Daddy’s Boy Ch. 01: Times Changing

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Daddy’s been watching me a lot lately. I noticed it as soon as I turned 18; when I eat, when I sleep, when I shower, when I get dressed. Wherever I go, I can feel his hungry eyes on me, but I never say a thing. He’s always had a strong, dominating temper that I try my best not to activate, but sometimes its the smallest things that gets him mad at me. After years of living alone with him, I’ve learned to submit and do what he says- “Be a good boy”.

I guess I’d say I’m more naive than other boys my age. My Dad doesn’t let me hang out with other people too often. I’m too busy with chores anyway- so busy that for the bulk of my life, I’ve been homeschooled. That’s what Daddy calls it anyway. I’ve never really been taught anything. He just likes it when I don’t leave the house and keep it clean, both while he’s gone and work and when he’s home. I don’t mind. I just want to make him happy and be good. I don’t remember ever wanting anything else. I’m only 5’2″ with a very slight build, so someone like Daddy is easily intimidating. I don’t know how tall he is exactly, but much taller than me and with a lot more muscle. He has to spend a lot of his free time building his body up himself because his job doesn’t really demand it. He owns a company and mostly sits behind a desk in a suit, ordering people to do things. When he comes home, he goes straight for his workout room in the basement. I know because it’s always my job to clean it up right after. Sometimes I try to use the equipment like Daddy, but I’m much too scrawny.

When Daddy comes home from work, he’s almost always stressed and takes a lot of that out on me. I’m okay with it. I’m used to it. And sometimes I deserve it when I’m a bad boy. I need to be punished when I’m bad. Daddy taught me that it makes me better. It usually just involves him yelling at me and shoving me towards the bathroom to scrub clean or something. Sometimes, he’ll lock me in my small room in the basement. For as scary as he can be, I think my Dad is pretty merciful and I appreciate that.

But like I said, things had been different lately. He’s been much more easily agitated and I think it’s because he’s holding back. What? I don’t know. Maybe it’s something at work (which I’m not allowed to ask about). Everything I do pisses him off as of late. Just yesterday, I left a light on in the upstairs hallways and Daddy called me upstairs from my room, his voice billowing through the house.


I scrambled upstairs from my room, taking a deep breath and pushing through the door into the kitchen. The basement is much colder and damper than the rest of the house. Warm, dry air billows back into my face as I tentatively enter the kitchen.

“Yes, Sir?”

Daddy is standing next to the kitchen table with his arms crossed. There are only two chairs at our table. There isn’t a need for any more.

“You left a light on upstairs. What did I tell you about that?” He asked, still in his sharp suit from work. His eyes a steely gray but in my mind, they appear red with frustration. I shuffle uncomfortably and stare at the floor.

“It wastes power.”

“I said to not fucking do it. Understand?”

“Yes. Sorry, Sir.”

“Look at me when I’m speaking to you.” He commanded and I immediately obeyed. His eyes weren’t as filled with anger and hate as I thought they’d be though. He stared at me with a different type of look- like he wanted something. He wanted something BAD. I watched his eyes travel down my tight t-shirt to my sweatpants that were much too small for me ever since I started getting older. I think I’ve had them since I was three sizes smaller.

“You’re clearly not listening, so I’ll have to teach you a lesson. Understand?” Daddy asked, his voice sounding a little bit more distracted than usual. I swallowed thickly and nodded because I truly did understand. Daddy slid down into the nearest dining chair and spread his legs comfortably. He shifted in his seat to get comfortable and then rested his hands on his knees.

“Come here, boy.”

I did as I was told, slowly moving forward until I was standing in front of where Daddy sat. He immediately grabbed the back of the waistband of my pants and yanked me to the side so I was standing by his right knee. I thought I heard his breathing hitch a bit, but I could’ve been imagining it.

“Bend over.” He instructed while manhandling me into position. He roughly forced me to bend over his knee so that my chest was pressing hard into one thigh, my crotch pressing firmly into another. In this position, my ass was raised into the air and his knee was pressing into my penis which hurt a little. Daddy had never forced me into this position and it was starting to scare me. I couldn’t get up even if I wanted to though. His strong arm secured itself over the back of my shoulders and held me down as I subconsciously wiggled and struggled 4 k porno against his efforts.

