Discovering My LUST


One late Friday afternoon while working at my desk after all the students had left the building Crystal walked into my room shouting.

“You ready?”

“Give me a quick second.” I responded.

“I don’t do quickies Nikki!” the smart ass replied.

Once in the car we were on our way down Highway 5.

“Another week and I don’t think the bastards learn a fucking think?” Crystal blurts out.

“They are going through so much, don’t you remember that part of your life Crystal?” I questioned.

Crystal replied, “Fuckers purposely push my buttons!”

Classic Crystal. Great friend but no filter what so ever around me. Sometimes I think she says things to get a response from me. Being the prude I am I never respond.

Today was different!

Crystal started describing her own life and the things she went through sexually.

I had no idea people were so open sexually.

She lost her virginity, gave a blowjob and swallowed a load of cum on the same day…

Weeks later she discovered her lesbian wants and anal. All by her 21st birthday…

“Active little fucker weren’t you?” I blurt out.

She smiles a devilish smile. “Didn’t know I was bi did you Nikki?” Crystal quips back.

“NO I honestly did not know that.” I said.

In my head I was reviewing my own sexual experiences, a comparison between myself and Crystal.

I first got laid in my junior year of college, gave a blow job the same year and have never been with a woman. Fuck, I have only been with one man my entire life.

Depression set in as I noticed for the first time in my life that I was a sexual prude.

“What is it Nikki? You look so sad all the sudden.” Crystal says.

“Nothing, I was just thinking of my own sexual experiences and lets just say, I am a sexual prude.” I replied.

“Probably not!” Crystal said.

In a aggravated tone I started to outline my sexual experiences for Crystal to understand where I was coming from.

“Fuck, your not a prude, your sexually depriving yourself Nikki.” Crystal quipped.

Tears ran down my face as I agonized over her statement. I was sexually deprived.

The car turned into my driveway and I noticed Patrick, my husband, mowing the lawn.

“Too hot to mow today.” said Crystal. “See you Monday!” she shouted as I exited the car.

Patrick walked to meet me in the driveway and noticed I had been crying. “Bad day at work?” he asked.

“No, sad about something Crystal and I were talking about.” I said.

Patrick looked at me and asked, “Anything I can help with?”

“No.” I replied and walked into the house greeted by the cat, my 17 year old and my 21 year old daughters.

“Mommy!” This was the best part of my week.

Patrick came in and went straight to the shower. I followed, after the girls left for their Friday night outings.

I walked to the bathroom and said to Patrick,

“Question? Am I a sexual prude? and be honest. I was talking with Crystal and she said something that really got to me. She said she had sex by her 21st birthday but I never had sex until we started dating in college.”

“I am not sure a prude is the right term. Too derogatory, I would say you are not sexually mature to be honest.” Patrick stated.

“NOT SEXUALLY MATURE?” I said with a hurting tone.

Patrick waited a minute, turned off the shower and exited to stand beside me.

“What I mean is that you don’t let go sexually, you have hangups most people grow out of over time. You do not like having your pussy licked, does nothing for you. You will not give a blowjob after intercourse, too disgusting, and with that said, our sex life is Sunday morning rolling over you parting your legs me humping you for 15 minutes and then small talk and shower. About right?, You asked for honesty.”

Tears streamed down my face as I heard the truths explode from Patrick’s lips. Everything he said was true. I have never let myself sexually mature past my childish fears. I was always fearful of receiving oral sex and felt it would be disgusting to give oral after intercourse.

I needed some one on one time with someone who could look at this objectively.

I called Crystal, “Crystal, lets go out for some drinks tonight, I’m buying.” I said on the phone.

“Great can Frank come too?” She asked.

“Sure bring Frank!” I replied.

We met at the Pelican, a local dive. Not being much of a drinker I had a glass of wine, Crystal had a rum and coke and Frank had a beer.

We sat talking small talk about work.

I was so nervous, especially with Frank there but I was determined to get this out of me.

