Demon in the Spinning Bottle

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“Look, this is going to be just as awkward for both of us, so don’t pretend you have it worse than I do,” I told Jen as we drove toward Dakota’s house. “You don’t see me bitching about having it worse than you.”

“I’m just saying, Dakota was my friend first,” Jen argued. “You can just drop me off and go home, then it won’t have to be awkward for both of us.”

“But this party was started by my friends,” I countered. “And Dakota invited me first. You’re the plus one.”

“Jesus, why do you have to be so damn difficult.”

“I’m not exactly thrilled about the idea of watching my baby sister hook up with a bunch of my buddies either.” I pulled into Dakota’s driveway and parked. “Let’s just do this and get it over with. You want to have fun, I want to have fun, let’s just ignore each other and pretend we’re the only one here, okay?”

“Fine,” Jen huffed as we got out of the car and walked up to the house.

The party started slowly. We talked to some of our own friends and had a few drinks while the last few people showed up. Dakota let us know when everyone was there and called us all in to the living room so the main event could get started.

“Gather ’round everyone!” Dakota called out. “Circle up. Most of you have been here before, you know the drill. For you new people, we’re going to go over the game rules again really quick to make sure we’re all on the same page.” You’d think he’d done this before, but Dakota had only been invited to last year’s party before.

“Game is Spin the Bottle, you all remember it from middle school. But we’re all adults now, so we’re going to kick it up a notch. Rules are pretty simple, you sit in the circle, you participate. There are no punishments or penalties for bitching out, because you will not be bitching out. If you don’t want to do it, you can leave before the round starts. But if you leave, you go home. You don’t get to skip the foreplay and come back for the climax.

“One house rule, just for my edition of the game. When we get down to the last two people who haven’t done the task, they automatically get paired together without spinning. I want to make sure everyone gets to play, and I think it adds a little extra spice to the game. But that’s just me. After everyone’s participated at least once, we’ll go ahead and skip to the next round.

“Anyway, let’s get started. First round, first base. Spin the bottle and make out with whoever it lands on.” Dakota picked a spot in the circle to settle, then spun the bottle. It finally stopped spinning, pointing to Beth. Lucky Beth, she’d had a crush on Dakota for a while. He didn’t hold back either, it almost looked like he was going to push his luck and try to convince her to sleep with him right there in the middle of the circle.

But then he broke it off. He sat back down and motioned for Arthur to take his turn. Beth slumped back down as he reached for the bottle, as if she had been hoping for more. Arthur gave a spin, landing on Dustin. Arthur put up some protest at first, but was quickly reminded of the rules. He went ahead and kissed Dustin, who didn’t seem to mind at all.

The bottle kept spinning. Freddy spun Leann. Karen spun Dustin again, lucky guy. I got Beth, which was a little awkward since I had dumped her a few years ago. Then Janet spun Dustin. That guy was really getting his money’s worth out of this party. Then Jasmine spun Beth, who by now was getting pretty flustered with all her own attention. Dahlia spun Leann…

And then it was Jen’s turn. I tried to tune out and ignore it, but I was enjoying the game and besides, what was the worst that could happen? I should have known better than to ask that question, because the bottle finally stopped spinning on me. A few people expressed surprise or concern at the result, a couple degenerates showed their approval. Dakota cut us off before we could protest.

“You guys knew the rules when you came here, you knew the rules before we got started. Tough luck, but you have to do it just like everyone else. The straight guys made out with other guys, the couples made out with other people, you have to do it.”

“I know the rules,” I snapped at him. “I was part of the original group that started this party four years ago, I should know the rules by the fifth meeting.” I took a beat to compose myself and turned to my sister. She looked as uncomfortable as I felt. “Look, it’s no big deal. It’s the rules, we knew that. Just close your eyes and pretend it’s someone else.”

She cleared her throat and nodded. We leaned across the circle, closing our eyes at the last moment and summoning up images of who we would each rather be kissing. I tried to think of each of the other girls in turn, but I couldn’t drag my mind away from how soft my sister’s lips were. They were silky smooth, and she tasted somewhat minty too, which means either she hadn’t had anything to drink before the game started, or else she’d been chewing on some gum to kill the breath.

