Company Team Building Weekend

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Company Team Building Weekend

Part 1

Sharon Price was sat at her desk in her office at Samuel and Goldstein solicitors.
She was doing the monthly pay roll.
When Jerry Gold walked into her office with his usual big sarcastic smile on his young face. Sharon couldn’t stand him.
However Jerry was the grandson of Mr. Goldstein and he was also a new junior partner in the firm as well.
So Sharon had no choice but to tolerate him.

Sharon looked at him through her glasses and was forced to give him a little smile.
He returned her smile showing off his perfect white teeth.
He then sat down on the corner of her desk which really annoyed her and once again smiled at her.
However he had not said a word up to now.

Jerry just sat on her desk still not saying a word.
Sharon knew perfectly well what he was looking at.
She let out a deep breath and said to him.
“Haven’t you had your fill at looking at them, you look at them every day?”

Of course Sharon was referring to her 38 double D cup breasts which had completely fascinated him and he took every opportunity to try and take a look at them and sometimes in a crowded lift he would try to have a crafty feel of them.
Sharon had no choice but to play along with him.
Her position at the firm was not safe enough to upset him.
He could cause a lot of trouble for her if he wished it.
However she knew what he could do and what he could not do so she had to tread a fine line with him.

Sharon finally stopped working and turned in her chair so he could get a good look at her huge breasts.
She even put her hands under them and gave them a little jiggle for him which seemed to please him very much.
She then said to him.
“If that’s all you have come for I have a lot of work to do, so can you please leave me in peace?

Jerry now without saying a word smiled once more at her and showing off his very expensive white teeth.
Which his grandfather had paid for.
When he first came to the firm his teeth were bad and out of shape.
His grandfather had spent thousands on him getting them put right.
His grandfather told him that image was everything.
Who would trust a solicitor with crooked teeth?

Jerry now pulled a white sealed envelope from the inside pocket of his very expensive designer suit and handed it to Sharon.
He then got up off her desk and walked out of her office whistling to himself as he went.
Sharon watched him go; she thought he was a very handsome young man.
But he was a complete asshole at times.

Sharon now looked at the envelope; the only thing written on the envelope was her name. Sharon now with shaking hands opened the envelope.
She was dreading the worst could she be getting fired.
Sharon tried to think of any reasons they would have for getting rid of her.
She did her work to the best of her ability and she always put in long hours to make sure nobody was ever waiting for any of her reports and all her accounts were always on time.
She pulled the piece of paper from the envelope and looked at it with dread.

Sharon now put back on her glasses and read the letter.
It was an invitation but compulsory to all staff training weekend.
Sharon looked at the date of the training weekend.
It was this weekend.
Sharon thought it was really short notice for staff members to make arrangements.
Sharon now noticed that she was the only woman on the list.
And she was not happy about it.
She continued to read the letter and was not surprised to find out Jerry Gold would be the senior staff member in charge of the weekend.
All staff members were to report to the company building by 8pm on Friday night with their bags and all their equipment that was suggested in the letter.

Sharon now knew why Jerry had a big smile on his face when he came into her office. She was trying to think of a reason not to attend. But she did not want to hurt her career she was up for a promotion and pay rise next year.
She knew Jerry was on the board that picked who got promoted and in some cases demoted.
Sharon signed to herself and was resigned to having to attend the silly boring weekend.
Sharon now put the letter back in the envelope and tried to put it out of her mind and went back to sorting out the staff payroll.
Luckily for her this occupied all the day and took her mind off the training weekend.

Sharon was still working at her desk; she had finished the payroll but had decided to start on some client accounts.
She wanted to get them out of the way.
She was brought back to reality by the night security guard doing his rounds.
He apologised for disturbing her.
He was unaware that she was still in the building.
He informed her that apart from himself and the cleaners she was the only senior member of staff still working.
Sharon looked at the clock it was just gone 8pm.
She decided to put her work away and go home as she was very tired as she collected her things to leave.
She put the letter about the training weekend into her handbag.
The security guard then escorted her out of the building and because it was dark he walked her to her car and stayed with her until she drove off.
He then went back to his normal duties.

When Sharon turned down her street to her house she was not best pleased to see her husband’s 18 tonne lorry parked outside of her house.
It was blocking the driveway so she had to park on the street again.
She was getting really pissed off with him bringing big Lorries home.
Her husband had his own small haulage company.
But because things were getting rather tight and there was a lack of work at the moment he had moved his Lorries out of the yard which he shared with another company and his drivers were told to take them home with them if possible.
This meant that he always brought his lorry home with him.
The neighbours as well as Sharon were also getting pissed off with seeing a big lorry parked outside their houses every night.
Her husband however was not too bothered about it and as he had informed her the lorry was taxed so there was nothing anyone could do about it.
And it saved him over £1000 a month.

However as Sharon walked into her house she was too tired to mention the lorry to her husband.
All they seem to do at the moment was fight and she was just too tired to fight.
Sharon walked into the house removing her coat and shoes that were killing her.
She then walked into the living room, her husband was sat on the sofa watching TV her son Danny was also sat on the sofa with his dad.
However he was reading a sci-fi book.

Sharon smiled at both of them her husband Chris just looked at her and said to her.
“What time do you call this?
We had been waiting for hower tea.”

Danny looked at his father then looked at his mother and gave her a little smile.
Sharon smiled back at her son, but did not rise to the bait of her husband she just walked into the kitchen to start preparing tea.
Sharon knew her husband was capable of making tea however, when he was home he always insisted that she made it even though she put in long hours just like him.
A few minutes later Danny came into the kitchen and asked his mother.
“If he could do anything to help her.”
Sharon now turned to look at her son and smiled at him. He moved up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a big hug.
Sharon looked out of the kitchen and saw her husband was engrossed in watching TV.
He would call the lad soft.
If he saw him giving his mum a hug.
However Sharon loved getting hugs off her son.
Danny and his mum were very close, because his father was never really ever around so each was each other’s best friend.

However what Sharon did not know was that Danny would get a hardon when she hugged him to her big breasts.
After the hug he would rush off to the bathroom and jack off into the toilet thinking about her big tits.

Sharon now smiled at her son and patted him on his head.
She told him that.
“She could get dinner sorted by herself.”
Danny said to her.
“That he had to go to the bathroom and would she like him to start running her a nice hot bath?”

Sharon looked at what she was preparing for tea; once she had it in the oven she would be free for the next 40 minutes or so.
A nice hot bath would be great.
She thanked him for his kindness and told him.
“To go and start running her a bath and she would be up very soon.”
Danny now rushed off to the bathroom to Jack off thinking about her and to also run her a nice hot bubble bath.

Once in the bathroom Danny quickly dropped his shorts and underwear his cock was now Rock hard thinking about his mother and it was not long before he was shooting his spunk into the toilet.
He then cleaned himself up and started to run his mother a nice hot bubble bath.

Once Danny had run his mother’s bubble bath.
He went into his bedroom and turned on his TV.
The TV was a 14 inch portable with a built in video cassette recorder.
A month ago Danny and his friends were helping a friend’s dad clear out an electronic shop that had gone bust.
As they were throwing all the old stock into a skip Danny came across two old CCTV colour cameras and lots of CCTV cable.

So when nobody was looking Danny pretended to throw both cameras and the reel of cable into the skip.
However he hid it behind a big dustbin and came back for it later on.

The day after he found the cameras and cable he pretended to go to college.
However once his mother and father had left the house, he went back home.
Now he secretly installed both cameras one so that it was looking into the bathroom and the other one so it was looking into his mother’s bedroom.

He then ran the cable from both cameras into the loft and dropped the cables down into his room and rig them up to his TV.
Now he could use his video player to record anything what the cameras showed.
But he could only record one camera at a time which was a real pain as his TV only had a single tuner build into it.

Danny now had a dilemma on his hands he did not know which camera to record.
He could record the bedroom camera and watch his mother getting undressed or he could record the bathroom camera and watch her in the bath.
He decided to record her in the bathroom; he put a fresh blank tape into the video and selected the camera that was covering the bathroom.
He now pressed record on his TV and turned it off so nobody would know what he was recording.

He then went back down stairs as he was going down stairs his mother was just on her way up she ruffled his hair as she passed him.
Back in the living room he pretended to read his sci-fi book.
However he could not wait till after she had come back down so he could go and look at the video.

He had quite a few video cassettes of her now most of them were of her getting dressed and undressed in her room.
He did not have any of her getting a bath because the bathroom would steam up that’s why he offered to run her the bath.
So after he had run it he could wipe the lens clean because he knew where it was hid.
He had stripped down the cameras so they were easier to hide.

Sharon enjoyed soaking in her bubble bath.
After her bath she got dry.
She then went into her room and got dressed.
She put on a light blue summer dress.
She did not bother to put on any underwear as she was not going anywhere.
Danny helped his mother served the tea.
After they had eaten the tea his father went back to drinking beer and watching TV.
Danny helped his mother wash up then made some excuse about having to go finish some homework in his room.
However he wanted to go look at the video of her in the bath.

