Caught with my hand in her panties

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Caught with my hand in her panties.

I was only just turned 14 and like all boys at that age, hornier than a two peckered billy goat at the county fair. I was tall for my age, spending a lot of time riding my bicycles or my skateboard all over town.

I lived in Florida and can’t recall hardly a summer day where I’d wear more than a pair of shorts. No shoes, no shirt, no underwear.. Just enough to keep me from getting arrested. All my buddies were pretty much dressed the same way. Long hair and dark tans completed the look. Typical Florida boys, heading for the beach whenever we could bum a ride, that kind of thing.

That all slowed down when I met Celeste my Freshman year of high school. We talked a lot during lunch, breaks, walking to and from classes, the usual schoolboy crush I guess. Then she asked me over to her house that Saturday. Her parents would be over in Orlando shopping all day so we pretty much had the run of her place.. which included a very nice pool.

I showed up at her place in my usual Summer attire of a pair of shorts, riding my bicycle at around 10:00. She was waiting at the front door wearing a sun dress and I could see her bikini underneath it when the sun was at her back.. Good thing my shorts were Levi’s or she would have seen what that outfit was doing to me right then and there. I think she kinda knew as she got a very sexy and shy smile on her face, inviting me in.

We spent the next hour or so splashing around in the pool, floating on inflatable rafts, more splashing, and with our elbows on the side and kicking our feet as we talked about things.

She climbed out of the pool and spread some large towels on the concrete and told me to come over and get some sun to dry off. She also asked me to apply oil to her back so she wouldn’t burn.

I sat indian style behind her, rubbing the oil everywhere I thought she would let me rub it, even slid my hand down the back of her bikin bottoms a couple of inches to make sure that area didn’t get burned.

I was rubbing my hands down her sides, letting my fingers linger near the side of her breasts a little too long when I felt her hands grab my fingers and pull them around to her front. She said “If you want to feel them, go ahead and feel them.” I was feeling them through her bikini top and she said “Not like that silly, under the top.” By that time I’m pretty sure she could feel my hardness bumping against her ass as I leaned forward.

When I slid my hands under each cup, she leaned back into me and placed her hands over mine to show me the motions she liked me to do. Holy cow, I was in pure heaven.

After a few minutes of this and my heavy breathing behind her, she took it up a notch and took my right hand and moved it down towards her bikini bottoms, lifting them away from her body allowing me room to slide my fingers inside them.

When I reached her clit, she jumped a bit but then started to moan as I gently rubbed my fingers over it, around it, gently pinching it, dipping th etip of my middle finger just past it and feeling the warmth and wetness coming from her pussy.

I also felt a wetness in my shorts from my cock oozing pre-cum out like it was on sale at the Jiffy Market for half off.

She reached behind me with her right hand and attempted to undo the button on my shorts and unzip my fly but, just didn’t have the skills for that yet so she rolled to her right side so as not to make me lose my place in her bikini bottoms. She ended up with her head laying on me left thigh and could see what she was doing now. She opened my shorts and out sprang the slickest Jack in The Box you ever laid eyes on.. It was already like a spring, just needed a smile painted on the front of it.

She giggled a little when she saw it spring out and grabbed ahold of it to hold it still. Her hand felt a little cool when she wrapped it around my cock but, quickly warmed up from the heat when she started sliding her hand up and down it aided by all my pre-cum.

I sure am glad she lived in a secluded neighborhood and there was an 8′ wal all the way around her back yard so we could do as we liked.

She reached down to her bikini bottoms and with the flick of her fingers, untied the knot on one side and let it fall open, allowing less resistance Sex hikayeleri to my hand to get where it needed to go. Her hand quickly returned to my cock and started stroking it again, spreading my pre-cum all over the shaft, then once her finger were good and wet, she slid them under my nut sack and worked some of my lube around my balls, even touching my ass a few times.

That made me jump a little as I’d never had anything back there. It also made her giggle when I did.

She slid up next to me and put her lips to my ear and said “I want you to eat me right now.” and I swear before the last word came out of her mouth, I was making my way in a southerly direction preparing for a feast that would put any buffet to shame.

I was really getting into it, spreading her lips as she had her knees bent up to help with access, my tongue going for the yummy cream filling I had been jerking off thinking about for so long. The taste was even better than I had dreamed about.

I don’t know how long I could have continued doing this because I was flat on my stomach with my raging boy cock grinding right on the concrete. I know it needed release but, I also needed to lap up as much of that delicious nectar as I could.

It was at that moment, that all hell broke loose. I heard a loud male voice behind me shouting “What the FUCK do you think you’re doing with my SISTER you PERVERT!” and then I felt hands grabbing my ankles and dragging me away from my buffet of heavenly delight, my poor cock dragging across the rough concrete, and for some reason, my shorts being ripped off my thighs and off my legs shortly after that, before I could even turn around to see who was doing this.

