Confessions of an Escort

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I’m Nicola, and these days I work as a secretary for my wealthy husband Mike. But in the past I made a good living out of working as a high class escort, specialising in watersports. In fact, Mike first met me as a client paying for my services!!

I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the…er…”adventures” that I had during those years.

I pretty much ended up pissing all over most of my clients most of the time. Actually, quite a few escorts are willing to offer this service if the price is right. But I was always just as willing to let the guys piss all over me too. Whether they peed in my face, in my hair, or in my mouth, I didn’t mind at all. The fact is that I loved it all, and it showed! Guys loved me, and I could command a very high price.

I have always been into it. Long before I went into escorting, I was happy to let my first serious boyfriend piss all over me. In the middle of my bedroom! And I didn’t give a damn about the carpet! And yes, even when I was on my own I’d sometimes piss on it myself just for the hell of it. It was just so much more fun than using the boring old toilet. I guess I had a thing about pissing in naughty places right from the start.

Anyway, when I was escorting I was soon able to buy my own house, which I had more respect for. I didn’t piss on my own carpets or furniture there for a long time, and in fact saved most of the action for my clients, so as to maximise the pleasure I got from my business. And who said business and pleasure don’t mix? They sure do if both your business and pleasure is pissing, haha.

Most of the action tended to take place Escort Bayan in their homes, or sometimes in hotels. Most often we’d enjoy golden showers before sex, both myself and the client pissing on each other. Some loved to have me piss in their mouths so that they could drink it. If they wanted to piss in mine, I was up for it. Very few escorts in the business – none that I knew of – were ever willing to go that far, so my services were in demand and I could charge a lot.

In the majority of cases much of the pissing action took place in the bath or the shower, or sometimes on a bed that had been covered with a plastic sheet. But there were a number regular clients who specifically wanted me to piss in naughty places around their homes, and these were great fun. They would often request that golden showers should be performed in their kitchens or some such place, so that our piss would cover the floor.

If a client only wanted to watch me pee and forego the sex, I’d offer a cheaper service, and this attracted a few occasional naughty peeing enthusiasts who were comfortably off without being super rich.

There was this one guy, a school headmaster, who liked me to dress up as a schoolgirl (I hasten to add that I was a fully grown adult in my 20s in case there is any doubt), squat in the middle of his living room, and piss all over his carpet while he masturbated. I suspect that he might have had “issues” of some kind. I’ll suggest no more than that. But I got to pee on his carpet and get paid for it, so who cares!

Another guy would sometimes pay me to call in at his place so that he could watch me piss on his bed! I assume he later got off by laying in it! I sure do like to think so anyway, haha.

Once, one client hired me to take my clothes off, stand in the middle of his living room, and piss all over the carpet right in front of both him and his girlfriend!!! I loved being watched by a girl for pleasure, which certainly greatly added to the thrill. And I began to realise that the idea of pee fun with girls turned me on too, though it was always guys that paid for my services.

The weirdest regular client I had was an older guy in his late 50s who was a senior judge. He had a large hall with oak flooring and would sit at one end in a plush armchair. Two young maids would be standing by the wall off to one side, silently observing, their services required later: presumably they were paid a hefty bonus.

I was required to sensuously strip naked to the accompaniment of soft music chosen by the client, after which one of the maids would turn the music off before resuming her place. Then I would stand naked in the middle of the hall with my legs apart, hands on hips, and piss all over the floor in front of both him and the maids. I’ll always remember how that large hall resounded with the sound of my pee splashing down.

Afterwards, I would bring him off with my hand whilst he watched his maids move in to clean up the invariably enormous mess I had made on his floor! It was all highly erotic, actually.

I met Mike for the first time when he hired me for sex and golden showers, the latter in his bathroom. However, he shunned the bath entirely and had us doing it all over the bathroom floor instead!

We hit it off very quickly on every level, not just the sexual one. So much so that before long I was offering him bargain prices and turning down other clients to be with him. He was the first client I ever took back to my own home. And the first guy I ever permitted to pee on my own kitchen floor! He was also the first guy to ever persuade me to pee on my own bedroom carpet, and for free as well, albeit after numerous drinks. Before long, charging him became unthinkable, we fell in love, and I gave up the escorting altogether and married the guy.

But as you can no doubt guess, pee fun has continued to play a big part in our lives to this day.

Especially fun are the “naughty weekends” we sometimes enjoy before cleaning or replacing our carpets, and some of our furniture if necessary. During these weekends, we never pee in the toilet! Instead, we just piss anywhere we feel like it, sometimes on each other! It is highly erotic when I am sitting at one end of the sofa, and Mike suddenly get’s his dick out and starts pissing against the wall right there beside me, and things like that. And for me to be able to think nothing of just squatting, or standing, and pissing on the carpet, or the furniture, or all over some table, and places like that, is such a turn on! I even like to piss all over the very bed we’ll be sleeping in, haha.

On my last birthday Mike bought me a special treat. He hired a willing escort girl to piss all over me in the living room! I had never been pissed on by another woman before so it was a totally erotic thrill.

I’ve told him what I want for my next birthday: I want to piss on another woman myself! I sure hope he can find someone willing, haha.

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