Danny was now in his room with the door locked, he had taken off his shorts and underwear and with a box of tissues next to him.
He was ready to watch the video.
He pushed play on the remote control nothing happened for several minutes then his mother entered the bathroom wearing her bath robe.
Danny smiled to himself when he saw her enter the bathroom. She then quickly discarded her robe letting it fall to the floor.
Danny now looked on with excitement in his young eyes.
Sharon now started to get into the bath and Danny got a good full frontal view of her big tits and her very hairy pussy.
Danny wondered why she still had a hairy pussy, when most girls had trimmed or shaven pussies.

Danny was now steadily stroking his cock as he watched his mother in the bath.
Luckily for him the bath taps were near the camera so she was sat in the bath facing the camera and giving him a great show as she washed her big tits. Covering them with soap as she washed them.

Danny now got a special treat she used her knees to lift her pussy out of the bath water.
She then parted her pussy lips with one hand and sprayed some shower gel into her pussy. She then started to work her fingers in and out of her pussy as she cleaned it with the shower gel.
This caused Danny to blow a huge amount of spunk that went shooting off into the air and then landed back on to his chest.

Sharon was now waiting for Chris’s TV programme to finish.
Once it had finished she showed him the envelope.
Chris took the envelope off her and looked at the letter.
He then looked at her and said.
“Is this some kind of joke?”

Sharon looked at her husband a little confused.
She then said to him.
“I don’t understand what you mean why would it be some kind of joke?”

Chris now got a little angry he looked at her then said to her.
“I can’t believe you have forgotten don’t you remember that I am taking three trucks up to Scotland to deliver a special load for one of the big refineries that weekend.
It could be the start of a new contract for me.
This could pull me out of the shit and save my business.
I told you about this over a month ago.
I told you how I was trying to land this deal and I told you just last week that they were giving me a trial run to see how reliable I am.”

Sharon was now silent for a few minutes she was thinking over this problem in her head she then smiled at her husband then said to him.
“Can’t Danny go with you and you two can spend the weekend together and do a little father and son bonding.”

Chris turned to look at his wife then said to her.
“How the hell can I pull up at a restricted area with my son in tow do you know how hard it was for me to get clearance for myself and the two other drivers that will be going with me it is a secret refinery?
Nobody gets in or out without proper clearance.
How the hell can I take Danny with me it will really make me look professional.
I am sorry but this is your problem not mine.
You will have to sort out some kind of child care for him otherwise you’ll have to take him with you.”

Chris now finished the beer that he was drinking and put it in the bin got up and informed her that he had a really early start in the morning so he was off to bed.
Sharon was left alone with her thoughts she could not think of anyone she could ask to look after Chris.
Both their parents were dead and she did not trust the neighbours enough to look after him for the whole weekend.
Sharon soon realized that she must take him with her but how to take him with her without anyone finding out.

Sharon now made several phone calls to some of her friends.
She soon found out where the training weekend was being held and the name of the hotel where they would be staying.

She quickly called the hotel to see if they had any spare rooms left.
Luckily they had one single room left.
Sharon booked it for Danny.
He could stay at the hotel and enjoy himself, why she was on this course.
No one would have to know that he was her son.

When she booked his room she was lucky enough to make sure that she also had the room next to his.
She explained that she was on a training course and gave the name of her firm to the man on the phone.
He had reserved the rooms for her firm but not allocated them to people yet.
And the spare room that she booked for Danny was next to one of the reserved rooms.

He would be on duty that day and he would make sure that she’d got that room so that she could be next to her son.
He also promised not to inform the other members of her party that she had booked a second room.
Sharon thanked him for his discretion and told him.
“That she would see him okay when she arrived on Friday night.”
The Man on the phone told her.
“To ask for Donald when she arrived at reception.”

Sharon to was very tired, she turned off the TV locked the front door and made sure that everything was in order.
She then went up to bed.
Once in her own room she woke Chris up.
Who was not best pleased about being woken up?
She’d explained to him.
“That she had got Danny a room.
But could he drop him off at the hotel so nobody would know that he was with her.”

Chris found this very amusing however he was going that way on his way up to Scotland.
So he told her.
“That he would drop him off at the hotel an hour before she was due to arrive.”

This pleased Sharon very much, she now took off her dress and put on a very thin black nightie and was just getting into bed.
When she thought to herself she had better go and tell Danny what was happening on Friday night.

Danny now had finished jacking off and the used cum stained tissues were in his wastepaper bin.
He had also unlocked his door, so his mother and father would not think it was suspicious that the door was locked.
He was now in bed just about ready to go to sleep when there was a knock on his bedroom door.
Danny sleepily said.
“Come in.”

Sharon opened his door and slipped into his room closing the door behind him. When Danny saw what she was wearing he instantly woke up.
He also instantly got rock hard.
Danny slept in the nude and his hand now drifted down to his rock hard cock under his covers as he looked at his mother.
She smiled at him and he returned her smile.
Danny for a split second thought that his fantasy of her coming into his room to seduce him was coming true.
The nightie she was wearing was black and so thin that he could clearly see every detail of her big breasts and her big mound of blond pussy hair that covered her cunt.

Sharon now explained everything to Danny about Friday night however Danny was not really paying attention.
He was just smiling at her and looking at her big wonderful knockers.
When she finished she reached towards him and kissed him on his forehead.
Her big tits brushed against his face and for a split second her nipple was over his mouth. Only her thin black nightie separated her nipple from his mouth.
Danny had to resist the urge to suck it into his mouth.
After she had left his room Danny jacked off once more.
He then fell into a very exhausted sleep dreaming of what he would like to do to his mother and her wonderful big tits and hairy cunt.

Part 02

Sharon was now sat in her office finishing off some work it was just before 6pm.
She had her suitcase with her because those that were going on the team building weekend were leaving straight from work.
A mini bus was going to take them to the hotel.
Jerry gold now walked into her office with him where Larry Montgomery and Geoffrey Palmer they were also going on the training weekend with her.
Luckily for Sharon the other person had dropped out so Elizabeth Swan was taking his place so she would not be the only woman on the weekend.

Jerry now gave Sharon one of his sarcastic smiles, he then said to her.
“That the minibus was here and was she ready to go?”
Sharon tried her best to hide her annoyance and told him.
“That she would be down within a few minutes.”
Jerry told her.
“Not to be too long and they would see her on the minibus.”
With that he and the others left her office.

Sharon finished off the work she was doing and saved it onto her computer. She then turned it off gathered up her coat and her suitcase and made her way down to the front of the building where the minibus was waiting for them.

She was surprised to see it was one of those party busses not a normal minibus.
Jerry smiled at her and said to her.
“That they was no reason why they could not enjoy themselves on this weekend.”
And when nobody was looking he gave her bottom a little pat which annoyed Sharon even more.

Once everybody was on the bus it set off, it would take just over an hour to get to the hotel.
Jerry acted as the perfect host and with the loud music playing.
He made sure that everyone had a drink.
Sharon was very reluctant to have a drink, but Elizabeth told her to chill out a little bit.
So she reluctantly had a drink.
Jerry made sure that her drink was nice and strong, after around 15 minutes into the trip Jerry acted as the perfect host and Sharon hoped that this weekend would not be as bad as she feared.
She also had a few more drinks and soon she was enjoying herself as they laughed and joked and told each other all about the other people at the firm that they thought were funny.
Jerry also let his hair down and acted normal for once, which completely surprised Sharon.
He could be quite nice she thought to herself, when he was not acting like a complete asshole.

Danny and his dad now pulled up in his dad’s lorry outside of the big posh looking hotel. Chris helped his son out of the lorry and with his suitcase.
He also gave him a letter which his mother had told him to give to somebody called Donald who should be on the reception desk.
Chris told his son.
“To behave this weekend and not cause any trouble for his mother.”

With that Chris got back in his lorry and hurriedly went to catch up with his other two Lorries which were on their way to Scotland.

Danny watched his father’s lorry drive away; he then gripped the handle of his little suitcase and started off for the hotel.
Danny now headed off for the hotel, once he was inside the hotel. He made his way to the reception desk where a young man was stood behind it.
Danny saw that he was wearing a name tag; the name tag said Donald on it.

The young man on the reception desk was watching Danny as he entered the hotel.
He had a good idea who he was.
He smiled at him in a friendly manner; then said to him.
“How may I help you sir?”
Danny returned his smile then handed him the letter that his mother had given him.

Donald took the letter off Danny and opened it, inside was a piece of paper.
When he opened the piece of paper there were two £20 notes inside of it.
He very carefully put the money in his pocket.
Then he read Sex hikayeleri the letter, after he had read the letter he smiled at Danny.
He then told Danny.
“To come with him.”
He then led him up onto the 5th floor and to room number 510.

He now unlocked the door and gave Danny the key, he then showed him into the room.
There was a large double bed inside of the room and a TV and an on suite bathroom.
He told him that the TV could get nearly every TV channel he wanted.
He then took a piece of paper from his pocket and a pen.
He then handed it to Danny and told him to hide that.
It was the code to get into the adult channels.
He then showed him the connecting door which led to room number 509.
Which was going to be his mum’s room?

