Changing My Game

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Big Dick

“Hi, welcome to Skivvies!”

I had vetted this Dallas retail mainstay online more than I cared to admit, carefully inspecting the inventory of hot, erotic, GAY underwear. I decided that I need to go there for some, “Show clothes,” for my vacation. Never having worn anything daring or sexy, I was nervous to ask the sales guy for help. I went in there hoping to find: A thong, jockstrap, mesh shirt, mesh pants and a cock ring.

After seeing me wander the store aimlessly, the sales guy, “Raul,” asked me what I was looking for. I thought to myself, Ok, I will never see him again, I will just ask him outright, so I did:

“Ok, so here’s my story,” I began. “I am going to a nude, gay resort, and I want to look sexy. I want a thong and a jock, but I want to be able to fill out the pouch, so nothing too large. I was blessed with the, “No choke” model. He looked at me funny. I continued, “You know, I’m not exactly hung like a porn star.”

Raul finally got my joke and replied back to me, “Me neither man, but nobody really cares. I sure don’t. What kind of guy would care? Let it go, man.” He smiled and directed me to the NastyPig jocks. Wow; raunchy name. I grabbed a red one, hoping that it would fit snug on my package.

I tried on a couple of thongs, and I found a blue one; my favorite color. I found both a white and black mesh shirt. Raul told me to stick with black. “White is for the younger guys, not guys our age.”

I went into the dressing room and tried on the jock and the mesh shirt. They seemed to fit ok, but, how would I look to another guy? Looking at my reflection, I saw an entirely different image of myself. The shirt looked sexy, and it matched the red and black jock strap.

“Raul, will you please give me your opinion. Be honest, please.” I opened up the dressing room door so that he could see all of me.

Raul smiled and nodded his approval.

“That looks GREAT on you! And the jock, too! You look smokin’ hot!”


Skivvies did not carry mesh pants, and I really wanted them. I love seeing guys’ with thinly veiled junk, especially if they are hairy. I wanted other guys to like what they saw when they looked at me. Raul recommended a couple of cock rings. I asked him which one HE wore. “That one.” He pointed to the silicone model.

I checked out, carrying my sexy purchases and headed to my car. Raul told me on the way out, “Hey, come back and let me know how it went. I am VERY curious.” The car was packed to the gills for my road trip. I headed for the interstate.

My plan was to throw all of this away (sadly) at the end of my trip. My wife did not know what I was doing. She knew that I was going to a campground with cabins near Nashville, and that I would visit my sister in Huntsville, AL afterward. She did not know precisely where I was going, or what I was spending.

I had slowly saved up twenty dollar bills, putting them in a book. It took me a very long time, because we don’t normally carry much cash. Once I had enough, I knew that I could buy a prepaid VISA gift card and have some extra cash, leaving no trace of my expenditures. I felt devious, and a bit dirty, but I felt that it was something that I just had to do.

I headed south once I got to Nashville, and arrived at my destination about an hour later. Man, was I nervous. My heart was literally pounding in my chest, and my feet and hands were all sweaty. I drove down the remote dirt road. A sign at the rolling gate said to check in at the office. I walked in.

Two guys were having a business chat, naked. Ooo…kay then. One of them stood up and gave me a hug. I introduced myself and was told that my cabin would not be ready for an hour. The guy said, “Go ahead and get naked and enjoy the pool.”

I had driven twelve hours to the Echo Hills Gay Nudist campground, in the hills of the southern Appalachians. Nestled under a forest of oaks, the resort/campground had a pool, outdoor pavilion, meeting room, “Woodshed,” and many rustic one-room cabins on 400 hilly acres.

I had checked out their website over and over, trying to build up my courage to go. Now I was here, and I was equal parts terrified and exhilarated.

This was it; no turning back now. It was time to get naked, in the daylight, in front of the world and everyone else. Actually, there was no one in sight, but it still felt really weird. I stripped by the side of my car and headed for the pool. I wanted no one to notice my nakedness; how crazy is that? As is typical of me, I arranged my towel to give me a little cover.

Some tell me that I am easy on the eyes, but I’m my own worst critic when I look in the mirror. At 5.11″ and 185 pounds, I would look at my furry body, small to average cock and my little wine gut and not be overly impressed. My 58 years were starting to show a lot of gray in my body hair, and the hair on my head was thinning. I was growing my beard and hair out, trying on a different look.

