Christmas Wish Ch. 03


Disclaimer: This is an adult story that should not be read by minors under the age of 18. It involves adult over the age of 18 in scenes of Incest, M/F/F, M/M/F, Violence, Rape, and Anal.

This was rushed because I ran out of time for the deadline, but I think the story is pretty cool. This is also my first draft. As always any corrections and updates I make will be added to my website copy.

It finally happened. Sure, there had always been talk about it, movies and stories done showing what the world would be like if it happened, but no one ever expected it to happen. We were to smart to let it happen. We were too evolved. And if it did happen, it would be from one of those small world countries that just discovered how to make them and didn’t know what they were doing.

But no one had expected it from us. Then again, no one expected Bush to get re-elected for a second term. But that’s how it started.

Snow fell around me as I stared at the ruined world I now live on. “Listen to my story,” he asked me. It was because of him that I was here. “Listen to the story of how I tried to save them, and know why this happened.

“Listen to why the world ended.”

Christmas Wish Part 3: Ghosts of Christmas Future

The year was 2008. Twelve years had passed since we last knew happiness. Snow fell around us as we walked the deserted streets. It was nighttime, but it wasn’t dark. Everywhere we looked the city was decorated for Christmas. Bright lights left no place for shadows, and store windows were full of seasonal decorations. When we walked past a toy store, Sarah stopped to look in.

The store was closed, but all of the lights where on. Sarah may have been glued to the train moving through Santa’s Village, but my eyes where on her. I knew what was going on through her mind right now, and how her heart was crushed. We found out a couple years ago that Sarah could no longer have children. I knew something was wrong when she went her own way for over a year, four years ago. In an attempt to find Erin, Sarah had accepted a solo mission. I was against it from the start, but she was insistent. Not wanting to give up my leads, I went my own way, hooking up with a team in Germany who we once worked with.

After a year, I got a message saying she was back. I found her in one of our safe houses. She looked almost dead, and I had to nurse her back to health for over a month. That was when she told me that her ovaries had been removed. I never pushed the subject, and she left it at that.

“Come on Max, let’s keep moving,” Sarah said, wrapping her black cloak around her slender body, leaving the store behind. “We don’t want to loose this lead.” Her voice was as cold and emotionless as it always was. The only time she ever spoke with any warmth these days was when I was fucking her, and even then it was only when she was in a good mood.

Re-adjusting my automatic riffle, and fixing my own black cloak, I followed behind. We had a lead about Erin, the first in three months. That lead brought us to this city. At first glance, it looked deserted; like a ghost town. After a recon, though, we discovered that everyone was simply in hiding. Something happened a few days ago that scared everyone. Not surprisingly, it happened after the Presidential election. Having been re-elected to a second term, Bush had tried to change the rules. He was running for a third term. When he lost, he went ballistic, claiming that his enemies where trying to ruin him. He was even pissed off with us two. Now the country was on high alert, and everyone expected war to break out at any second. No one knew whom the war was going to be against, but the greatest theory was a civil war.

It seemed fitting that this was happening around Christmas time. It seemed ever since that day, Christmas had been a curse on us. It was on Christmas that the three of us first decided to enlist in the army, following in the footsteps of the twins’ Aunt Kate. It was around Christmas when we lost Erin during a mission. It was on Christmas when Sarah’s parents died. It was Christmas when Erin came back to us, broken and insane. She had found her way back to us, only to try and kill Kate, Sarah and myself. She blamed us for what had happened to her.

In the end, Erin had been unable to accomplish either tasks, but she ran from us again. She became obsessed with finding Kate and exacting her revenge. Erin believed that Kate had used all three of us in an attempt to buy drugs during a mission in the Mid East. We found out that the decision hadn’t been hers, she was under orders from her superiors, but Erin couldn’t accept that. All that she cared about was that Kate had betrayed us, and she had been tortured for two years because of it.

“This looks like the place,” Sarah said, stopping in front of a rundown apartment. It looked like the kind of place only crack whores would live in.

Sarah took out her gun, and I held my riffle, and we went in. We weren’t afraid of any Bycasino ambushes, having scouted the whole city earlier. Everyone was just to damn scared. Most likely someone had a gun pointed to us as we went in, but so long as we didn’t look at them, or show that we were cops, they would leave us alone.