After he had gone Danny made himself comfortable on the large double bed and turned on the TV.
He quickly entered the code and was soon watching some girl on girl hardcore lesbian action.
By the time the party bus arrived at the hotel everybody was in good spirits.
Once everybody had got off the bus and gathered up their suitcases they went inside the hotel to register.
Sharon offered to register for everybody and get their keys.
Which everybody else agreed to as they headed off to the hotel bar.

Sharon now walked up to the reception desk and smiled at the young man standing behind it. She could see by his name tag that it was Donald.
The young man she had talked to on the telephone.
Sharon now introduced herself to him which got a smile off him.
He told her.
“That her son had already arrived and was in his room.”
He then gave her the keys for the rest of her party.
He then told her.
“That she had a connecting room with her son.”

Just then Jerry came walking up to the reception and asked.
“If everything was ok.”
Donald quickly told him.
“That Sharon was just filling in the register for his party, but everything was ok and the conference room that they had booked was ready for them whenever they wanted it.”
Jerry told him.
“That they would need it for around 8am tomorrow morning when the training weekend officially started.”

Jerry then took Sharon by her arm and led her to the Bar.
Sharon smiled at Donald as Jerry led her to the bar where the rest of the party were.
They spent the next couple of hours drinking and talking they had something to eat in the hotel restaurant.
Then decided to call it a night as they had an early start in the morning.

Danny was sat on the bed watching the TV. Donald had sent him up some sandwiches and a bottle of Coke which made Danny really happy.
His mother was not really keen on him drinking Coke at home, she only allowed him to drink sugar free juice.

Sharon and her party now made their way out of the bar and up to their rooms.
By pure coincidence Jerry had the room next to hers which also connected to her room but on the other side.
After everyone had gone into their rooms Jerry walked Sharon to her door.
He then took her by her arms and then span her around.

Before Sharon knew what was happening he laid a passionate kiss on her.
Sharon who had drunk more than she usually did started to respond to his kisses.
They both then stood in the hallway kissing and touching each other.
Sharon allowed him to run his hands over her big breasts and her hand went down to his groin and she started to rub his cock through his trousers.
After a few seconds Sharon realise what was happening and broke away from his embrace her face flushed with embarrassment.
She quickly made some sort of excuse and quickly let herself into her room.
Locking her door behind her.
Jerry smiled to himself then walked into his own room. He was determined by the end of this weekend to get into her panties.

Sharon now stood with her back against her closed hotel room door breathing heavily.
She could feel how hard her nipples had got when he started to kiss and touch her.
He may be a complete prat, but he certainly knew how to kiss her and she enjoyed her breasts getting played with by his fingers especially when he started to tweak her sensitive nipples.
She could feel how wet her panties had also got.
Sharon decided to calm herself down by taking a long hot relaxing shower; she stripped off all her clothes and went into the on suite bathroom.
Once inside the bathroom she got into the shower.

Danny now heard some noise from inside his mom’s room.
He had unlocked his side of the connecting door when he first got into his room.
Danny now tried the door and he found that it was unlocked.
He now opened the door and went into his mother’s room. He could see her clothes laid all over the floor.
So he decided to pick them up.
He noticed that her panties where wet and he could not help bringing them up to his nose to sniff them.
As well as sniffing them he used his tongue to lick up the left over pussy juice that had soaked into the material of the panties.

Sharon now felt a lot better after her long relaxing shower.
She now got out of the shower and grabbed her towel. However instead of getting dry inside the bathroom she went into the bedroom.
She had the towel in her hand.
When she walked out of the bathroom into her room Sharon stopped dead in surprise at what she now saw.

She saw her son stood in her room with her panties in his hand and he looked like he was sniffing them.
Sharon screamed at him.
“What the hell was he doing?”

Danny looked at his mother and saw that she was completely naked with water still dripping off her body.
Sharon now realise that she was completely naked.
She screamed at him once more then ran back into the bathroom.
Danny completely freaked out and ran back into his own room, closing and locking the connecting door behind him.

Sharon now sat on the toilet in the bathroom trying to make sense at what she had just seen.
Finally she got dry then went back into the bedroom this time with the towel wrapped around her body.
Her son was gone and the connecting door was closed.
Sharon now picked up her panties that he had dropped when he fled back into his own room.
She now sniffed them she could still smell the fragrance of her own pussy in the material of the panties.
Sharon now started to giggle to herself she had known for a long time that Danny had a little crush on her and that he was trying to see her naked whenever he could.

Sharon had just put it down to his teenage hormones. But catching him sniffing her panties had taken her by complete surprise.
She had suspected that he had been using her panties to Jack off into for the last year or so but had not said anything to him as she did not want to embarrass him.

Danny now sat on his bed he was absolutely petrified at what his mother was going to do to him. Danny couldn’t believe that he was so stupid as to do it in her own room.
He should have put them in his pocket to sniff later.
Danny had been sniffing her panties for the last few months.
He would then use them to Jack off with. He would wrap them round his cock and Jack off into the silky material of her panties.
He would then washed them out and put them back in the laundry basket.

Sharon’s senses were not working as normal, she was not a big drinker and the strong drinks that she had drunk in the bar had loosened her up somewhat.
Sharon now put on her robe over her naked body and put the panties in the pocket of her robe.
She then tried the connecting door it was locked.
She wanted to surprise her son, so she opened her door that led into the corridor.
Luckily there was nobody about.

Sharon now went to her son’s room and tried the handle of his door it was not locked.
She now opened the door walked into his room and closed it behind her.
Danny looked up now.
He was sat on the bed when she entered his room.
Danny was dreading what was about to happen.
Sharon saw her son sat on his bed; he looked like a deer caught in the headlights of some car. The harsh words that she was about to say to him left her and she just wanted to comfort him.
They had always had a special relationship ever since he was a baby.

Sharon now just stood looking at her son, she had her hands in the pockets of her robe which was causing it to gape open a little bit and probably show more cleavage than a mother should show her teenage son.
Sharon now said in her tender voice.
“Danny look at me please.”

Danny now looked up at his mother he had tears in his eyes which caused her to feel really guilty for shouting at him the way she had.
Sharon now apologised to him for shouting at him.
She now said to him.
“That he had taken her by surprise.
She was not expecting anyone in her room.”
She then smiled at Danny and said to him.
“Do you like my panties?”
As she said this she took the pair of panties out of her pocket and held them up to him.

Danny was now looking at his mother who was holding the panties in front of her.
He just nodded his head in answer to her question.
Sharon now smiled at her son lovingly.
She then tossed the panties over to him.
Danny clumsily caught them.

Danny now felt really embarrassed once again, he now had his mother’s panties in his hand and his mother was stood before him watching him.
Danny was about to drop them onto the floor.
When Sharon said to him.
“I know about you jacking off into my panties at home, I have known about it for a long time. I want you to show me what you do with them.
If you do I won’t tell your father what I caught you doing.
However if you don’t I will tell him and you know that he will really go over the top and blow a fuse.”

Danny couldn’t believe that his mother was blackmailing him like this.
He always thought that they had a special relationship. He knew that his dad would beat the hell out of him if she told him what he had been doing with her panties.
Danny now said in a very miserable sounding voice.
“What did she want him to do?”

Sharon now smiled once again at her son a look of satisfaction on her face.
She then said to him.
“What do you usually do with my panties?”

Danny was silent for a few minutes; Sharon got a little angry with him and demanded that he answer her.
Danny in a very low voice told her.
“That he used them to Jack off with.”

Sharon watched him fumbling with her panties for a few minutes.
She then said in her sternest voice.
“Ok show me exactly how you use them.”

Danny just looked at his mother in complete shock, she could not be serious.
However the look that she had on her face was one that he had seen many times before. When she had made her mind up.
She now stood before him glaring at him with her arms crossed over her ample chest.

Sharon now told him to follow her; she now unlocked the communicating door and went into her own room followed by Danny.
She now told him.
“To sit down on the bed.”
She now stood in front of him just looking at him with a soft smile on her face.

Danny looked at her hoping that she was joking. But her expression had not changed.
He undid his shorts and pushed them down his legs followed by his underwear.
Sharon smiled to herself when she saw his young cock come into view; for his age it was not a bad size.
Danny had his hands over his groin trying to hide his cock from his mother’s view.

Sharon now harshly told her son.
“To stop mucking about and to get on with it.”
Danny without looking at her wrapped her panties around his soft cock and tried to Jack himself off.
However he could not get a hardon.
He was too embarrassed and scared. He tried to Jack his cock off, but it would not respond to his touch.
Danny now looked up pleadingly at his mother and told her.
“That it was no good, he could not get hard.”

Sharon wanted him to show her exactly how he used her panties.
She now remembered that men had to have a lot of visual stimulation as well as being horny.
Sharon now told her son in a sweet innocent sounding voice.
“To look at her.”
Danny was still trying to Jack himself off.
He looked up at his mother.
His young face was a mask of misery and embarrassment.

