College Cheerleaders in Pantyhose

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When my stepsister Kelly was a junior in college, she was involved in their cheerleading squad for a while. I sometimes went to the games and saw her and her classmates in these nice uniforms, short skirts, sexy legs and hot tennis shoes. But my fantasies went wild and crazy when I saw them wearing pantyhose or tights as well.

One evening, Kelly brought 2 of her cheerleader friends with her. They came straight from the training and still wore their uniform. And it was a day with pantyhose! At first we all hung out in front of the TV and had some snacks. Then I had an idea. I asked them if they would be interested to play some games. I love board games and I had many of those in my room. They agreed and we spent a while playing all sorts of games, and we had a couple of beers, too. When the mood was more relaxed, someone suggested doing strip poker. Hey, I thought, now it gets interesting! She also said that whoever girl loses, will have a rendezvous with me – hardly a punishment I grinned silently.

Being in a room with three cute college girls, all dressed up in cheerleader’s uniforms, with sneakers, white socks, tan pantyhose, that was more than I ever dreamed of.

I wasn’t bad at poker, but this night I lost a lot of games so soon I was down to my underwear and then they were gone, too. Of course the girls didn’t fail to notice my big cock which was hard from watching Kelly and her friends, Brenda and Jenny, in their outfits and gradually taking off their uniform. Kelly was the first one to be all nude and so she went with me to her room. We were quite cheerful from all that beer and soon began fondling each other. I licked her breasts and sucked on her nipples which hardened soon and escort bayan stood out quite a bit. She sighed gently as my hand reached her pussy and gently caressed her soft and wet crotch. She in turn took my cock in her hands and massaged it very artfully; I was impressed since I thought she never had had a boyfriend before. I wanted to do her doggy-style and asked her to kneel on the bed. While I was massaging her ass, I gently inserted my cock into her pussy and then fucked her, first gently, then hard, then gently again, she moaned and groaned, until we found our rhythm and eventually both came with a terrific orgasm.

After taking a shower I was ready for the next round. It was Brenda’s turn. An even huger turn on for me since she was black and I had never fucked a black woman before. She took her tan pantyhose with her as she met me in Kelly’s bedroom. I took it from her and smelled it all over the place. The foot part was very tender and sweet, and the crotch part smelled very erotic and intense, it was even wet a little bit. I remember now she didn’t wear panties.

Brenda told me she would like to see me in her pantyhose and eagerly I put them on. She was 6 feet tall so her hose fit me no problem. Feeling the soft, smooth fabric she just wore on my feet, legs, butt and cock was like paradise. She caressed me through her pantyhose and soon worked her way up to my hard cock. She gave it a wonderful massage, her pantyhose between her hand and my penis.

Now it was my turn to explore her a bit. Her tits were rather small but enormously sexy and her nipples were big and already erect before I even touched her breast. I licked and sucked her breasts with dedication and she seemed görükle escort to enjoy it a lot. Then I asked her to lie down and spread her legs and I gave my tongue and extensive workout on her pussy. It was so great to see this pink pussy embedded in the black flesh of her crotch and to stroke her pubic hair which was bushy and wild, not cut at all. My tongue went deeper into her and she started to moan softly. I spent special attention also to her clit which was bigger than I’ve ever seen in any woman.

I took off the pantyhose and asked her to put it on again. Afterwards I ripped a hole in the crotch area and finally was ready to fuck her real hard. She raised her feet and massaged my chest which turned me on even more having the silky fabric of the tan pantyhose on my body. I sucked on her feet and dark red toes and then grabbed her tits while slamming my hard cock into her pussy. She was so excited that she was coming very soon, crying out loud, and I could time it so that I took my cock out of her and sprayed my cum all over her face. Wow, what an experience!

But I knew I wasn’t done for the night yet. Another shower, and then back in my stepsister’s bedroom with her other friend, Jenny. Jenny was rather petite, had short, black hair, and a sexy, firm butt. This was so inspiring that I decided she would get ass-fucked tonight. Looking next to the bed I saw another pantyhose – it must be Kelly’s since Brenda walked out with hers and Jenny hadn’t brought one. I asked her to wear Kelly’s pantyhose for me and she did. I went all over her, her toes, soles, heels, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, butt, and crotch and caressed and licked her body wearing bursa elit escort my step-sister’s pantyhose. My cock was throbbing out of excitement and Jenny just took it and stuck it in her mouth. Boy was she an expert into cock-sucking! I could swear she had done that several life times! Her little tongue was very strong and knew exactly how to lick and massage the shaft and the head of my penis. She was so good in that, that I decided to take it out before I came since I really wanted to come in her ass.

I went with my hand underneath my stepsister’s pantyhose and spent some time first on Jenny’s pussy to get her real horny and excited and her juices came out in streams. Then I massaged her butt and then her ass, gently sticking in a finger and rubbing some more. She told me that she really liked that and that I should continue. I entered deeper into her back hole and then took two, three fingers for the job.

Finally I thought she was ready for the treat and I pulled down the pantyhose just beneath her ass and lubricated her hole with pussy juices before I gently inserted my cock. She cried a bit, it probably hurt, and I waited for a moment, before I moved my cock slowly in and out of her tight ass. It felt so great touching her butt and she still wore Kelly’s pantyhose during the whole thing. Her smooth feet covered in pantyhose rubbed my legs and then went up to hold my ass really tight. I was in pantyhose heaven…

Fucking her ass was probably one of my greatest sex experiences I ever had. I didn’t want to stop, just enjoy it and get more of it. I rubbed her pussy with my fingers and also her clitoris and in the end we both climaxed and felt a warm energy stream though our bodies.

From then on, I encouraged Kelly to bring over some of her cheerleader friends on a regular basis and we had a lot of fun together. We did all sorts of things, the lesbian stuff, me and four girls, gang-bangs and the whole enchilada. I might report later on those adventures…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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