Danica , Trish Ch. 2

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Trish began to wonder how long they would be in there when Danica walked back outside with her hair all messed up and smelling musky from the sex. Trish came over and kissed Danica and asked “Starting a little early are we? I promised Greg a show so that he wouldn’t kick you out. We are going to have to perform later. No letting the guys in this time, I don’t want to be an 18-year-old with a kid. I had a hard enough time last time trying to keep the guys out of me and in you.”

“Yeah well, I was having a bad day, I needed you to help me as well as Mark and Don. Besides Greg won’t try anything he knows what we could do to him if he tries to get more than a show.”

“OK, lets go dance, these guys are boring me, none of them can dance.”

So Danica and Trish walked to the middle of the deck and began to dance around themselves just as last time. Except for this time when Trish got up Danica’s shirt she felt Luke’s slippery cum, Danica should clean up better next time. Greg came up to them while they were dancing and patted Trish on the shoulder.

“Time to go. We can use my parent’s bedroom follow me.”

“You sound irritated, I don’t forget my debts.” Trish remarked as the trio walked through the huge maze of a house and found the master bedroom. “Which one should we bayan esmer escort bursa do Danica? Slow and sexy or Fast and furious?” Trish whispered to Danica.

“Let’s go slow and sexy, I didn’t get enough with Luke,” Danica whispered back.

Trish and Danica slowly walked right in front of Greg and told him it was a show only, no participating. They seductively kissed each other’s full lips and wrapped their arms around each other. Every guy at the high school was jealous of Danica, she was the only one who anyone had ever seen go in Trish’s pussy, and those who saw it wanted in bad, it was shaved and tight, Danica could only fit 2 fingers inside. Greg was about to get a first hand view, just him, no one else. The girls kissed softly and rubbed their hands all around the other’s body. Then they broke off the kiss and Trish stood right in front of Danica and Danica used her teeth and removed Trish’s shirt and miniskirt, slowly.

“Look, no hands!” she exclaimed in the middle of it. Greg sat there, jacking himself amazed at what he was getting to see. Then it was Trish’s turn to take off Danica’s clothes. Danica stood there while Trish laid on the floor giving Greg a perfect view of her perfect pussy and untied Danica’s bandanna shirt with bursa ucuz eskort her toes and Danica took some of Trish’s wetness on her fingers and seductively licked it off as she started at Greg. After Danica’s red bandanna came off she Danica started to massage her tits because the were feeling sore from the manhandling she endured yesterday night when she and Luke were playing… Luke pretended to rape her and was pretty vicious in his pretending it was almost real.

Except for at the end Luke let her go, and didn’t kill her, as most rapists tend to do. As Danica showed off her nice firm tits Trish took off Danica’s tight shorts, with some difficulty. While Trish was trying to get the shorts off she made Danica fall over onto Greg. Danica stopped massaging herself and stroked Greg’s cock with her own soft, experienced hands. Danica kissed Greg’s purple head and guided Greg’s hands to her g-string and had him pull it down slowly, while she moved her firm ass around, that was the only place she never let anyone poke with their prick, so it was nice and smooth.

It was tanned the same as the rest of her body from the hours of nude sunbathing, it was a work of art. Whoever made people certainly spent a very long time making Danica. Once her bursa anal yapan escort g-string fell off her long, tanned legs she moved back to Trish where they picked up the tempo a bit. Now, both of them fully unclothed stood right next to each other. Trish moved behind Danica and her body conformed to Trish’s. Trish’s shaved pussy was up against Danica’s nice ass. Trish moved her hands slowly, to Danica’s breasts, Trish caressed everywhere on Danica’s body, trying to get Greg to cum. Usually the guys had gotten off by now and so the planned part of the show was over. It was time to improvise now.

Trish spun Danica around and whispered in her ear “Is he gay? Why hasn’t he gotten off?”

Danica’s reply came hot in Trish’s ear, “Let me take care of this…” Danica took Trish and slowly had her go down. Then on the floor, because Greg was sitting on the bed, Danica slowly went down in a bridge, something good her 3 years of gymnastics taught her. Then Danica lay there on the floor waiting for Trish to do something. It took her a few seconds but finally Trish understood what Danica wanted and one leg under Danica’s back and one leg over her stomach.

Trish brought their two pussies together and started to rock. Trish caressed one of Danica’s nice breasts with her feet and Danica moved her hips all around, rubbing their pussies together, Greg getting a full view. Then they both climaxed at the same time, squirting all over each other, Trish in a violent scream and a moan afterward. It seemed to be too much for Greg as he finally blew his load all over Danica’s body and Trish’s leg, still caressing Danica’s tits.

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