Corey and Noah Pt. 02 Ch. 03

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I was sitting next to a large pool lit from underwater lighting. The effect was mesmerising, so much so that I could hardly take my eyes away from the slightly rippling water which shimmered a soft cyan colour. There was a tiny bit of steam protruding from the surface of the water indicating that the pool was in fact heated. I couldn’t believe how rich Tom Wilsons’ family must be. After a while, I tore my eyes away from the water and took a long sip of my vodka mix. I shivered a little as the liquid travelled down my throat. It had been a while since I had drunk.

‘You all good Noah?’ I glanced over at Nick who was sitting on the same bench as me.

‘Yeah I’m okay.’ I said, quickly taking another sip.

I was keen to get tipsy as quickly as possible. I didn’t want to be sober when Corey got there. I’m not sure how I would handle seeing him really so I’d rather do it whilst under the influence.

‘What do you think of that chick over there?’ Nick asked, pointing into a throng of people flooded by the light from the back door of the house.

‘That’s Britney isn’t it?’ I said, recognising the frizzy blonde hair and skimpy attire. ‘I think she wants me tonight,’ I continued rather dully.

‘Shit, you should go for it mate. She’s fucking hot.’ Nick said, raising his eyebrows.

I laughed lazily and said, ‘I don’t know man, I’m not sure if she’s my type.’

‘Dude!’ Nick punched me in the thigh, ‘Hot isn’t your type? You have to get over whatever’s wrong with you man. If you don’t stop sitting there like that then no girls going to suck your dick tonight.’

Wondering if that would be so terrible, I watched as Britney turned away from her friend and looked over in our direction. Before I knew it, we had locked eyes and she had started moving towards us.

‘Shit mate, here she is. Don’t fucking blow it.’ Nick said, nudging me painfully in the rips.

There was nowhere to hide so I just took a few more sips of my drink before she arrived standing in front of us.

‘Hi Noah.’ She said simply.

My eyes lingered on her short skirt and protruding breasts as she sat down between the two of us.

Placing a hand on my leg, she said, ‘I was hoping to see you here.’

Her breath reeked of alcohol so I had a hard time turning to face her. I wasn’t nearly drunk enough for this. Glancing over, I noticed Nick giving me a thumbs up behind Britney.

‘Aren’t you happy to see me?’ Britney said softly, her hand moving noticeably closer to my cock.

‘Yeah, sure.’ I said, still not looking at her.

I had just noticed a bunch of guys arriving to an array of cheers from partygoers. They were pretty far away and only partially lit by the house but I thought I could make out a short boy with dark brown hair in-amongst the other footy players.

‘Do you want to go upstairs?’ Britney said more insistently, closing her hand directly on my dick.

I jumped up suddenly, my eyes still fixed on the group of guys who were now moving into the house.

‘Maybe later.’ I said, throwing a glance at a shocked Britney still sitting on the bench, ‘I’ve just gotta -‘

I trailed off, not really knowing what to say. It didn’t matter however. I quickly poured myself another drink and tried my best not to run towards the house. Most of the people were standing around the backdoor. Here, there was a radio sitting on a table full of alcoholic drinks of every kind. Some people had already begun to dance to the rock music protruding loudly over the chatter of desperate guys trying to hook up with girls. I moved through the throng and through the backdoor which led to a very messy kitchen. A few guys had ransacked the fridge and were passing food around. A big guy was already keeled over the sink. Casibom

Trying not to think about how much vomit may be filling the sink, I moved into a narrow hallway with a few loiterers. A guy and a girl were making out ferociously. He was pressing her into the wall rather roughly and his hand was lost up her skirt. Swiftly, I moved around them and turned to continue up the hall. In front of me however, was three guys I recognised.

I froze.

Lachlan was first, he threw back his hair and glanced at me as he passed. Tom gave me a similarly dark look. I guess they weren’t all that impressed that I had left the footy team with such short notice. I was a pretty good player and from what I’ve heard, they haven’t been doing very well since. I didn’t really care at the moment however. All my focus instead, was drawn to the last of the boys.

His head was down but just before he passed, Corey looked directly at me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything. My mind had gone completely blank. My mouth was dry and I nearly dropped the drink that lay forgotten in my hand. Before I knew what was happening however, Corey had passed as well. He didn’t say anything or even have enough time to adopt an expression.