As Danny looked up at his mother she let her robe drop to the floor, now she was stood directly in front of him completely naked with all her charms on show to him.
As he looked at her she started to tweak her own nipples.
Sharon smiled to herself when she saw him get instantly hard.
She then let one hand run down over her stomach to her hairy pussy.
She then started to rub her pussy lips with one hand.
And tease her nipples with the other hand.

Danny now had her panties wrapped tightly around his hard cock.
As he rapidly jacked himself off.
Sharon remained in front of him tweaking her own nipples and rubbing her pussy.
Mother and son just kept eye contact with each other as each pleasured themselves while watching the other.

After only a few minutes of rapidly beating himself off Danny let out a loud groan and he started to come.
Sharon was surprised by the amount of cum that shot out of his cock.
Danny quickly tried to catch as much of it in her panties as possible.
But some landed on the floor.
His cock and lower body were all messy from his cum.
Sharon continued to finger herself and had a small climax herself.
After they both had recovered.

Sharon took him by the hand and led him to the door which communicated with his own room.
She kissed him on his forehead and told him.
“To go get a shower and then go to bed.”
As Danny was reluctantly going back into his own room.
Sharon picked up her cum covered panties which he had dropped onto the floor.

Sharon now turned the cum covered panties over in her hands.
The material was completely soaked through with his cum.
Sharon told Danny.
“To hang on a minute.”

Danny stopped and turned to look at his mother.
Sharon smiled at him and tossed the panties to him which he caught.
Sharon then smiled at him once again and told him.
“To wash them out.”

She then started to walk him out of her room, closing the communing door in his face and locking it. Sharon now looked at her hands they were covered in his cum.
She looked for something to wipe them on, but there was nothing.
She was going to go into the bathroom to wipe them on a towel.
But she did not want to stain a hotel towel with her son’s spunk.

Sharon now let out a deep sigh; she then wiped her hands clean by rubbing them all over her big breasts and covering them with her sons’ spunk.
Her breasts now glistened in the light of the hotel room.
She smeared his spunk all over her big boobs.
Sharon now got into bed and within a few minutes was fast asleep.

Danny stood for a few seconds just looking at the closed door the stained panties in his hands.
He then went into his own bathroom and washed them out.
He then put them on a radiator to dry.
Danny then had a nice hot relaxing shower, within 15 minutes he too was in bed and fast asleep.

Part 03

Sharon was awoken by someone knocking on her door.
Sharon sleepily opened her eyes and looked at the clock on the cabinet next to her bed it had just gone 7am.

She then heard a voice she knew call through her door.
It took her a few seconds to realise it was Jerry.
He was telling her to be downstairs by 8am in her tracksuit or whatever she had brought.
They were going on a little run before breakfast.
Sharon looked out of the window it was cold and it was raining on and off.
She really did not want to go for a silly run.
However she made herself get out of bed, she then had a long refreshing shower.
She then dressed in her warm tracksuit and running shoes which she had brought with her.

She then put her hair up in a bun and donned a nice warm woolly hat and gloves.
She now went down to where the rest of the party were in the conference room most of them were dressed similar to her except for Elizabeth Swan.
She was dressed in a t-shirt and tight running shorts.
And it was obvious by the way her nipples were pushing through her t-shirt she was not wearing a bra.

Sharon could see the men looking at her tits as Jerry told them what they were going to do first.
Sharon whispered to Elizabeth.
“That she better go and get changed as it was rather cold out.”
Elizabeth just smiled at Sharon then told her.
“She went jogging in this kind of weather nearly every morning and for her not to worry about her.
She would be just fine.”

Now they all followed Jerry out of the conference room and out of the hotel.
He walked round a little track that went round the hotel into a wooded area.
Two men wearing military camouflage gear and looking like ex-squaddies where waiting for them.

Jerry now introduce Brian and Stephen to the group.
Brian and Stephen ran the outside part of their team building training course.
That the hotel put on.
Both of them had served with the parachute regiment and both were very fit.
Brian looked to be in his late forties he had a bald head, but was very muscular.
Stephen was younger than Brian, he was in his mid-30’s his build was virtually identical to Brian.
Both had bald heads and both were very muscular.

Brian now asked the group to follow him. They walked round a few more corners.
Then Sharon just stopped dead in shock.
Right in front of them was an army like assault course with climbing frames and rope ladders and swings over water.
It even had logs over pools of water for them to run across.
Jerry turned to the group and said to them.
“I hope you like this little surprise, we have to go across the assault course then run about half a mile back to the hotel.
Who wants to go first?”

Everyone just looked at Jerry not believing what they were hearing.
However Elizabeth loved this kind of thing and before anybody could say anything she started to run.
The first obstacle was a climbing frame which was about 30 feet in height.

Everyone watched in amazement as Elizabeth got up to the top of the climbing frame in about 2 minutes.
She was now stood on top of the frame.
Stephen was also at the top of the frame with her.
He was now pulling back a zip line for her.
After he made sure that she was holding onto it correctly, he then gave her a little push.
Elizabeth went hurtling down the zip line and stopped on a second platform.
She then quickly ab-sailed off this platform using the rope that was attached to it.
She now headed off for the second obstacle, which was a cargo net which you had to go under.

The rest of them reluctantly started to follow Elizabeth with Sharon bringing up the rear.
Jerry soon was level with Elizabeth.
The rest of them found it rather more difficult.
Sharon still was last.
She was tired exhausted and covered in mud; she was not having a good time.
Only Jerry and Elisabeth seemed to be enjoying themselves.
The rest of them were not really into this kind of thing.

Sharon finally got to the last obstacle which was a long log over a large pool of water.
Elizabeth and Jerry got over it quite easy and where now racing each other back to the hotel.
Sharon watched as both Larry and Geoffrey tried to run across the log.
They both fell into the water.
Sharon was surprised that the water was so deep it must be at least 5 feet deep.
Both Larry and Geoffrey managed to get themselves out of the water and now both of them were absolutely soaking wet.
They started to run back to the hotel.
Sharon was now joined by Stephen and Brian who had been supervising the course.
They both just stood watching her with big smiles on their faces.
Sharon was very nervous about crossing the log because she could not swim.

Brian now said to her.
“Don’t be scared it is quite easy the secret is just to go fast.”
With that he ran across the log then back to her to demonstrate how it was done.
Sharon took a deep breath and went for it she got nearly all the way across the log before she slipped and ended up in the water.

Sharon now was in a complete panic.
She was splashing about in the water, the men were shouting at her.
“To just put her feet down and stand up.”
However Sharon was too frightened and the water was icy cold.
Both men now feared for her safety and both plunged into the water after her.
Each of them grabbed an arm and they literally pulled her out of the water.
All three of them were now completely soaked.
Sharon was still in a complete panic they managed to get her on her feet and led her down a separate path to where they had an office and some equipment sheds.
Once inside the warm office they tried their best to calm her down.
But she was still in a complete panic.

Brian quickly went to a cupboard where they kept some towels and blankets.
He then told Stephen.
“To get her out of her wet clothes.”
Stephen looked at Brian a little unsure.
Brian once again told him.
“To get her out of her wet clothes, before she went into shock from the cold.”

Stephen now took hold of the zip of her tracksuit top and unzipped it.
He soon had it off her along with her t-shirt.
Brian came up behind her and soon had her tracksuit bottoms down.
Sharon suddenly stopped panicking and looked at Stephen in complete confusion.
She then felt a pair of hands pulling down her panties.
It was Brian.
Stephen smiled at her then started to remove her bra.

Sharon was now stood with both of them completely naked.
Stephen was stood in front of her smiling at her and looking at her beautiful body especially her big tits.
Brian was stood behind her running his hand up and down her back.
Now both men completely stripped off their own wet clothes.
Now all three of them just stood together completely naked.

Sharon was now brought back to reality and she let out a moan of surprise and also of pleasure.
Brian was now on his knees behind her.
He had pulled her ass cheeks open and was now running his tongue in and out of her asshole.

Stephen now smiled at the startled Sharon and before she could think.
He pressed his lips to hers and inserted his tongue into her mouth.
He also took hold of her big breasts and started to play with them.
Sharon could not help herself the tongue in her ass as well as his hands on her breast felt to good and she now moaned into his mouth as they kissed each other.

Sharon and Stephen continued to kiss for a few minutes.
Brian continued to stick his tongue deep into her asshole, which Sharon found she absolutely loved.
Brian now got up to his feet and stood beside Stephen.
Stephen placed Sikiş hikayeleri a hand on her shoulders and gently started to push her down.
Sharon knew what he wanted and she willingly sank down onto her knees.
She now had two rock hard cocks level with her face.
Her mouth was literally watering.
It was one of her fantasies to be taken by two men at the same time.
However she never thought, she would ever act out her fantasy for real.

Danny had been awoken when he heard his mother next door moving about.
He waited until she left her room then discreetly started to follow her, luckily the hotel grounds where covered with plenty of big trees and bushy hedges.
So it was quite easy for Danny to keep out of sight.

Danny had been giggling to himself as he watched his mother and her work colleagues on the assault course.
He had been particularly interested in watching Elizabeth as she did the assault course.
He thought she was absolutely beautiful and had a great body and he liked watching her tits bounds up and down as she ran.