There were about six other guys in the pool. I self-consciously stepped into the pool. All eyes were on me, “The new guy.” I waved at them, not noticing the steepness of gorukle escort the slippery steps. I slipped heels over head and slammed into the side of the pool. My water bottle flew off onto the deck.

I rose out of the water, choking, jarred and full frontal naked, but not hurt. Embarrassed, I joked to the group, “I meant to do that.” They laughed, made sure that I was all right and then resumed their conversations.

No one tried to engage me as I floated aimlessly around the pool. I overheard one guy talk about how he had already had a few, “Protein drinks.” I knew what he meant. Another guy mentioned the fun he had when he went to, “The Woodshed.” I started to have pangs of regret, and I felt very, very disappointed. I really wanted to be nude, and to once and for all, at 58 years old, get over my modesty. That was my only expectation of this trip. Here I was in the pool, naked, still feeling modest and out of touch with the gay vibe around me.

Before too long, I slinked out of the pool and found my cabin. It was rustic and very small, but was built well, and it was one of the few cabins that had its own bathroom. Next up was social hour. I decided to wear my blue thong and a bandanna, knowing the whole while that 100% nudity was the rule. I was still hanging on to that modesty. I figured that I could take the thong off if I was brave enough.

The hosts of the daily social hour were Phil and Carl. I presented a box of wine and eyed the snacks and liquor lineup. Hmmm, nice spread. I might just have fun at this party with naked men and booze; I do love my wine. I watched as various men arrived, some kissing, with a hug for everyone. There was a cross section of all body and cock types.

We all stood around and talked, either stark naked or close to it. Many of the men knew each other from past gatherings. I stood near the porch and marveled at how we were all naked but not acting like it. It was suddenly very refreshing. Most of the men fell in the age group of 50-70, but there were enough younger guys to round things out nicely. I think the youngest one was 20.

What happened next was surreal. A handsome man with body hair in all the right places walked up to the party. I could tell by his actions that he did not know anyone there. He smiled broadly as people hugged him and shook his hand. I love furry men, and I sure did like the way he looked. I knew I had to meet him before he was swept away by the piranhas. I wasted no time squeezing through the other guys in order to get to him. I shook his hand and gave him the warmest hello possible.

“Hi. I’m Ryan.”

“Hi Ryan; Trey.”

The other guys at the party sure did notice him. He was nude, except for a shawl-like wrap. He was 5.6″, around 155 lbs, and with the most gorgeous furry chest I had ever seen. He was blessed with a magnificent cock that was jutting out in front of him. The others were staring and making comments. It was like a feeding frenzy. They all headed for him.

I watched, in envy. Nobody reacted that way with me! It was soon apparent that he did not want all of that attention (or did he?). Trey appeared to be looking for a way out of the throng of men. I decided that he was uncomfortable with all the excess attention paid to his cock. I had just met him, but I knew that I wanted to nab him before someone else did.

It was as if he had appeared out of the mist. Everyone else vanished and it seemed like we were the only two men there. He was like a vision to me. As we held eye contact, the strangest sensation came over me. What I was feeling was not familiar. It was like falling and being pulled down at the same time; like the feeling I might have got if I got sucked into a worm hole. I didn’t know what had come over me. Needless to say, I was drawn to him, and I wanted to talk with him.

Trey and I were clearly the newbies, so we stuck together. Men would approach him, without even noticing me; it was like I was invisible. They would reach out and touch his cock without asking him. Trey was a good sport, but I finally said to one guy, “He doesn’t have his name badge yet. When he gets it, you will know by the colors if he wants to be touched.” The name badges had colored dots to represent one’s interests. The guy apologized and backed off. I made it a point to include him in our conversation, however. Trey and I shimmied over to the side of the patio for deeper conversation.

“Ryan, how did you know that I felt very awkward with him?”

“I somehow knew, Trey. Don’t ask me how, but I just knew. Although totally harmless, some of these guys can get aggressive.” We huddled together and spoke like we already knew each other, unlike a typical cocktail party where you chat briefly and then mingle. At first blush, we had so much in common. Both married, we admitted that it was practically in name only. Trey had done the nude retreat thing before, so he had an advantage over me.

We soon broke for dinner and Trey asked if he could sit with me. I was so happy at that moment; happier than in a long time, and I was now VERY GLAD that I pushed myself out of my comfort altıparmak eskort bayan zone to stay at a nude camp. My instinct told me loud and clear that Trey was different. Common sense told me that judging his character should take longer than the time we had at a cocktail party, so I looked forward to talking more as we had dinner.

