Defloration Ch. 02

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Eva had asked her father’s friend, Paul to deflower her and introduce her to the joys and pleasures of sex. Paul, an experienced lover, happily obliged and popped her cherry. Her last words to him before she left were:

“…don’t be surprised if you get some confidential phone calls from some of my friends!”

Paul didn’t have long to wait. Just a week later he received a phone call from a girl called Tina who introduced herself as one of Eva’s friends and asked if he could ‘help her out’. Paul cautiously asked her how he could help. She told him that her friend, Eva had told her all about her evening with Paul and said that it had been wonderful. She shyly explained that she had no experience of sex and asked him if he would be willing to help her to get over her shyness. Paul agreed to meet her to discuss the matter, but made no promises. They agreed to meet at his place on the following evening.

Paul spent the day highly excited about the prospect of having sex with another hot teenage girl. When his doorbell finally rang he opened the door expecting to see a gorgeous girl like Eva who was virtually begging for sex. He was sadly disappointed, Tina was a very shy mousy looking girl who seemed to be ready to turn and run as he introduced himself. She wore baggy, black clothes that completely concealed her figure and her pinched little face showed no vestige of makeup. Her hair was tightly rolled behind her head.

Being a gentleman, Paul concealed his disappointment and invited her to come in and sit down and he offered her a drink. He expected her to ask for a sweet white wine or some such drink to calm her nerves but she just asked for a glass of water. She sat down on the couch with her covered legs demurely crossed and waited for him to speak.

“How can I help you love?”

She took a deep breath then, squirming with embarrassment, she explained that all her school friends seemed to have lost their virginity and were boasting about their sexual exploits. She had been too shy to accept dates with boys so she felt that, now she was nineteen, she was missing out on life. Eva had told her how pleasurable her evening with Paul had been and she offered to pay him if he could do the same for her. Paul explained that he would not take her money but he may be able to help her, if she was sure that this was what she wanted. She assured him that it was but admitted that she was very shy and worried about taking her clothes off. She wondered if it was possible to ‘do it’ fully clothed.

Paul smiled inwardly but tried not to embarrass her by laughing at her fears. He gently explained that being nude and exploring your partner’s body is one of the great pleasures of sex. He said that he was willing to help, but becoming comfortable with your own body was the first step so they would have to work on this first before they could go any further. She looked very doubtful but agreed to give it a try.

Paul said “Look, you don’t need to rush into anything and I really don’t want to force you or make you do anything you don’t really want to do. If I can help you to overcome your shyness and help you to love your own body, then I’m happy to help. The rest should come naturally after that”

Tina looked very relieved to hear this and sat back on the couch obviously more relaxed.

Paul asked her “Do you shower or take a bath to clean yourself?”

Tina took a deep breath and explained “Oh no, I’m never completely naked. My parents are very religious and taught me that nudity is sinful. I only remove part of my clothing at any one time to wash myself.”

Paul coughed and covered his mouth to disguise the inevitable smile. “Well, that’s where we have to start. I won’t embarrass you by asking you to take your clothes off now but you need to work on that. I think your parents were entirely wrong. God gave us a body in his own image and there is nothing shameful about showing it and taking pleasure from it. What do you think about that idea?”

“Yes, I guess you’re right,” she replied “I’ve thought for a long time that my parents were too strict and ultra conservative. I’ve moved away from home now to the city and I’m ready to ditch their ideas too. I’ll be guided by you. What would you like me to do?”

“Well first you’ll need to come to terms with you own body and learn to love it and enjoy it. I suggest you start by getting half of your body naked and take a good look at it in the mirror. Explore it with your eyes and your fingers and don’t feel guilty. Learn to accept it and enjoy it. You’ll find it beautiful. When you’ve done that and feel comfortable with it, do the same with your other half. If you can get completely naked straight away, that’s good, but don’t rush it! Exploring half of your body each time will be fine until you get used to it. When you can get naked, look at your all of your beautiful body in a big mirror and see how gorgeous and sexy it is. Then move on to showering and bathing yourself naked every day to get clean. You’ll love it, I guarantee it!”

