Caught in the Middle

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She sat confidently and comfortably across from him, her skirt short, though not so much as to be inappropriate for a job interview, but enough to be alluring to a potential male employer. She displayed a reasonable amount of tanned thigh; again not so much as to be lewd for the occasion, but enough for him to take appreciable notice. Pretending to look over her resume, which he had studied carefully and in-depth prior to even laying eyes on her, he further noticed the portion of her well-rounded breasts that her respectably low cut shirt displayed. They were neither too large nor too small but well-proportioned to her shapely frame. Everything about her, from her nicely fixed shoulder-length hair to her tastefully, though not overly applied make-up to her otherwise conservative clothes was intended to make her noticeable. And that she was.

He asked the usual questions about her job skills, as he had the three other applicants. He phrased each inquiry in such a way as to draw her out, reveal more about her than the answer she might give. In the end, he deemed her paralegal skills to be more than adequate for his one-man, general law practice. Likewise, any of the other three job seekers he had interviewed would all qualify. All were personable with good dispositions. Therefore, some other method was needed to make the selection.

Nelson Adams knew exactly what that was.

His personal rule for such situations if he had more than one applicant and all were equally qualified was to give the edge to the most attractive. Some might say that was sexist, but he had to make a selection based on something. Why not that? Besides, it looked better when a potential client entered the office, not to mention being pleasant on his own eyes.

Therefore, the decision became easy. Looking up from the resume, Adams could see the sudden display of nervousness in the young woman’s features. He further noticed that her skirt might have slid up another inch or so. “Ms. Collins, I’d like to offer you the position.”

Instantly, a much more becoming smile graced her lovely face. “Oh, thank you, Mr. Adams. You won’t regret it.”

“I’m sure I won’t. And now, you may call me Nelson.”

“And you can call me Mandy.”

* * *

The law office of Nelson Adams was located in a U-shaped office park. Each business occupied a separate three to six room building that looked like a house, all of which were arranged along the outside of the U. The inside was for parking. The attorney was in Building C at the top right of the U. Mandy Collins had never visited any of the businesses in the park and took a moment to glance around to what would be her future neighbors. She then entered her new office bright and early on the following Monday morning.

To the right of the entrance was a narrow table along the wall which held a collection of magazines for visitors to peruse while waiting. There was also a group of business card holders, each of which held a number of cards. Mandy had noticed it the other morning when she came for her interview, but did not have time to examine them further. She now noticed that each holder was arranged in order and held cards for each of the businesses in the park. There were a couple of doctors, a CPA, no other attorneys, a sandwich shop, and a variety of other businesses. She had been meaning to seek the assistance of a CPA for some income tax issues. Maybe this would be her opportunity. But she wouldn’t mention it to her new boss—no need for him to know anything that might compromise her job, not that it was anything bad or illegal.

“We all offer cards for each other,” Nelson noted as he stood in his doorway.

“That seems equitable,” Mandy commented.

“Doesn’t really provide much new business,” the lawyer said with a shrug, “but it doesn’t hurt either.” He was pleased to note that his new employee was dressed quite similar to the day of her interview. Basically, only the colors were different. “This will be your desk,” he said, patting the chair behind the desk in the large reception area. “I’ll give you a few minutes to get settled before we get into it.”

As Nelson disappeared back into his office, Mandy smirked at his choice of words while she took her seat behind her new desk. She was certain he would like to get into it with her and not in the context he was referring to. Of course, she was no less at fault for dressing as she did. She had a good looking body, she worked hard to get it and keep it that way, and she didn’t mind showing it off, particularly if it aided in getting her the job. And she was certain it had. She’d caught Nelson stealing glances at her during the interview, not to mention eying her up and down just now. The truth was, he wasn’t bad looking either, and if he didn’t turn out to be an asshole, she might not mind a little extra fringe benefit.

These thoughts had occupied her as she rummaged through the drawers, which contained basic office stuff.

Mandy visited the restroom, and after using the facilities, made certain she looked good. She Eskort Bayan adjusted her top she display enough cleavage to be appealing, but not so much as to look slutty. Likewise, she fixed her skirt to be short enough to show a fair amount of thigh when she crossed her legs, but not to where she had to be ultra-careful when she sat.

