Date With Arden

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From:Maui Ben
Subject: Date With Arden

My Date With Arden by Trainerboy

The decision had been made. I had watched him walk to and from the showers
with his dick swinging thru football season and basketball season and now
almost thru baseball season. I dreamed about how long and big his cock
must be when its hard, and just had to find out. I had tried every trick
in my book but hadn’t gotten to first base. So I made the final decision.

Hi to all from trainerboy. I’m a 17 year old high school senior. I’ve
been the head trainer for out sports teams for two years so have seen most
of the good looking guys in school in the nude, have had the opportunity to
massage and give rub downs to some and have even given blow jobs to a few.
But Arden Delta had eluded my every advance.

Arden is a model black student. Great athlete and great student.
Handsome, polite and Always willing to please. But he wasn’t the least bit
interested in a another guy. But I dreamed of what his cock must look like
when its hard and how it must feel going down my throat. I decided I was
desperate and that called for desperate measures. I had messed around with
my girl friend, trying on some of her clothes and we both decided that I
made a passable female so my plan was to go down to the teen club that
Arden spent a lot of time at and seduce him. I new the consequences would
be hard. That first of all he would probably beat the shit out of me when
he found out the tongue he had been sucking on was a guys. And next, all
of his black buddies would know I was a slut and would probably forced me
to be the bang for their gang. (A thought that didn’t entirely turn me
off.) But I decided I had to take the chance.

One Friday after I heard that Arden and his long time girl friend had
broken up and I immediately decided that the next night I would put my plan
into action. Mid afternoon next day I went over to my girl friends house
and we started getting me ready. First I showered and Marsha shaved every
hair off my body including around my balls and cock and my head. Next I
tried on her mother’s wigs and found a chestnut colored one that fit
beautifully. Then she fixed me with panties and bra, medium short skirt
and blouse. I had no tits and didn’t want to chance wearing anything in
the bra so it was just for show. Then Marsha applied makeup. When she was
finished I looked at myself in a full length mirror and really liked what I
saw. I hoped Arden would also. About 9 pm Marsha dropped me off at the
club and my adventure was about Sex hikayeleri to begin.

I walked in to the club and looked around finally spotting Arden with a
group of his friends. I poured my self some punch at the refreshment table
and started chatting with a couple of girls I didn’t know. Then a couple
of girls I knew at school headed for the girls room so I followed. I
decided it was time to find out if I was going to be recognized. The girls
looked at me as I walked into the room but didn’t say anything except Hi.
I breathed a sigh of relief knowing I had past the test. I went back out
to the club just as they announced a girl’s choice dance. I thought it’s
now or never and headed for Arden. Just as I got to him another girl
approached him but I grabbed his hand and smiled at her and said “I got her
first.” Arden kind of laughed but followed me to the dance floor.

“Don’t I know you?” he asked quizzically. “You look very familiar.”

“I know we have never met,” I replied. “I sure wouldn’t forget meeting a
hunk like you. I’m from Martinsville just here for a visit so thought I
see what your club was like.”

We were dancing a slow dance and I did everything I could do but climb his
frame. I rubbed my body on his and held him so tight we were like one
person, dancing around the floor. I began to feel a little bulge against
my stomach and rubbed it when ever I could without being to obvious. Arden
started responding by pushing it harder and harder against me.

When the band started playing faster songs we headed for a table so we
could talk. I made sure I sat next to Arden and ended up resting my hand
on his leg. He turned to sort of face me and put his arm on the back of my
chair. I kind of leaned towards him and suddenly our faces were only inchs
apart. I wanted to kiss him so bad I could hardly hold back. Then without
any warning Arden leaned forward and place his lips on mine. I just about
fell of the chair. Then he pushed his tongue into my mouth and I was in
heaven. Just as quickly Arden stood up and took my hand and said,

“Come on, let’s get out of here. I’ve had just about all I can take of the

“OK,” I replied. “Let’s go.”

When we got in his pickup, Arden looked at me and took my face in his hands
and then planted a kiss on my mouth. And I mean a kiss. I was putty by
the time we came up for air. His hands were all over my bra and I was just
about to go for his cock when he broke off our embrace and started the

“Let’s find someplace a little more Sikiş hikayeleri private,” he said.

“Yes let’s do,” I panted.