Moments later, I still remained where I was. I considered turning and running after Corey but somehow, I sensed that I shouldn’t. If I talked to Corey again, it would have to be alone.

‘Oh fuck,’ a girls voice squealed behind me.

I glanced around and caught a glimpse of the guy standing in front of the girl, his pants around his ankles. His smooth arse protruding from under his shirt. He was fucking her right there in the hall, his face buried in her exposed breasts. The girl glanced at me and I quickly turned and walked away.

As I re-emerged into the backyard, my mind was buzzing. I noticed Corey standing with his back to me. He was laughing with Tom and Lachland about something I couldn’t hear. My eyes lingered on the back of Corey. I wasn’t really sure what I was thinking. Too many emotions to count were running through me and I wasn’t sure which to rely on. I was as frozen as I had been in the hallway, simply staring at Corey. My eyes moved from his mattered hair, down his back and rested on his arse. It was always stood out so clearly in those jeans.

After a few seconds, I shook my head. Glancing around, I spotted Britney chatting with a group of her friend. Before I could stop myself, I moved towards her and pulled her away.

‘Noah!’ She exclaimed sweetly.

‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘Wanna go upstairs?’

‘Ooh yes.’

It took no time to find an empty bedroom. I locked the door and turned to find Britney sitting on the bed. I walked over to her, undoing the button and zipper of my jeans as I went. By the time I had reached her, my cock was in my hand. I took a swig of my drink and looked down at her. Britney was smiling. Looking at me for a moment, she opened her mouth and took my semi-erect penis.

I moaned a little; it felt good.

Britney’s head moved back and forth as I continued drinking. It didn’t take long before I was thrusting myself deeper into her mouth. She gagged a little as I began to test her reflex. She could take cock pretty well. She cupped my balls as I fucked her face hard. Soon enough, saliva began to drip from her mouth.

Although it felt good, I could feel that my dick still wasn’t fully hard. I pulled it out and held it for a moment. Britney looked up at me again and licked her lips. Even though everyone thought she was very hot, I just couldn’t see it. Her face just looked stupid to me. Still, I pulled back my foreskin and slapped my cock gently against her tongue.

‘You like that?’ I asked, feeling rather stupid.

She nodded and Casibom Giriş rolled her tongue around my knob.

‘You want me to fuck you?’

Britney nodded again so I pulled my dick away, dropped my empty cup on the floor and turned to fall onto the bed. I pulled a condom out of my pocket before using my feet to kick my jeans and undies off. Britney removed her skirt and thong too as I unravelled the condom over my dick. In no time it seemed, she moved towards me and hovered her vagina over me. I had never seen a vagina before. Not really wanting to because it made me a little queasy to look at, I moved my hand towards her clit and started to rub it. Britney moaned softly and began to massage my cock. She needed to as well because it was again in danger of going soft.

‘Put it in.’ I said softly, still feeling very stupid.

She positioned herself and pushed my dick into her vagina. It didn’t go in strait away and I knew why. I was only semi-hard and had started bending and she tried to push it in.

‘Suck it for a bit.’ I said rather desperately.

Britney did so and I closed my eyes. It felt okay and her rubbing of my balls and the deepness in which she pushed my dick began to make me hard again.

‘Put it in.’

Britney moved onto me and once again tried to sit on my cock. It went in this time, and I felt the warmth of a vagina for the first time.

I began to thrust and Britney began to moan. She bounced up and down as I pushed myself upwards. I didn’t really know what to do with my hands so I moved them up her legs and onto her stomach. Then it occurred to me that she had boobs and I moved my hands up to pull them out. It wasn’t easy because she had a bra on but eventually, I was holding her breasts as she jiggled up and down.

This went on for a long time.

In fact, it went for so long that she asked, ‘Are you close yet?’

I shook my head and concentrated harder. Her movements just weren’t doing it. Although I felt pleasure initially, it was like I didn’t know that I was inside her.

‘Turn over.’ I said and she pulled out.

Britney moved onto her hands and knees, her large ass facing me. I could see her arsehole and clit. Jumping up onto my knees, I moved my dick towards her only to find that it was almost completely soft again. Panicking a little, I rubbed her clit for a minute or so.

‘What’s wrong?’ Britney finally asked, ‘Why aren’t you fucking me?’

I didn’t really know what to say. Britney turned towards me.

‘What the fuck?’ she said, staring at my pathetically soft cock. ‘What’s wrong with you, you freak?’

She had jumped up and began to pull her clothes on.