“She’s suppose to have a room on the third floor.” Sarah kept the lead. It was one of her sources that gave us this info, so it was her mission.

Have you ever watched a war movie? You must have, everyone has. American society is based around war movies. In those movies, you’ll always see the teams using hand and eye signals to speak, so as not to give them selves away. We were trained in that communication, but one of the things that made our team so special was that we always knew what the others were doing. We were connected.

Even with our team of three being split, Sarah and myself still had this connection. Some of our old friends (even back in highschool) claimed that we were psychic. We never confirmed or denied those suspicions. We just knew it as our special language.

When we reached the second floor, Sarah dropped to the ground and I fired a shot over her head. The timing was so precise, that if she had hesitated for even a millisecond, the bullet would have gone through her head, instead of the pimp that had jumped out from behind one of the doors.

We didn’t bother checking inside for anyone else. We could hear two women screaming in terror, but if they were any threat, they wouldn’t have been screaming. Continuing up the rotting stairs, we reached our floor and walked down the hall. The smell of urine and puke was strong here. Someone had even drawn a hate portrait of Bush on the left wall with their shit. It was a good likeness.

Her room was supposed to be at the end of the hall. Right near the fire escape. Trust her to always have a way out.

One of the rooms we passed was missing its door. Inside, we could see a fat pig of a man fucking some girl. She must have barely been 19, and did not look to be too healthy. Possibly she was a hooker, but judging from the spent needles on the floor around them, she was a druggy. Fucking her dealer because she ran out of money. Or she could also be a “white slave;” a girl that had been kidnapped and forced to take drugs until she was addicted, and then sold as a sex slave. We had seen enough of them in our profession. We had even taken a mission to take down a slave lord.

We passed the room without a care, ignoring the bestial cries of the man, and the painful screams of the girl. Maybe when we were done here I’d go back and kill them both – one bullet to punish the pig, and one for the girl, to release her from her pains.

Sarah didn’t need to tell me that we had found who we were looking for. As we approached her door, we both spotted the motion detectors. They had only a few webs surrounding them, so they must have just been put up. Maybe yesterday. From the many bullet holes in the walls around her door, and the two dead thugs, we knew that she didn’t like company. She would know that we were here now.

Sure enough, there was the camera, panning to focus in on us. She would know who it was before either killing us, or running away. In the past, she would run, and she might do the same tonight, but neither of us believed so. It was Christmas Eve after all, and we were here to visit family.

“You ready?” I asked Sarah.

She said nothing, just took a deep breath and nodded her head. This was it. There was no turning back now. It was go time.

Sarah was the first to reach the door, and I let her keep the lead, choosing to lean against the bullet-ridden wall and suck on a toothpick, a habit I had picked up to make myself look even more dangerous. I glanced down at the corpses, and seeing that they were already picked clean of any valuables, ignored them.

Sarah didn’t have to knock, but did so anyway, holstering her gun at the same time. It was only a few seconds before we heard the locks sliding and the door opened. Normally, she would probably greet her visitors with the barrel of a shotgun, but tonight she had a small smile, and a pair of oven gloves.

“You found the place okay?” she asked, not surprised to see us. “I hear the shot downstairs.”

The first real smile that I had seen in a long while split Sarah’s face as she removed her dark hood and hugged the woman before her. “No worries Aunty Kate.”

“The building just got a new vacancy, that’s all,” I added as I also hugged the twins’ favorite aunt, after lowering my own hood. We liked wearing the hooded cloaks instead of coats because it could give us complete cover and hid us well in shadows and darkness.

“Decon the Pimp, right?”


Kate stepped aside and let us both in. Her place was nice, considering she had only been living here for a couple days. The kitchen had everything necessary, a dinning table decorated for tonight, and even Bycasino giriş some Christmas decorations. What really surprised me was the brightly lit Christmas tree close to the roaring fire.

“Fireplace?” I asked her.

“I think the previous tenant used it to burn evidence”

The only other furniture in here was an old couch, covered by a white sheet. I didn’t ask why. She also had a stereo system set up, which she activated with a remote control. Christmas music started to play. She was really going all out tonight.