“Still.” He commanded gruffly through gritted teeth, taking a handful of my hair and yanking it back to shock me into stillness. I grunted from the pain, squeezing my eyes shut and letting him position me as he wanted. Daddy shifted a bit so that my ass was raised more, my body bent helplessly over his lap. “Good boy.” He murmured. My heart did a dance when I heard those words. I lived for those words. It helped relax me. This was my Daddy. I trusted him more than anyone, even if I was scared of him more than anyone.

I wasn’t expecting to feel Daddy’s hands grip the back of my waistband and yank it down over my butt. He left my underwear over my bare ass thankfully, because I was already a bit embarrassed. Daddy didn’t seem to notice. His breath was heaving in his chest like he was all worked up. My body jolted every time he roughly yanked my pants away from my waist. My butt felt a little colder now that there was only a thin layer of tighty-whities separating it from the air.

And then, without warning…


“Uhnnngh.” I gasped, not expecting the sudden slap to my ass. As far as I could remember, Daddy had never spanked me before. Maybe when I was little, but nothing that I could remember. I gritted my teeth against the sting on my skin and whimpered in protest.

“You stay still.” He commanded harshly, smacking my ass again.

“Unngh.” I grunted, feeling my whole body convulse with each hit. The clear sound of him smacking my ass was all I could hear other than my own quiet whimpers. My arms hung helplessly to the floor, my fists clenching every time his hand connected with my ass.


“Daddy…” I started to plead when I couldn’t take anymore. My eyes were watering from the pain, but strangely, I didn’t mind the stinging. Daddy hardly ever used his physical prowess on me, so this was new territory and my mind didn’t know how to process it. Plus, I couldn’t stop thinking about the soreness of my dick grinding into Daddy’s knee whenever he slapped my ass. I didn’t think about my penis a lot, but this position was inflicting a lot of pressure onto it. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad either, I decided.

“You take your punishment.” He answered, continuing to spank me good and hard. I grunted with every hit which I thought he might berate me for. Daddy didn’t though. He even seemed to like it.

“Ungh. Ungh. Ungh. Ungh.”

I don’t know how many times he spanked me. I lost count. All I knew was that my ass was stinging something awful when he finally slowed, the both of us panting from exertion. Daddy let his hand rest on my ass which I thought was weird. I could feel every finger against the two hills of my flesh. One of his fingers was ever so slightly pressed up against my butt crack, kind of where my opening was. I wondered if that was on purpose.

‘Of course, not.’ I thought to myself, ashamed to be thinking such dirty things. Such thoughts were only for bad boys. I remembered when Daddy found a dirty magazine stashed underneath my air mattress. He shoved me into the backyard and made me sleep outside to think about what I did. He said those magazines and the thoughts they created were only for bad boys and I didn’t want to be a bad boy. I hadn’t had any dirty thoughts since.

But Daddy’s fingertip being ever so slightly pressed into my ass made my heart beat fast and I didn’t know why. I thought I could feel that finger twitch a little in anticipation, pressing furthering into my butt but I think I was imagining things once again.

“Tell me what you learned.” Daddy instructed, his voice finally returning to calm but stern levels. One hand massaged the back of my neck that still hung over the side of his lap and the other remained stock-still and firm on my butt.

“To turn the lights off when I leave.”

“Are you going to mess up again?”

“No, Sir.” I answered honestly, realizing that I didn’t want to be spanked again. In fact, I couldn’t wait to be let up.

“And what do you say for your punishment?” Daddy asked, the hand on my butt twitching again and slightly squeezing. This time, I don’t think I imagined it. I held in the urge to moan and bit my lip. Surely, Daddy would spank the hell out of me for being a boy-slut.

I didn’t know what he wanted me to say though. He’s never ordered me to say anything about my punishments.


“Ow, ow… I’m sorry, Daddy. I don’t know, Sir.” I writhed in his lap, trying to get up but being forced back down by Daddy’s arm.

“Shhhh…” Daddy soothed, gently rubbing my sore bum with his hand. It was a nice contrast to all of the hitting so I let it happen and felt the rest of my muscles relax. I wished Daddy would keep petting me like that. Did that make me bad? “Say, thank You, Daddy. Or thank you, Sir.” He directed, still rubbing circles over my butt. I shifted uncomfortably in his lap, my crotch 7 dak porno rubbing into his knee. I felt him tense at that. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong.

