Celia’s Granddaughter (Nice Work)


‘Now, measurements.’ Holding a tape measure at chest height she snapped it hard.


‘For your uniform’


‘Is there an echo in here? She asked

‘In here?’ I stupidly replied

She clamped her hand across my mouth, and stepped closer pressing her enormous chest into mine.

‘Measurements’ she breathed

I nodded, mute.

‘Arms up.’ She passed the tape around my back pressing her tits into my chest. I looked down and her low cut matron’s uniform afforded me a fantastic view of her massive mounds ballooned against me. She raised her eyes from the tape and looked at my face. I glanced into her eyes; ’36, not bad’ she winked.

‘Waist.’ She bent her legs and lowered the tape measure grazing her orbs down my chest. ’26. Very good’

‘Now hips’ She lowered herself to her haunches, bunching her thighs and riding her already brief uniform skirt higher. Pressing the tape close to my already stiff cock she smiled. ’30. Very nice’

‘Now, this may seem a little unusual’ she smiled. Raising herself slowly from the floor she brushed her tits close against my crotch, my belly and my chest, ‘ I need to measure down there. Or can you tell me yourself how long you are?’

‘Measure away’ I invited

Grinning, this fine body of a woman placed the tape at my balls and pressed inwards caressingly and running the tape through her fingers ran her knuckles along my erect knob. ‘Hmm 8 and a half inches.’ Her tongue flicked between her teeth ‘Hard or slack?’ she inquired.

‘Both’ I said ‘It doesn’t get longer it just stands and gets hard’

‘Excellent. So much better for the uniform’

She moved towards the doorway, arse deliberately swaying, then looked over her shoulder and said ‘I may be a while, make yourself at home’ she paused, ‘Do you know anything about computers?’ nodding towards the corner she indicated a machine.

‘Yes I do as it happens’

‘Would you be a dear and have a look at that whilst I’m away’

I sat at the desk and turned on the monitor, the PC was running as I’d noted earlier and as the screen lit I stared in amazement at the screen saver. It appeared to be a capture from a security camera and it featured a very good looking old woman, probably in her 60s, wearing a rather demure dress hitched up to her waist, bending over a bed, her hair braided into a French plait and holding onto the end of the hair, pulling her head back was a youth with no shirt, his faded jeans pushed down to his thighs and his large cock seemingly embedded in the woman’s’ cunt. The view also showed the open window, a pair of ladders and a bucket of water on the sill. The lady of the house taking her pleasure from the window cleaner, I mentally captioned this scene.

‘Any more?’ I asked myself.

I found the screen saver utility and began scanning through the various pictures there. They all appeared to be captures from cameras and I guessed they were from this very house. I looked around to see that I was still alone, realising that I was probably meant to find these.

Almost all the stills featured various old and older women, sometimes with a young man, often with the window cleaner, occasionally with aged gentlemen and every one in the throes of sexual congress. I was in heaven. Here was a scene of a very large woman sitting in her house-coat with an erect cock pumping into her enormous tits, a broad grin on her upturned face, another showed a small breasted woman with wrinkled eyes and tits to match wearing only a camisole being fucked against the wall of her room, this one was a picture of Ankara travesti a grandmother, her grey hair tied in a bun, her well rounded tits hanging from the front of her dress and her mouth wrapped around a young mans’ cock. There were scenes of solo activity too. Spread -eagled on her bed, with one large pendulous breast touching the sheets on the side of her, the other laid in the crook of her elbow, with her hand holding a big dildo pushed into a tremendously hairy twat. The next was of an old man with his fist around a huge manhood wanking, as he looked out of his bedroom window. Another showed a tall, willowy woman, her tits almost touching her waist, straddled, with her shaven cunt lips speared by the protruding bedpost.

Staring fixedly at the screen at a picture of a somewhat younger woman, her hips high in the air, forcing what appeared to be an aftershave bottle deep into her gloriously ginger minge, as an old man stood with his hand around his knob protruding from the fly in his tailored-suit trousers and apparently about to shoot his spunk onto this delectable red-head, I was astounded as I heard the office door open and a deep sultry voice asked; ‘Isabelle do you have…’

I flicked off the screen and turned to be confronted by the very same flame haired woman of perhaps some 50 years, at whom I had been gawping on the screen.