Tina smiled. She was obviously warming to the idea. Bayan Escort

Paul continued: “When you feel comfortable with your own body and being naked, you can ring me if you like, then we can talk about what to do next. Also, if you are serious about becoming sexually active, you need to talk to your doctor and ask him or her about contraception. The doctor might put you on the pill or recommend some other form of birth control. There are several kinds but you need to protect yourself. You don’t want to get pregnant at your age and your stage in life.”

“OK Paul.” Tina replied. “I’m grateful for your advice. I’ll ring you when I’m ready to move on to the next stage.”

“I’m not sure that you’re ready for it frankly.” said Paul “But, if and when, you’re good and ready, ring me and we can work something out.”

They spent the rest of the evening chatting and getting to know each other. Tina left feeling much more comfortable now she had a plan. She was glad that Paul hadn’t made her take her clothes off as she had feared. She was determined to do as he had suggested and learn to overcome her shyness about her own body.

The only mirror in her apartment was a small eye-level shaving mirror in the bathroom so she called into a furniture shop on the way home and bought a small hand mirror and a full length cheval mirror for her bedroom.

She went home and straight away she stripped off her top half and took a long hard look at herself in the full-length mirror. For the first time she was taking to time to look at her body without shame or guilt and she liked what she saw. She spent some time examining her breasts in detail. She turned this way and that to examine them from every angle. She noted the full teardrop shape of the large breasts with their upturned nipples. The areolae were small and brown and the nipples were also small and deep red. She placed her hands underneath and hefted them to feel the weight. Moving closer to the mirror she let go and watched them bounce. Fascinated by their firm yet mobile flesh, she jumped up and down just for the sheer pleasure of seeing them move. She spread her fingers to cover as much of the breast tissue as she could and massaged them, gently at first then with increasing firmness as she got used to the feeling. As she moved to the nipples she noticed them becoming hard forming little hard peaks. She handled the erect nipples and enjoyed the sensations that she was creating. To her surprise she started to feel a tingling between her legs and decided to investigate further.

Quickly removing the rest of her clothes, she stood absolutely naked in front of a full-length mirror for the first time in her life. She was stunned by the beauty of her body and turned around to examine it from all angles. Below the full breasts her stomach was flat and taut and her waist trim and narrow. Her eyes travelled down to the beautiful curves of her flanks to the superb peachy white flesh of her tight, rounded buttocks. She ran her hands down her back and over her bum enjoying the sweeping curves. The she turned her attention to the profile view. From this angle she got a new perspective on the shape of her breasts that she had never seen before. They sloped almost in a straight line down the front until they reached the upturned nipples where they became full and round and sensuously curved. As she turned to face the mirror she saw the breasts from a different angle noting the little valley of cleavage between them. She pressed them up and together with her hands and noted that she could make the cleavage much deeper. Her eyes moved on down her abdomen to her curvaceous hips and her fingers traced down from her hip bones down to the glossy, black curls covering her mound.

She moved to the bedroom and lay on the bed with her legs wide apart so that she could examine the ‘private parts’ between her legs with the hand mirror. At first all she saw was the slit between her outer lips fringed with the same black curly hair her as her mound. When she opened her legs wider and spread the outer lips she was able to examine the delicate inner lips and the V-shaped hood of her clitoris. This was the first time she had ever seen her ‘private parts’ in detail and she was fascinated. There was so much to see. The opening to her vagina was clearly visible and she was sure that this was where her menstrual flow came from. Delicately she inserted a finger into her opening and found it blocked. She moved the mirror closer to take a better look and saw that the opening was mostly closed by a diaphragm of white skin. She wondered where her pee actually exited her body when she urinated, so she spread the inner lips apart to take a better look.

Above the vaginal opening she saw that there was another tiny opening that she supposed must be where her pee came from. She decided to test this theory by squatting on the toilet seat with the mirror placed so she could see where the stream of urine actually came from. She watched as the golden stream opened the tiny hole and spurted out into the toilet bowl. Back on the bed she moved her attention further up to the hood of the clitoris and delicately pulled the hood back to reveal the tiny pearl beneath. When she touched it, she found it felt good but incredibly sensitive and had to remove her finger immediately. As she continued her exploration she discovered that rubbing and stroking across the top of the hood of the clitoris and down its sides felt amazing and, as she continued this for some time the feeling grew even more pleasurable and the whole area became damp and slippery with a natural lubricant. Surprised by this but slightly alarmed she decided to wait until she saw Paul again and ask him what was happening to her.