It is hard to be gay when so many people still look down on it. As with many, I was in the closet with my family and friends, and life for me was anything but fun. I felt shame for doing things behind my wife’s back. Loneliness, frustration, and the gut feeling that I would go through life without finding my soul-mate haunted me. I was not in a good place, mentally.

Some things happen to us that almost seem too good to be true. This looked to me to be one of those times. Trey was saving me from my self-doubt, and it was solely because of him that I decided not to cut my trip short. Yeah, I felt all of these feelings in less than two hours time. Let there be no doubt; our attraction had been immediate.

Feeling content and safe, I took off my thong and went to dinner naked. joined Trey in the chow line. “You mentioned that I wasn’t truly naked at the party, so I got naked for you.”

He had a big smile on his face as he said, “Yes, I can see that. I love it, and I am glad!” I told him that it was ok to touch. He rubbed his hand through my fur. I felt completely comfortable with him. A big smile came over my face as well.

Trey asked if we might sit over at the side of the pavilion. The food was not that good, but the company sure was. We picked at our plates while we shared our hopes and dreams. Neither of us could believe how fast we hit it off. It was like we had met before.

“Trey, I love to kiss, and run my hands across a furry ass, but I want to talk to the guy first, to get a sense of what he is all about. I am completely about his mind first, and sex after that, whenever it happens, IF it happens at all.”

“Oh my god, Ryan. I’m the same way. Just sitting here talking to you; look at what you do to me!” With that, he lifted the tablecloth to show me that he had a hard on. I felt all gooey inside.

I took Trey on a tour after we were done eating. I wanted to show him all sides of the gay, naked life at Echo Hills. The pool and spa were inviting, but it was too late to check out the hiking trails. The, “Woodshed” was a quick in and out look…just not us. It had a sling, chains and ropes, porn DVDs and lots of paper towels.

After spending time with Trey on the tour, it was very clear to both of us that we wanted the experience to be about being nude and simply bonding with other guys. Hooking up was the last thing we wanted from this weekend.

We got into the spa and talked with the other guys until it was late. I walked Trey to his cabin. He hugged me and I instinctively leaned down for a kiss. He just gave me a peck, but that was fine. I just hated to see him turn in for the night.

Lying on my bed, I could not stop thinking about Trey. I pinched my nipples and stroked my cock until it was rock-hard. I thought of his fit body and hairy chest. I was breathing hard then, and fingering my balls, so nice and shaved. I love it when I can play with the loose skin of my ball sack. Trey. Handsome and exciting Trey. If you only knew that I was jerking off right now to thoughts of you. My cock head got harder and I came all over myself, gasping and panting through my orgasm. Sweet. I drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Saturday, was a wonderful day. I slept in and missed breakfast, but I found Trey and we spent the day getting to further know each other. I recalled that Trey was not initially receptive to my kiss the night before. For me, kissing is a VERY intimate form of communication. I am told that I am a good kisser.

We went on a naked hike, and we shared our hopes and fears openly, without judgment. We stopped many times to hug. Trey grabbed my hand at one point and held it tight.

He said, “I can’t help it! I want to hold your hand. I never want to hold anyone’s hand. Something has come over me!”

Two guys, naked on a hike, and acting like boyfriends. What had I done to deserve this wonderful, sensual experience? He made me feel so alive, and so sexy. How did all of the planets align for me and Trey to meet? Was it divine planning? I knew that we would be inseparable from that moment forward. It was young love, old love, puppy love, new love; whatever you want to call it. One thing was certain; it was very genuine for both of us.

We went to the shower room after our hike. We soaped each other up, complete with goosing and lots of pauses to hold each other and kiss. We had seen low-key sexual play at the camp, but neither of us had so-far seen any genuine displays of affection. We dried each other off, and Trey grabbed my hand as we headed for the porch of my cabin. We sat and talked for hours. I swear; Trey got hard every time there was a breeze. I sure didn’t mind.

We both remarked that we had so much to say in such little time! nilüfer eskort bayan I felt like being naked was a HUGE equalizer, in that our cocks, although present and accounted for, were not the stars of the party. Our personalities kept clicking more and more.

