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Anal Dilatation

“Caitlyn, can you get the mail?” My mom called out from the kitchen.

I glanced down at myself. I was wearing black velour shorts and a white tank top with a plunging neckline. I wasn’t wearing a bra and the shorts was so tight that the soft swell of my pussy mound was visible. I hesitated for just a brief moment, did not see any neighbors around, and quickly walked out into the sun.

I jogged over to the mailbox, picked up our mail and was about to walk back to the house when I saw my new neighbor. She was in her garage, apparently working on her car. The hood was up and she was bent over. It was one of those old vintage cars you see in antique car shows.

She had moved into our neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and we hadn’t formally introduced ourselves other than the casual wave and smile. Forgetting my scanty clothes, I walked over to introduce myself.

Not wishing to startle her, I cleared my throat loudly and called out “Hi” even before I reached her garage.

She straightened up and turned around. A smile lit up her face when she saw me, “Hi, I am Nancy.” She held up her greasy hands apologetically.

“Hi Nancy, I am Caitlyn. I live next door.”

“Yes, I have seen you but didn’t get a chance to talk. Nice to finally meet you, Caitlyn!”

“I hope I am not bothering you. I can come back later if you wish.”

“No stay. I am almost done.” Her voice was soft but had a quiet authority about it. I saw her glance at me with an appreciative smile. Without another word she leaned back under the hood of her car.

I watched as she tightened a greasy bolt. The spanner slipped from her fingers and fell inside the engine. Without thinking, I reached in to pick it up but was surprised when Nancy said sharply, “Don’t!” And before I could reach the spanner she grabbed my hand and quickly pulled it out.

“I just drove in and the engine is still hot. I didn’t want you to get burned.” Her tone had softened a bit.

I looked at my arm where she had grabbed it. It was coated with grease from her hand. Nancy followed my eyes and smiled, “I am sorry, Caitlyn. I didn’t mean to rub dirty grease over your delicate arm.”

I shrugged smiling, “It is okay. Glad I didn’t get burned. The grease will wash off, I am sure.”

“I have a special soap to wash off grease. Let me wrap this up and we’ll go in and wash it off.”

I stood a couple of steps behind her and watched as she leaned back in. She was wearing a short, really short blue jeans shorts and a red sleeveless tank top. She had thick curly red hair cut short. She looked quite tall, at least five nine. Beside her my five six frame looked short.

“There, all done! I have to take a test run but that can wait until we wash up. Come on in.”

Again her tone surprised me. It was as if she didn’t expect to be disobeyed. I wondered what she did for a living. I hesitated before followed her in.

She opened the kitchen faucet and waited for the hot water to flow. She asked me to rinse my arm in the hot water and then proceeded to spray soapy foam on to the greasy spot. I was surprised when she gently took my hand in hers and rubbed my arm with a soft wash cloth. The way she held and rubbed my arm sent a warm tingle down my spine. It felt like a sensuous massage!

She looked into my eyes and asked, “Feel good?”

I nodded hoping she’d continue. Nancy smiled and held my arm under the warm jet of water. She then proceeded to wash her own hands. As we were drying our hands with soft towels, she said, “This is a special soap. It not only cleans grease but it also leaves the skin moist. For the amount of grime I pick up daily, I don’t know what I’d do without it.”

She gently reached for my hand and ran her fingers lightly over my arm. “Your skin is very silky. I am glad the grease washed off easily. Otherwise I would have felt very guilty.”

I laughed, “It is not a big deal, Nancy.” I continued, quickly changing the subject, “What do you do for a living?”

“I am an aircraft mechanic.”

“Wow, no wonder you are able to repair your car yourself. Must be nice!”

“Yes, I love what I do. How about you? What do you do?”

“I will finish college this year. I plan to do my Masters next.”

“Wow, brains and beauty, huh? What a deadly combination!” She laughed.

Her subtle compliments, firm voice, and gentle touch made me feel good. “You are gorgeous, Nancy! I don’t know how you keep the men at bay at work. I have heard that mechanics are always horny!”

She looked directly at me and said, in a matter of fact voice, “They leave me alone; they know I a lesbian.”

I didn’t know what to say and Nancy misunderstood my silence, “I am sorry but if you’re not comfortable, please feel free to leave. I won’t be offended.”

“No, no, it is not that. In fact two of my closest girl friends are gay. It is just the way you said it caught me by surprise.”

She laughed, “I don’t like surprises and so I am upfront about my life style.”