Mandy then stood in his doorway and announced, “I’m ready to get to it whenever you are.” She threw his words back at him with emphasis just to gauge his response.

Nelson looked up and smiled, his eyebrows jumping up and down at the beautiful vision before him. He gestured to the chair in front of his desk.

Sitting in the proffered chair, Mandy automatically crossed her legs and her skirt rose a little higher than she might otherwise have let it. She was not trying to tease her new boss, which probably wouldn’t be a good idea on her first day; she was just feeling a little naughty this morning. It might also be a good barometer of his character.

The attorney first reviewed his office policy. In short, he preferred a casual office, both in attire and demeanor, and beyond that, as long as the work was done, pretty much anything went. He then discussed how he handled his practice and what he expected of her.

After listening to him talk for nearly an hour, Mandy was quite taken by her new employer. He seemed to be a genuinely nice guy, an extremely competent lawyer and a fair boss. She looked forward to working with him—and maybe more. Some might say she was promiscuous, but instead she chose to consider herself as one who would simply not shy away from a good opportunity.

Little did she know, Nelson’s thoughts were running a similar course. Mandy was undoubtedly the nicest looking woman who had ever worked for him. He also seemed fairly open. It would be hard to keep his eyes off of her, let alone his hands.

As morning eased into lunch time, Mandy decided that it might be harder to work for the attorney than she first thought. By noon, they had had intermittent interaction, but the result was building sexual tension. He had come to her desk a couple of times. Once, she could feel him standing over her and she was certain he was staring down her top. Turning to him before looking up, she noticed the obvious bulge in his pants. But neither acknowledged anything. The other time, her skirt had eased up from moving around in her chair, and without really realizing it, she turned toward him as he approached and there was no mistaking his eyes focusing on her legs. Added to that was the distinct pulsing of his hard cock in his trousers.

When he told her she could take her lunch hour, she knew she had to leave the office just to cool down. Mandy decided to visit the CPA’s office figuring that income tax was enough to assuage anyone.

* * *

Mandy was very open-minded about sex. Therefore, though the intent of leaving the office for lunch was to relieve the horniness she was feeling, entering the CPA’s office did nothing to remedy that problem. The slightly older woman who greeted her was absolutely gorgeous. Mandy had found herself attracted to women on a few occasions, even going so far as to have sex with one a couple of times. While she was certainly not a lesbian and didn’t really consider herself bisexual, she had found those episodes to be enjoyable and was not opposed to another if the right female came along. So, given her frame of mind when she entered the accountant’s office, she was not surprised at herself for giving the woman a second look.

“Ms. Warner?” Mandy asked as the beautiful woman approached.

“Yes. May I help you?”

A quick glance around the small office told Mandy they were alone. “I don’t have an appointment, but I need some tax assistance. I received a letter from the IRS.”

Ms. Warner gave a knowing, but reassuring smile. “Well, you’re in luck. I have a few minutes. Come on in.”

Mandy followed the CPA into her office, took a seat in front of the woman’s desk, and automatically crossed her legs with no regard for the position of her hem. Warner sat in the other chair rather than behind her desk. Though her skirt wasn’t as short as Mandy’s, the accountant still displayed a generous amount of shapely leg. Mandy was pleased that the woman seemed to be checking her out, as well.

“Do you have the letter?”

Mandy pulled it from her purse and handed it to her. While she read it, Mandy noticed that she had very fair skin to go along with her reddish blonde hair.

“Well, the good news is, it’s not as bad as it sounds,” Ms. Warner advised with another soothing smile. “I can help you with this, if you want, but I’ll need you to bring copies of your return and supporting documents.”

“Thanks. That’s a relief. Can I bring them tomorrow?”

“Yes. May I ask what brought you to me?”

“Well, Ms. Warner, I just started working for Mr. Adams today and saw your card in his office.”

With curiously raised eyebrows, she said, “You can call me Julianne.”

“And I’m Mandy Collins.” They shook hands.

“Did Nelson recommend you?” Julianne asked.

“You know him?”

“I know everyone in our little office park.”