Then I heard him say “Grab that fuckers hands and hold him down!” Oh hell, there were at least two of them. I’m in deep shit now.

Celeste had grabbed a towel and covered herself up when I heard her brother say “Oh no Sis, you’re not going anywhere. We’re going to teach your boyfriend here a lesson he’ll never forget and you’re going to watch it all.”

Her brother Gary, was a Junior in high school and played defensive tackle on the Varsity football team. I learned later that a tight end was the one holding my arms down.. And I don’t mean a tight end as in a nice ass, I mean the football position.

Her brother came up behind me and grabbed me by my hips and lifted me up so I was on my knees with my ass in the air. Apparently the coin had been tossed and I was going to be the recieving team.

I heard two more male voices come into the yard and being held down by the TE, I couldn’t even guess who they were. All I heard was “What do we have here fellas? Looks like some kind of party getting ready to start.” I heard Gary say “Oh yeah boys, it’s time to teach this boy a lesson not to mess with my little sister.” Each of you guys grab a leg and make sure he doesn’t start kicking or trying to get away.”

I heard his pants being unzipped and hitting the concrete behind me, then felt when his knees came down between mine, next his hands on my hips and a little more moving around to get in a good position. Then I felt him spit on the crack of my ass and say “No since being cruel about all this I guess.” The next thing I felt was two of his meaty fingers working thier way down the crack of my ass looking for my asshole. Once he found out he just said “Yeah, there it is.” and pushed one of the fingers in, worked it in and out a couple of strokes, then pushed the second one in right above it and pushing harder to get them both in my ass.

I was straining against the invasion but, having 3 football players holding me in position, it was a wasted effort. All I could do was scream a bit.

Gary told the TE, Mitch, to grab his sisters bikini bottoms and shove them in my mouth to keep me quiet. Even the strings that held them to Celeste’s waist were used to tie them in place.

I looked up at Celeste and noticed one of her hands was under the blanket and could see her fingers moving above her crotch. She was getting excited watching this!

The next thing I felt was the cool breeze hitting my asshole as Gary pulled his fingers out with a pop. That feeling was short lived as I felt the bulb of his cockhead plug up the opening of my virgin asshole, then Sikiş hikayeleri felt it pushing while his hands on my hips were pulling them towards him. It seemed like there was no way he was going to get that cock inside me when all of a sudden, my asshole gave way and let the head pass right through.

Holy crap, it felt like someone had poured lighter fluid on my ass and lit it on fire. I screamed right into those cum soaked bikini panties and heard laughing from the 4 footballers. They cheered Gary on with things like “Stick it to him Gary, make him your little bitch!” and stick it to me he did.

Once the head was in me, he waited about 15 seconds and went on pushing forward like he’d been in my ass a thousand times. The first time I guess he didnb’t get all the way in before he pull all but the head back out, the second time he pushed a lot harder and faster and when I felt his balls slap my balls, I knew he was in all the way.

He stayed there long enough to say “Oh yeah, he’s mine now boys.” and another round of laughter came from them. I felt him slap my right ass cheek really hard now and he said “Try to buck me off stud!” and I felt the hands release from my legs but, it was all I could do to hold myself up and not fall flat on my stomach.

He owned my ass and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

He slapped my left cheek and proceeded to push his cock in and out of my ass at a pretty good speed. The next thing I knew, Mitch was pulling the bikini bottoms out of my mouth and I saw his cock swinging free in front of my face. Oh man, he was going to make me suck his cock, I just knew it..

Sure enough, he grabbed my long hair and told me to open wide and then pushed the head of his 7″ cock up against my lips. I didn’t open my mouth at first and then he slapped me across the face with his free hand and told me to open it or he’d beat the hell out of me.

I did as he told and as soon as my lips parted, he pushed his cock at least half way into my mouth, causing me to choke at the unexpected intrusion, then he pulled it all the way back out and said “I better not feel any teeth!” and the next thing I knew his pubic hair was in my nose and his cock was in my throat.

Gary was still pounding away at my ass, slapping it every now and then. My ass was throbbing like crazy at the invasion but, I could also feel my cock swinging underneath me, hard as a rock.. Then I felt a smaller hand on the small of my back and the other hand pulling down on my cock. It was Celeste, doing what her brother had told her, milking me. I must have missed that part when I was screaming with the cock in my mouth and Gary slapping my ass.

I could see Celeste out of the corner of my vision to the left and she was smiling and licking her lips. The towel was gone and she was as naked as the day she was born. When I looked to the right I could see the legs of the other two guys, and worse yet, thier pants were around thier ankles.

