Diamond Eyes

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Lights are dim as the wind hits the old glass panes and a crash of thunder follows. The room lights up in a flash and for a moment your silhouette in the doorway comes in full color, diamond eyes falling on unmade sheets spilling over the edges of a bed that has held up so many before us, fucking, loving, sweating, breathing hard, lying still, bodies entwined slipping under wine-colored satin, disappearing as the lightning leaves the sky. Stone cold and wet as the rain beats down against the walls of this chamber, shadows dancing on the ceiling as the candles on the walls flicker. Wax is falling into blood-red pools on the floor, spilling down stones that have been here longer than our eyes have seen, our ears have heard, our tongues have tasted…

Taste. I am thinking of your tongue twisting in my mouth, and I can taste you standing in the doorway staring with those eyes, diamond eyes, meeting mine with a challenge, a new game. The windows are closed but those old latches still let the air in as it hits the flames of old candles and pushes them down into those pools of blood-red wax they sent streaming. We’re safe again as the darkness follows the wind around to each candle until finally you are just a shadow moving towards me. Whispers bounce off the walls, people watching, preaching, assuming, catching in my ears as my eyes find yours shining in the darkness and you stop. Diamond eyes, crystal clear cutting through the chaos that we have created, are creating.

The wine we drank earlier is on my breath and your lips must be stained as they meet mine and my hands find your hips to pull you closer. You break away, the corners of those lips turned up in a devilish grin with the thought of gorukle escort bayan where this is going as the rain beats down on the old stone walls and the thunder plays in the background; a beat we can’t follow.

My gaze strays to the unmade bed where the sheets are still crushed and wrinkled. Smoke from blackened wicks drifts and mixes with the smell of summer thunderstorms and hasty decisions.

Hasty decisions. But this was planned and executed perfectly, like every other time, no slips, no hints, no room for mistakes. But then I remember that the rain hitting the windowpanes is rain pouring from a summer sky that should have kept us apart.

My eyes snap back to you as you’re moving in front of me, slowly gliding backwards, teasing as your gaze refuses to meet mine. I am following you now, fingers reaching grabbing twisting fabric stretching slipping falling to the floor. The room is cold but your bare skin is burning as it hits mine and we fall onto those well-used sheets as the game begins again.

Games. This one we know, we’ve played out the deck without getting our fill as the sheets envelope our pale white forms falling into place on the mattress. Your breathing is jagged but that grin is still dancing on your lips as they hit mine and the room begins to spin. Your breath in my mouth down my throat, tongues slipping and skidding spinning and dancing darting in and out as hands claw at sheets, arms, hair, nails catching skin leaving trails that should be gone by morning. The rain is coming down and the thunder is roaring in the night sky but the only sounds I hear are moans caught in your throat and our bodies sliding on those wine-red sheets as the nilüfer escort bayan sweat starts to bead. There’s no stopping now.

I pull away, a plan in my head that you can read as my eyes find yours and my mouth moves to your neck and finds your skin hot between my lips. Teeth nipping and your body shudders under mine as I move lower, dragging my tongue across your collarbone, chest and I pause. Your eyes flicker open as my tongue recedes and the contact is broken. That grin that danced on your lips is replaced with what looks like frustration and your hand is on my head pushing down until my tongue hits your soft skin, lightly at first until I find your nipple. Your hand closes around my hair and begins to pull as your hips move into me and I am sucking and working my tongue into a rhythm that you can follow. A gasp escapes through your parted lips as I move again, my tongue slides down your stomach and my arms are under you now, hands around your waist and my mouth finds your hips.

Those hips, moving so fluidly you dance to a beat that only you can hear but as my tongue sears your skin you are losing control and they begin a dance of their own. Sweat begins to drip and the sheets are sticking now as you drag them away, throwing them to the stone floor in a heap never taking your eyes off me. Those diamond eyes of yours did me in the first time and never fail as my tongue finds your clit and my mouth is full of the sex and the secrets we continue to keep.

Slowly at first, my tongue hits you everywhere and for a moment you lose yourself to the storm exploding around the old stone walls of a room we have never seen before. It lights up again with bursa otele gelen escort bayan thunder rumbling lightning streaking across the sky as my tongue finds a rhythm for you to roll into. Your hands find mine, fingers entwined pulling and pleading as my tongue keeps the beat and the walls begin to fall away.

You head tilts back and a sound escapes your open mouth that you don’t hear. You’re lost to they rhythm my tongue is keeping as you move into me, pushing harder and I find the place that makes your hips jump, breath catching in your throat, pleading because you know where this is going. My tongue flicks once twice losing count, no need to count now as you’re pulling me into you, coming in liquid heat. Secrets escaping into the night air as you cry out until my tongue is off you and the noise of the storm outside fill the room again.

You pull me up to you, kissing frantically until your breathing slows and you fall back down onto the well-worn mattress. The smell of sex has filled the room and you pull the sheet from the floor to cover bare skin cold with sweat as the wind creeps through the hinges of the glass as old as the stone walls surrounding us.

Come morning the storm will have passed and the hot summer sun will dry those old stones and leave cracks sprawling across the dirt under our feet as we leave our secrets in this dark old room walking back to the places that we used to know. Hands at our sides, mouths closed, eyes ahead we walk like we have always walked, leaving our secrets in rooms where they can hide in dark corners, under sweat-stained sheets, in pools of once-melted wax fallen from candles we didn’t have to light. The grass is whispering as we leave another room behind and you turn to me, those diamond eyes find mine and for a moment I pause to listen as the night plays again in my mind. But the grass is silent and you smile as we turn our faces to the sun and walk back into the world where the light keeps people from seeing all of the secrets that hide in the dark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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