‘You know I’ve fucked a lot of guys! I know how hot I am! What the fuck is your problem, why can’t you get hard?’

I had literally no words. I was still kneeling on the bed with no pants on, watching Britney shove her tits away.

‘You can go fuck your buddies instead you fucking faggot!’

And with that, Britney was gone.

It seemed like hours were passing as I kneeled there, staring at the door. For the second time that night, I didn’t really know what to think. Eventually, I realised that I was cold and got down from the bed in search of my undies and jeans. Pulling them on, I moved towards the window and watched the party below.

Britney’s words were ringing in my ears as clearly as if she was standing next to me. I began to tremble, thinking of that night in my room in which Corey had accused me of being a faggot.

Why couldn’t I just fuck Britney like all the other guys?

I gripped the windowsill tightly as my body shook and it didn’t take long for my eyes to flood with tears and for me to sink to the ground shaking violently. Casibom Güncel Giriş


As the night wore on, the party intensified. There were more than a few girls and guys lying motionless in the garden. From where I sat, I could just barely make out two people fucking in the darkness of the bushes. The large keg which resided by the back door was growing emptier and emptier and noticeably less people were engaging in normal conversation.

I was sitting back where I was with Nick at the beginning of the party. Nick himself was nowhere to be seen but that was a good thing. I didn’t want anyone to get too close. I felt like my eyes might still be red and puffy. I couldn’t see Britney anywhere either, yet this didn’t worry me in the slightest.

I drank heavily from a plastic cup. It had to be my tenth or eleventh vodka of the evening, not to mention the shots I had done with my mates upon returning from the bedroom a couple of hours ago. My mates had since dispersed with only Nathan and Jarrod residing in my line of sight. They were talking to a couple of other guys I didn’t really know, who seemed to be trying to dare them to do something.

Corey on the other hand was quite visible. He and Reece were standing by the radio, apparently trying to do some lesser version of beer-pong with a ping-pong ball. I tore my eyes away because looking at Corey filled me with unexplainable sadness. Instead, I downed the rest of my vodka as Nathan and Jarrod tore off their clothes off and jumped into the pool. Many people cheered and whooped. Two other guys followed, ripping all their clothes off and jumping into the apparently warm water. Below the splashing and turbulent water, I could still make out three soft but impressive dicks under patches of dark hair, and Jarrod’s rather small one.

Then, quite suddenly, people were shouting. I looked towards the back of the house and jumped up. Dropping my drink, I pelted towards the increasing crowd of onlookers and barged my way into the centre.

Reece was laying on the ground, his nose slightly bent and bloody. It looked as if he had just been punched in the face. Standing over him was Ben. He was clearly very drunk. His long hair dangled over his eyes as he stared Reece down.

Corey was standing next to Ben looking noticeably drunk as well. His cheeks were red and his eyes unfocused.

After a few seconds, Ben said, ‘Your turn now you gay fuck.’

‘No!’ I shouted, leaping forwards.

People were yelling words of drunken encouragement. Ben had swung his powerful fist at Corey and hit him in the cheek. Moments later, he had the wind taken out of him as I tackled Ben into the ground.

Ben slammed into the concrete and recoiled as I punched every part of him I could reach. Rage beyond any I had ever experienced filled me, giving me strength I couldn’t have imagined. Then, before I knew it, I experienced an intense pain in the back of my head as if someone had just punched me.

Turing around, I found a naked Jarrod; dripping wet and fists raised. His small cock was shrivelled in the cool air.

‘Guys, fucking chill!’ Nick shouted, jumping in between us, ‘Jarrod, Ben, fuck off!’

‘Nah man, he fuckin -‘ Jarrod began.

‘I don’t give a shit! Fuck off you fat cunt!’ Nick yelled.

Jarrod looked ready to hit Nick this time but thought better of it. He turned and skulked back towards the pool, his fat arse cheeks jiggling in his wake.

‘You too Ben, get out of here!’

Ben didn’t need telling twice. He pulled himself off the ground and limped away with Nathan who was also butt-naked.

‘Are you alright man?’ Nick asked, turning to me.

‘Yeah I’m fine.’ I said, rubbing the back of my head.

Losing my balance a little, I looked around for Corey and Reece but they were nowhere to be seen.

‘Where’s Corey?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know, I think they left.’ Nick said, putting an arm around me, ‘Common man, sit down, you looked pretty fucked up ay.’

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