I also heard a clicking sound accompanied by flashes of light. They were taking pictures of me getting fucked! I wasn’t even fighting it, I was just trying to survive it and keep myself from being pushed onto the concrete.

The next thing I heard was Gary grunting and his hips stopped moving but, his hands held onto my hips very tightly now. I could feel a pulsing sensation deep in my ass now. He was breeding me as I learned later in life. He held his cock there for a couple of minutes and I could feel things getting looser inside me mainly from his cock settling down and his cum lubing up my asshole.

Mitch was next. He had his cock almost all the way out of my mouth and he told me to take a nice and deep breath and hold it.. I barely had time to wonder why when I tasted something bitter and salty on my tongue. Mitch said “Here she comes bitch!” and pushed his cock all the way into my throat and held me by the back of my head while he spewed his seed into my stomach.

Finally, I felt the small hand on my cock speeding up the strokes now and her other hand pulling down on my nuts helping to get the cum flowing. Gary had grabbed a plastic cup and placed it under me. Celeste did her best to aim my cock at the cup and when I started cumming, my cum went straight into the cup. 7 or 8 long Erotik hikaye streams of cum followed by 3 or 4 more short streams she milked out slowly with her hands.

The next thing I knew, Gary was grabbing me by my hair telling me to get up and pulled me to my feet. He pushed me over towards a deck chair where one of the other players was sitting there with a smile and a very hard looking 6″ cock.

Gary told me to have a seat and turned me around so I sat right on his cock, it sliding right into my well used asshole. He told me to sit still and the other football player with another 6″ hard cock came over and faced me, pushing me to lie back on the other players chest.

I had absolutely no idea what was coming next, was I going to suck his cock while the guy behind me fucked my ass? Nope, not in the cards today son.. The second player moved right up between my legs and lifted them up a bit, enough to where everyone around could see the cock in my ass from behind. But, that wasn’t the sole purpose of his actions. It was to allow him access to my asshole as well. Double penetration time.

All I could think was “I’m going to have a hard time explaining how my ass got torn in half to my Mom.” when I felt the head of the second cock sliding up next to the first, not yet hitting my asshole but, lining up for entry.

The player in front held on to the bottom of my legs, pushing me down as the player in back help my hips in place. Then I felt the increased pressure of the second cock. It went in a bit easier than Gary’s cock did but, that’s because it had already been pounded open and there was already a cock in there helping to hold it open..

I could feel every bit of that cock sliding up into me, being sandwiched between to high school athletic bodies, impaled on thier hard cocks. Then I felt them both all the way inside me. I thought sure I was going to split in half any moment when, they started pushing me up and down, then told me to push up and down on the arms of the chair as they fucked me.

The camera was clicking away as I was being double penetrated. I was sure hoping this wasn’t going to make it in the year book. That would be a tough one to explain.

Gary told Celeste to take the cup over to me and feed it to me. She did as told and I tried to resist but, my panting and grunting made it pretty easy to tip the cup up and pour my own cum down my throat. I could taste it and it was a little sweeter than Mitches cum but, just as salty. Celeste was nice enough to lick any that had missed my mouth and push it in my mouth with her tongue.

She then leaned close and told me this is the sexiest thing she’s ever seen and that she had cum twice already watching me getting fucked.

It was all I could do to try to not slip off the arm rests and she’s telling me all this stuff, then reaching down and stroking my cock again which, for some reason was as hard as a rock as soon as the second cock entered my ass.

The friction of the two cocks inside gave off a totally new sensation especially when they got out of rhythm with each other, then one would slow down to let the other catch up. Then feeling them both stop and stiffen up even more, right before they let loose thier cum in my ass was enough to make me blow my nuts again, this time all over the player in fronts stomach.

They lifted me up when they were done and helped me off the chair but, I was told to squat down beside the chair. This allowed Celeste to catch all the cum flowing out of my ass in her cup and also made it so I was there to clean all my cum off the football players chest I had recentl shot all over.

After I was done cleaning, Gary grabbed the cup and put it in my hand and told me to drink up. If I had done anything besides what he had told me, I’m sure there would have been a round two. I drank it down in a matter of seconds.

The boys all came over and had me give thier cocks a cleaning suck to get all thier cum off and then they packed up and left.

I heard Gary say “Hey Celeste, he was a lot better than your last boyfriend!” as they walked out the gate.

Celeste told me to get in the chair and lay back, then she came over and straddled my face and had me eat her pussy and her ass for a good half hour while she had two more orgasms.

I don’t think my cock got hard again for the next week. I was afraid to take a crap for 3 days thinking once I started, it wouldn’t stop.

I still have those bikini panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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