“I kilis escort think that’s enough,” Dakota said. “You can stop now-“

“Yea, but only if you want to!” interrupted Brandon, who laughed at his own comedic brilliance. I have no idea how he’d been invited, but I wasn’t the host this year, so I didn’t get to say. I’d have loved to deck him, but instead I just sat back down.

“Real clever, asshole,” I said, to angry to come up with any kind of clever insult. I rolled the mint I hadn’t been sucking on a second ago to the other side of my mouth. “But if I’m doing my math right, that means you and Hayden are the last two left, have fun with your own brother.”

This elicited more laughs than it deserved, as well as one of the girls whispering just loudly enough for everyone to hear, “Twincest is wincest”, which got its own round of laughs.

Of course, hey tried to protest, both of them being pretty classic dudebros that were totally not gay, and even if they were, which they weren’t, they weren’t into that family shit either. About two minutes of arguing finally shut them up and they just did it. Both threatened to leave and claimed they would, until they each realized that if they other left, they could stay, and then they started arguing about which of them should stay.

Dakota dismissed the rest of us to refresh our drinks while they argued, before finally stubbornly agreeing to stick around and tough it out. Morons. We came back in a slightly different order, but Dakota said he was taking another liberty as host and overriding the circle so those who didn’t get to spin the last round got to spin first this round, before returning to regular play.

“Second round, second base,” he told us. “Guy gropes the girl. Two girls, you decide which of you gropes which, or you can both do it, I don’t care. Two guys, tough luck, no kitties for you. I guess you could grope each others’ pecks if you want, but I won’t make you. Dustin, you’re up first.”

Dustin spun Karen first, who barely let him grope her over the shirt. I didn’t feel sorry for the guy, he was having a good night that was only getting better. Brandon spun Leann, then Hayden spun Brandon which got some more laughs. Beth and Leann both spun Dustin back to back, and both lifted their shirts to let him grope them through their bras.

Then Jen spun herself. Dakota ruled that meant she skipped her turn, and we would come back to her if no one else got to grope her by the end. She almost seemed relieved by that, given how her last spin went. Maybe this party wasn’t for her after all.

Freddy rolled Beth, and then so did Karen, although Karen opted to let Beth grope her instead. Then Jasmine, Dakota, and Janet all landed on Dustin. Dakota did grope Dustin’s pecks as a joke after Janet’s spin, mostly for a joke but he claimed to “Balance out his lucky streak.” Dahlia spun Karen, and both girls stripped their tops and groped each others’ bare boobs while making out. Arthur spun Dakota and the two of them chose not to do anything.

And finally it was my turn. I reached for the bottle before Dahlia stopped me. “Aren’t you the last person?” she asked. “Hold on, that means there’s got to be someone else right? You get them automatically, don’t you?”

“That’s right,” Dakota replied. “Your spin should be forced. Arthur already went though…”

“But I didn’t…” Jen said quietly from the other side of the circle. Everyone quietly looked over at her. “I got skipped, remember? Because I spun on myself.”

“That’s right,” Dakota said, snapping his fingers as the memory returned to him. “Can’t catch a break, can you two?”

“Let’s just…get it over with,” Jen said, walking across the circle to me. She sat down on my lap facing away from me, then took my hands and guided them to her chest so I could complete the task.

It was over her shirt, so you would imagine it wasn’t too erotic, except that Jen had apparently come to the party without a bra on. I don’t know who she’d hoped would be feeling her up, but it looks like she’d made a bad call and we were both feeling it now…no pun intended.

It was hard to pretend she was someone else this time too. I had just graduated from college, so four years away from home meant my sister’d had time to develop while I was gone. She herself had just graduated high school, and her tits were as perky as I expected they’d ever be. And they were something alright. Even without a bra, they were full enough to fill her shirt mostly without drawing attention, although now that I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra it’d be easy to notice. The fleshy organs were soft and pliable in my hands, and I briefly had the thought that I wish any girl I’d dated had had breasts like these.