“You guys got here at a good time. Super is still an hour away, but that gives us time to talk.”

She invited us to sit on the couch, and she took a seat beside Sarah. I chose to stay standing, wanting to take in the view before me. Kate looked surprisingly great, considering all that she had been through. Only 35, she still looked under 30. Even her green eyes still sparkled, though not as brightly as before. Her freckles still made her look cute, but her body made her sexy. She was wearing a tight green satin dress that was zipped up at the back. The dress was covered in green sparkles, making it look spectacular when the light of the candles reflected off of it. I could also tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She didn’t need one, that dress was tight enough to lift her large round breasts. Green high heels finished her wardrobe. Her hair was still red, though like her eyes, not as bright as it used to be. It was still kept short, but stylish, her bangs accentuating her eyes.

Sarah also looked incredible tonight. Also wearing a satin dress, hers was red and showed off her shapely legs through the slit on the right side that went right up to her thigh. A thin string tied around the back of her neck kept up the dress. Her round breasts, also large like all of the women in her family, could be partially seen by the loose slit in the front of her dress, just under the neckline. She was wearing a silver locket that hovered over her globes, and carried a small handbag that matched her dress. Her long dark red hair hung down past her shoulders tonight, something she rarely did. In our field of work, that could get her killed, but she refused to cut it. She also wore black high heels, making me the shortest one here tonight. She still looked only 25, though she was now 30. We were both 30, I should say.

I myself also looked good, if I say so. Since this was a special occasion, I had put on my best: a good pair of pants, a wool shirt (long sleeved), and a black dinner jacket. I even wore a tie, and my shoes where also of high stature. Sarah had forbidden me from wearing my boots. My feet were killing me.

While I was standing, I pulled out my digital camera, and took a picture of Sarah and Kate. They smiled, showing perfect white teeth, and then Kate finally insisted that I sit down with them. “You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take pictures. Now come over and join us.”

I placed the camera on the table and set it to automatic; it would take a picture every 10 seconds. Then I took a seat between the two girls and they leaned over me. Sarah ran her hands over my muscular chest, her fingers playing with my sweater, while Kate placed her hands on my crotch. Sarah directed my attention to the ceiling and smiled. “Uh, oh. Mistletoe.”

Kate’s long, slender fingers worked my belt first, undoing it, while Sarah kissed my lips, her tongue twisting around inside my mouth. As my black leather belt hit the floor, I felt a draft pass under me as my zipper was pulled down, and my button undone. Kate’s hand slid under my pants and grabbed my cock; like my beautiful companion, I had passed on wearing underwear tonight.

“Just as big as I remembered,” Kate whispered into my ear. Her tongue was quick to follow her words.

With my left hand, I reached around Kate and found the zipper to her dress. With Kate still nuzzling my ear, I pulled her zipper down, exposing her naked back to my hand. I felt her moan as my palm slid across her skin, and she switched from groping my balls to stroking my shaft.

Sarah stopped kissing me when she saw I was being distracted, and started to slide down to the floor, but Kate opened her eyes and stopped her. “No, wait,” she asked. “You’ve had that for so long now, I think you need to share first.”

“Very well than Aunty. I will share, to start.” Sarah continued sliding down, stopping only when she was on her knees. She staid on my right side, while Kate slid down my left. When both girls where on the floor before me, Kate pulled my cock up, and Sarah tugged my pants off, letting them fall onto the floor.

Sarah paused in her affection for a second as she looked up at me and giggled. “You look ridiculous sitting there in just your shirt and jacket.”

Kate must have agreed, because she let go of my cock to try to stifle her own giggling fit. Not used to being made fun of, I took my jacket off, followed by my shirt, and let them fall behind me. With Bycasino güncel giriş my muscular (and scarred) chest now exposed, Kate gasped in awe. While Sarah was used to seeing me naked, Kate never had a chance to see the new me. While I was quite buff during highschool, and only got better from training, my years as a mercenary had really helped my physique. My chest was a rippling mass of muscles, over a washboard stomach. Even the faint white and angry red scars only added to my looks, making me more dangerous.