However Danny nearly ran from his hiding spot when he saw his mother fall into the water.
He knew that she could not swim and that water scared her.
However the men pulled her out so Danny remained where he was.
He waited for them to go down the other path then he followed them at a discreet distance.

Danny watched as his mother and the two men entered the office. He was still concerned for her safety and wanted to make sure that she was ok.
He went round to the back of the office and found a window which he could look in.
Danny watched in total silence as both men stripped off his mother then themselves stripped off.
With fumbling hands he found his mobile phone and soon had the video recorder set and was filming everything that was happening inside the office.

Danny was now very thankful that he had persuaded his parents to get him the dearer mobile phone for his birthday.
Because it had a better camera with a better zoom.
Danny was now capturing everything that happened in the office on his mobile phone.
He couldn’t believe it when his mother took both of them into her mouth at the same time. He was also a little jealous, wishing that his mother was sucking him off not these two men. However he soon had his own cock out and was jacking off with one hand while he continued to watch and film what was happening inside the office.

Sharon could tell by the moans coming from both men.
That they were on the verge of shooting off, so she pressed their cockheads tighter together so she could get more of their cocks into her mouth.
She then really started to suck.
Brian was the first to shoot followed a split second later by Stephen.
So much spunk was now being shot into her mouth that it started to leak out of the corners of her mouth.
Sharon was doing her best to try and swallow it as fast as they shot it.
But there was just too much and some even came out of her nose now.
Sharon had to let both cocks out of her mouth.
When his spunk came out of her nose.
Because she could not breathe.
However both men continued to shoot off and now covered her pretty face with their spunk.

Both men shot their last loads of spunk onto her big boobs.
Sharon held them both together and up so the men could shoot on them better.
After they had finished all three just grinned at each other.
Sharon told them both.
“That was really amazing.”

Stephen and Brian now looked at each other and smiled back at Sharon.
Stephen then said to Sharon.
“Would she like to try something really amazing.”
Sharon went a little shy now which was quite funny because she was on the floor completely naked her face boobs and hair completely covered with two strangers cum.
However she then said in her little girl voice.
“What had they in mind for her.”

Both Stephen and Brian had been jacking off their own cocks while they talked to her and now both were rock hard once more.
Stephen just smiled at Sharon and got on the floor.
He then told.
“Sharon to come and sit on his cock.”

Sharon was a little hesitant but only for a few seconds.
She smiled at him then walked over to him. She now positioned herself directly over his big cock.
She then took hold of his big cock and slowly inserted it into her wet pussy.
It felt so wonderful going into her, she had never had one so big in her pussy before.

Sharon was just about to start bouncing up and down on his cock when Stephen told her. “To hang on a moment.”

Brian now walked up behind her he had taken a jar of Vaseline out of one of the drawers and had been greasing up his own cock as he watched her sit on Stephens cock.
Sharon now realise what they had in mind and she was now scared of being split in two. Stephen’s strong hands came up and gripped her hips to stop her from getting off him.
He then started to talk to her reassuringly.
Telling her that they would not hurt her and she would love it once she got over the initial shock and pain.
Sharon did not like the sound of the word paying, however she tried to remain calm.

Danny who was still watching through the window, couldn’t believe his mother was going to let them fuck her in the ass.
He had never thought about fucking her in the ass before, but now he also wanted to try it.

Brian now stood behind Sharon he had a hand full of Vaseline.
He now started to rub the Vaseline into her asshole, he then inserted one finger into her asshole.
He then started to rub the Vaseline into her tight asshole.
Sharon moaned with pain when he inserted his finger into her asshole.
After a few moments she soon started to enjoy the feel of his finger ramming in and out of her asshole.
He now added a second finger and really started to ram them in and out of her asshole.

Sharon started to moan in pleasure, which got a big smile off Stephen.
Stephen who had a big grin on his face now said to her.
“I knew you would like it.”
Sharon just smiled at him and enjoyed the feel of his cock in her pussy and Brian’s fingers in her asshole.

Brian now nodded to Steven.
Steven told Sharon.
“To lift her ass a little bit.”
Brian now positioned his cock directly at the entrance to her asshole.
Stephen now held her hips tight so she could not move, Brian now gently started to push his cock into her very tight asshole.
Sharon started to cry out in pain as he pushed more and more of his cock into her asshole.
She thought he was going to split her in two, but he kept pushing and pushing.
Sharon took his entire length completely up her asshole.
Now she had two cocks buried deep in her body.
One in her cunt and the other in her ass.

Danny was watching all of this, he was truly amazed.
He couldn’t believe his mother had two cocks up her, one in her cunt and the other in her shitter.
He would never have believed his mother could be such a slut or could he.
Stephen now smiled at Sharon and told her.
“To get ready for the ride of her life.”

Sharon just looked at him her eyes were already dreamy with pleasure.
The feeling of two cocks inside her body even know they were not doing anything yet was so amazing it had given her two small orgasms up to now.

Stephen and Brian had done this before to plenty of women.
And they knew exactly what to do to give the woman the most pleasure.
As on cue they both pulled out of her then slammed back in at the same time.
They kept doing this with such force that Sharon just screamed with pleasure every time they slammed into her and she was amazed that every time they slammed into her she came.

Sharon was coming so much that she nearly passed out.
She was begging them to stop, but when they slowed down.
She begged them to go faster.
They both just grinned at each other and just kept on pounding in and out of her.
Both of them now just used her now for their own gratification as they kept on slamming in and out of her cunt and asshole.

Brian now let out a loud moan of pleasure and gripped her hips tightly.
He then rammed his cock all the way up her asshole, causing her to cry out in both pain and pleasure as he now filled her asshole up with his spunk.
Stephen like his friend was now shooting off into her cunt.

Sharon now had the most powerful and wonderful orgasm of her entire life and this time she did pass out.
The three of them remained where they wear on the floor for several minutes.
Each catching their breath.
Sharon was in no hurry for them to pull out of her, every time there cocks twitched a little bit. She came once more.
Eventually they pulled their cocks from her cunt and asshole.
Danny now decided it was time he disappeared he did not want to get caught spying on them.

The office had a small washroom, which Sharon now used to clean herself up.
Also her tracksuit was not completely dry, but it was dry enough for her to wear back to the hotel.
Both Stephen and Brian walked her back to the hotel.
Once at the hotel she disappeared up to her room to get a hot shower and to get cleaned up. She then joined the rest of her party, who had done the same as her and were now in the restaurant having some breakfast.
Danny was also in the restaurant having some breakfast, but he sat far away from his mother’s party just in case somebody recognized him.

Part 04

Danny was eating his breakfast and watching his mother’s friends at their table.
His mother now entered the restaurant; she was now wearing a white blouse and black skirt with matching high heels.
She had redone her makeup and her hair was now immaculate.
She went over to her friends and settled down at their table and was soon laughing and joking with the rest of the party as they discussed this morning’s assault course.

Danny finished his breakfast and soon got bored and he decided to go explore the hotel grounds.
He ended up at the assault course were Brian and Stephen where training.
The two men greeted him in a friendly manor and asked him.
“If he wanted to have a go.”

Danny explained that he didn’t have any training gear with him and if he messed up his clothes his mother would not be too happy with him.
Both Brian and Stephen just laughed and told him that they should have something in one of the equipment sheds to suit him.
They found him some shorts and a shirt and some running shoes too.
Danny was soon enjoying himself as he tried out the assault course.

Both Stephen and Brian were very impressed with him; he managed to do it better than the members of his mother’s party and did not fall in the water once.
After he had finished the course, he got changed back into his own clothes and went back to the hotel.
He was a little tired now, so he decided he would go and have a little sleep.

Sharon and the rest of her party spent the rest of that day in the conference room having meeting after meeting and listening two lecturer after lecturer.
Some of it was interesting but most of it was quite boring and she found herself thinking back to her wonderful experience in the office with Brian and Stephen.
She started to look at the men in her party in a different light too.
Jerry was still a complete asshole, but he was a handsome asshole and the other two men in her group would do if there was nobody else around to pleasure her.

After the group had finished their classes for the day they all had a wonderful it meal.
The group were tired so decided to have a nearly nights.
Jerry and Elizabeth where the only exceptions they stay in the bar most of the night.

Danny was laid on his bed watching some TV; he was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts as the hotel was nice and warm.
He heard a knock on the communicating door which led to his mother’s room.
It then opened and his mother entered his room.
He turned to look at her.
She was ready for bed.
She was wearing a white nightie which was quite low cut with a plunging neckline.

Sharon now set down on the bed next to him.
She asked him.
“What he had done all day.”

Sharon was not aware that she was running her hand over his naked chest as she talked to him. Danny liked the feel of his mother’s hands on his body.
He told her.
“All about having a go on the assault course.”

He then said to her about meeting Brian and Stephen who run the assault course.”

He then asked her.
“If she knew the two men, he was talking about.”

Danny tried to hide his smile, when he saw his mother flush a little bit in her face at the mention of the two men’s names.
Sharon told him.
“That they were the two men who ran the course when they had a go on it.”

