Does My Body Distract You? Ch. 02


“What did you get?”

My eyes snapped open.


Elliot waved his hand in front of my face. “Woooh, wakey wakey. I said, what did you get?”

I shifted in my seat and rolled my eyes at my best friend. “I hate it when people ask that.”

Folding his arms, Elliot raised an eyebrow. “No you don’t. You love boasting about your grades, really. Come on, what did you get?”

“82.” I turned my paper over so that he couldn’t see my marks.

Elliot’s jaw dropped. “No fucking way. Are you serious? Let me see that,” he demanded, grabbing my assessment cover sheet and pulling it out of my reach before I could stop him.

“Damn. I knew you were good, but damn,” he muttered.

I gritted my teeth and tugged at the paper. “Thanks. Can I have that back now?” I asked, but I was too late. Elliot had seen the comments Maria had written under my marks.

“What the…” He trailed off.

I cleared my throat and peeled the piece of paper from his hands.

“You gonna explain that or…?”

“I don’t know. Are you going to close that gaping mouth of yours?”

Elliot snapped his mouth shut and glared at me. “Rude.” He turned back to his notebook and wrote the date in the corner.

I glanced down at Maria’s commentary. All of the official feedback was typed and printed — this was obviously the version that had been uploaded to the university system. Under the typed comments, however, Maria had written another comment in pen:

“Impressive work. I wonder if making me come improved your assignment-writing skills. Yes, 82 percent is excellent, but I still feel like you could improve. Maybe you should come and see me for some extra ‘help.'”

I smirked as I read my feedback again. I could feel Elliot’s eyes boring into the side of my head.

“What?” I finally asked.

He made an exasperated noise. “What do you mean ‘what?’ I’m waiting for an explanation as to why Maria is writing the word ‘come’ in that context on your paper.”

The lecture theatre doors suddenly opened an energetic Maria entered the buzzing room clutching a large black folder. “Hello all! Give me two minutes just to set this powerpoint up.” As she put her folder on her desk, she looked at me from across the noisy room and licked her lips.

I turned to look at Elliot and raised an eyebrow, a smug smirk still plastered on my face.

He shook his head incredulously. “You sneaky son of a bitch!” he hissed. “You’re screwing her, aren’t you?”

I said nothing. I looked back at Maria, watching her bustling around her desk as she prepared the lecture. Today she looked much more casual than usual. She was wearing grey skinny jeans and a light blue blouse that, of course, was opened just enough to show some cleavage. I, too, was wearing skinny jeans, except mine were black and had a rip in the left knee. I had also chosen to wear my favourite dark blue Vans t-shirt with my matching Vans skate shoes. My blonde hair was down for once, and underneath my clothes I was wearing a matching bursa otele gelen escort set of emerald-green lingerie.

Maria finally stopped faffing at her desk and tucked a strand of dark hair behind her ear.

“Right! Shall we start?”

At the end of lecture, I did my usual trick of packing away as slowly as possible until everyone else had left the lecture theatre. Today, however, Elliot had decided to linger.

“Dude,” I said. “Why are you still here? I thought you had another lecture now?”

Now it was Elliot’s turn to smirk. “Oh it was cancelled. I can hang with you for a bit. You have a free period now, don’t you?” His eyes glinted. “I love being a cock-block. Or a vag-block. Whatever you want to call it,” he whispered.

“Oh my god you’re such a dick,” I hissed, grabbing my bag and marching down the steps.

“What do you mean?” Elliot raised his voice, following quickly behind me. “Do you already have plans? Am I intruding on ‘extra study?'”

I made eye contact with Maria as I reached the bottom of the steps. I rolled my eyes at her as I tried very hard not to turn around and trip Elliot down the stairs.

Maria piped up from her desk. “I’m sorry to steal her away, but I’m afraid I’ll need to borrow Ellie for a few minutes.”

Grateful for her intervention, I looked pointedly at Elliot, who wriggled his eyebrows at me before turning and replying to Maria. “Of course. I’ll see her in a few minutes, I’m sure she won’t be long.”

“Yeah yeah,” I growled as I pushed my best friend out of the lecture theatre, finally closing the door on his still smirking face. Dick.

I locked the doors and turned to face Maria, who was already kicking off her shoes. I made my way to her desk and watched as she opened her drawer and pulled something out.

“What’s that?”

Maria tucked the strand of hair back behind her ear again and smiled. She lifted her hand up so that I could see what she was holding. She walked towards me until it was just in front of my face. Before I could open my mouth to say “a blindfold?” Maria dropped her hand and leant in to plant a soft kiss on my lips. Taken by surprise, I pulled back. I stared into her beautiful green eyes for a few seconds before leaning in to kiss her back. The kiss was soft and sensual, and I felt the afternoon sun warming my dark t-shirt. It was such a contrast from last week. Soft and slow. I smiled into the kiss and Maria pulled away.


“Nothing,” I said.

Maria smiled back at me and ran her fingertips down my neck. I gasped softly, closing my eyes to kiss her again. I gently bit her bottom lip and felt her shiver as my hands wandered under her blouse. Something felt different this time. The way she was touching me, her tender kisses… it all felt so —

I gasped as I felt fabric pressing against my eyes. I pulled away and tried to see what Maria was doing, but everything was dark. My whole body tingled as her deft fingers tied the blindfold bursa eve gelen eskort tight behind my head.

