Confessions Ch. 23 – Gloria

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Confessions 23 — Gloria

Thank you Angel for editing.

Have you ever noticed how life gets in the way of the simple things? Not just getting stuff done, but in the way of living out your fantasies and desires? The things you’ve always wanted to do but once you realize you want to do them it seems too late? I have that feeling a lot, mainly when it comes to my sexual desires and the naughty things I think I should have done before my husband slid the ring on my finger. Every now and then though, something happens and you cannot control yourself. You go with it and don’t think of the consequences from your actions; you just let yourself go and do what you want. This is what happened to me some time ago when my friend came to visit. A day of lust that took control I will never forget.

It was a Saturday. The kids were off to a ballgame with my husband and Laila’s husband so she came over to have a girl’s day, nothing out of the ordinary as we did this quite often. They went out and we got together to talk, bake and laugh. We had been friends forever, maid of honor for each other’s weddings, god parents to one another’s children, and keepers of one another’s secrets. I figured it would be another day like most with her, cookie making and complaining about the men.

We started our day the same as always, a cup of coffee as we flipped through our cook books and pulled out recipes, then a bit of baking. Around noon we had a sandwich and some wine before deciding on the next cookie to make, sugar cookies in the shape of stars; everyone likes those right? Then things changed.

I began to roll out the dough on the counter, spreading the flour as I went, when Laila sat down and gulped her wine. She took in a deep breath and sighed, “Do you ever wonder where the romance went?”

It wasn’t an odd question as we had talked about that very thing many times, but it was the way she said it; something was different about her, it seemed to be more defeated than curious. I looked over my shoulder and gave a smile to my old friend, “Of course I do. I think with kids and marriage, especially with the length of our marriages, it seems to fade. We, or they forget romance is needed. I have hope it will come back some day though.”

She nodded and I began to spread the dough, “He just wants to fuck, you know, just slam it inside me, cum and go to sleep, no caressing, no teasing, no build up. I feel like a cum dumpster. It isn’t that he isn’t good in bed, I mean I do orgasm, well most of the time,” she gave a little giggle as if she was a young woman talking about sex for the first time, “but I want more; I want to be teased, caressed, made love to. I want to feel soft and feminine. I want to explore and be explored, you know what I mean?”

Oh I knew exactly what she meant. The simplicity of what sex had become in my own life mirrored hers and I could almost feel her desires for a soft, gentle touch over a hard fucking. “I know what you mean Laila, it is the same for me, just enough to get off, not like what it used to be. Sometimes I find myself flirting with other men just to see if I get a reaction; not that I would do anything, but the thought of being chased a bit is exciting.”

She got herself another glass of wine and sat back down, “Being chased would be fun. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t married so I could do more, touch more, experience more, instead of a slap on the ass, a caress, slow and sensual. Instead of a grab to my breasts, a light touch and roll of the fingers over my nipples. Soft skin against mine and gentle kisses against my neck.”

I smiled at the thought and giggled a bit myself. “Like I could wiggle my ass a bit to tempt and they would do what I wanted instead of what they wanted right? Soft skin, what is that? He’s rough; I think you need a woman Laila.” I laughed at the thought of soft skin and she joined in.

Laila stood and looked out the window before turning back to me. “A woman might be fun,” she said with a chuckle. “I mean look at you. You have a sexy body, a wonderful ass, soft hands, beautiful lips; any woman would go for you.”

I smiled and gave my ass a little wiggle. “A sexy ass huh? I have not heard that in some time. It is funny how we think of other woman isn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I am always looking at them, comparing myself to them and wondering if they are doing the same to me. I mean, I don’t want to feel them or anything. Women are beautiful and nice to look at. I just wish I looked as good as others. Sometimes I think that is the problem; I don’t look as good as other woman.”

Laila bursa escort took a step closer. She was serious. She was really longing for a gentle touch. “Yeah, gentle and soft. I compare as well. I always wanted to have her ass or that one’s breasts instead of my b-cups. I find it fascinating how much time we spend making ourselves look good for men when we can just look good for each other. I have never been with a woman, but it has crossed my mind. We are sexual creatures after all. I am willing to bet we all long for that soft touch and if you keep wiggling your ass I am going to get all excited.” She laughed and gave a wry smile.

I smiled as I began to shape the cookie dough. “You leave my ass alone missy! I know what you mean about trying to look good for them. We get our nails done, our toes done, do up our hair, dress the way we think they will enjoy; hell, I wear a thong every day because I know he loves them. I don’t care for the damned things, but I do it. We do everything to please them and they don’t appreciate it. Now, being with another woman would be interesting. Maybe I should have explored a bit more when I was young, like played truth or dare with a group of girls and tried to spin it that way. You know, I dare you to kiss Janet or something and see where it lead.”