Derek came by while we were talking. We had met him in the spa the night before. He was a tall, blond, fair complexioned, uncut Adonis. Although we never discussed it, Derek was clearly drawn to Trey. Like us, he loved a hairy man. He intrigued us both with his playful imagination and unabashed love of the masculine form. We enjoyed his friendship, and we all compared our fetish for manly body hair. Derek gave us a close-up look at his foreskin, left intact for him to enjoy as an adult. Both Trey are I were cut, so we were fascinated. I had fruit and cheese laid out, and Derek demonstrated how a grape could very easily be inserted and concealed by his foreskin. He also had a selection of toys that he “Hung” from his dick. I couldn’t believe how his foreskin stretched out! I thought to myself, DAMN my parents for maiming me. Infants just have to endure it, finding out later in life that their thoughts on the matter were never considered. All of the would-be sensations, lost forever.

Trey gently felt up Derek’s testicles and complimented them. He asked me to feel them, and I agreed that they were very nice. I was, by this point, very attached to Trey, and I expected to feel jealous, but I was totally comfortable with the whole thing. liked the way I acted with Trey. I heard myself talk, and hardly recognized my own voice. I sounded like a man that was grounded and self-confident. I realized that I was really living this moment authentically, and it altered my personality for the better.

The three of us were now seated on the porch of my cabin. After a few heartfelt conversations with lots of touching and bonding, Derek and I hoisted Trey up and he, “Body surfed” on our laps. I expected it to be a brief, uncomfortable position, but it turned into a thirty minute touch and tell! Trey was the lucky recipient here, with Derek and I putting all of our attention on him. His cock rose up for all to see, and BOY did they! We would massage his legs, ass, sides, inner thighs and ball sack. Trey and I shared a few kisses. I wondered what Derek thought of that. Guys would walk by and do a double-take, and then walk by again. I am surprised they didn’t ask to join the party, or come up for a closer look.

Trey loved the attention, and I had to acknowledge his luck on having good lucks, charm, AND a big cock. I was beginning to wonder if he was an exhibitionist. We touched, stroked and had very open and honest conversations.

The guys at camp put on a drag show that night. I wore my mesh shirt, my NASTY PIG jock, a Mardi Gras face mask and I wove feathers through my hair. Trey did not like the mask, and he especially disliked the feathers. He stated that he preferred me to be look masculine, as I normally did. I found that to be very interesting, but I was ok in accommodating him.

After the drag show, we moved to a bonfire, where we held hands and loved appearing to all the guys as a couple. God help me, I was SO into Trey! He had a couple of offers by Jimmy to suck his cock. He told Jimmy earlier that day, “No thanks. I am saving it for someone special.”

Now, we sat with Jimmy and several other guys and contemplated the flames that sprang up from the fire. The firewood had been split earlier that day, by the queen of the drag show. So much for stereotypes. Jimmy eyed us a few times when we kissed or spoke softly together. I’m sure he figured out who was Trey’s, “Someone special.” I felt remarkably at ease with this rag-tag group of gay men. I tried really hard to suppress the realization that we had to leave the next day. How in the hell would I be able to say goodbye to Trey?

After the bon fire, we walked home, still hand in hand. Trey said to me, “Ryan, do you realize how many guys are looking out at us, jealous of what we have? Let’s show them that YOU are MINE.” Trey kissed me under a light and looked at me with his beautiful smile. A smile that I decided was more beautiful than any I had ever seen in my life. I realized right then and there that I had fallen in love with him. It scared the shit out of me, but it also put me on top of the world.

I whispered into his ear how sexy he was, and how he turned me on. Trey got hard again. He said to me very gently, “Ryan, I love the way you feel, the way you talk and everything else about you. I want to feel your mouth on my cock. Will you please…”

I cut him off and said, “You don’t have to ask me twice, Trey.” here were campers, trailers and tents all around us. We knew that prying eyes were upon us as I knelt down in the road. I placed my hands on his furry legs and ass and brought his cock to my lips. I was so turned on, but I thought to myself, will I be able to get my mouth around his huge cockhead? What if I can’t do it, and I let him down? I licked his sensitive frenulum and felt his cock twitch against my lips. Then, looking up at Trey, I engulfed his hard cock into my eager mouth. I moved my head slowly forward, then backward, breathing through my nose. Trey giggled. I made him my lollipop, and my saliva caused his cock to glisten. Trey spread his legs a little and looked up at the night sky, moaning in appreciation of the blow job I was giving him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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