Dark Bloom part 1

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Right after bloom had woken up from her blacknout with professor Avalon she had noticed that she felt a dark feeling. She felt very tired and dicided to take a nap.After about an hour she dicided to try out her new power. As she went winx timmy walked in. Timmy noticed that something was wrong about bloom. She seemed more evil. Bloom didn’t know what come over her or how she new the spell. But she did. She yelled ” horyneness dickeness”. That very molmeny Tommy felt a sture in his pantes. Timmy could feel his dick getting hard for no good reason.Timmy couldent control him self any More. He wiped out his Dick and started stroking it. BLoom smiled an evil smile as she felt her nipples getong hard at the sight of timmys cock and was soon starting to get undressed.. Bloom was soon naked. She then went to the couch and sat down. She then grabbed her breast and started to rapidly masterbate her Pussey she was soon fingerfucking her self. Timmy was wacing all of this ane nearly shouted when bloom told him to come over. Blooms pussy was now soping wet now. Bloom got on her hands and news and started to suck timmys cock. Bloom loved the taste of cock in her mouth. Bloom was deepthroughting timmy. Bloom could tell that timmy like what she was doing so she got up and put timmys cock inbetween her tits. Timmy then humped her tits and going in and out her mouth. Blooms tits got sour so she put it back in her mouth.Timmy was getting into it and started to hump blooms face. ” I’m gonna come ” yelled Tommy. “Cum all over my face please” yelled bloom. Timmy suddenly came and squrted down blooms face and tits. Bloom then wiped up all the cum and sucked it off her fingers. Then she glided her hand down to her pussy and started fingerfuck herself with timmys cum. ” timmy I need you cock in my pussy “. Timmy was happy to fulfilled her wish. Bloom got on her hands and nees. Timmy had a great view of blooms pussy he then slowly Brought his cock head to blooms pussy. Bloom moned as she felt timmys cock slid into her. Now bloom was no virgin. Her and sky had been fucking for almost a mounth now. Timmy suddenly jamed his cock all the 8 I inches into blooms waiting pussy.Bloom screamed as she had a orgasum right then. Bloom could feel timmys cock as it slowly made its way deep in to her pussy. Her pussy was onfire as she was doggy style fucked by a cock. Bloom was in hevan as timmys Sex hikaye cock went in and out of her pussy. She could feel timmys balls slaping her ass.timmy dicided to try something new. He pulled out his cock and pointed it at blooms asshole. Bloom felt timmy pull out of her and moaned her displeasiure. That is untill she felt his dick poke her ass. Timmy found her ass strangly lose. Je could easly put the head in and started fucking her. Bloom cried out as she felt the rest of timmy cock go into her ass. The pain was slowly leaving and was being replace with pure pleasure. Bloom could feel the orgasum coming ” timmy fuck me harder” she screamed. She then squirted all over Tommy’s leg and coco. Timmy was fucking bloom with a speed that had him coming in no time. “Bloom I’m gonna cum” timmy yelled. Cum in my pussy I’m on a pill. Those were the magic words to timmy who then pulled his cock out of her ass and put it into her pussy. He instantly started to pump hot cum into blooms pussy. Bloom could feel timmys cum in her pussy leaking out. Timmy fliped her on her back and started to eat her out. Bloom could feel his toungh going in and out. His tounge was every were has bloom was in heaven. Bloom loved the feeling of a tough in her pussy. Bloom sudenly grabed timmys head and shoved his head into her pussy. She then started humping his face.Bloom was soon nearing a orgasum. She yelled in pleasure as she came allover timmys face. Bloom then stunned him.
Timmy woke up in a strange place. He soon figured out he was naked and it all came back to him. Thewinx found him and he explained about bloom. Bloom was also confused. She didnt remember any thing. Professor Avalon said she would lay low for a Whiie. Stella instantly yell ” make over”.