I hesitated, “Do you have a girl friend?”

“Yes, bursa escort bayanlar I do. Her name is Jennifer but she still lives in Los Angeles. I recently got transferred to Dallas. Jenn is a school teacher and plans to join me after schools are out for summer. Hopefully she will find a good school in this area where she can teach next school year.”

Nancy disappeared into a room and came back with a small photo album. I assumed the pretty blonde to be Jennifer. There were several photos of Nancy and Jennifer together. Some of the poses were quite intimate, making me blush. My eyes lingered on the one where they were kissing; their arms were around each other, hugging tight.

“You’re both gorgeous!” I finally said, handing the album back her.

She smiled, “You think so?”

“Yes, I think you have a great body and a beautiful face. I love your hair.”

“Thank you Caitlyn. “

“And…” my voice trailed off.

“What? Go on say it.”

“I love the way you take charge. Your voice is soft yet commanding. Your touch is firm yet comforting. You come across as caring yet controlling. Is that what Jennifer loves about you?”

Nancy laughed and openly stared at me from head to toe, taking in every little detail. “You know you remind me of my Jennifer a lot. Besides being blondes and gorgeous, you both have an endearing smile that just melts my heart.” She continued, “Can I ask you something personal too?”

Before I could answer, my cell phone rang. “Hi Kevin.”

Kevin was my boy friend. “Darling I have to work late tonight. I won’t be able to take you out to dinner. Sorry.” His was genuinely disappointed.

“That’s oaky,” I said, hiding my own disappointment. “Come over tomorrow for lunch. Maybe we can swim in the pool. It is going to be a hot Sunday.” We said our byes and ‘I love you’s and hung up.

“That was my boy friend Kevin.” And then I remembered she was going to ask something. “You were about to ask me something?”

“I was about to ask you if you had a boy friend. That call just answered my question.”

“Yes, Kevin and I have been together for a couple of years now. He’s is in his mid twenties. A charmer, and a very successful business man.”

“Does he live here with you?”

“No, he lives a few miles from here. I live here with my mother since it is nearer to my school. It also lets me focus on my studies rather than worry about maintaining a home. Kevin travels a lot and so for now it works out great for us.”

“Are you guys planning to wait until you get married before having…sex?” Nancy laughed.

I blushed. Something about this woman was making me light headed. “No, of course not! We have a lot of fun. Kevin is open to trying anything and has taught me a lot.”

“You mean sexual adventures?”

I nodded, “We made love the night I turned eighteen. That was the best birthday gift of the day. He taught me how to blow a special candle! I giggled and added, “And we have sex every night we are together.”

“So what happens when he travels out of town?” Nancy seemed genuinely concerned.

“Oh, I have enough toys to keep me busy.” I giggled and then switched the focus back on her. “What about you and Jennifer? How do you manage this long separation?”

“Toys of course! We use them when we are together and use them when we are apart. But what I miss is the softness of her slender fingers and the warmth of her mouth..all over my body.” Nancy seemed lost in thought for a while.

The way she said it made me acutely conscious of her sexual preference. And I felt myself getting turned on! I have had sexual conversations with my lesbian friends, but that was more out of curiosity than arousal. Somehow Nancy’s words made me concious of my body and her nearness made me warm all over. My nipples were thrusting against the soft white top.

“When I am alone I work out at the gym to the point of exhaustion. After that a cold shower and am asleep the instant I hit my bed.”

” Have you ever …” I left the sentence unfinished, unable to bring myself to ask.

“Slept with a man? Is that what you want to know?” I smiled and nodded.

She smiled to put me at ease. “Yes I have, a few times. But I have decided not to anymore.”

“Why? Isn’t it better than a plastic cock?” I couldn’t believe I was talking like to a total stranger this way. But I was enjoying it and past caring!

“No doubt it is. I just need a hard throbbing cock inside my pussy. But I don’t like the hardness of the masculine body that operates it. I love the soft suppleness of a woman’s body. The sweet lips, the soft fingers, the warm and silky smooth skin. Besides, I crave oral sex. I love the sweet taste of a young pussy. I love to play with the succulent clitoris with my lips, teeth, and tongue. And I love it when a girl lavishes me with tenderness!

I was not only getting warm all over, I was also getting a bit wet between my legs. And my nipples were beginning to ache.

“Have you?”Nancy asked simply.

I bayan sarisin escort bursa guessed what she was asking.”You mean slept with a woman?”