We got Dakota’s time approval and we all broke out to have another drink. I saw Jen gulp down one and grab a second quickly, and I sympathized. I didn’t want anyone to know it was getting to kilis escort bayan me, but I felt very conflicted about the boner that was growing in my jeans. It was strange to see my sister in such a way, but now it was hard not to. She really was a pretty girl…

I shook the thought from my head. That was dangerous ground to tread, and we were pushing -well, breaking- boundaries tonight that shouldn’t be pushed or broken. With luck, it would be all over now and we could have fun, enjoy the rest of the night, and get drunk enough to forget this ever happened.

Jen and I both brought fresh drinks back to the circle for the next round. We sat next to each other this time, hoping our proximity would make someone more likely to roll either of us and not leave us to each other again.

“Third round, third base,” Dakota said. “You will perform oral on whoever your bottle points to. Since everyone got to go last time, I’ll go ahead and start this round. You don’t have to make them cum, we’re still planning on having more fun tonight after all, but you can.”

Dakota’s spin resulted in Arthur. I was almost surprised to see Dakota so willing to participate with the other men, but he’d learned the rules during the last game. Jasmine spun Leann, Brandon spun Janet, Arthur spun Dahlia. The party was really heating up now. Dahlia hadn’t put her shirt back on after the scene she put on with Karen, so when she took her pants off to make way for Arthur, she was buck naked. A few of the party goers were subtly or not-so-subtly rubbing themselves in anticipation of their turns.

Janet spun Hayden, who felt vindicated at finally being pleasure by a woman tonight. It surprised no one that she made him cum in an embarrassingly short time. Leann spun his brother next, and apparently identical twins are also identical in their sexual traits, because he was just as much of a quick shot as his brother. Karen spun Dakota, then it was Hayden’s turn to perform. He spun Freddy and was furious at having to suck another man’s cock, but was forced to, since he was very familiar with the rules by now and had already been serviced himself, to completion at that. Freddy went on to spin Karen, Dahlia got Dustin, Beth got Jasmine, and Dustin got Beth.

Jen and I watched the available pool of partners dry up with a kind of fatalist resolve that comes with any string of bad enough luck. It had come down to the two of us, and neither one of us had serviced or been serviced by any other player. We were the last two in both categories. There was no way out of it, so we didn’t argue at all. We blocked out the others’ reactions to us.

We flipped a coin to see who would go first. The result was me servicing her first. She seemed almost relieved at first, happy to have a few more minutes before having to suck her brother’s cock. But then it struck her that for me to service her, she would have to take off her pants and present herself to her brother. She was very shy about disrobing, but I finally got her out of her pants and was able to get started.

It goes without saying that seeing your sister’s pussy is a strange experience. Not that it wasn’t beautiful like the rest of her, in fact it was more odd because of how beautiful it was. She must have just shaved it pristinely clean that morning, because it was perfectly smooth but for a faint tanline where her bikini cut off last summer. Her lips were pressed together so tightly that if she had lost her virginity already, it was probably only recently.

As I leaned toward it, I noticed it shined with just the faintest hint of wetness. I’m sure it was from the anticipation of being eaten out by one of the other guys here, or maybe even sucking the cock of her crush, whoever that was. But as unlikely as it was, I couldn’t push the idea out of my head that she was already wet because she was turned on by what we had already done, or what more she wanted to do with me. I was certainly hard from the thought, not that I would admit it.

And then I actually put my mouth to her. I won’t pretend her pussy tasted better than any other I’d eaten, pussy mostly all tasted the same. But once my tongue had spread her lips and pushed inside her, I found just how wet she really was. It was kind of amazing she hadn’t been dripping actually, but I digress. I started putting my talents to work, letting years of experience in pleasing girls come to bear as I ran my tongue along my sister’s slit.

I was actually surprised that I made her cum before everyone told us we could stop and switch. I didn’t think I was that good, I didn’t even think I was really doing that well honestly, but the fact that she wrapped her legs around my head and squealed made it clear that apparently i had in fact done exactly what she needed me to.

Then we were told we could switch. Suddenly, I was shy to take my pants off for my own sister to perform oral sex on me. I was suddenly very conscious escort kilis of the audience we had and how it would look that I was already hard for my sister’s mouth. Jen didn’t give me much time to be shy though. She yanked at my pants until my cock was free and wrapped her lips around it with gusto. The way she looked up at me while she started to suck, it’s like she was in a trance.