Bloom trued on many different types of clothes untill Stella finaly found one that was exeptable. They were all having a good time unfilled flora noticed that something was wrong with bloom. Bloom suddenly went wind and had that evil look on her face. She stormed out of the room with locket close behind. Locket fallowed bloom to a secret door that lead to a library that held the codex.Bloom walked in and found the pixei of the library.( Fonda) Fonda asked what so was ddoing for bloom was througing books down. Bloom turned around and yelled “vexicuss fucknessess”. Fonda instantly got down on her hands and bees and started fingerfucking Erotik hikaye herself. Blooms pussy got a little wet from seeing the stuck up pixei acting like a slut. Bloom left her to herself so she could find the codex. Wince she found it the rest of thr winx came in. Bloom laphed at their pitiful attempt at an attack. Bloom thought that she could have some fun with the winx. “Groupey lesbiamess” bloom shouted at the winx. All at once the winx noticed 2 things. One was that they were extremely horny and that their tits were growing. Bloom floated down and turned to flora. ” pussye to dicky: floras pussy was then spred out and a long hard cock sprong out. Flora would usually be wierded out by this but at her horny state she just started pumping it with her hands. Ill help you with that. Said Stella who was a whore even without the spell. She got on her hands and nees and started sucking her off. Techna then surprised every one when she pulled her own cock out and turned to iesha. Iesha as it turns out was a young prostitute when she was younger. She practacly jumped om technas cock and was fucking in no time. Bloom walked over to Bloom walked over to musa started groping her tits. Musa ground as she did this. Bloom was very happy with the out come of her spell. Stella with flora. Techna with iesha. And bloom with musa. Flora was loving the feel of having a cock and having it sucked off by her best friend. Stella was in love with floras cock. she was sucking it with all her skill. She was spiting on it while.she fingered floras pussy. ” Stella I’m gonna cum” yelled flora. Stella imededely dove forward and got the whole Dick into her mouth. Stella could feel floras sperm come flowing down her throught. Floras cock never went down. ” oooh. What have we got here little who’re” said Stella as she noticed floras still hard cock. ” just shut up and get on” yelled flora. Stella pushed flora on her back claimed aboard and pointed he Dick at her entrenched. Stella then fell on the cock implaling her pussy. Flora couldn’t believe how tight Stella’s pussy felt of how good it felt. Floranstarted rapidly fucking stella as stella meet every one of floras thrusts.Stella could feel flora squirming and knew she was coming. Flora could feel her orgasum coming. Stella at that point didn’t care if she got pregnet. “Flora cum my pussy” yelled Stella. That was all the encuragment Porno hikayeleri flora needed. She started to shot hot potent semen into Stella’s ferital pussy. They then both passed out with floras cock still in Stella’s pussy. Ieasha was still stunned that techna was a shemale. Yet there was her Dick in her mouth and her loving it. She was really surprised on how techna took over. Technique had congered handcuffs and had put them on ieshas hands and feet. She then haled her up and started to fuck her mouth. This went on for about 10 minites befor techna felt the familiar feeling of a coming orgasum. When she cam she surprised iesha by squrting it all over her then rubbing it all over her body. Techna then went around and out of veiw of iesha. Issuance was scared when she felt a cock poke her ass. Techna didn’t wait for her to adjust she just pushed all her cock in to ieshas ass. Iesha was in shear pleasure as she was analy fucked. This also went on for aboit 10 minites. Iesha could hear and feel techna as she got closer to her orgasum. She was very surprised as techna pulled out of her ass and pushed it into her pussy. She also loved the feeling of a cock coming far in her pussy. Bloom still had to find the codex so she cast a spell on a dildo she had found in musas room to countinusly tuck musas ass and pussy. She soon found it and then gave it of to one of farmers pets. As she did this professor Avalon came into the room and was startled as he found all the wind club baked and all ether being fucked or had been fucked. Bloom( who knew that he was on darkars side) glided down and said” you know my pussy is still wet and ready for a cock. The porfessor pulled down his pantes. Bloom went over to a desk and layed down on her back with her legs spred out and showing her pussy to the porf. Avalon went over and knowing how much of a slug dark bloom is named all his 8 1/2 inches into blooms waging pussy. Bloom grunted as Avalon started furusly fucking her pussy. Avalon sadly was not a really stud and was coming in no time. Bloom barly had time to get of one orgasum. When Avalon was done bloom cast a spell that made it feel like all her holes were being fucked. After bloom had com about five times Avalon got dressed and cast a spell onbloom to turn her back to regular bloom.

Bloom couldn’t remember what happened but the winx had a very vage rememberence on what happened ( manilt techna being a shemale). Although Stella and iesha both complained that their stomakes felt weird.

END OF PART ONE . musa and started groping jer tits.muss and started groping her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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