I knew I had to move fast once we stopped because his hand was going to be
up my skirt very quickly. If I didn’t have his cock out of his pants and
maybe already sucking it the evening was going to be all over. So the
moment we stopped and Arden reached for me I planted a kiss on him the same
time my hand was finding the bulge in his pants. I rubbed it while he was
once again rubbing my bra and as his hands moved down towards my crotch I
kneeled down on the floor between his legs and started undoing his pants.
His cock was hard and long and I could taste the precum as I took it in my
mouth and gently started sucking it. Arden began to moan and move his
hips, starting to fuck my mouth with the big black tool. I was in complete
extascy, making luv to the man and cock I had dreamed of. But also well
aware that the end could come at any time. After 15 or so minutes of rapt
attention to his cock, he put his hands under my arms to pull me back to
the seat. Then his mouth was on mine and his tongue penetrated my lips and
just as quickly his hand was up under my skirt.

“What the fuck,” he hollered. “You’ve got a cock too. What the fuck is
going on here, I cant fucking believe this.”

With that he pushed me away from him and glowered at me.

“Answer me, What the fuck is going on.”

I decided that the only chance I had was to be honest and point out that he
was really enjoying my blow job and hope that he wouldn’t beat the shit out
of me so I said,

“I’m Byran,” as I pulled of my wig. “I’ve watched you all year and
everytime I see you walking across the dressing room with that beautiful
body and beautiful cock I’ve wanted to suck it and make luv to it. I’ve
tried to get thru to you that I wanted a relationship but you didn’t pay
any attention to me.”

“But I’m not a fucking fag or queer for Christ sake,” he stated. What made
you think you would get away with this, anyway.”

“I was just hoping,” I replied. “I’ve wanted to give you pleasure so bad
it was worth the gamble.”

“What all did you think we would do?” He asked.

“I wanted to suck your cock and maybe drink a load of your cum, and then I
wanted you to fuck my boycunt.” I said.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me over to him and said “I wanted a piece of
ass tonight and a piece of ass im going to get. When I get thru you may
have wished you hadn’t started this little game.”

I knew I was about to Erotik hikaye get really fucked and fucked hard. He was mad as
hell and wasn’t going to be the least bit tender. He pushed me over on my
stomach and practically tore my panties off. No spit, no lube nothing he
put the head of his cock against my asshole and pushed. When the head
entered it was like a hand grenade going off in my butt. Pain was
unbelievable. Worse that the very first time. He pushed and pushed until
he was completely buried in me and then started moving it in and out, in
and out. It felt like a post attacking me. When it was all the way in it
felt like it was coming up my throat. He hammered my cunt for about 10
minutes before I felt his cock grow and then felt his hot cum filling me.
After he finished cumming he left his cock in me until it had lost its
hardness. Then he pulled out and sat back to regain his breath.

“Thank you Arden,” I whispered. “Was I so bad.”

“No, you were pretty damn good actually.”

“Can we still be friends?”

“Yeah I guess so as long as you never tell anyone about this night.”

“I promise,” I assured him. “And maybe we could do this again sometime?”

“I don’t know about that,” he said.

I had a package of hand wipes in my purse so I took a couple out and
started to clean His cock.

“Well in that case, I want to continue the blowjob right now,” I said. “If
I’m never going to get to play with this and suck this again, I want to
finish you tonight.”

Arden settled back and scooted forward on the seat so I could reach his
cock with my mouth and play with his balls with my hands. Only seconds
went by before he was fully hard again and I was thoroughly enjoying making
luv to his tool. I rubbed his balls as I sucked and licked his cock and
when it was evident his climax was close I relaxed and let him settle
down. Finally when both his hands were behind my head and he was fucking my
mouth in rhythm with my movements his balls got hard and his cock got
bigger and I knew I was in for a big load.

“Please make me cum this time. Please take my load,” Arden begged.

I increased my speed and pressure on his cock as it grew bigger in my
mouth. Then I felt the first hot sticky string of cum hit my throat.
There was so much I almost gagged but adjusted and started swallowing.
Shot after shot I gulped down. Mouthful after mouthful of delicious cum.
His cum session must have lasted 20 seconds and I luved every bit of it.
The Arden laid back in the seat completely drained.

“You are one great cock sucker Byran and also a great piece of ass,” he

“I’m yours any time you want me,” I said.

Let me know what you think of my stories at itsbeenfun99 at yahoo dot com

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