“Thank you, Daddy.” I genuinely appreciated. Finally, he let me up, yanking me by waistband until I stumbled to my feet. He remained seated, glancing down at my pants and gruffly pulling them back up around my waist. I realized that they were a little tighter and glanced down to see that my dick had grown a little bit. I shrunk back away in attempts to hide this, not knowing what exactly that would mean. I saw Daddy look though. I saw Daddy notice. I thought he might throw me back over his lap and spank me silly again, but he didn’t. He let it go.

“Make dinner.” He plainly said, getting up and walking out of the room. I was left there trembling in the middle of the kitchen, trying to readjust my penis in my pants.

“Yes, Daddy.”

Ever since that happened yesterday, Daddy’s voyeurism has gotten even worse. When I took a show this morning, he wordlessly entered the room and watched me through our clear-mesh shower door. I didn’t think too much of it. I’m not allowed to question Daddy too often or else he gets mad. Instead, I continued to wash my hair and my body, pretending to be oblivious to Daddy’s eyes. When I turned the shower off, he still didn’t leave. I opened the door just a little and peered out at him with wide, curious eyes.

“Maxie, you’re going to only wear this today while you do your chores.” Daddy held out tiny black spandex shorts. Daddy’s never taken an interest in dressing me but I could tell this wasn’t a suggestion- that was an order. I watched his eyes travel through the blurry mesh of the shower door right to where my penis was. I didn’t think he could see it through the door, but it still made me shift uncomfortably.


“Okay, what?”

“Okay, Sir.”

“C’mon. Come put them on.” He beckoned, that same hungry look from before on his face. I gripped the shower door and hesitated.


“Are you arguing with me?” Daddy challenged, his eyes snapping back to mine and his face growing hard. I flinched.

“N- No,”

“Do you want another spanking?”

“No. No, please, Daddy.”

“Do what I say then, boy.”

I took a deep breath and stepped out from the shower, completely and utterly naked. Daddy’s eyes immediately fell to my crotch and I could hear his breathing pick up. Something about it made me feel kind of good inside- kind of proud. Still, I crossed my arms over my thin chest defensively before reaching out and taking the spandex. I couldn’t get them on fast enough.

The rest of the day, I did what Daddy had commanded me to. I wore only the spandex without asking any questions, even if it did ride up in my crotch and in my ass. It was the end of Summer though which meant it was hot and humid out. Maybe Daddy just didn’t want me to get overheated. Sometimes, he did have moments like that- moments where he really cared.

When he came home again later that day, he followed me around and watched me do chores in my new booty shorts. I scrubbed the floor for him on my hands and knees. I straddled his workout bench and scrubbed that clean too. I made dinner with them on, Daddy watching the whole entire time. It felt good to be noticed. Usually, Daddy would ignore me and bury himself in whatever work he brought home. If he did notice me, it was usually to berate me. This was a nice change.

After dinner, Daddy turned on the TV and watched as I spent some of my 1-hour free time on the computer which also sat in the family room. I liked to play video games or email my old friends from my middle school days. I saw them sometimes, but not often. A couple had moved away and the only one left was always busy with school.

“Come over here, boy.” Daddy’s voice suddenly interrupted the drone of his show in the background. He was watching some reality TV-Show about antiques. I froze with my hand on the computer mouse, my heart skipping a beat.

Did he want to spank me again? What did I do this time?

I stood from my chair, still only in my little black skin-tight shorts. It made me feel funny having the bulge of my penis so easily seen with Daddy in the room, but he had already seen me get out of the shower so that thought helped me relax a bit. I turned and looked at Daddy questioningly. He was sunk back into the couch with a beer in hand, his legs spread comfortably and his at-home jeans looking worn but familiar. The only thing that wasn’t familiar was the slight bulge in Daddy’s pants. I held my breath and realized that he hadn’t ever really been watching his show- he was watching me.

“Now.” Daddy snapped his fingers which was the indicator for me to move faster. I rushed to his side, standing over him while he scanned my body up and down. “Sit on my lap.”

I frowned, confused. He’d never asked me to do such a thing before.


“Sit on my lap. Don’t you want to watch some TV alman porno with Daddy?”

I felt myself smile just a bit.