‘Oh, hello’ she smiled

‘Hello’ I said ‘Matron asked me to look at the computer for her while she went to the store room,’

‘Ah, the storeroom. Is she bringing a uniform for you?’

‘I think so’ I replied

‘Oh yes, you’ll look well in a uniform’ and she winked a slow, sex filled, promising wink.

Matron returned arms encumbered with white clothing that she placed on the nearest chair.

‘Isabelle, I can’t seem to find any clean sheets’ the red haired woman told her.

‘They’ve just this minute been delivered from the laundry room mum’


‘Oh yes’ said the red-head ‘We’re very much a family concern, aren’t we dear?’ She hooked a freckled arm across the matron’s shoulders, hugging her close and pressing her milky breasts into her arm. ‘Right, I’ll see you later’ and the vision disappeared through the door.

‘Now, as you’ve no doubt noticed’ Said Matron, sitting down at the computer, ‘We are very security conscious here’ She turned on the screen, I began to blush as the scene of her mother fucking herself with a bottle and being wanked over by an old man, appeared on the screen.

With a surreptitious glance at my discomfiture, Matron cleared the screen and opened a program which gave a view of 12 screens from different cameras around the building, all real time, and featuring what I recognised as the rooms in the stills I had been scrutinising. Click. 12 more screens. Click and another 12. One more click and a final 12.

‘Part of your job will be to keep an eye on these, throughout the day or night at regular intervals’ she smiled ‘When you’re not busy attending to other things’

She pointed out the various rooms, residents areas, laundry, kitchen, offices etc and then; ‘The screen savers are just a hobby, if you spot anything interesting you might save me a few’ She put her hand on my thigh and squeezed.

‘Uniform’ She announced.

She stood and turned towards the clothing she had brought. ‘I didn’t ask but I gather that you dress on the right, yes?’

‘Er… dress on the right?’

‘Which way do you find comfortable?’


She closed the distance between us and pressed her palm into my groin ‘Which side does your cock hang Konya travesti in your trousers?’

‘Oh right, yes, on the right’

‘Here you are then’ She handed me some white trousers and a jacket ‘Try them on’

I looked around.

‘It’s ok’ Matron grinned mischievously ‘I’m a nurse, you haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before’

Shrugging I took of my shirt and donned the other, then discarding my shoes, I dropped my jeans and stepped out of them, feeling very self-conscious, as I began stepping into the white trousers Matron began tut-tutting. I looked up; she was waving her finger.

‘No underwear I’m afraid, it spoils the line’ she explained

Sheepishly, but with a certain amount of pride I coyly turned my back and stepped out of my knickers. I heard a low, breathy, whistle. I stood and turned to pick up the uniform trousers and heard matron murmur ‘Oh, nice’

As I began to pull up the tight trousers she stepped forward ‘Here let me help’

Matron reached into the open fly and grasping my cock moved it towards the right and tucked it in then zipped up the fly and fastened the high waisted buttons. She stepped back to admire.

‘Give me a twirl’ she ordered, I did. ‘Lovely’

The tightness of the trousers showed off the bulge of my knob and Matrons’ tongue flicked across her lips.

‘Now sit here at the computer, I need to test you’

I did as I was bid and Matron pulled up a chair beside me, she leant forward to view the screen giving me a wonderful view into her handsome, generous cleavage and rested her hand on my thigh.

‘Now, find the kitchen camera’ I flicked through the various cams, catching glimpses of some tantalising scenes, some thin frail looking oldies, some large formidable old women, a couple of rooms with a certain amount of solo action going on under the bedclothes and one old man laid stark naked on top of the counterpane jerking his long cock with both hands.

Whenever I paused at any of the more interesting scenes Matron would urge me onwards with a caress on my thigh and an encouraging word; ‘later’ or ‘we can come back to that one’.

I found the kitchen camera and was shown a view of a male chef and what I took to be a quite stunning, raven haired beauty in a maids uniform with her ample charms almost spilling out of the regulation low cut top.