Laila took another sip of her wine, “Isn’t it funny that even our underclothes are for them? Today is a pair of black boyshorts with a pink paw print on the side. Yeah, sexy huh? I thought about other girls when I was younger as well; just the differences between their touch and a boy’s touch. Truth or dare would have been perfect; a little game to see who was game. ” She let a giggle escape her lips before continuing. “I thought about that once. when you had a sleep over with Jessica, Beth, Amy and I, we were all talking about boys and stuff and I thought about doing a truth or dare; More to see what the others had done with the boys, but the thought crossed my mind of daring Jessica to kiss someone because she was always saying what a good kisser she was. She was going to be my test subject because I knew she was the most experienced and probably the most willing. I still think her and Amy played a bit, they were just too touchy with one another to be simple girl play you know?” She took a few steps closer and I felt her finger run over my ass, “And if I did play with your ass, you would never want me to stop.”

It was a surprise to me the soft touch of her finger. The excitement it gave me was even more surprising. My nipples were erect, almost poking through my shirt and the heat in my panties was intense. I tried to play it off and act like I didn’t feel her, “Even the most uncomfortable clothes, we wear them just for them. It is odd that we do it though. They should have to dress up for us. I have no doubt that Jessica would have kissed anybody we dared her to and I agree her and Amy did more than a bit of teasing. Remember when they told us about the guy they shared? I am sure they shared more than him. They lit right up talking about it and kept giggling and smiling at one another. I think I could play with a woman if the circumstances and timing was right; of course being married takes that off the table doesn’t it? Now stop looking at my ass, you’ll get all excited.”

I had goofed around and teased Laila before. After all, we were girls and have known each other for a long time. Talking about one another’s ass was not something odd for us, but teasing about pleasing it and actually touching one another, that was new and something I thought would never happen. My mind raced as I thought about it though. Did she mean to touch me? And if so, how was she hoping I would react? And why did it turn me on so much to have her do it, to have her close to me, fingers touching me? I took in a breath and cut a few more cookies.

I could feel Laila close to me more than see her as she spoke. “Fuck marriage! If the opportunity came and the time was right, I think I would do it. Just something I always wanted you know? To feel a woman close to me, pleasing me and me pleasing her, just to try it. Hell the excitement of a gentle touch might do it alone, soft and gentle.”

I bit my lip, I knew she was close and her words were the same as my thoughts. Maybe I would, no, I knew I would play around with another woman. I found myself wanting to feel her finger again, to have her touch my ass the way she did earlier whether she meant to or not. I could feel my excitement growing at the thought of feeling her lips on my body, her hands exploring me and my fingers caressing bursa ucuz escort her. I took a deep breath and tried to maintain my composer. “I think it is a fantasy for all women to be with another one at least once, just to know. I mean we play with our men, but that is different, rough skin, furry kisses, harder bodies, not like a woman where it is soft and sensual. I don’t know if I could say fuck marriage though. I mean, we did say to love one another and no other.”

Laila moved closer and slid her fingers over my hip; I could feel her chest against my back and her lips moved closer to my ear. “And what if the opportunity came when you needed it the most? And is it cheating if it is with the same gender?” She let her fingers move around me to my stomach her thumb going under my shirt against my skin. “Would you stop it from happening Gloria? Would you deny yourself and her the experience you both long to have?”

Her lips closed on my ear and she kissed down the side of my neck. I released a small moan as she moved on me, her lips were soft and her hands chilly upon my body. I wanted to say no, to tell her it was wrong, but I couldn’t; I didn’t want her to stop.

Laila moved her hand up under my shirt and slowly ran the tips of her fingers over my lacy bra. “Would you deny yourself the pleasure of another woman’s compassion Gloria? Would you push her away and hope she moved further instead of pulling her close to taste her lips? Would you truly deny yourself the ecstasy that can come from her touch?”

Her words were soft, quiet in my ear. I wanted her to never stop talking, to continue, but I also wanted to turn around and taste her lips like she asked. I stood there for her, resting my hands upon the counter as her fingers slid beneath my bra and rolled over my hard nipples. I felt my hips move back, pressing my ass against her as she teased me, her lips slowly kissing at my neck. I barely whispered my reply, “I would let her continue Laila. I, I would let her do whatever she wanted to me.”

Her free hand moved slowly up my blouse unfastening each button with care until it opened for her, the cool air brushing against my flesh. Her mouth kissed the back of my neck as she pressed herself against my ass. I was so hot, so excited for her to take me like a woman, to show me what it was like to be with the fairer sex. Slowly, I moved my ass in small circles against her and heard her soft voice again. “I want you Gloria. I want to caress you, feel you, please you, and have you please me. I want to feel your body against mine, live through the dare and take one another. Fuck everything else, it is about us, you and me today; let us show the passion we have.”

Her lips moved back to my ear and I could resist no longer. I turned my head and let my lips find hers. I took her greedily, intensifying the kiss as her fingers rolled over my nipple. Her other hand slid down my stomach and unfastening my pants. Fuck it was intense! I don’t think I have ever been so hot and wet in my life.