She nodded. I shook my head, “No I haven’t”

“Ever been curious?” She continued. I could feel her eyes roaming over my body.

I was silent not knowing what to say. “I have been curious but never acted on it.”

“”Your two lesbian girl friends, are they together?”

“No, they do not know each other. I have known Clara since high school and Jill from college. How did you meet Jennifer? She looks quite young.”

“I am twenty-seven and she’s twenty-two. I met her at a weekend party at a mutual friend’s house. We took to each other the moment we were introduced. Jennifer was with her boy friend.”

“You mean you stole her from her lover?”I asked with a hint of mischief in my voice.

But she didn’t flinch. “No actually Jennifer is bi-sexual. She wanted to bring me into her relationship. I tried it for her sake but it never took off. Jenn’s boyfriend was too selfish for my tastes. ” I was amazed at how casually Nancy could say such things.

“So is she still seeing her boy friend? I was shocked at my curiosity.

“Kind of. She prefers to come home to me and I am happy to offer her the feminine touch she loves.”

I said, “Jennifer is really gorgeous, Nancy. I am happy for you.”

Nancy got up and vanished into her bedroom. She returned shortly and handed me another photo album. “You think she’s beautiful? Just wait till you see these!”

I was shocked for a moment then got over it. It was a collection of Jennifer’s nude photos. Although there was not a stitch of clothing on her, the photos were very artistic! I found myself staring at some of the close ups of her nipples and pussy. Her pussy was smooth and I imagined Nancy licking those sweet pink lips.

Nancy was right behind me. Her hands were on my shoulders, gently massaging me. It felt so relaxing and yet arousing. “You seem to like my girl friend. Doesn’t her pussy look delicious?”

My heart was beating fast. Nancy’s hands were massaging my upper arms and occasionally brushed my breasts. I felt her hands graze over my aching nipples.

“Did you take these photos?”

“Yes, I did. That’s one of my hobbies and part time job. Nude photography! I prefer to shoot women but I get a lot of requests from men as well. The extra cash is welcome and sometime I get to see the most gorgeous women naked.”

“Do they know you’re a lesbian?”

“I don’t advertise it but I am a total professional when it comes to work and so there’s nothing for the women to worry about.”

“Do you get turned on when you see a female client naked?”

“It depends on the client herself. Some women just pose for the photos and are only concerned about how they turn out. There are some who like to show off their assets and go beyond my instructions. I encourage them to relax and enjoy the session. But I try not to make any physical contact. No point in ruining my reputation! Besides, I am not interested in every woman I see or meet.”

“Wow you’re so full of surprises. You seem to have an exciting life, Nancy.”

She smiled, “Do you have nude photos of yourself?”

I said, “Kevin has taken a few but they didn’t turn out all that great.”

“That happens when non-professionals take nudes of their partners. Both are aroused and lose focus on the shoot itself. And the shots are often more raunchy than sensual and artistic.”

“Yes, he got close ups of my pussy and nipples and we then promptly got distracted.” I laughed.

Nancy’s hands were now rubbing my chest and I leaned back in my chair. “Does it feel good?” She asked, her voice barely a whisper.

“Yes, your touch is so relaxing.”

“Would you like a full body massage?” He voice betrayed a trace of sensuality.

“I would love it. But can I come back later? My mom would be wondering where I am. I just stepped out to get our mail and saw you and came over.”

“Sure any time Caitlyn.” She tried not to show her disappointment but it was quite obvious.

“Since Kevin is not coming tonight, why don’t you come over to my house for dinner? You can meet my mom too.”

Nancy smiled, “Sure I’d love that. But why don’t you check with your mom first.”

“I am sure she’ll be excited to get know you. Come on, please?”

Nancy laughed and said, “Maybe after dinner you can come over and we can swim in my pool. The night is warm. I often swim late in the night. I could use your company tonight.”

“I would love that.” I hesitated at the door, “I know you don’t hide the fact that you’re gay, but my mom is a bit old fashioned. Could you skirt around it if she pesters you with questions?

She smiled and nodded. I let myself out and quickly jogged back to my house.

Nancy was wearing a black form fitting black dress, high heels and make up! I laughed, “You look gorgeous Nancy. I should have told you not be formal.” I was wearing faded bayan esmer escort bursa jeans and black top, nothing fancy.

“I don’t usually like to dress up but I thought it might help to keep your mother from becoming curious,” she whispered.