“Of course. No, he didn’t recommend you. He doesn’t know I’m here and I’d rather he didn’t. Wouldn’t want this to affect my job,” Mandy explained worriedly.

“Mandy, this is not serious. Happens all the time. Probably just some miscalculations. Certainly not grounds for dismissal from a job.”

“That’s good to know, but I’d still rather he didn’t.

“You can rely on my discretion. How do you like your job so far?”

Julianne had this unique quality of putting someone at ease with her gentle manner, soft-spoken voice, and of course, it didn’t hurt that she was beautiful. Mandy hated to profile people, but there was no way she looked like an accountant. She found herself answering a bit more honestly than maybe she should. “So far, I really like it. Nelson seems to be a very kind man and easy to work for, not to mention that he’s very attractive.” Mandy expected Julianne to smile or grin at the last part of her statement, but the woman remained stoic, giving the young girl some concern and prompting her to ask, “Is there anything I should know about him?”

“No, no,” the woman answered quickly. “Everything you said is completely true.”

“I’m glad you agree.”

“Well,” Julianne said, standing, “my next appointment ought to be here shortly.”

“Oh, right. Let me get out of your hair. And thanks for seeing me on short notice.”

“No problem. See you tomorrow.”

But as she cut across the parking lot, Mandy couldn’t help but wonder if there was something between the CPA and the attorney.

* * *

The remainder of the afternoon was much like the morning and Mandy could not wait to get home and give her favorite vibrator a good work-out. In anticipation of Tuesday, her second day, running a similar course, she got herself off good before leaving for work thinking it might prevent her from becoming so easily aroused. But it did not work. If anything, by lunch time she might have even been more stimulated knowing she was going to see Julianne. And of course, to make matters worse, the CPA looked even more stunning than the day before: more leg and more cleavage. She looked almost absolutely gorgeous except . . . she appeared somewhat troubled.

Mandy didn’t hesitate to point that out.

“Oh, just tired and busy,” Julianne said, shrugging it off.

Mandy didn’t really buy it, but felt she didn’t really know the woman well enough to press it. Julianne then advised Mandy what the issues were with her taxes and, while serious, they were not insurmountable. It would take some time to resolve and might possibly even include a meeting with an IRS agent. She then gave her fee, which seemed surprisingly low to Mandy. To her mystified expression, Julianne explained, “I’m giving you my office park discount.” The younger woman gratefully accepted, but felt there might be more to it.

Julianne further requested some additional documentation that Mandy agreed to provide tomorrow.

“So, how’s your second day going?” Julianne asked. “Still find your boss attractive?”

“Oh, yeah. And if the looks he’s giving me are any clue, I think he’s interested also.”

“You don’t say?”

“I don’t think he’s married,” Mandy mused, although she did not know for sure. “He has no pictures on his desk, nor does he wear a ring. Do you know?”

“We don’t provide personal information about one another,” Julianne remarked with raised eyebrows. “But you might want to find out before you go too far.”

“Probably a good idea,” Mandy agreed. “See you tomorrow.”

* * *

Fortunately, Nelson had a meeting outside of the office in the afternoon, but before he left, he stood over her desk proof-reading a document she had typed for him. Mandy studied his left hand carefully, particularly his ring finger. She could see no signs that he had ever worn a ring, not as though he wore one at home and took it off in public. Of course, that was no guarantee. Many married men did not wear rings.

After he departed, she guiltily snooped around his office, but again, she found nothing to indicate that he was married. So, short of coming right out and asking him, which she hadn’t ruled out, though it was too soon for such an inquiry, Mandy would be on alert for a clue.

* * *

As usual, Nelson was already at his desk when Mandy arrived for work the next morning, Wednesday. This prompted her to ask, after greeting him, “Should I be coming in earlier? You always get here before me.” She was dressed much the same as the last two days, and he eyed her up and down admiringly, as had become his habit. A warm smile appeared on his face and she didn’t know whether it was due to her appearance or the question, or both.

“No, that’s not necessary,” Nelson advised. “I’ve only be doing it because you’re new and I’m letting you get settled in. There will likely be many days where I’ll head straight to court. But I appreciate your willingness.”

