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“Come on in Connie,” Sue said, “Mom I’m home!” Sue runs into the kitchen looking for her mother and brushes a lamp with her hip. As its falling Connie dashes forward and catches it just before it hits the ground. Connie’s athletic reflexes and aggressiveness have always served her well. So well in fact she received a full scholarship for basketball at the local college. She might have gotten one for a big name basketball school but at 5′ 3′, she wasn’t exactly tall and her 38D tits tended to get in the way on occasion.

Connie puts the lamp on the table and enters the kitchen a few seconds behind Sue. Sue and her mother are hugging as she enters and Connie can’t help but notice where Sue gets her body from. Both women stand about 6′ tall with identical full round hips. Lush ripe breasts and raven hair. Connie loves tits. The only thing she likes better than tits is older women and at 51, Mary is 30 years older than Connie. Watching the two women hug, Connie is imaging what their pale skin would look like next to her olive complexion. Connie imagines making Mary eat her pussy, licking every inch of her cunt and drinking her juices. Maybe if Mary does it right and is a good girl, she “might” even eat her pussy. Connie muses to herself as she starts to plot how to get Mary in her bed.

“Mom, this Connie. Connie mom, I mean Mary Stone.”

“Pleased to meet you Connie, make yourself at home. The spare rooms in the basement, I just put fresh sheets on the bed, so you’re all set.”

“Wow, thanks so much Mrs. Stone, if you didn’t let me stay here during spring break, I would have had to stay on campus the whole time.”

“Think nothing of it Connie; we’ve got plenty of room. Please call me Mary; I haven’t gone by Mrs. Stone in years.”

“That’s right Connie, Moms a certified hippie chick. Only first names and we have to share our weed with her. All through high school, my friends called her Mary Stoner!’

“They did not you little liar. And what do you mean share Sue? When was the last time you bought?”

“I stopped buying right around the time I discovered where you hid your stash, in the Cookie Monster cookie jar on top of the cabinets. Kind of stupid hiding something from a kid in a cookie jar but I had no complaints,” Sue disengages from the hug and tries to dodge her mother’s mock wrath but is unable to avoid a glancing blow on her ass.

“You little bitch, get out of her before I take you over my knee,” Mary says with a big grin on her face. “Let me know if you need anything Connie. And don’t let that little brat corrupt you with lies about me.”

“I will Mrs. Ston, I mean Mary. Thanks again.”

Connie and Sue leave the kitchen and head into the basement to check out where Connie is going to stay. Connie is imaging having Mary’s head between her legs and is only half paying attention to Sue tell her about her room. She had always thought that Sue would be the perfect woman if only she were 20 or 30 years older. So needless to say, Connie was in heaven when she saw Mary. What she wouldn’t give to be with her just once.

“And what’s cool Connie, is you have your own bathroom so you only have to come up stairs for showers or baths.”

The two women sit on the bed smoking pot, giggling and girl talking.

“Sue, does your mom really smoke? I mean that must be so cool!”

“Yep, but it’s not like all the time, pretty much just weekends and such. Both my parents are pretty liberal and ever since dad left, mom is even more so,” The wheels start to turn inside Connie’s head.

“How’s she doing on the dating circuit since your father left? I mean she’s still a hot woman. I bet she gets any guy she wants.”

“Not much on that front I’m afraid. My mom and dad were going out since they were like 5. She was crushed when he left. I think she has become asexual.”

“That’s such a shame, maybe your mothers’ a lesbo!”

Sue has a coughing fit and hits Connie on the arm, “Are you kidding me? Mom and dad use to go at it all the time, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.” Sue looks at Connie with a glassy gleam in her eye,” Why are you always asking if someone’s a lesbian Connie? I mean you do it all the time. Are you a lesbian?”

Connie blushes, “Yeah right Sue, nothing like a nice pair of tits to turn me on.”

“You mean like these!” Sue pulls up her shirt and bra exposing her breasts to Connie for the briefest of moments and then yanks them back down, Giggling.

“SUE, what are you doing?” Connie laughs and blushes more.

“Just testing you Connie.”

“Did I pass?”

Sue smiles, “I showed you mine, let’s see yours,” Connie stares at Sue for a moment and after the briefest of hesitations, Connie very seductively exposes her breast to Sue, “Not bad for a munchkin Connie but how do you play basketball with those things bouncing around?”