She explored her naked body many times over the days and took to walking around her flat and sleeping naked until her feelings of guilt diminished as she was completely at ease with her nudity. She continued to massage her breasts and her pussy but she stopped as the feeling of sexual excitement mounted as she was worried that she was doing something that was wrong.

Two weeks later Paul received another phone call from Tina. She told him that she had followed his advice and was feeling a lot more comfortable. She asked if she could come around to his place again. He invited her to come round the following evening.

The doorbell rang and he was pleased to see that this time Tina was dressed in a demure but much more feminine way. She sat down on the couch and accepted a glass of water. Paul asked how she had gone with the exploration of her body.

“Oh Paul,” she gushed “it was absolutely wonderful! I never imagined what it would be like to be totally naked and how free and unrestricted my body would feel. After the first few days I would come home from work and spend my evenings naked in my own apartment. I loved it! I followed your advice and stood in front of my big mirror just admiring my curves. At first, I felt guilty that it was sinful and wrong but I soon got over that and began to enjoy it. I ran my fingers over my skin and explored its sensitivity and I enjoy it so much. I’ve discovered that some parts of my body are incredibly sensitive and feel so good. I’ve been to see the doctor and she injected a small contraceptive implant under my skin and it didn’t hurt a bit.

“OK,” replied Paul “what would you like to do next?”

“I don’t know” she said “but I feel I’m ready for the next stage. You’re older and wiser so I’ll be guided by you. Eva told me that you were gentle and kind and you made her feel amazing”

With this she reached behind her head and pulled out the pins securing the austere tight roll of hair. Her long, black, glossy hair cascaded down to her shoulders and her severe schoolmarm look immediately gave way to a much softer, feminine one. Paul suddenly noticed that she was much prettier and sexier than his previous assessment.

He gulped. “Wow, that’s quite a responsibility young lady! Are you ready start now?”

“Yes, I think so.” She said. “Just be gentle with me.”

“I will.” He promised. “Can we start by taking some of these clothes off?

“OK. But remember that I’ve never shown my body to anyone else before so we’ll have to go slowly”

“That’s absolutely fine” laughed Paul “It’s a lot more sexy if we do it slowly, so I’m happy with that.”

To Tina’s surprise he moved closer to her on the couch and took her in his arms and cuddled her. She stiffened immediately but after a little while he could feel her body relax. He looked into her eyes and when her lips parted slightly he knew she was ready for a kiss. As their lips met he could feel that her lips were hard and unyielding but he pulled her closer and continued to kiss her until she began to melt in his arms and enjoy the kiss. Soon she was responding and, as her mouth opened slightly to accept him, he increased the intensity of the kiss and slowly ran his fingers up and down her back. Soon they were kissing passionately and their tongues were intertwined. As she came up for air she gasped.

“That was amazing! I’ve never felt like that before. My whole body was responding. I loved it!”

“You’re a natural. “He replied “I felt it too; you really started to turn me on.”

Paul felt that the time was right to move on and started by running his hands slowly up and down her back. She responded by moving in for another passionate kiss and he could tell that she was becoming turned on. After a while he lifted the back of her shirt and continued to stroke her skin. He could feel her bra strap under the shirt and asked if he may undo her shirt buttons. She readily agreed and he unbuttoned the front of her shirt revealing rather old-fashioned, thick, cotton, heavy-duty underwired bra. Without a word he stripped off his shirt and encouraged her to stroke his back in the same way. She did this enthusiastically and after a few minutes he asked:

“Would you mind if I took off your shirt and bra?”

“That’s OK.” she said “But you won’t laugh will you? No-one except me has ever seen my breasts.”

“I promise.” he replied, “I wouldn’t do that. You can count on my respect.”