‘Breakfast time soon, and as you may have noticed quite a few of our guests like to start the day with a small pleasure beforehand which is why we provide a video service at this time’

Reaching across, Matron pressed keys and showed me the video of the moment. I couldn’t take my eyes away but Matron only watched my face and inched her hand slowly towards my growing erection.

The video was apparently home made and showed an elderly lady, her lust filled eyes gleaming and furiously pumping three fingers into a young woman’s hairy snatch whilst being vigorously banged from behind by a young stud. As the camera panned along her wrinkled old body giving a fine view of her elderly sagging tits, rhythmically scraping her large nipples across the carpeted floor we eventually came to the stud’s rampant prick sliding purposefully into her big arse.

‘Oh fuck.’ I whispered

‘Do you like that?’ asked Matron, her hand now resting on my cock, her thumb circling around the wet patch of precum on my trousers.

‘Oh yes, that is fucking beautiful’

‘Yes I can tell you like that, is this uncomfortable in these tight trousers?’ she inquired. Not waiting for an answer she unzipped the fly and snaked her hand inside İzmir travesti to lightly grasp my bollocks and released my engorged knob to the air, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on my face.

The camera pulled back to reveal a recently recognisable figure, an old man in a tailored suit with his cock in his hand walking towards the copulating trio, slowly wanking all the while.

Just as the old man began shooting his load over both the young and old woman Matron reached over and flicked off the video performance and instructed me to find the laundry room cam ‘There’s plenty of time for watching videos, later’ I groaned as Matrons hand began to gently glide up and down my shaft, softly jerking my now throbbing cock. I flicked through the screens once more being urged by a hard squeeze on my knob whenever I paused to watch any of these old women in various stages of undress sometimes wanking, sometimes just seemingly staring at their television screens witnessing what I had been made to surrender. All old, all beautiful in their own way and all completely fuckable in my view.

Eventually I came to the laundry room cam and there was Matrons mum, that gorgeous red-headed woman and once again I was dumbfounded as I watched the screen revealing her leaning against the spinning washing machine, pressing her hips hard into the corner and resting her unclad milky tits with her small pink nipples against the vibrating top.

‘That’s my mum’ said Matron ‘Isn’t she nice?’ she asked

I could only nod agreement as she once more caressed my now aching balls.

‘Now can you find room 8?’

I reluctantly began the search.

‘If you want you can have sound too, press that’

I did and almost every other room I viewed gave me the raunchy sound of women voicing their ecstasy, whimpering, moaning and crying out. In one particular room the old girl sat in the chair almost shouting;’ Fuck her, yes. Fuck her arse hard. Fuck your grannies arse hard. Fuck your dirty granny, the dirty old cow. Fuck your grannies arse hard.’ As she barely pushed a finger into her old cunt and circled her engorged clit with the other hand.

‘Oh you like that one don’t you? ‘

I was startled by a knock on the office door and a female voice enquired ‘Did you want me Matron?’

I was almost out of my seat at being caught sat watching variously naked guests, whilst having my cock massaged by this delightful full figured woman who calmly pressed me back into my place whilst retaining a soft but firm hold on my prick. She continued stroking me apparently unconcerned and unobserved as she gave instructions to the raven-haired maid.

I returned my eyes to the screen, the woman there was one I knew intimately, she had fucked me in the doorway of this very building some nights previously and she was in the act of self-pleasure mouthing those obscenities as I watched and listened.

Matron was still talking to the maid but her efforts on my prick had redoubled. As the maid gave her a mundane list of happenings from the kitchen Matron leaned closer and whispered in my ear ‘And that’s Celia, my Gran’

Her hand squeezed steadily harder on my knob and hidden from view of the maid her speed increased until I came great gouts of spunk, the first wave hit Matron on the neck and then onto the desk, Matrons uniform, and finally across the knuckles of her still flexing fingers.

The maid, oblivious of this debauchery, finished her list and went from the room. I turned to watch her swaying tightly clad arse recede.

As the door clicked shut Matron looked into my eyes and said ‘Well, that’s the first test, and you passed reasonably well, plus extra marks for staying hard afterwards’ with which she bent forward and wrapped her lips around my knob, swallowing down the remains. ‘Now it’s my turn for some fun and I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s nice work’

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