She then quickly changed the subject; they talked for a few more minutes before she leant over brushing her breasts against his chest.
She gave him a good night kiss on his forehead then left his room.
He heard the communicating door lock behind her.
Danny fell asleep watching TV.

Sunday was the last day of the team building exercise.
Jerry told everyone over breakfast that he was very pleased with the progress and was happy with all the input everyone had made.
Larry whispered into Sharon’s ear.
“That Elizabeth and Jerry had spent the night together.”

This did not surprise Sharon in the least, but she was surprised that she felt a little jealous towards the younger woman.
Danny decided to wander further afield this time.
Brian and Stephen told him where there was a bike which he could borrow as long as he put it back where he found it.
He now went for a bike ride in the surrounding countryside.
It was well after 7pm when Danny returned to the hotel and it was dark.
He quickly put the bike back where he had found it and went into the hotel.
He quickly went to his own room.
Once in his own room he knocked on his mother’s communicating door to see if she was there.
He heard a voice from the other side of the door say come in.

Danny opened the door and walked into her room. Danny looked around but he could not see her.
He noticed a black dress laid on the bed, just then his mother came out of the bathroom she was topless.
Danny’s eyes were instantly drawn to her big boobs with their huge nipples.
She was also wearing a small black pair of silk panties and black stockings attached to a suspender belt.
She was also wearing a pair of black high heeled shoes.
She smiled at him then said to him.
“Have you had a good day?”

Danny was a little puzzled at first; she was not bothered about him seeing her boobs in the slightest.
This confused him even more.

Danny now sat down on her bed and just watched her.
Sharon turned to smile at her son.
She had decided that she was fed up with him trying to sneak peeks at her so she was just going to show him her boobs and get it out of his system.
Sharon now stood directly in front of her son.
She had her hands on her hips; she now looked directly at her son and smiled at him she then said to him in a very teasing voice.
“Do you like my boobs; you have been trying to look at them for years.”

Danny now felt very embarrassed, he had no idea that his mother knew that he had been peeping at her.
He could only dream what her reaction would be if she found out he had also been recording her. She would go absolutely ballistic.

Danny was now looking at the floor. Sharon smiled to herself and moved a little closer to her son.
She gently put a finger under his chin and raised his head so he was looking directly at her. She then took his hands and pulled him up off the bed.
She then turned around so she had her back to him.
She then took his hands and placed them on her stomach.
Sharon now put her own hands over his.
She could feel her son’s cock pressing into the thin material of her panties.
This put a smile on her face.
Her little boy would soon be having girlfriends and then leaving home.
This made her a little sad.
Sharon now pressed his hands a little tighter to her body. She then took a deep breath and started to move his hands up to her breasts.
She now placed a hand on each of her breasts, so he was now cupping one of her large breasts in each of his hands.

Sharon allowed him to keep his hands on her breasts for a few minutes and first he just held them.
Then he started to squeeze them and move his fingers over her now hard nipples.
Sharon smiled to herself and let out a low moan of pleasure.
She could still feel him pressing his rock hard cock into her ass.
Only her panties were stopping his rock hard cock from going into her asshole.

Sharon was enjoying him running his hands all over her breasts.
She was also enjoying him pressing his cock into her ass, Sharon realise that she was enjoying it too much and she reluctantly broke off their embrace.
She now turned and smiled at her son.
She then said to him.
“I now hope you have got this obsession with my knockers out of your head.
Please hand me my dress.”
Danny was still in ecstasy about his mother letting him play with her tits, he gave her a big silly smile then handed her the dress.

Sharon now slipped into the dress; it was a short black cocktail dress that just covered the tops of her stockings.
It had slips up each side so her stocking tops were revealed when she walked.
It also had a very low back and thin straps holding it up.
It was also very low cut in the front and showed off a lot of her cleavage.

Sharon now asked her son over her shoulder.
“If he will be so kind as to pull up her zip for her.”

Danny now with trembling hands pulled up the zipper of her dress.
He then grabbed her breasts and started to squeeze them once more.
Sharon laughed playfully and slapped his hands away and broke out of his hug.
She turned to face him and still smiling told him.
“To behave himself.”

Sharon now put a gold chain around her neck with a blue pendant on it.
She smiled once more to her son and as she was picking up her small black evening handbag she told him.
“To be good, she would have some dinner send up to his room.”
She then gave him a soft lingering kiss on his lips and left the room.

Danny now went back into his own room.
However he took the key out of her side of the communicating door so that she would not be able to lock it.
He then went back into his own room closing the door behind him.
luckily the TV in his room was a smart TV so he could send the footage of her getting fucked in the office by Stephen and Brian to the TV from his phone as he now watched it again as he jacked himself off as he laid on his bed.

However his smart TV kept losing the signal from his phone so he went back into his mother’s room who had a better smart TV and started to watch it again as he jacked himself off.

Sharon now stood at the entrance to the restaurant, soft music was playing and everybody was in their best clothes as there was a dance tonight.
Sharon was the first of her party to come down.
She then heard a voice behind her, she turned and it was Jerry.
He looked very handsome in his black dinner suit.
He complimented her on her dress.
Jerry now took her by her hand and led her over to their table.

Larry was the next to come to the table; he was also dressed in a rather nice black dinner suit. Larry was quite fat.
However the suit made him look very distinguished and successful.
Elizabeth and Geoffrey both came to the table together.
Geoffrey also looked very handsome in his black dinner suit.
Elizabeth was wearing a silver cocktail dress which was also low cut on the front.

Elizabeth and Geoffrey now sat down at the table.
Elizabeth smiled at Sharon and told her.
“How pretty she looked in her dress.”
Sharon could hear the bitterness in her voice.
Elizabeth did not expect Sharon to be wearing such a revealing and sexy dress.
She expected to be the best dressed at the table.
She expected all the men to be falling after her not Sharon.

The group now fell into polite conversation and the wine flowed freely the meal was very good and Elizabeth had forgotten her bitterness and was laughing and joking with Sharon now. This pleased Sharon as she did not want to fall out with Elizabeth.

After they had finished the meal they remained at the table and enjoyed the excellent wine and listened to the first class music.
A slow dance number now started to be played.
Before Jerry had the chance to ask Sharon to dance Larry beat him to it.
Jeffrey and Elizabeth looked on with amusement as fat Larry led Sharon off to the dance floor.
Jerry was rather mad but he kept it well hidden.
Before he could ask Elisabeth to dance Geoffrey was already whisking her off onto the dancefloor.
Jerry was now left at the table all alone, which was very embarrassing for him.
However within a few minutes he soon saw the funny side of this situation and started to laugh to himself as he watched everybody having a good time.
As Sharon and Larry dance together his hands were running all over her body.
Sharon just smiled to herself and did not say a word.
Larry took this for a green light and decided to make the most of the situation.
He was groping her bottom and he was also squeezing her big breasts as they danced. Sharon teased him a little bit by rubbing his cock through his trousers while they danced.
She was not prepared for the size of the bulge that developed in his trousers when she really started to rub him.
It looked like Larry was very well hung in the trouser department.
Sharon glanced over at Elizabeth and Geoffrey.
He was also taking this opportunity to rub his hands all over her body.
Like Sharon she was doing nothing to stop him.

After the song had finished they all returned back to their table, this continued throughout the night Elisabeth and Sharon danced with the men several times over.
Sharon was starting to get some ideas about Larry and Geoffrey because Jerry and Elisabeth seem to be getting very friendly and she seemed to be dancing nearly all the time with him.

Sharon decided to pay her attention on the two other men.
Sharon, Geoffrey and Larry were not surprised just before midnight when Jerry and Elisabeth made some excuse about wanting an early night.
They all knew that they were both heading off to Jerry’s room like the night before.
Sharon was now left at the table with the two horny men.
Sharon now astonished both of them by inviting them both up to her room for a night cap; she said this with a smile and a wink.
Soon they were in the elevator on the way back to her room.
Once the elevator doors had closed, both men grabbed her and were soon kissing her and Porno Hikayeleri squeezing her big breasts.
Sharon giggled and allows them to do whatever they wanted to do to her.

Danny had fallen asleep on his mother’s bed, when he heard her key in the lock and the sounds of hers and men’s voices.
He quickly looked around the communicating door was closed and he would never make it in time. However the wardrobe door was open.
He quickly turned off the TV and jumped into the wardrobe closing the door behind him.
He was only wearing his boxer shorts and a pair of socks.
He hoped they would not notice his clothes on the floor.

Danny was now peering out through a little gap in the wardrobe door.
He saw the door open and his mother stumbled into the room followed by two men.
One of the men had a bottle of whisky in his hand.
He had quickly liberated it off a trolley when they passed it on the way to her room.

Once inside the room one of the men closed and locked the door behind them.
The man with the bottle of whisky found some glasses and started to pour each of them a very large drink.
Sharon told the men.
“That she needed to go for a pee and would be straight back.”
Both of the men nearly choked on their drinks and Danny nearly fell out of the wardrobe, when Sharon came out of the bathroom.
She was only wearing her stockings and suspenders and high heels.
Her big tits and very hairy pussy were on display to them.
She just smiled at them both as she approached the bed.