Her lips left mine and began to travel down the back of my neck as her fingers unzipped my pants. Her lips were soft and slow upon my skin and I relished every touch. Her body moved from mine as she wiggled my pants down my legs exposing my little black thong to the cool air. She rolled my nipple one more time before moving her hand to remove the thin shirt from my body. And unfastening my bra, the fabric slid down my arms and came to rest on the cookie dough. Her lips hit the top of my ass; I felt my legs part for her and my torso dropped closer to the counter. “I’m going to give you so much pleasure Gloria, like I have always wanted to.”

Laila moved slowly as her fingers slid the thong from my ass and to the side parting my folds as she moved. She slid her fingers between my lips and caressed me, wetting her digits with my pussy. Her tongue flicked over the crack of my ass and without thinking I lifted it higher in the air for her. She did not hesitate and for the first time a tongue flicked over my rosebud. The rush of the excitement rolled through me and I thought I would burst. Her thumb slid inside my hungry pussy and she spun the tips of her fingers over my love button slowly.

My torso fell onto the counter, pressing my bra into the dough and I did not resist the moans that came from my lips. Her tongue swirled then pierced me as her thumb moved back and forth in my twat, her fingertip pressed against my clit. I could feel my wetness dripping from her hand and down my leg and I held out no longer, letting bursa elit escort a scream of joy escape me as my pussy grabbed onto her thumb repeatedly with my orgasm. She didn’t withdraw from me as I came, rather pressed hard inside me and against my clit. Her tongue wiggled inside my anus and my orgasm intensified like it had never done before. I bit at my lip turning my scream of delight into muffled moans of joy. Never had I cum so hard and long.

Slowly, she backed off of me, after my twat stopped gripping her. She stood and helped me turn around with a wide grin she kissed my lips softly, “Do you want to taste me Gloria?”

I couldn’t find the words and nodded to her. Her smile widened and she stepped back, her fingers already having her shirt hallway up her body. She slipped it over her head and I gazed upon her as her fingers moved to her bra and she released her beautiful breasts for me. She smiled as she began to unfasten her pants and spoke softly. “Should I keep my panties on for you? Do you want to taste my paw print?”

I looked at her with a desire I had never felt and nodded again. I did want to, I wanted to kiss the paw print of her panties and to play with her through them. I wanted to see if she was as wet as I was, soaked through the fabric that contained our sex. Her smile widened as she let her jeans fall onto the floor and she pulled herself onto the table. “Come show me your passion my friend.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement; I wanted her, wanted to taste her, to tease her, to please her. I moved my hips between her legs and kissed her softly, letting my fingers slide through her hair as I tasted her sweet lips once again. My free hand moved to her side and I caressed the soft flesh as I moved my lips to her chin, down her neck and over her breast to her nipple where I rolled my tongue over it. I gave a quick nibble then kissed down her breast to her stomach; I had always loved her stomach, so smooth and soft. She laid back as my hands moved to her hips and my mouth touched the fabric of her panties. I could smell the sweetness of her pussy through it and resisted kissing her there. Instead, I kissed at the paw print on the right side and moved my hand between her legs to feel the wetness of her though the black panties.

Fuck! She was as wet as I was. How long had we both been resisting the urge to take one another? Her fingers moved to my head and I slowly pulled her panties over to the side so I could see her shaved pussy. My lips moved slowly to her snatch and the first lick through her folds was like being in heaven, how good she tasted, how wet she was and how much I wanted to make her cum.

I rolled my tongue over her lower lips then to her clit where I circled it several times before moving back to her folds. My fingers slid inside her and I sucked on her as I began to press them deeper inside. Her moans began to deepen and I crouched lower to lick her better, my thong pressing hard against my sex. My desire intensified and I began to swirl her clit faster, pump my fingers harder. Her words were angelic. “I’m going to cum Gloria. Fuck, I’m going to cum!”

Her hand pressed my face tighter to her clit and I pressed my fingers deep inside her, wiggling the tips as her hips began to hump my mouth. The power, the grip, the quake of her pussy on my fingers was intense and wave after wave of her hot juices flowed from her. I loved it! Loved every second of her orgasm and every taste she let me take. I sucked and licked at her clit as she came, my fingers dancing inside her pussy as it grabbed at them. Never had I thought giving a woman an orgasm would be so exciting and exhilarating. I could feel my own pussy swelling for more attention as her orgasm carried on and I savored the moment.

She pushed at my head, her voice shaking. “Holy fuck, yes, okay, please. I need you, need you more, but I need to breath.”

I kissed up her stomach to her breast, over her nipple to her neck, up her chin and to her lips where she took my kiss greedily. When we broke, she had me help her stand. Her fingers found mine. Lifting my hand she kissed it softly then whispered, “Take me to bed and let me explore you more.”

I did as she wanted and we spent several hours exploring one another. Never had I had such a day of equal passion in my life and I can guarantee that no baking day was ever the same again. It is a secret for us, our passion, our desires, our lust, and we keep it for us, every chance we get. I have discovered a whole new world of gentle touches, mind-blowing orgasms, toys, games, caresses and intrigue. I always look forward to her visits and often find myself exploring my own body when I think of her. As I finish my confession, I know it is her pulling into my driveway and must go. Not only because she will know I have told you, but because I cannot resist touching her when she walks in.

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