“OK, I am going to describe how Patrick Eskort Bayan and I enjoy our sexual time and I want you two to give me your honest opinions. OK?” I asked

Frank, snickers but Crystal slams an elbow into his ribs. “You have our honest opinions and it stays between the three of us. Right Frank?” Crystal states.

“YES” Frank agrees.

I describe what Patrick was outlying and I saw the look of horror plastered on their faces.

“Really?” Crystal states. “I would Divorce you in a heart beat.” Frank blurted out.

“What he said.” Crystal chimed in pointing to Frank.

“Nikki, that is very immature as an adult. Whats the hangup?” Crystal asked.

“I led a sheltered life and was raised to be a proper woman. Proper woman do not indulge in such activities.” I answered.

“Look sweetie, this is not a good or bad thing. If you and Patrick are OK with this lifestyle than fuck everyone else.” Crystal stated as Frank shook his head in agreement.

“Patrick has been unhappy with this for years. I just thought he would eventually get over it.” I stated.

“I had no idea I was hurting myself and him by being so fucking proper.” I said.

“OK, Crystal, you told me that you and Frank are both bi. Am I right?” I asked.

“Yes, why?” asked Crystal.

With a quivering voice I stated. “I want you two to let me have sex with you tonight.”

“WHAT?” Frank exclaimed in a loud and boisterous voice.

Crystal’s eyes were like a cartoon character that just saw something horrendous. Saucer like in fact.

“I am very serious. I can trust you two to be honest and discrete and to guide me into a healthy sexual maturity.” I stated.

Crystal hugged me and whispered “OK but you tell us if you get too uncomfortable and we will stop. Also, this stays between us three. OK?”

“Thank you!” I said as we got up to leave and go to their house.

We went into the kitchen and Frank handed out beers. I am not much of a drinker but what the fuck right. I opened the bottle and we started to talk about our evening.

“I think we should all take a shower together.” Crystal said.

“OK” I said and upstairs we went.

Crystal, knowing I am extremely nervous and self conscience of my body said. “Nikki, you get into the shower first. I will join you first, then, when your ready, Frank.” “No pressure in the shower though. Take your time and do what you feel comfortable with.” Crystal added.

I got into the shower and had the water hot, I love hot showers. I put some shampoo in my hair and than rinsed.

The door opened and Crystal entered first, I reached out took her hand and helped her in.

A few minutes later Frank stepped under the water and began rinsing off. Crystal next.

I was lathering up with some body wash as Crystal started washing my back, our tits touching. A billion little shocks went coursing through my body. I was so nervous. As we washed each other Crystal turned around so I could wash her back and she could lather up Frank.

I noticed Crystal had her hand around Franks cock, stroking it as she washed it . Cupping up under his balls and back to the shaft. Impressive cock I thought.

Feeling embolden, I reached around Crystal and began washing her small but perky tits.

Again the electrical waves were passing through me.

Crystal turned to me and with out hesitation plunged her tongue into my mouth and we started kissing passionately.

“FUCK!” Frank stated watching us french kiss each other.

With so much passion our hands explored each ours bodies.

I reached my hand out to Frank gesturing for his cock. He complied and I started stroking his cock as Crystal and I locked lips.

“Shall we take this somewhere more comfortable?” Crystal whispered.

We rinsed and went into their bedroom.

They had a huge bed with lots of pillows.

Crystal asked me to lay down with my head on the pillow. I complied and laid there with my legs together and arms over my head.

Frank and Crystal were kissing and it was turning me on so fucking much.

Crystal dropped to her knees and took Franks cock into her mouth. First the head than the entire shaft. I could feel my pussy pulsate as I watched her suck her husbands cock right in front of me.

Her eyes locked on me.

I reached down and began to fondled my pussy. Brushing the hair out of the way I penetrated my opening and my fingers were instantly wet. I glided over my lips and my clit as I watched Crystal devour Frank’s cock.

Crystal stood up and looked at me. “This will not do, Nikki” Crystal said.

“What?” I said puzzled.

Crystal laid on the bed and pointed at my pussy. “This hair!, We have to shave this shit off baby.”

“OK” I said in a shaking voice.