If you only knew how willing I was, Mandy thought, although she didn’t know why, just one of those naughty notions that popped into her head. Beyond that, the morning evolved into what had become a fairly standard routine. She answered a few phone calls, did some research and typed some legal documents.

Just before lunch, Nelson stepped over to her desk and put a document he had proofread down in front of her to show her some changes he wanted to make. When he reached out to point out something, his hand grazed her left breast—accidentally? Neither said anything about it. But then, she had to lean forward to see what he was pointing to, and in so doing, her tit pressed against the side of his hand. For her it was electric. She didn’t move, nor did he, although he had to feel her hard nipple rubbing against his skin. Still, neither moved.

Through it all, Nelson managed to keep talking, though Mandy was not certain she heard everything he said. She even thought she felt him twist his hand slightly, which had the effect of rubbing her nipple.

Finally, he pulled away, still not acknowledging what had happened, except that he now sported a bulge in his crotch that had not been there when he first appeared. Looking up at him as he turned to go back into his office, he merely smiled at her and she simply returned the gesture.

Mandy toyed with the idea of running into the bathroom and using the juice that was pouring from her pussy to get herself off. But she feared making too much noise and opted to go to lunch. As she walked across the parking lot to Julianne’s office, she considered for an instant slipping into her car for a quick masturbation. However, it was noon, and there was considerable activity in the car park.

“You look flushed,” the CPA noted as her client entered her office.

This then made Mandy blush.

Noticing this also, Julianne added, “Was the walk over that strenuous, or is something going on at the office?” However, the young woman’s expression of embarrassment told her it was the latter, and she instantly wished she had thought before saying anything. “I’m sorry,” she quickly offered. “That was extremely unprofessional of me.”

Recovering speedily, Mandy shrugged it off. “I’m glad you feel comfortable enough with me to say something like that.”

“You have a very disarming personality. You make it easy.”

“Truthfully, you do, too.” Mandy’s face reddened again slightly. “Truth is, you weren’t far off.”


Mandy then quickly recounted what had happened at her office just before lunch. “What do you think that means?”

Strangely, the young woman noticed Julianne’s demeanor abruptly change.

“I’m sorry,” Mandy said. “Did I say something wrong?”

Julianne plopped down in her chair behind her desk, her skirt rising pretty high up on her legs. Since she made no attempt to fix it, Mandy would have enjoyed staring at the woman’s shapely legs, but she was more concerned with her sudden mood swing.

Finally, the accountant looked up and softly said, “Please sit.”

Mandy complied, watching with a questioning look.

“I haven’t been completely honest with you,” Julianne began. “I’m married. I think my husband is cheating on me.”

Though she instantly felt sorry for the woman, Mandy wondered what that had to do with anything. Her frown prompted the other to continue.

“Nelson Adams is my husband.”

No way had she seen that one coming. With her mouth agape, eyes bulging out of their sockets, Mandy was horrified. A thousand thoughts and question clouded her suddenly confused mind, but she could only utter, “I’m sorry. I had no idea.”

Leaning across her desk, Julianne said, “Oh, I’m not blaming you, honey.”

Somewhat relieved, Mandy said, “If it’s any consolation, he hasn’t done anything or even suggested anything improper.”

Julianne nodded. “And you think grazing your breast was accidental?”

Mandy shrugged. “Well, I guess I thought it was. You don’t?”

“Did you know you are his fourth hire this year? And it’s only September. And did you know they all look just like you? Very young and attractive. And each one mysteriously quit. And he claims he doesn’t know why they quit. Claims he treated them all well, paid them well.”

Mandy didn’t know any of those things. But so far, Nelson had not treated her badly at all. “If I’m not out of line in asking, do you have any other indications?”

“I’ve seen him leave with a couple of them a few times. He said that he had allowed them to accompany him to court, just for the experience. There are a couple of other things that I’m not inclined to go into right now. But I know what you’re thinking, and no, I do not have any concrete evidence.”

Mandy took a few moments to digest what she had been told, then said, “Julianne, I liked you from the moment I met you, so I’ll be honest and tell you that I can be a bit of a tease at times. But one thing I don’t do is fool around with married men. So far, this has been a good job and I hope it stays that way, so I hope you’re not asking me to quit it.”

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