Not getting the reaction she was hoping for, Connie quickly covers her self up, “I don’t know sometimes Sue, if I were bursa eskort taller like you it wouldn’t be so bad but at my height they just seem in the way all the time.”

“Girls, diners ready come on up!”

Connie and Sue come upstairs to eat. After they are done eating Mary starts to wash the dishes while Sue takes a shower to prepare for a date with her boyfriend, “So Connie, how do you like college?” Connie is so busy watching Mary’s ass wiggle as she washes the dishes; she almost didn’t hear the question.

“Oh, Uhm, its fine I guess Mrs. I mean Mary. But I’ll be glad when I’m done. Hey let me help you with those dishes,” Connie comes over to the sink, Mary’s ass drawing her like a magnet.

“Well thanks Hun, I can’t remember the last time I had help with them.”

Connie joins Mary at the sink. The two women continue to talk. As they do, several times Connie’s hands brush Mary’s and goose bumps pop up on Connie’s arms as she becomes very flushed. Mary’s right breast is right at Connie’s eye level as she takes little peaks at it. At one point Mary drops the dish towel on the floor as she is drying the dishes. Mary bends over to pick it up and her round expanding ass is virtually in Connie’s face. “Oh,” Connie whispers as she takes in the lovely site before her.

“Did you say something Connie?” Mary says as she picks up the towel.

“Oh nothing Mary was just clearing my throat.”

“See you later mom. I’m late for my date! I’ll be back later,” Sue cries as she bolts out the door.

“Well I guess it’s just us two tonight Connie. Why don’t you see what’s in the cookie jar while I change. Help yourself.”

“Ok Mary will do.”

Mary goes upstairs and Connie goes into the kitchen to find the cookie jar. She does and opens it up reaching in and removing the baggie inside. Connie watches TV in the living room, rolls a joint and starts to smoke as she hears the shower start to run upstairs. She is so relaxed that she jumps with a start as she feels a tap on her shoulder, “Holy Shit! You scared the crap out of me Mary.”

“That’s what you get for Bogarting the joint Connie. I figured I better take a few tokes now before my shower. If you’re anything like my daughter it’ll all be gone before I’m done,” She laughs as she reaches across Connie’s heaving chest to take the joint. Connie’s nipple gets rock hard as it brushes Mary’s arm as Connie turns to face her on the couch. She is stunned by the sight of Mary wrapped in a towel that just barely covers her nipples and not quit her ass. But it is the sight of those long slender legs disappearing under the towel that sets Connie’s pussy on fire. She just sits there watching as Mary throws her head back and takes a big draw on the joint, seemingly filling her breasts to the point that the towel can no longer contain them. Two more long pulls on the joint like this and Mary hands the joint back to Connie with a smile and she starts heading up the stairs, each sway of her hips threatening to dislodge the towel from around her and seemingly calling Connie to follow.

Connie is stunned and all she can think to do is take a few more drags on the joint as she continues to hear the shower run. Wondering what to do, she soon realizes that the bathroom door must be open as she sees steam start to roll down the stairs. Cautiously, Connie ascends the stairs and heads towards the source of the fog. As she enters the bathroom she sees the statuesque frame of a goddess silhouetted in the shower shrouded in steam. Connie is the fly being lured to Mary’s Venus fly trap, unable to say no to her eventual fate. All this time Connie thought she was the predator but now as she removes her clothes she knows that she is the prey caught in another’s web.

Connie enters the shower behind Mary and gently cups two full breasts in her hands. Mary leans back into Connie’s breasts and says, “What took you so long honey? I was starting to get worried I might have to start by myself.”

“I honestly don’t know Mary, you turn me on so much, and I get shy around you. That’s not me at all,” Connie is now massaging Mary’s breasts, letting them pour into her hands at each down stroke. Connie’s small hands can barely contain them as she rubs them over and over.

“Nothing to be shy about Connie, we both know what we want, I’m use to taking it, you should be too,” Mary says as she turns around, leans over and inserts her tongue deep into Connie’s mouth as she pins her against the shower wall. Mary’s right hand works its way between their two bodies and worms its way downward in search of Connie’s pussy. As her finger slowly starts to rub Connie’s clit, Connie can feel her body melt and her pussy get juicy as it opens up. Mary can’t decline this invitation and she slides her finger effortlessly into Connie’s cunt, pumping it while rubbing her clit with the palm of her hand. The only thing holding Connie up is Mary’s hand and her body pressing her into the shower wall as the heat from bursa escort bayan the shower and Mary’s expert attentions has turned Connie’s legs to rubber. Connie feels her orgasm start to build as she finds the strength to start bucking her hips on Mary’s finger. Mary very slowly pulls her finger from Connie’s primed pussy. She sees the warm cum on her finger and sucks it all off, licking her lips.