Her coffee brown eyes were glazed over, but they still looked up at me, begging me to be as pleased as I’d made her. Her straight red hair hung down her back, swaying back and forth as she bobbed her head. Her tongue slid clumsily along my length as she worked. She had enthusiasm, and dare I say even talent, but she was definitely lacking in experience. But I enjoyed the blowjob just as much as any other I’d had. Looking down to see my sister’s own face doing it was an odd satisfaction.

I was disappointed that it had to end. I know foreplay had been the point of the rest of the party, but I had an almost overwhelming desire to ask her to keep going. But when Dakota said we’d done enough, Jen pulled off without any noticeable hesitation. She wiped her mouth and we all got up to get new drinks. I found myself watching Jen sip on the only drink she picked up as I continued to nurse my own leftover from the last round. It was a little surprising that neither of us needed another drink after what had just happened.

We all gathered back together for the next round. Dakota gave the simple explanation, “Last round, everyone scores. Whoever your spin lands on, or whoever’s spin lands on you, the two of you go off and have sex with each other. If anyone wants to back out, now it the time.” He gave a moment for anyone to back out, but no one left. “Alright then. Alex, Jen, you’ve had a rough game so far. Would one of you like to go first this time?”

“Gladly,” Jen said, reaching for the bottle. She spun it hard, making it bounce around the circle. I don’t know if she thought spinning it harder would make a better result, but we all watched intently as it is skittered back to the a stable spin and slowed down. And then it finally came to rest pointing at me. The party remained silent, looking at the bottle in disbelief.

“Well, that fucking figures,” I muttered under my breath. Jen got up, grabbing my shirt and dragging me with her. I heard the others start to talk as we walked deeper into the house for some privacy. I heard the bottle clinking against the ground, so they must have gotten over it and continued the game.

We found a bedroom and Jen closed the door behind us. She leaned against the door for a moment in silence. “If I’m being totally honest,” she almost whispered, “I was actually kind of hoping for that to happen.”

If I was being totally honest, so was I. It was a surreal thought that I was going to fuck my sister, that I even wanted to fuck my sister. But she just looked so cute standing there. She was looking at her feet, so her crimson hair hung over most of her face. I took the opportunity to take a good look at her body for the first time.

She wasn’t the thinnest girl, but she was far from fat. Her band-logo t-shirt didn’t do much to show off her breasts, but they were beautiful, full c-cups. And since I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, I knew their shape had to come from a natural perkiness. Her waist still cinched in about an inch on each side before rounding back out to her hips. She had pulled up her pants between rounds, but had left them undone in anticipation of the next event, so the zipper on her jeans was folded open, revealing her powder blue panties.

“I…uh…” I started, unsure what to say. We heard someone else giggling as they barreled down the hall and slammed the door to another room shut. The other couples were catching up and getting started. “I guess we should get started?” Very smooth. I took a step towards her and took her hand.

I led her to the bed, and we crawled onto it together. I pulled her in for another kiss, which she returned as easily as she had the first one. I broke the kiss long enough to pull my shirt off, and she removed hers at the same time. She reengaged the kiss and we started pulling our pants down to get naked.

Once all our clothes were discarded, Jen broke off our kiss again. She got on top of me and sat on my cock, grinding her slit against it. She was so wet, it was almost as good as sex. Almost. She sat up enough for my cock to stand upright and guided it into her, lowering herself onto it slowly. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she felt me slide into her. It must have felt as good for her as it did for me.

She started to ride, and I watched her perfect tits bounce as she rose and fell. It felt amazing inside her, and I thought again of how she was probably not long removed of her virginity if she was at all. Maybe she’d even been saving herself. Maybe she’d been saving herself for me specifically.

The thought made my dick throb with arousal. My baby sister, only 18 years old, pure as the driven snow, and desperate for only her own brother’s cock. I reached up to take hold of her hips so I could pump up into her as she rode. She leaned forward over me, letting me take control from below and holding herself up just high enough to let me do my thing.

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