Larry now handed her a glass of whisky with trembling hands.
Sharon took the whisky and knocked it back in one go.
She then took the bottle off Geoffrey and took a long drink from it.
She then walked away from the bed holding the bottle of whisky in her hand.

Sharon now turned to look at the two men she continued to take another long pull from the bottle of whisky.
Danny from where he was hiding in the wardrobe could literally hold out his hand and grabbed his mother’s naked ass she was so close to him now.

Danny like before was secretly filming his mother on his mobile phone, Sharon smiled at Larry and Geoffrey, she then did something really amazing.
Sharon put the bottle of whisky down on the floor it was a bottle of Grants single malt.
Sharon now started to do a sexy dance around the bottle of whisky shaking her ass and tits all over the place.
Larry and Geoffrey where encouraging her on with obscene comments and gestures.
Sharon now started to kneel over the bottle of whisky facing the men and showing her back and asshole to Danny.

Danny now watched as his mother lowered herself down so that her pussy lips were now touching the tip of the whisky bottle.
She now started to rub her pussy lips up and down over the whisky bottle.
She then lowered herself down onto the whisky bottle so it went right into her pussy.
Danny watched and filmed in amazement as she nearly took half the bottle into her pussy. She then raised up and started to go back down onto the bottle once more.
She now started to increase her speed as she used the whisky bottle to fuck herself.
She then said in a lust filled voice to both Larry and Geffrey.
“I suppose I best fuck myself with this bottle, because you to don’t seem to want to fuck me?”

Larry and Geoffrey looked at each other not understanding her.
Sharon continued to fuck herself on the bottle and just gave them a little mischievous smile. Both men suddenly understood what she meant.

Sharon was moaning and groaning quite loud now as she continued to fuck herself on the whisky bottle.
Larry and Geffrey just looked at her for a few seconds then they started to strip off all their clothes.
Both men did not have the best of bodies, Larry was quite fat and Geoffrey was very hairy.
Infact his nickname at work among the ladies who had gone out with him was Tarzan.

However it was not their bodies that now filled Sharon’s mind with lust.
She was looking at their cocks.
Geoffrey must have been nearly 10 inches long and quite thick.
Sharon was picturing all the pleasure that she would get from it once she had it in her wet pussy.
Larry’s cock was shorter but still a good 7 inches long and looked a lot thicker than Geoffrey’s cock.
Sharon now pictured all the orgasms it would give her.
She wanted it up her tight asshole.

Sharon now smiled at both men and told them.
“To stand on either side of her.”
Danny wished that they were facing the other way.
Sharon now started to suck from one cock to the other all the time she was gently raising herself up and down on the whisky bottle.

Danny was pleased that he had put his phone on charge before he had fallen asleep and that he had a large memory card in it.
So he did not have to worry about running out of space on the memory card.
He continued to hold his phone with one hand as he jacked himself off with his other hand.

Both Geoffrey and Larry were moaning with pleasure, her mouth felt absolutely wonderful on their cocks.
Both men were good friends and had often visited prostitutes and massage parlours together.
But they could not remember ever getting blown off as good as what Sharon was doing to them now.

Sharon could feel her orgasm about to hit her.
She quickly removed the whisky bottle from her pussy without once stopping sucking on their cocks.
She took the lid off the whisky bottle then she very quickly pushed it back into her pussy and continued to fuck herself with the bottle.
She then came and started to fill the whisky bottle with her sweet cunt juices.

Geffrey now moaned and started to shoot off into her mouth.
Sharon pressed her lips tightly around his cock so all his spunk would shoot directly down her throat and into her stomach.
Larry also came now.
But because her mouth was full of cock, he shot off all over her face and tits.
Sharon just winked at him as she swallowed the last drops of spunk from Geoffrey’s cock.
She then let Geoffrey’s cock out of her mouth and took Larry’s cock into it.
She just managed to catch the last spurt of his spunk in her mouth which she swallowed. Both men tasted delicious to Sharon.
She was now hooked on the taste of spunk cream.

Sharon now got off the whisky bottle; it came out of her pussy with a popping sound.
Sharon now took a drink from the whisky bottle, her pussy juice that had shot into the bottle made the whisky taste even better.
She now passed the bottle to the two men who each took a long drink from it.
Geoffrey joked that if they marketed this they would make a fortune.
All of them now just started to laugh at this little joke.

Sharon now climbed onto the bed and lay on her back. She now opened her legs wide and asked who wanted to be first.
For a fat man Larry moved quickly and soon he was positioning himself in between her legs.
Sharon let out a moan of pleasure as Larry thrust his cock into her wet pussy.

Larry now gripped her legs tightly and really started to pound his cock in and out of her pussy. Danny could hear it pounding in and out of his mother’s pussy.
He had a good view of his cock going in and out of her cunt.
Geoffrey watched this for a minute or so, and then he climbed onto the bed next to Sharon and started to rub his cock over her lips.
Sharon looked at him then opened her mouth so he could push his cock inside her mouth.

Geoffrey was now using her mouth as a cunt as he rammed his cock forcefully down her throat. Larry was still pounding in and out of her pussy.
Sharon was getting used like a common whore and she found to her amazement she loved this rough treatment.
Geoffrey was also roughly fondling her breasts as he rammed his cock into her mouth
Larry’s grip on her legs was also painful, but the pain mix with the sensation of him going in and out of her cunt was unbelievably good.

Larry now gave her some really powerful thrusts which made her squeal with delight.
He then groaned loudly and started to shoot off into her pussy.
Sharon also came when she felt his spunk shooting into her pussy.
Geoffrey on the other hand had not come yet.
So Sharon tightened her grip on his cock and started to suck him harder.
Soon she was rewarded with a mouthful of his spunk.
Which leaked out of the corners of her mouth now?

All three of them now collapsed onto the bed and rested for a few minutes.
Both Larry and Geoffrey were sucking on her breasts even though they had spunk on them. But the men did not seem to mind as they sucked on her big titties.
Sharon had a hand on each of their Cocks and was jacking on them once more to get them nice and hard.
She had not finished with them yet.

Sharon now moved to the end of the bed she still had their cocks in her hands.
She now smiled at the two men who were laid on the bed trying to catch their breath.
Sharon now started to suck from one cock to the other.
She was soon rewarded with two nice rock hard cocks.

Sharon now climbed onto Geoffrey she took his cock into her pussy and she started to ride him a few times getting used to his size.
She then told Larry.
To get behind her.”

Larry smiled at both of them, he knew what she wanted him to do within a minute or so he was ramming his cock up her tight asshole.
Sharon moaned with pleasure.
She now was getting fucked in both her holes at the same time.
Sharon now said to them both through her moans of pleasure.
“It is a pity I don’t have a cock to suck on as well; then I would be truly happy.”

Danny upon hearing his mother’s last statement was very tempted to offer her; his young cock to suck on.
However he did not know what her reaction would be to him suddenly appearing on the scene.
As on que to her last statement, her door opened and Jerry stepped in followed by Elizabeth they were both just wearing their dressing gowns.

Sharon and the two men were not aware of the presence of Jerry and Elizabeth until they heard Jerry’s voice say.
“Well this is a pretty picture.”
Elizabeth had started giggling now.

Sharon and the two men turned to see who had spoken they were blinded for a few seconds by the flash from Jerry’s phone as he took a picture of the scene on the bed before him.
Sharon was just about to tell the men to get off her.
When Jerry smiled and said to her.
“I think you were asking for a third cock?
Well it would be my pleasure to oblige you.”

Before Sharon could get out of this situation.
Jerry handed his phone to Elisabeth and told her.
“To keep taking pictures and videos.”

He then undid the belt of his dressing gown and let it fall to the floor, he was completely naked now.
He quickly climbed onto the bed, within a second his big hard cock was level with Sharon’s hot lips.
Sharon looked at him a little unsure what to do now.

The bedroom was now filled with flash after flash as Elizabeth continued to take picture after picture.
Larry and Geoffrey still had their cocks in her cunt and asshole, but they had stopped thrusting in and out of her.
They were waiting to see what she would do now.

Danny, who was still hidden in the wardrobe filming everything, also wondered what his mother would do now.
Jerry now took hold of his cockhead and started to rub it over her closed red lips.
Some of his pre-cum now started to dribble out of the tip of his cockhead and onto her lips.
Sharon opened her mouth and her tongue flicked out and tasted his cum.
She then smiled at him and wrapped her ruby red lips around his cockhead and sucked more of his shaft into her mouth.

She moaned through the cock in her mouth.
Geoffrey and Larry smiled at each other and both of them continued to thrust in and out of her.
Elizabeth had taken off her dressing gown and was also completely naked.
She was walking around the bedroom taking videos and pictures from different angles all the time.
Sharon now had a cock in every one of her holes; she had her boss in her mouth and her work colleagues in her ass and cunt.
How and when had she become such a slut?

