caut in th act


We sat home one night, watching T.V. and making out. You said you needed to go talk to a friend of yours, and you would be back. I stood and gave you a kiss, and told you to hurry back. You said you didn’t think it would take long, but on the other hand you weren’t sure. You walked to the door, and left.

I sat and watched a little more T.V., then went to the bedroom to put on my pajamas. I sat on the bed and pulled my socks off. Then I pulled my shirt off over my head. Next I unclapsed my bra, letting my breasts spill out of it. My breasts had been cramped in there all day, so I started rubbing them. That felt good, so I took my nipples, and rolled them between my fingers, pinching them ever so slightly. I was getting hot! I then took off my pants and panties. There was a dresser across from the bed, it had a mirror. I lay back on the bed, and opend my legs, and studied the reflection of my pussy in the mirror. It was a beautiful sight. I couldn’t help it, I had to touch it. The moment I did, a thrill went through me, and I knew I had to do more. I began using 2 fingers, to rub my clit, and that felt even better. I kept rubbing and started to moan. Then I stuck a couple of fingers inside and began easing them in and out of me. Pretty soon I was literally finger fucking myself, my fingers going faster and faster, until I arched my body, and gave a long moan, and came.

Little did I know, but your friend wasn’t home, and you came back, and were puzzled to find I wasn’t in the living room. You thought I had maybe made a trip to the bathroom, so you sat down and waited. Soon you began to hear fast breathing and low moaning, and decided to go check it out. You came round the corner, and stopped. the bedroom door was halfway open, and you peeked inside. What you saw, almost made you cum on the spot. There I was on the bed playing with myself. You took your dick out of your pants, and started stroking it as you watched me. The faster I fingered myself, the faster you stroked, til you let out a moan, and I stopped, afraid that there was a burgler, or peeping Tom. I grabbed a blanket to cover myself, as you came in the room and shut the door. I was all red in the face and embarrassed Sex hikayeleri at being caught pleasing myself. You said, Honey, I am so horny after watching you, that I have to have you NOW!

Not waiting another second, you put your hand behind my head and pulled me in for a very passionate kiss. While we were kissing, you pulled the covers off me, and stopped kissing me long enough to take my nipples and suck, and gently bite them. My hand reached out, and took your dick, and I started moving my hand up and down and caressing it. You then told me to lay on my right side on the bed, and you layed the opposite way, so we could 69. The moment your tongue touched my pussy, a shiver ran through my body, and I moaned long and low. I took your dick in my mouth, and started making circles around the head with my tongue. Then it was your turn to moan. You continued licking my pussy, and at one point, fucked me with your tongue. I can’t remember, how many times I came, my juices dribbling into your waiting mouth. I began sucking faster and harder with my mouth, as horny as I was, I licked and sucked that dick, for all I was worth. Finally, not being able to stand it anymore, you told me to get on my knees, and you positioned yourself behind me. We both gasped, as your dick entered my wet pussy. You began slow and steady, pounding me in a smooth rhythm. It got faster and faster, until your were pounding into me with all the force of a jackhammer. You grabbed my hips, and held on as you rode me faster and faster. We were both moaning and screaming, and then we came at the same time, our juices mingling. We lay side by side, breathing heavily, smiles plastered on our faces.

After a few minutes, we went to clean up, and you said Maybe I’ll come home early more often. We both laughed and continued dressing.


Arriving home from work one night, I open the door, and find you standing in the hallway. You let yourself in earlier that evening. Your arms are crossed and you have an unhappy look on your face. You tell me to follow you to the bedroom. I follow, getting very curious, and somewhat excited, thinking of what we could do in the bedroom. Sikiş hikayeleri When I enter the bedroom, you tell me what a naughty girl I was before I went to work. I innocently look at you and try to figure out what I could have done. You then get a sly mischievious grin on your face, as you tell me I will have to be severely punished.My eyes get wide as I open my mouth to protest, and you grab my hands, and sit on the bed, and pull me face down across your lap. You then tell me you are going to start with an old fashioned spanking. You raise your hand, and bring it down hard and quick, striking my cheeks, and making my ass sting. This all happened so fast, that it took me by surprise and I let out a yelp, and tried to get up. You stop for a minute, and tell me to lay still and take my spanking, and you may go easy on me……maybe. You began delivering slow slaps to my rump, then they get quicker and sharper. You continue spanking me while I moan and beg you to fuck me. you laugh and say no you don’t deserve it yet. You then tell me to stand up and remove the rest of my clothes. I undress, as my ass is stinging, and my pussy grows wetter. You then order me to get on my knees. As I do, you remove your pants, and tell me to start giving you the best blowjob you have ever had. I begin by licking the head in a circular motion with my tongue. then I place my open mouth over the shaft and lower my head down, until your whole dick is in my mouth. I began moving my head up and down, and up and down…faster and faster, bringing you to the brink of orgasm. Suddenly, you take your dick out of my mouth, and tell me to straighten up on my knees. You then place your throbbing cock on my chest, between my breasts. You then tell me to hold my breasts together while you fuck them. I ask why I can’t drink your cum, and you tell me I have been too naughty for such a treat. You then began moving your dick up and down between my breasts. You go faster and faster, as I squeeze them together over your dick. Soon you are groaning and grunting, getting ready to explode. You take your dick out from between my boobs, and finish, by jerking off until your hot cum shoots out of the head, and oozes Erotik hikaye all over my tits.

After we have showered, and cleaned up, I assume my punishment has been dealt and reach for my clothes. You tell me no no no….I’m not finished with you yet. You then grab my hand, and lead me to the bed, and tell me to lay down on my back, and spread my legs wide. As I do this, you grab 4 sets of handcuff. You tell me to close my eyes and think real hard about what I did, as you place the first handcuff, around my wrist. You attach it to the bottom leg of the bed, and proceed to cuff my remaining arm and legs. I breath heavily, wondering where this will lead. You climb up on the bed, and position yourself between my legs, and take your finger and lick it. You then put your wet finger, inside my pussy, and began easing it in and out of me, very very slowly. After a few minutes, I ask you to speed up….you just shake your head, and continue the slow finger fucking. Finally I tell you I have to cum before I go crazy, and you laugh and tell me you must increase the level of torture. You then take your finger, and begin rubbing my clitoris, gently applying pressure, and rubbing the little nub. I begain to moan and arch my body, as you rub faster, and faster. I am nearly screaming, as I thrash around the bed at the mercy of your fingers. All of a sudden, you stop, right before I cum, and stand up. I ask you what’s wrong, and if you are going to finish, and you shake your head, and tell me your fingers are too sore. When I ask you to take off the handcuffs, so I can make myself cum, you laugh evily, and lean over the bed, and begin kissing me. You then stretch your body out over mine, and slip your hot, now rock hard dick inside me. I nearly cum on the spot. You begin slowly riding me, telling me how my punishment is ending, and how I should not be so naughty next time. After a few minutes, you are fucking me so hard and fast, that I grab onto you and scream your name. At the same time, you thrust inside me, while shooting your load, deep inside my pussy. We are both spent, and totally satisfied.

As you are unlocking the handcuffs, I ask you what I did that was sooooo naughty. Removing the last cuff, you reply calmly….You forgot to kiss me goodbye before you went to work! We both begin to laugh, as we walk hand in hand to the bathroom, both of us knowing, how good the torture felt.

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