waves throughout her body. She could hear this beautiful young women slurping as she sucked in all of her pussy juice. Julie’s hands reached up and started to gently pull and pinch at Cathy’s nipples and in response, Cathy’s hips rose up to meet the oral assault of Julie’s mouth.

“Oh yeah…. Emmmmm….. Oh Julie…. That’s it. Yeah, eat me. It’s so good….”

Julie’s mouth left Cathy’s lower lips for a moment while she spoke, “Are you sure that there isn’t anything bothering you, Cathy?”

Then as she resumed licking Cathy’s engorged lips, Cathy’s voice, barely audible above her breathing was heard, “No, no dear. Nothing is wrong. Just eat me. Please. I need you to eat me and make me cum.”

Again, Julie’s lips left Cathy’s pussy for another moment and as she slid her finger into Cathy’s very wet hole, she spoke again, “Are you sure? I couldn’t help but feel that something was bothering you when I saw you at the beach. Perhaps, something earlier in the day?”

Now Cathy’s mind was assaulted by Julie’s mouth, finger and the thought of Julie fucking her own brother.

“I’m so close Julie. Please I need to cum.”

“Oh, I will make you cum Cathy but are you sure you are ok?”

Still thrusting her hips to meet the invading fingers and tongue, Cathy replied, “Yes, yes, Julie I’m fine.”

Taking her mouth from her muff again, Julie said, “I know you saw me go into my brother’s room today”. Then she took a few more pussy licks and continued, “If I didn’t know better, I would swear that you hung around outside the door, didn’t you Cathy?”

She didn’t know what to say or how to reply. All she cared about was getting off and cumming in Julie’s beautiful mouth.

Julie licked some more and probed with her fingers before going on. “Cathy, did you stand outside of Jason’s door this afternoon? Did you hear something that bothered you?”

Again, Cathy could not answer. Her mind was on fire with lust and her body was preparing to orgasm.

“Cathy you know what I think? I think you hung outside of my brother’s room wishing it was his big cock stuffing your pretty pussy instead of mine.”

“No, no. That’s not true.”

“Tell me Cathy. Tell me the truth.”

Sensing the inevitable, Julie stuck her tongue deep into Cathy’s hot hole while Cathy writhed on the bed.

“Tell me Cathy or just maybe I’ll stop.”

Cathy couldn’t let her stop. She needed to cum and was so close. To satisfy her own horny urges, Cathy broke, “Yes, Yes, I wanted it to be me……..”

Julie lifted her face from Cathy’s bush and coyly asked, “You wanted ‘what’ to be me?”

Julie then pushed her finger deep into Cathy’s butt while her tongue lapped at her clit. In response, Cathy’s hips lifted straight up as she exploded with orgasm. Now screaming in ecstasy, Cathy yelled, “I wanted Jason to fuck me! I still want Jason to fuck me! Jason has to fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Too horny to be ashamed, Cathy had wave after wave of orgasm.

After a couple of last licks and sucks, Julie pulled her mouth from Cathy’s cunt. Crawling up her body and giving each of her breasts a gentle kiss, Julie was now prone on top of Cathy. Looking into each other’s faces, Cathy could see her juices all over Julies face and it made her tingle.

Looking deeply into Cathy’s eyes, Julie said, “Jason has a great cock and I am sure you will enjoy him.” Then she pressed her lips to Cathy’s and kissed her. Not gentle like a women, but hard, like a man. Having never been kissed like this with such urgency by a woman before, Cathy in response, moaned into Julie’s mouth.

As their lips peeled apart, Cathy was breathless but now Julie needed tending to. With Cathy still on her back, Julie squatted over Cathy’s face and sat her cunt directly over Cathy’s mouth.

“Emmmm…. Oh Cathy. Eat my kitty. That’s it lover, use your tongue. It feels good.”

Cathy plunged her tongue into Julie’s hole while Julie literally rode on top of her face. Cathy could feel the bed shake as Julie slid her pussy back and forth across her mouth.

“Eat me Cathy. Eat me out. Make me cum and tomorrow, I’ll talk to Jason about screwing your brains out.”

With renewed vigor to earn an opportunity in Jason’s bed, Cathy ate at Julie’s pussy with all she had. Her hands stretched up and pulled at her nipples and her face was slick with the cream of Julie’s beautiful pussy.

“Gonna cum! Gonna cum! Oh yes!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh…..!!!!!!!”

Julie gushed cum into Cathy’s mouth. Her tongue licked and her mouth sucked all the moisture that Julie had to offer. Once she came down from her orgasm, Julie fell off Cathy’s face and they laid next to each other for a few moments.

