Coming Back Home Pt. 02

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I advice you to read Chapter I first. It is over here. Enjoy your read.

The day after I fucked the former prom queen was nothing but an ordinary Tuesday. One ordinary day off for me. I got out of bed, I made myself some breakfast — my parents were already out at work — I read the newspaper. I hung out for the rest of the day. Just chilling in the backyard. Enjoying the sun, reading a good book, doing nothing. At least that was the plan.

It worked until the early afternoon. Then that doing nothing got boring. So I headed out, grocery shopping. I planned to cook something for my parents. Shopping in our small town was different than elsewhere. We had no big chains. No big super markets. Only small, mostly owner ran businesses. The town council, supported by everyone living in town, did everything to keep those corporate giants away.

The primary place to do my grocery shopping was “Sam’s Groceries.” A corner shop down the street. I wrote a list, yes, on a piece of paper, I grabbed my backpack and my mp3 player then I went out. For a ten minute walk. Greeting a few people on the way.

After entering the store, I saw her. The wife of the shop keeper. She was standing behind the counter. Serving a customer. I totally forgot how hot she was. A damn hot 45 year old woman. She looked much hotter than in my memories.

I went through the store. A relatively small place, that somehow magically had nearly everything that you need in your daily life. I collected everything that I had on my list. Then I went over to the counter. She asked me if that was all I needed? It took me some time to answer her question. She really caught my eye. I stared at her.

After a few seconds of silence, that felt like an eternity for me, I told her that I needed some meat. She showed me what she had in store, I choose one piece. She packed it for me, I paid, I dumped it all in my backpack, wished her a good day and escort gaziantep bayan left the store.

Back at home, I went straight to the kitchen. I turned on the kitchen radio, some funky tunes were on. Cooking with groove, so to say. I prepared some Asian food. One of the 10 things I really know how to make.

Mom was home first. She was pleasantly surprised that I was in the kitchen, cooking and dancing around. She hugged me and asked me if she could help me with something. I sent her off to the living room.

Around the time dad arrived, the food was done. I served it to my parents. Dad dug in. He loved my cooking. Mom did the same. We had some nice conversation. When our bellies were filled, dad sent me and mom off. He took over the cleaning duties. Mom went to watch some TV, I went upstairs, in my room. I played some old video games, then I fell asleep.

The first half of my Wednesday was pretty much the same then my Tuesday. In the early afternoon I went grocery shopping again. I was in cooking mood again. After entering the store I immediately realized that something was different than they day before. The woman behind the counter was dressed to impress. She was wearing a very revealing summer dress. She looked gorgeous.

I went a round through the store. I collected everything I needed and put it in the shopping pin provided by the store. Then I went to the counter. The shopkeeper asked me if I needed anything else. In a very flirty way. Providing me a perfect view down her cleavage. What an awesome view.

Then we began to talk. She asked me about my time away from home. I asked her about her life. She told me that she was doing fine. But her husband disappeared a few years ago. He went out for one beer, he was never seen again. His car, some of his clothes were gone too. He probably ran away.

I nodded with my head, escort gaziantep bayan ilanları I listened to her, I told her some nice things, while I was still starring on her damn hot tits. Then she asked me one more question: “It is true, what people talk about? Have you really fucked her, your former prom queen on Monday afternoon?”

Yes, gossip travels faster than anything else in a small town. And yes, no matter what you do, someone sees what is going on. And tells it to his neighbor. But I am drifting off.

For a few seconds I was thinking about finding an excuse. In the end, I just confirmed her assumption. Then she asked me for some details, but I said no: “What happens in bed, stays in bed.”

She wasn’t satisfied with my answer. She squeezed her boobs: “Please.”

Now I popped hard wood. A bulge was showing up between my legs. She saw it happen. A smile appeared on her face: “You really like my boobs, don’t you?”

Then she came out behind the counter. She went towards the entrance door. She looked it. She turned the open sign to closed. Then she came back. She stood in front of me. Smiling at me. Looking me in the eyes. Telling me that I should fuck her.

I put my stuff on the floor. I made her sit on the counter. We began to kiss. Passion took over. My hands were on her body. Hers on mine. Then I went down on my knees. She pulled up her dress. I opened up her legs. She was wearing no panties. Her pussy was already wet.

My tongue was inside her pussy a few seconds later. Or on her clit. Her wet pussy got wetter. She began to moan. I kept on eating her out. Nothing better than the taste of a pussy on your tongue. After some time enjoying her taste, I brought my fingers in the game: One at first, then a second and after some time a third and final one. With my tongue still on her clit. Her body began gaziantep bayan escort reklamları to tremble. Her moaning got more intense. She had her first orgasm.

After she came the first time, it was time to take care of my hard one. She stepped down of the counter, she stood in front of it, she turned around and then she bent over it. She pulled up her dress for the second time. I dropped my pants and my underwear to the ground. I set my boner free. I slid him inside her dripping wet pussy.

Her pussy wrapped herself around my dick. It felt nothing but awesome. It made me go wild. I just let go. I fucked her hard. I fucked her balls deep. But not too fast. I enjoyed every second of it. One hard deep thrust after the other. I worked myself towards an orgasm. Tension was building up. In me and in her.

Only a few thrusts left until my aching balls would spit out their load. Her body began to tremble. Mine too. Moaning was filling the room. One more thrust. Boom. My balls unloaded themselves into her dripping wet pussy. She came with me. Her legs were shaking. It took some until we both were ourselves again.

Then I pulled out. Our juices made a mess on the floor in front of the counter. She got something to clean it up. Then I paid my groceries. Then we went to the front door together. She unlocked it. She gave me a kiss on my cheek: “Thank you.”

Then she let me out of her store. I turned around once more. I caught a final glimpse of her. I could see the place we were fucking at from outside. The sign on the door was turned to open again. I walked back home. With some nice tunes in my ears. What a great fucking day.

Back at home I made dinner again. It was pasta day. My doing put a smile on my parent’s faces. During dinner we talked about our days. I spared them some details. Then dad took over cleaning chores again. Mom and I went over in the living room to watch some TV.

Later in bed, I was thinking about the past few days. About the great fucks I had. I relieved myself while doing so. But when post nut clarity set in, I really began to wonder how this was possible. Two random hook ups in a small town in three days? Something strange was going on. But back then, it dismissed my thoughts pretty fast.. I was fucking two hot woman in three days. I feel asleep with a huge smile on my face.

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