Frank went to the bathroom and returned with a trimmer, shaving cream, razor and a wet towel.

Crystal asked me to sit on the edge of the bed with my feet spread apart. I complied and found myself spread eagle on the edge of their bed.

Crystal took the trimmers and began carefully removing hair from my vagina.

Frank looking on.

Next, Crystal lathered shaving cream all over my pussy.

I was so fucking turned on by this. It was driving me insane. I looked at Frank and he gave me a great big smile.

“You will love this” he said.

I asked Crystal if I could entertain Frank as she shaved me.

“Oh fuck yea” She exclaimed.

Frank got on the bed and I immediately began stroking his cock as he latched onto my nipple.

I adjusted my upper body so I could suck Franks cock.

Before I knew it I was licking his head and heard him moan, than another moan came from Crystal.

“That is erotic as fuck you two” she said.

I began to let Franks cock penetrate deeper into my mouth. I was in such a sexual high at the moment.

Crystal shaving my pussy and Franks cock fucking my mouth. I was letting go.

Crystal left to warm up the towel as Frank and I were entertaining each other.

I felt the tension building in Frank as he pumped my face. I knew he may be ready to cum. I got so scared, I have never tasted cum before. What if I puke. OMG I was so nervous.

Frank pulled his cock from my mouth and looked at me. “I don’t want to cum just yet but thank you that was incredible.” he said.

Crystal returned as I was massaging Franks balls and smiled at me. She placed the warm towel over my pussy and began to wash all the shaving cream off. I let my head fall to the bed in a moment of elation. It was so fucking erotic. Each wipe brought me so much pleasure. Suddenly the towel was removed and Crystal looked up at me.

“I have to make sure I did not miss any hairs.” She said seductively.

I felt her fingers roaming all over my lips my legs widened on their own giving her my permission and access to play with my pussy.

Slowly she massaged around my pussy than with out warning her tongue was stroking up and down on my clit. I opened my eyes and looked down with a huge smile on my face. “MMMMMMMM.” was all I could say.

Over and over she licked from the bottom of my pussy up to my clit. Each pass of her tongue gave more pressure. Then she plunged her tongue inside me. I felt like I was about to pass out from the pleasure.

I was dripping wet, I could tell I was so fucking wet. Crystal stopped licking my pussy and kissed her way to my belly button than my tits. Each time taking pleasure with my skin and nipples. Before I could think she was face to face lying on my body our tits touching and our pussies close together.

She began to stroke my hair and stare into my eyes.

“OH FUCK JUST KISS ME ALREADY.” I said surprisingly.

Nervous about the taste of my own pussy I was scared, tense and uncomfortable all at the same time. I thought to myself, this is why you wanted to be here.

Her tongue dove deep into my mouth as our lips instantly sealed from my pussy juices. As we exchanged tongues I realized that I had worried about nothing all these years. All the times Patrick would fuck me and offer his cock to me I would refuse. All those times lost. All that pleasure wasted.

I lay there taking in her tongue than began licking my juices off of her lips. All the sudden I wanted more of my juices.

Frank positioned his cock close to our faces. We began licking his cock as we kissed each other. I would run my lips and tongue down his shaft and Crystal would do the same on the other side.

Frank flipped his head back moaning in pleasure. I felt such power, controlling how he felt with my touch.

Crystal pulled away and I began to take over on Franks cock.

Crystal looked at me and stated “Would you lick my pussy Nikki?”

I heard the request and thought to myself, time to mature…

Crystal slid up my body and placed her knees on each side of my head. Her pussy positioned just above my face. Frank came behind me so Crystal could suck his cock as she rode my face.

“Holy shit, Just reach up and lick her lips like she did yours.” I said to myself.

I closed my eyes as my tongue touched the base of her vagina. Ever so carefully and slowly I began to move my tongue upward towards her hood.

Crystal began to add pressure to my face as I licked. This time my tongue went too far and I got her ass hole. I got nervous as Crystal blurted out. “OH FUCK, I love that, do that again darling.”