After a small break, the new lovers started to touch one and other both gently and lovingly. Julie was propped up on a couple of pillows while both women’s hand freely explored each other’s body.

Cathy told Julie about the cuff links and how she ended up outside of Jason’s door. In response, Julie listened carefully, smiled and continued to caress Cathy’s body. Once Cathy finished the story, Julie gave Cathy a light kiss on the lips while she inserted a finger back into Cathy’s love hole. Cathy let out a little gasp as her hips pushed forward to welcome the invasion of Julie’s middle digit.

“How would you feel if this finger was Jason’s cock?”

Grinning, Cathy replied, “I think I would like that a lot.”

Now moving her finger in and out of Cathy with purpose, Julie continued, “You know Cathy, Jason and Sean are going golfing tomorrow and will be gone for a fair bit of the day but I’ll bet upon their return that Jason is going to want to stop in to pick up those cuff links of yours.”

Reveling in the feel of Julie’s invading fingers Cathy replied, “Oh I hope so….”

“Oh indeed Cathy, I am sure that he’ll want those cufflinks and a turn or two with you in this bed as well.”

“Oh I would like that Julie.” Then she shuddered and lifted her hips with a small orgasm, “Emmmmm…………….”

Their lips, again found each other and in no time, their passion was rekindled. However, this time, Julie whirled around into a 69 so that both women could be pleased simultaneously.

Julie’s tongue busily pushed in and out of Cathy’s cunt, but her slurping mouth stopped long enough to ask something that surprised Cathy, “What if my tongue was Sean’s cock?”

Cathy just moaned in response. “Ohhhh…… Emmmmm……”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you Cathy? You’d like to fuck Sean too, wouldn’t you?”

Julie pushed her tongue back into Cathy’s hole.

Now in between lapping at Julie’s pretty hole, Cathy asked, “You’d let me?”

“Cathy, I don’t think I could stop him.”

Both women giggled and resumed their respective pussy licking.

Cathy’s mind was on fire. As Julie expertly serviced her and as she reciprocated, she longed to fuck Jason and Sean. The thought of having their young, stiff cocks splurt inside of her cunt was taking her to the brink of a massive orgasm.

As she suckled on Julie’s clit, she could tell that Julie was also close and to add to her ecstasy, Cathy pushed her finger inside of Julie’s ass while her mouth continued to devour her lower lips.

“Oh Cathy, push that finger in my ass. I love that! Ahhhhhh…!!!!” Ohhhh….!!!!!”

Julie erupted and her juices flew freely all over Cathy’s face. “Ohhhh…. God.. Cathy, that’s it. Gonna cum!!”

Cathy continued to lick and slurp at Julie’s wet, sticky cunt. In response, Julie continued to have one mini-orgasm after another.

Cathy too, was close and soon, the feeling overtook her as Julie’s mouth vacuumed out her snatch.

“Julie, that’s it. Cumming too! Ummmmm….. Yeah….! Ahhhhhh…..!!!!!!!”

After a short cuddle and a few kisses, Julie announced that she had to go.

As Julie dressed, she said, “I’ll talk to Jason. Knowing my brother like I do (giggle), there is no way that he would pass on a chance to make love to a woman as beautiful as you, Cathy. Afterwards, and if you like, we can also arrange for you to have a little taste of Sean as well. You know after you left the beach Cathy, Sean was so horny from feeling you up while rubbing the suntan lotion on you that we immediately went back to my room and he fucked my brains out.”

“Oh my, I guess I am surprised that he told you about that.”

“No worries Cathy. Sean and I don’t really have ‘any’ secrets.”

Once again, the innuendo in Julie’s rhetoric was not lost on Cathy and she decided to probe a little further.

“So Julie, does Steph know about you and Jason?”

Julie just smiled and replied, “Really Cathy, that is not a problem.”

“Oh I see.” Then thinking a moment more. Cathy asked, “What about Sean, should I presume this is all ok with him as well?”

Julie understood the line of questioning and why Cathy was really asking and to end any further confusion, she replied, “Cathy, Jason and I, Sean and Stephanie…..Well, we enjoy each other a great deal. Does that answer your questions?”

Now as all ambiguities melted away, Cathy replied, “Yes dear. It does.”

And with that, Julie gave Cathy a short, good-bye kiss allowing her tongue to slide lightly between her lips. Once the embrace was broken, Julie asked, “You know that Steph and I are gonna do a, ‘spa day’ tomorrow. Toes, nails, massage. Will you join us?”

Cathy thought a moment. She wasn’t sure that she was ready for this kind of intimate interaction between Steph, Julie and herself so she offered up her apologies that she still had more wedding activities to check on and with that, both women smiled at each other, said their good-byes and Julie left the room.

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