“That is so tasty Connie but I think I want you to suck my pussy now. You think you’re up to it? Or are you still too shy?” Mary starts to push Connie’s head down until Connie is on her knees. In this position Connie is the perfect height to service Mary and Mary wastes no time as she pulls Connie’s head to her mound. Connie is so not use to being in this position. She is supposed to be the dominant one. She is supposed to be pulling Mary’s head into her pussy. How is this happening? Connie is so out of her element she finds she doesn’t know what to do for an instant. But as she gets closer to Mary’s pussy, she gets her first sniff of woman and she knows instinctively what to do.

Connie’s tongue shoots out without even thinking about it and is surprised by the thick mat of wet pubic hair it encounters. She opens her eyes and she realizes she has never seen this much hair ever. Even matted down by the water it is a very thick bush of thick black hair. The hair tickles Connie’s cheeks as she presses her face into Mary’s large mound, her tongue teasing the lips open as it searches for Mary’s clit. She finds the rock hard little island and lovingly begins licking it with the middle fat part of her tongue, sliding her tongue up and swirling around and round the clit with the tip.

“That’s it baby, lick my clit for me,” Mary pulls Connie’s head tighter into her pussy and starts grinding it on to her lips and face. Little shivers are running through her body as her humping, grinding pace increases with each new lick. Mary suddenly stops with a big shiver and stairs hungrily down at Connie, “I want something special from you baby before I cum all over your face. Will you do it for me? If you do, I will teach you things you never dreamed of. Will you do it for me Connie?”

All Connie knows is she wants to please this woman. She will do anything for her to make her cum. Normally; Connie is the aggressive one, the one that needs to be pleased. This is new to her having to please another woman over her own wants. She’s not sure if she likes it but she likes it with this woman. No, she loves it with this woman. She will do anything this woman wants, “Oh Mary, I will do anything for you, you know I will. What is it you want Mary?”

Mary smiles at Connie, turns around, bends over and juts her round ass into Connie’s face. Connie is in shock as Mary’s widening cheeks loom in front of her. She has never even thought about licking or having her ass licked. But now Mary’s cheeks have her head pinned against the shower wall, grinding her ass into her face, “Oh Honey, lick my ass for me. I love having my ass licked, it helps me cum soooo hard. Don’t you want me to cum for you Connie?”

Connie cautiously sticks her tongue out to lick her ass. Finding it not unpleasant she starts to lick Mary’s crack from the base of her pussy all the way up to her ass with the flat of her tongue. Every time Connie reaches her chocolate star fish, Mary would push into her face harder coaxing Connie to start probing it. Connie gets the idea of what Mary wants and starts dabbing at her brown hole with her tongue. Connie’s whole face is surrounded by Mary’s hips by the time she starts pushing her tongue into Mary’s tangy opening, “OOOOHHH Baby push your tongue in for me, rim me baby,” Mary is starting to make low husky moans as she rotates her hips in circular motions on Connie’s tongue forcing it deeper inside her anal cavity. Connie is getting very turned on at Mary’s actions and she grabs Mary’s hips with her hands and rams her tongue into her ass as deep as it can go, fattening it and swirling the rim as she pulls it in and out. A nice warm feeling starts to spread through out Mary’s body as she feels that special spot inside her ass start to awaken. The very tip of Connie’s tongue is just making contact with it, teasing it to expand to reach Connie’s tongue. A strong body length tingle starting deep inside Mary’s bowels tell her it’s time to move to the bedroom. She pulls her ass away from Connie’s talented tongue, pulls Connie to her feet and leads her into her bedroom.

Mary sits on the bed with her legs wide open facing Connie. Her large breasts are swaying back and forth like a pendulum, hypnotizing Connie with each new swing. Her breasts are perfectly shaped and about the same size as Connie’s but they look much smaller due to Mary’s height. Her nipples are very round and wide but barely stick out at all from her breasts and her stomach is sexily round like the women portrayed in all those renaissance pictures and statues. But oh görükle escort that bush. Connie has never seen a hairy female bush before and the sheer excitement of the newness of it starts her own pussy trembling. Little droplets of water are still trapped in it from the shower, with ever more of them working their way through the labyrinth of hair to drip to the floor. Connie can just barely see the outline of a large swollen mound protruding through the forest of hair with just a hint of some sort of wetness other than water peeking out from between its crack.