“Yes. Yes, Sir.” I tried not to sound too excited. He never asked me to watch TV with him. Usually, he’d just yell for me to fetch him a new beer from the TV and then shoo me out of the room. I wasn’t expecting to have to sit on his lap, but I supposed it wasn’t much different from laying across it when he spanked me the other day.

I turned and lowered myself onto his thighs, keeping my distance from him and locking my eyes onto the TV screen. Daddy wasn’t happy with that though and pulled me back until my ass was wedged against his crotch and my back was inches from his chest. My legs naturally spread on either side of Daddy’s legs, my back forced to arch just a bit. I couldn’t help but release a small gasp in surprise.

Daddy gripped my hips and pulled me against him closer.

“That’s a good boy.” He murmured close to my ear, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine. I wiggled against him, trying to get as comfortable as I could with my legs spread so wide over his lap. I was a little worried that Daddy would want me to stay still so that he could focus on the show, but I think he liked it when I squirmed on top of him. I heard him quietly hum happily behind me which made me happy too.

It was then that I realized that I was sitting on something hard and intrusive. I ventured to wiggle my bum a little to feel a throbbing lump dig into where my balls met my anus. I gritted my teeth against the shock of pleasure that ran up my spine. Daddy’s cock was getting harder and harder underneath me. I could feel it straining to be released from his jeans as it poked against the entrance of my ass, the shaft throbbing against my spandex-clad balls.

I stayed stock-still after that, not knowing what to make of it. I couldn’t tell if Daddy meant to have his hard dick pushed into my ass cheeks and I was afraid if I seemed to notice, he’d punish me harshly for being a bad boy. Instead, I held my breath and remained frozen, my eyes glued to the TV like it was the only other thing in the room.

Daddy stayed still for a while too. I could hear his labored breathing from right behind my ear, but he didn’t say anything else. I guessed he was just into his TV-Show so I focused on that too. They were cleaning up an intricate wooden clock, taking apart the pieces to show the inner workings. I thought I might like to own old things like that when I’m older. I’ve always liked pretty, old things.

Daddy’s cock continued to grow and throb into my ass and balls. It took everything not to twitch or wiggle away from the warm, firm contact. I kept telling my body to stop reacting, but specifically with the pressure on my balls, it was near impossible.

And then, Daddy started moving underneath me. It started just as a barely noticeable rubbing. I felt my body start to gently move as Daddy slowly initiated a subtle grinding into me. At first, I thought it may be an accident. But then, the small gyrations of his hips into my bum became bigger and clearly noticeable. Daddy even grabbed my bony hips in his strong hands and held me down harder onto his dick as he ground his hips into me.

“NNnngh…” I quietly let a moan slip, not sure what to do with all of the tension in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t understand these feelings and sensations I was having, and even though Daddy’s tough grip kind of hurt, mostly, everything felt strangely good. I thought Daddy would comment on my slutty moan or slam me back down on my stomach and give my ass a good trashing, but he didn’t. He just thrust against me harder and faster.

Not sure what else to do, I kept my eyes glued to the screen like I was intently watching. They were building a new clock now, jamming and twisting wood pieces into gaps to form the clock not unlike Daddy was doing with his dick against my butt. It got so rough that I had to reach my hands down and grip Daddy’s thighs to keep from falling from his lap as he humped me slow but hard.

I felt something twitch in my pants and glanced nervously down at the bulge in my spandex. My penis was growing hard like Daddy’s and was curling upwards.

‘Stop!’ I tried to berate it in my head as my daddy wrapped his monstrously strong arms around my torso and pulled me forcibly down onto his cock even harder. I didn’t even know two people could be this close, let alone with Daddy’s tent practically shoved inside my ass cheeks. Still, I watched the TV as if nothing was happening, letting him do as he pleased but trying not to enjoy it like a slut. If Daddy was doing this to me, he had a good reason. If it made him happy, I’d submit and let him use my body for whatever pleased him. He already used it to cook and clean. How was this any different.

With one big, crushing embrace, Daddy squeezed me down onto him harder than ever before. I felt the tip of his clothed dick push against the entrance of my asshole. Daddy held me there, jerking and twitching his hips up into me.

“Auughh…” He grunted into my ear, gripping my hips painfully tight and forcing my back to arch. My legs spread wider and my spine curved back but I still kept my eyes on the TV, too scared to react. My own dick still twitched below me despite my inner protests.

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