“Last week you made me come so hard I saw stars. Now it’s your turn.” She ran her fingers down my neck again, then grabbed my t-shirt and gently lifted it over my head, careful not to move the blindfold.

“Maria-” I whispered, but she cut me off with another kiss. Her tongue danced with mine as her hands found my bra clasp and undid it with one pinch of her fingers. As my bra fell to the ground, Maria moved from my mouth to my neck. I sighed as her mouth made its way to my breasts. Her lips were so close to my nipples that I pushed her head to the left, but she grabbed my wrists and crossed them behind my back. I writhed under her teasing mouth and wrestled to get my hands free, but she held them tight. Finally, she allowed her teeth to graze my nipple and I moaned loudly. Maria followed this with a flick of her tongue over both nipples before coming back down to suck on them. She let go of my wrists and my arms snaked around her neck, caressing her skin as she played with my body.

Maria took her mouth off me for a moment and I whimpered in protest as she stopped.

“I want you to lie on the floor. Do as I say.”

I obeyed, my skin prickling in anticipation. I lay on the carpet with my arms above my head and waited. I heard Maria taking her clothes off and throwing them on the floor, and my pussy began to feel beautifully uncomfortable.

I felt Maria kneel next to me and pull my trousers and underwear off me and toss them aside. Then she moved one knee to kneel the other side of my body, holding my breasts in her hands and slowly rubbing her thumbs over my wet nipples. My heart pounded as she straddled me and leant down to kiss me again. That lock of hair that kept falling from behind her ear tickled my face as she sucked my tongue. I pushed her away slightly for air.

“That’s so hot, oh my god. Suck my tongue again,” I gasped, and Maria came back down, biting my lip before taking my tongue into her mouth again. I moaned at the dirtiness of it all, at the gentle yet rough way that she was owning my body.

Maria pulled away again, ignoring my groan of disappointment.

“I want you to know how much you turn me on. How wet you make me. I want you to know exactly what my pussy does every time I walk close to you in these lectures. How I stand there pointing at lecture slides yet thinking about how I can’t wait to fuck you, and how my underwear gets soaked remembering how you sound when you come. I want you to feel how you make me feel.” Maria moved upwards and I moved my arms down to my sides as I felt her getting closer.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out flat, but don’t move.”

I did. A few seconds later, Maria lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I moaned in shock and pleasure as she as she began to move around, getting herself off with my tongue.

“Oh fuckkkk!”

Maria sounded almost in pain, her bayan escort bursa juices running into my mouth and on my face. I brought my hands down to play with myself and Maria shifed so that my tongue was against her clit.

“Oh god. Oh god! Fuck!” Maria swore and pressed herself harder against my tongue, getting faster. “I’m going to come, ohhh-” Her own orgasm cut her off as she shook above me. I kept my tongue obediently still, breathing through my nose as she pressed her pussy against my mouth.

Panting, Maria lifted herself off me and shuffled down so that she was sitting on my hips. I felt her wetness against my skin as she took my hands in hers, pulling them away to stop me from getting myself off. Both of us were still breathless, but Maria leant down to kiss me, my mouth still wet with her juices. I moaned into the kiss. My brain and body felt like they were on fire, as though electricity was running under my skin.

“Wow. That was amazing,” Maria whispered, after she’d pulled away and sat back upright.

I smiled, wishing I could see her flushed face. “Does my body distract you?” I mocked, letting go of her hands and running my hands over my body.

“Yes, it does. And I promised I’d return the favour,” she said, pulling my hands away from myself and entwining our fingers again. She shuffled down, dragging our hands down with her until they were by my sides.

“Mmm. Someone’s aroused,” Maria hummed, speaking with her mouth too close to my soaking wet pussy.

“Oh please, please Maria,” I begged, lifting my hips off the ground.

Maria said nothing, and for a few moments I lay on the floor, whimpering, writhing. Maria waited for what felt like hours before finally placing her tongue on my clit.

“Fuck!” I shouted, feeling too good to care that I was being loud.

My mind was buzzing and my body was on fire as Maria’s tongue flicked against my clit. She only stopped to let go of my hands and place hers under my lower back. She lifted me up slightly so that she had better access. I didn’t even realise what was coming until Maria pushed her tongue straight inside me. My hips bucked and I began to shake as an orgasm quickly began to build. My hands were in my hair as she fucked me with her tongue, and I was too out of it to notice that she’d taken her right hand from under me. I didn’t realise the pleasure she was making me feel could get any stronger until she began rubbing my clit with her thumb. I came instantly. I couldn’t even hear my own screams as waves of pleasure wracked my entire body. Despite being blindfolded, I saw every colour dancing before my eyes.

After my orgasm had subsided, Maria collapsed onto me. She lay on top of me, our bodies sticky and wet, for what seemed like forever as we both caught our breath. I had never felt so happy. Eventually, Maria moved so that she was lying next to me, but still on her stomach. She leant on her right arm and used her left hand to pull the blindfold off my face. I blinked in surprise at the light, and Maria waited for my eyes to adjust to her face. Neither of us said a word, but I knew we had crossed a line. And it was perfect. She was perfect.

Maria looked down at me and smiled, her left hand stroking my face. I lifted up mine to tuck that lock of hair behind her ear again. I smiled back, staring in awe at her beautiful face as the sunshine warmed our bodies.

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