“You’re like a Greek God!” Kate exclaimed.

I just smiled down at her and ran my fingers through her short red hair.

“Hey, don’t forget about me sweetie.” Sarah drew her attention back by cupping Kate’s face in both her hands, and kissing her deeply on the mouth. Kate returned the kiss, and putting my other hand on Sarah’s head, directed them both back to my cock. My shaft (now stretching out close to 12”) came between their embrace and was rewarded by two tongues swirling around its length.

They alternated positions, Kate starting with the head of my cock, greedily licking the pre-cum, while Sarah took my balls in her mouth. I kept my cock shaved bare, to make it a better feel for Sarah, but also to keep her from choking on the hair. When they switched, they would both lick my shaft while either moving up or down to the new areas, but it was Kate who finally took it into her mouth.

Grabbing my cock with both hands, Kate lowered her mouth onto it. She had taken a deep breath, using her underwater training to good work, and was able to swallow the entire length. When her lips struck my balls, she started bobbing her head, her lips leaving trails of saliva with each pass. She knew how to tease the head of my cock by rubbing it against the back of her throat, and using her tongue.

Sarah was watching Kate go down for less than a minute before she slid further back, now kneeling behind Kate. She played with Kate’s ass for a few seconds, her fingers running across the smooth material of her satin dress, before pushing it up over her hips and past her tailbone, exposing her delicate pink pussy.

Sarah planted a kiss on that pussy, her lips pressing again Kate’s lower lips, while her tongue snaked its way deep inside. Kate shivered at the touch, but otherwise showed no notice of the attention, to busy stroking my cock.

Having only just started, Sarah kept her mouth pressed to Kate’s pussy, but now also took two fingers and slowly inserted them into the moist fold. She would only tease her pussy, get her warmed up. As soon as they where in, she’d pull them back out to replace them with her a few quick strokes of her tongue. This finally got Kate moaning around my cock. Still not satisfied, she’d lick her two fingers and rub them against that pussy. They wouldn’t push in, they’d just rub against the outer lips. In some instances, she’d even go so far as to slap that pussy. She finally settled on fingering her with three wet fingers, while using her teeth on Kate’s clit. It was only when she started to rub that clit with her wet fingers that Kate finally took my cock out of her mouth in order to gasp. Unconsciously, Kate pushed her pussy into Sarah’s face.

“Oh god, eat my pussy,” Kate yelled. “Be a good girl and eat Aunty’s pussy.”

Not one to be left out, I shoved my cock back into Kate’s open mouth. Her eyes widened in momentary surprise, but she was quickly sucking on it again. The mix of Kate’s expert tongue, and the moans of pleasure racing from her mouth from Sarah’s personal touch had my cock raging now, and my own body started to shake. Kate looked up into my eyes, and even Sarah looked up from the back of Kate’s ass, and when I had both sets of eyes locked on me, I pushed Kate’s head down into my lap and exploded in her mouth.

Kate tried to swallow it all, but when she started gagging and some cum spilled out of her nose like pre-school milk, I pulled out and finished by spraying her face. Sarah kept up the finger work on Kate’s pussy, so while she was still trying to swallow every drop, she was gasping and groaning as her body shook from orgasms.

When Sarah did stop, Kate almost collapsed, but we weren’t done yet. Sarah used this break to slip out of her dress, letting it pool on the floor. She didn’t care what happened to it, she would never be wearing it again. She stood before us in all her naked glory. Like myself, her body only improved with age. Gone were all the girly curves and baby fat, replaced by a lean, toned, bronzed body. She managed to keep her tan, even during the winter. There was not a trace of fat on her, her figure all muscles, but still maintaining her feminine form. You could tell this because she still had large round breasts. When most women bulk up, their muscles surpass their breasts, practically engulfing them, but not Sarah. If anything, her breasts where even larger, yet still soft and pliant. When you squeeze them, it was still the same as squeezing the breasts of a 21 year old. Even her own scars seemed to enhance her beauty. They seemed to bring out the fire in her hair, and the lust in her eyes. And what eyes she had. Just like when she was born, she still had the one eye blue, and the other green.

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