I moved my tongue again to her ass and began to twirl around her hole. Again she added pressure as my tongue entered her hole. I was so fucking turned on and yet I could not believe I was doing this.

“Finger my ass Nikki, please!” Crystal stated.

My tongue moved to her lips and I positioned my finger just below her hole. As I pushed upward with my tongue I pushed my finger into her ass. She stopped sucking Franks cock and began playing with my hair looking down at me.

With a breathy voice, carol let out. “Holy fuck you are a natural, eat my pussy Nikki.”

I delighted in the taste of her pussy and the feeling of her ass squeezing around my finger as I finger fucked her ass. This felt incredible.

Crystal stood up and we re positioned.

I got on my back with my head just slightly over the bed and Crystal went into the other room and came back with some toys.

Frank wasted no time inserting his cock into my mouth as I was trying to see what type of toys Crystal was going to use.

“If this gets too weird just raise your hands and I will stop.” Crystal said.

I gave her a thumbs up and Frank was slowly using my mouth as his own fuck toy.

I felt a warm liquid on my pussy than Crystal began rubbing it in all around my vaginal area. She then began rubbing it all over my ass hole too.

All the sudden I noticed that I was not nervous at all. I was enjoying myself like I had never done before. This was amazing. At that moment I was determined to try anything Crystal would do.

Crystal began pressing an object into my pussy. Just pass the lips I could feel the texture and it was smooth and cold. Further she pushed it into my pussy and with each push I got more aroused.

Frank in my mouth and Crystal in my pussy was incredible. I was on a sexual high.

Slowly Crystal began removing this object. She than pushed it back in with more pressure. Before I knew it she was fucking my pussy just like Patrick would do, humping faster and deeper with every stroke.

Frank took his cock from my mouth and I looked up with a sensual smile as I saw Crystal with a strap on dildo fucking me with all she had.

My legs automatically spread wider allowing Crystal more access.

Frank placed his balls on my mouth and I began licking and sucking his testies. I could feel him stroking his cock frantically.

May I cum on you Nikki?” Frank blurted out nervously.

“OH, YES Frank, shoot your cum on my tits Frank” I answered.

As he gyrated to my tongue I felt his warm jizz spray all over my tits and stomach. So much cum… It felt so fucking erotic for his cum to spray all over me. I looked up and noticed his asshole puckering. I reached up and put some spit on my finger than took his balls deep into my mouth and began to insert a finger into his ass.

“OH BABY!” Frank shouted.

Crystal asked what was going on. Frank told her and she laughed.

I heard Crystal say “lets take a break, OK?”

Frank walked towards the door and Crystal bent down and licked my pussy juices as they were running down onto the comforter.

Crystal quipped “MMMMMMM so fucking tasty.”

Crystal walked towards me and kissed me deeply. Her hands massaged the cum into my tits and stomach. She broke the kiss and offered her cum drenched fingers for me to taste. “Care to taste your first jizz?” She asked. Nervously I took her two fingers deep into my mouth and began sucking the cum off her fingers.

“Salty and the texture is slimy but I like it.” I said.

She laughed and cleaned the rest of the cum from her own hand than we kissed and our tongues exchanged Frank’s cum.

She broke the kiss and looked down at the strap on. “One last thing Nikki, get on your knees and lick my cock clean.” Crystal said.

I bent down, took the dildo into my hand and began licking all of my cream off of it.

I was such a fool. There was so much I wanted to take back home and do with Patrick. He has put up with my immaturity for so many years.

I stood up and Crystal removed the dildo and I hugged her and whispered “You two are such good people. Thank you so much for awakening my repressed desires. I made the right decision asking for your help.”

Crystal looked into my eyes and stated. “Perhaps you and I could entertain Patrick in the same manner one day?”

My mind went into hyper mode. “YES, oh, YES”. I said.

“Let me show him the new me than we can give him a present for being so understanding.” I said to Crystal.

Crystal and I went downstairs and after some beers and food I left as a new person determined to have as much sexual pleasure as I could.

I discovered suppressed sexual delights and was happy as fuck.

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