Elizabeth was starting to feel a little left out of all the action now. She desperately needed a cock to fuck her or at least one to suck on.
However the men were occupied with Sharon.
Sharon felt like a princess she loved the attention of the three men.
She just wanted them to fill her up with cum.

Geoffrey was the first to cum, then Jerry came into her mouth and Larry came in her asshole. They now all collapsed back onto the bed.
Elizabeth now smiled to herself, at least she would get a turn now.
However Larry and Geoffrey were both exhausted and they both made some excuse and quickly got dressed and left the room.
Jerry too just gave Elizabeth a silly looking grim and then told her.
“That he too was totally exhausted.”
He then put back on his dressing gown and left the room.

Elizabeth just watched him go not believing that they would all go without giving her a good fucking. She was now in desperate need for some cock meat.
Sharon now laid back on her bed completely exhausted and very happy.
She was now in a dream world of spunk and cocks.
Elizabeth could see that her pussy was overflowing with spunk.
Sharon’s face was also covered in cum.

Elisabeth now let out a loud sigh; if she could not get spunk directly from the cock she did not mind getting it second hand.
Sharon was brought back out of her dream world by Elizabeth licking the spunk out of her pussy. Sharon lifted her head to see Elizabeth in between her legs happily licking away at her cunt.
Sharon had never had a woman do this to her before.

Sharon now smiled at Elisabeth and sank back down on to her pillows.
But she did opened her legs even wider so Elisabeth could get her tongue deeper into her cunt. Elizabeth enjoyed eating cum from a cunt.
She and her college friends used to do this all the time to each other after their boyfriends had given them a good fucking.

Elizabeth now had her ass up in the air as she continued to lick the spunk from Sharon’s pussy. Danny decided to get a close up view of Elizabeth’s pussy.
He leant forward a little bit out of the wardrobe.
But he still had his shorts down around his ankles and he lost his balance.
Before he could do anything to stop himself he fell out of the wardrobe.
Luckily for him when he hit the floor his phone bounced out of his hand and went under the bed. Danny saw where it had gone.
Danny now laid on the floor in his mother’s hotel room his boxer shorts down around his ankles and naked except for the socks he was wearing.

Both women now turned to look at him.
Sharon couldn’t believe that he had been in the wardrobe and Elisabeth couldn’t believe that there was a naked young lad in the room.
Sharon now came to her senses and cried out to him.
“Danny what the hell are you doing here and how long have you been in that wardrobe?”

Elizabeth looked from Danny back to Sharon a confused look on her face.
Danny still remained on the floor not daring to move.
He was trying to hide his cock from their eyes.
Sharon now took a very deep breath and spend the next couple of minutes explaining to Elizabeth exactly who and why Danny was here.
After she had finished explaining to her.
Elizabeth looked at Danny then just burst out laughing.

Elizabeth then said to Sharon.
“So nobody knows he is here?”
Sharon just shook her head and begged Elizabeth.
“Not to say anything to the rest of the group.”

Elizabeth now told Danny.
“To get up off the floor.”
Reluctantly Danny did as she asked him.
He had his hands over his cock trying to hide it from her view.
Elizabeth now told him.
“To step out of his boxer shorts.”
Danny stepped out of them and kicked them away.
Now he was completely naked apart from his socks, he still had his hands covering his cock and he was looking at the floor now.

Elizabeth now went and laid next to Sharon she wiped away a bit of spunk from her lips with her fingers.
She continued to look at Danny; he kept his eyes on the floor.
Elizabeth smiled to herself and told him.
“To look at them.”

Danny very reluctantly looked at them, his mother was looking away from him but Elizabeth was looking directly at him and smiling.
Elizabeth now said to Danny.
“You have been a bad boy and need to be punished.”

Sharon now turned to look at Elizabeth.
However Elisabeth just smiled at her.
Elizabeth now opened her legs wide and started to move a finger across her pussy crack.
She then told Danny.
“To get onto the bed.”

Danny was now sat on the bed crossed Legged his hands still covering his cock.
Sharon had turned around now and she was also looking at him.
She was still very annoyed with him for spying on her; she was also very worried about what he was going to tell his father.
Sharon knew that his father would go ballistic and promptly file for divorce straight away after he had given her a good beating.

Elisabeth now started to work two fingers in and out of her pussy all the time she kept eye contact with Danny.
He was looking at them and quickly looking back down onto the bed.
Elizabeth continued to work her fingers in and out of her pussy until they were both nice and sticky with her own pussy juices.
Sharon was also watching her, not knowing what she had in mind.
But too scared to say anything.
She didn’t want Elizabeth to go tell the others about everything that had happened.
Jerry would fire her on the spot, if he found out her son had seen everything that had happened in this room tonight.

Elizabeth now told Danny.
“To come closer to her.”
Danny slowly moved closer to her.
Danny was now sort of crouching over her stomach directly above her tits.
Elizabeth now held up her two messy fingers to him.

Elizabeth now told him to lick her fingers clean.
Danny looked at his mother but Sharon did not say anything she just looked away. Danny was getting quite excited now and his cock was now rock hard.
Danny took her fingers willingly into his mouth and sucked off all Elizabeth’s pussy juices.
She tasted wonderful.
Elizabeth smiled at Danny and told him to go down on her and lick her cunt out.
When Sharon heard Elizabeth’s last remark she turned to look at her.
Surely Elizabeth could not be serious he was her son after all.
Danny and his mother now locked eyes for the first time.
Sharon was just about to tell him to go to his own room.
When Danny disappeared in between Elizabeth’s opened legs.
Sharon watched in complete horror as Danny put his tongue on her friend’s pussy and started to lick her out.
Elisabeth stretched back on the bed and was soon moaning with pleasure as Danny pushed his tongue deeper into her pussy.
Sharon could not believe that she was watching her son lick out a woman’s pussy right next to her.

Elizabeth now cried out to Sharon.
“How wonderful his tongue felt in her cunt.”
As he brought her to a wonderful long overdue orgasm.

However Danny continued to lick at her pussy.
Elizabeth’s pussy was now so sensitive that she had to push his head a way from her cunt. When his head came back up out of her cunt.
Sharon could see his face was covered in Elizabeth’s juices.

Now Sharon was determined to send him back to his room and have a very strict word with Elizabeth this was totally over the top.
However Danny loved the taste of Elizabeth’s pussy and he was now looking at his mother’s cunt.
Sharon saw Danny looking in between her legs and felt very embarrassed especially as it still had plenty of spunk still inside of it.

Danny in his mind figured out that he was in a lot of trouble and whatever he did now he could not really get in any more trouble than he was already in.
This seemed to cheer him up in an odd sort of way.
So what he did next in his young mind was totally acceptable to him.
Danny saw that his mother was trying to close her legs and was pulling a sheet over her naked body.
Danny quickly got in between her legs and pushed them open and kept them open.
Sharon looked down at him in horror.
Danny looked at her for a split second then winked at her before going down on her cunt.
Danny now greedily started to lick at her pussy.
She tasted differently to Elisabeth because she also had a pussy full of spunk.
However this did not put him off one bit and he continued to lick and nibble away at her pussy.

Sharon was trying desperately to get him off her pussy.
But he was like a leech; he was on her good and tight now.
Danny now had her clit in between his lips and was teasing and sucking on it.
Sharon could not help letting out a soft moan of pleasure and soon she had given up fighting him and just lay back on the bed letting him do whatever he wanted to do to her pussy. Elizabeth had watched all of this with a big smile on her face.
She now took one of Sharon’s big nipples into her mouth and greedily started to suck on it as she continued to watch Danny eating out his own mother’s pussy.

Danny wanted to give his mother the best pussy lapping session that she had ever had.
Sharon’s moans and groans of pleasure were now getting quite loud.
When Danny lifted his head up to look at her, she quickly grabbed his head and pulled him back down onto her pussy.
This got a big smile off Elizabeth.
Danny now really got to work with his tongue, he was also fingering her with two of his fingers and ramming them in and out of her pussy as he licked and sucked on her clit.
With his tongue.

Sharon could feel her orgasm about to burst from her pussy.
She started to push her hips up into his face.
Danny continued to work on her clit.
Sharon now screened out loudly and spurted her pussy cream all over her son’s young face. She then collapsed back down onto the bed a look of pure ecstasy on her face.
Danny looked at his mother then looked at Elizabeth.
He then smiled at both of them and went back down on his mother’s pussy.
He now sucked up her pussy juices and continued to run his tongue over her outer pussy lips, which got low moans of approval off Sharon as he did it to her.

Before they called it a night Danny gave Elisabeth one more wonderful orgasm with his tongue.
After Elizabeth had gone back to her own room and as it was getting very late now.
Danny started to go into his own room.
Sharon asked him.
“Where he thought he was going.”

Danny told her.
“That he was very tired and was going to bed.”
Sharon now laughed at him and patting the bed next to her said to him.
“That he could sleep with her if he wanted to.”

Danny quickly got onto the bed and Sharon pulled the covers up over them both.
Danny cuddled up next to his mom and they both held each other for a few minutes before they fell asleep.
Danny fell asleep with one of his mother’s big nipples in his mouth.


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