My mom took to her immediately. We had dinner. My mother had a hundred well meaning questions and Nancy answered all of them. She did not lie yet did not reveal that she was gay.

“Thank you for a delicious dinner. Why don’t you both come over to my house and swim for a while?”

My mom said she was tired but asked me to go and have fun. I got my two piece swimsuit and followed Nancy to her house.

“Do you drink?” Nancy asked me.

I shook my head. I plan not to start until I am twenty one which is a year away. Kevin is saving a special bottle of champagne for my first drink.

“Would you mind if I did?”

“Not at all, Nancy. Feel free. In fact I am Kevin’s bar tender and designated driver.” I laughed.

I watched as Nancy poured a generous shot of scotch into a glass and added some ice. That is Kevin’s favorite drink too.

“Why don’t we change and hit the pool. I am feeling unusually hot!”

I nodded eagerly, “Me too.”

She showed me the guest bedroom and I went in. I looked around. It was furnished in a teddy bear theme. Everything, from curtains to paintings, including the bed had some cuddly bear adorning it. I quickly changed and admired myself in the full length mirror.

I love to show off my body. I have a full figure, slender yet voluptuous for a twenty year old. Kevin enjoys gazing at my breasts, especially my huge nipples. He chews on them till it hurts. And I am always proud of my flat stomach. Kevin loves my clean shaven pussy. He licks it lovingly like a puppy.

As soon as she saw me, Nancy’s eyes opened wide. I could feel the heat from her body as she came over and hugged me. It was a sensuous hug; her arms were wrapped around my waist.

“Caitlyn, you look hot! Oh my god, I am so jealous of Kevin!” She tried to laugh to hide her embarrassment.

I held on to her tightly, feeling her soft breasts pressing against mine. I have never felt this way toward another woman. Nancy took that as encouragement and let her hands go lower and feel my ass.

“Caitlyn, I hope you don’t mind. I am getting a little carried away. I can blame it on the Scotch but I’d be lying. You remind me so much of Jenn.”

To help her relax I said, “How about the massage you promised?”

She nodded, hurriedly sipped on her drink and led me to the couch.

“I am not in a hurry. Why don’t we talk and catch up.” I said and Nancy seemed to like the idea.

After a couple of drinks, she relaxed visibly. She talked a lot about Jennifer and how much they enjoy each other’s company. She asked me about my sex life with Kevin. Although not drunk, I opened up easily.

“Kevin is great. He makes love to me every night. He is gentle, caring and fucks like a bull.” I giggled.

“That’s a rare combination in a man.” She set her glass down and took my hands in hers. She began to gently massage my fingers.

I was lying on the couch, one thigh against the back rest and the other flat on the couch.

When her fingers lightly caressed my thighs and I almost jumped.

“You remind me of Jennifer. I would love to do a photo shoot of you someday.”

“That’d be nice. I could give them to Kevin on his birthday.”

Her fingers moved dangerously close to my pussy and I stretched like a lazy pussy cat. Nancy needed no further encouragement.

Her fingers gently probed my pussy, softly caressing every mound and fold. I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and said, “I can’t hold back any longer. I need to taste your pussy. I have been going crazy fantasizing about licking your pussy from the moment I saw you.”

The moment I felt her lips and tongue on my pussy I knew it was going to be a totally different experience. Nancy was gentle and was in no hurry. I loved the way her tongue searched out all the soft folds and brought out my juices.

“Caitlyn, you’re absolutely delicious.” I felt her long fingers slide inside my pussy and I was ready for her to thrust them in. But Nancy simply teased me with her fingers. I was ready to explode and my moans grew louder.

“Fuck me Nancy! Please. I can’t wait any longer. I need your fingers deep inside me.” She gave in to my pleas and thrust her fingers in and out in quick long stokes. She knew what a woman wanted. When my orgasm hit me, she took me in her arms and held me tightly against her soft breasts. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. Her fingers were still working their magic between my legs.

“Do you want to swim?” she asked me.

I shook my head. “I want to sleep in your arms tonight. I feel so secure and comfortable when you wrap me to yourself like this.”

She hesitated, “I want you know that this is the first time I have ever fallen for a stranger. Call your mom and let her know that you’re going to spend the night here with me.

As soon as I got off the phone Nancy took of her bathing suit. I was amazed at how curvy she looked.

Her face was flushed with drink and lust. She said, “Caitlyn, Kevin may have taught you how to blow a candle, but tonight I am going to teach you how to blow the wick. Ready?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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