She took off the shirt without hesitation but then she paused for a moment looking into his eyes for reassurance. He nodded and smiled to encourage her and blushing bright red, she unclipped the fastenings and slipped the bra straps down from her arms. Paul almost gasped in amazement as some of the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen were revealed. They were large and full and pendulous but beautifully shaped. They were tipped with dark areolae and small ruby red nipples.

“They’re absolutely beautiful!” he exclaimed.

“Do you really think so?” she replied, “I’ve never seen anyone else’s breasts, so I have nothing to compare them with.”

“Believe me.” he said. “They’re some of the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen. You’ve got absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. They’re absolutely gorgeous!”

She smiled, pleased but still shy.

He said, “Would you mind if I touch them?”

She nodded her permission and he proceeded to massage them expertly. With the lightest touch at first, avoiding the areolae and nipples completely. She responded by purring quietly, obviously enjoying his touch. As her excitement increased the nipples started to harden and when he brushed over them momentarily with the flat of his palm her body jolted as if she had received an electric shock.

Paul was in no hurry. He took his time over the breast massage expertly manipulating the soft, pliant flesh and watching her carefully to observe her reaction. When she started moaning softly and her breathing became irregular he decided to take things even further. One of his hands strayed down her chest and he lightly massaged her tummy. She didn’t restrain him as he moved further down and pressed on her pubic mound through her clothing. She obviously responded well to the pressure so he spoke softly into her ear.

“Would you be able to take off your skirt?”

She raised her hips and wriggled out of her skirt revealing a very large pair of ‘granny knickers’ that completely covered her right up to the waist. Paul took in this sight without comment and resumed the breast massage while nibbling her ear lobes. He judged that by her soft moans and the opening and closing of her legs that she was becoming increasing sexually excited. This was confirmed by the wet patch that was appearing at her crotch through the thick cotton material of her underwear. One of his hands moved down there and rested on the wet patch. He looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply, his tongue entering her mouth and duelling with hers. He began to rub gently on the faint outline of her slit and was rewarded as she closed her legs together and squeezed his hand into a more intimate contact with her pussy. When her thighs relaxed their grip, he continued to rub her outer lips through the thick cotton material until she suddenly leapt to her feet and swept the heavy-duty garment over her hips and down to her feet. She now stood before him completely naked.

Paul was stunned by the rapidity of her decision and stared in amazement at what she had revealed. Her waist was small and he admired the beautiful curves down to her shapely hips. She had obviously made no attempt to modify her pubic hair and she sported a full triangular bush of luxurious black curly hair, glossy like the hair on her head. Without a word he placed his hands on her hips and spun her round to admire her bottom. To his delight it was just as shapely as the rest of her.

“Your body is amazing!” he remarked “It’s absolutely gorgeous! You’re incredibly sexy. Any man would be delighted to admire your beautiful curves.”

Obviously pleased and surprised she blushed deep red again and unconsciously moved her hands to cover her pussy. Paul was charmed by her modesty and gently took her in his arms and carried her through to the bedroom while kissing her passionately. He gently laid her down on the bed and quickly removed the rest of his own clothes. She sucked in a deep breath as his penis sprang out his underwear. It was the first time that she had seen a man naked and she had little idea of what men’s bodies looked like under their clothing. Seeing her surprise, Paul stood next to the bed and unashamedly turned slowly around so she could examine him more closely. She couldn’t take her eyes off him and was clearly fascinated. She took in the hard, muscled body, so different from her own feminine curves. Her eyes were drawn to the package he sported between his legs. Following the deep kissing and foreplay on the couch and the revelation of her curvaceous body he was highly aroused. His larger than average cock stood proudly to attention. Paul encouraged her to examine him and tried to put her at ease. He told her that our bodies are perfectly natural and should be no cause for embarrassment. He asked her to touch his hard cock and examine it carefully. She took it gingerly in her hands and found that she could easily slide back the foreskin to reveal the purple mushroom head beneath. This fascinated her and she rolled it backwards and forwards several times to Paul’s obvious enjoyment. Suddenly, it occurred to her that sooner or later he would want to put his penis into her vagina.

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