“Connie come her please,” Mary says as she opens her arms. Connie walks to Mary and stands between her legs. Because of the height difference Connie is eye to eye with Mary sitting on the bed and it is only natural for her to start kissing Mary gently on the lips. Mary’s lips are very full and juicy and Connie finds herself loosing herself in the lushness of them pushing back into her equally pouty lips. Both women’s kissing intensifies as they rub their moist soft lips onto each others. Mary reaches her arms around Connie’s waist and with an irresistible force; Mary pulls Connie into her body so both women’s breasts are messaging the others in an erotic dance.

Mary lowers her hands and starts to rub Connie’s ass cheeks in slow soft circles. A shiver runs through Connie as her sensitive ass revels in the attention it is receiving from Mary’s soothing strokes and with a breathy moan, Connie darts her searching tongue into Mary’s parting mouth. Mary receives Connie’s tongue with a smile and she begins wrestling with it with her own tongue. Mary lets Connie keep her tongue in her mouth for a little while before she reasserts her dominance over Connie by pushing her much longer and stronger tongue back into Connie’s mouth. Mary’s tongue is deep in Connie’s throat when Mary starts grabbing Connie’s voluptuous ass and kneading it with her hands from underneath her full womanly curves. Connie moans her approval into Mary’s mouth as more, stronger shivers awaken every nerve in her body. Mary draws her tongue out of Connie’s mouth while sucking Connie’s tongue back into her mouth with her lips, finally releasing it only to suck Connie’s full lips one at a time into her mouth.

Connie’s legs start to wobble from the shivers and she would have fallen if Mary wasn’t supporting her ass. Mary smiles at the quivering woman in front of her and stands up. As Connie regains strength in her knees, all she can see is two large breasts in her face. With out even thinking her mouth opens and sucks a nipple into her mouth. A hiss escapes Mary’s mouth and she cradles Connie’s head to her tit, pushing it further into her mouth. Mary’s nipples protrude so slightly, it’s hard for Connie to get a good grip on the wide node with her lips so she starts to nibble and bite the nipple with her teeth. This is just what Mary wants as it is now her turn for her knees to buckle from the shivers through her body as she feels Connie’s rock hard nipples push into her belly.

“That’s it Connie, bite them for me, bite them a little harder baby,” Connie is grabbing on to the wide nipples with her teeth, pulling the whole breast away from Mary’s body until the nipple scrapes its way free from her teeth sending more shivers through Mary’s body. She repeats this several times then begins chewing on the nipple with her molars, gently grinding them between her jaws. Mary throws her head back at this and the shivers are now turning into quivers as Connie feasts on her tit. Connie now reaches down to cup Mary’s mound but before she can Mary grabs her hand and pulls away from Connie with a big shiver.

“Ohhhaaa, Not yet baby, you’ll make me cum if you do that and I don’t want to cum just yet, ok sweetie?”

“Ok Mary, what do you want me to do?” Connie says with an eager look in her eye.

“Hm, lets see, I know, why don’t we finish what you started in the shower. Now that you know how much I like it, I’m sure you will be even better than before!” Mary says with a hungry gleam in her eye as she quickly jumps on the bed on her hands and knees with her ass spread wide turned up towards the ceiling.

Mary’s tits are swaying beneath her as she begins wiggling her voluptuous, wide open ass in the air, “Come and get it Connie.”

Connie hesitates a moment, still not convinced she likes licking Mary’s ass. It’s not that it tastes bad but more that she feels so submissive when she does it. But there is something about being submissive with Mary that turns her own. Almost as much as being the aggressive one normally does. So with a shrug of her head, Connie slowly crawls on the bed up to Mary’s gapping, waiting ass. Connie starts feeling herself become a little excited as she gazes at the sight before her. Mary’s full, round, womanly but spreads out nicely in front of her. Just below her ass, Connie sees her true goal. The inner pinkness of Mary’s mound can’t quit be hidden by the mass of thick pubic hair encircling it. Nor can the hair mask the strands of white female cum caught in it trying to escape its net. Connie can smell the warm earthy odor from Mary’s ass mingled with the smell of wet pussy beckoning her forward with each wiggle of Mary’s hips as her tongue stretches out to caress her pulsating ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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