Don The Degenerate Doorman: 9D The Dominant Divorcee

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Don The Degenerate Doorman: 9D The Dominant Divorcee
By rutger5 (An original story – Copyright 2013)

Intro: No character development, plot, or anything like that in this story (this series really). Just a dirty sex story. So if that’s what you’re looking for you came to the right place. Enjoy!

“Is that all the packages for today Brian?” I asked the Fed-Ex delivery man as I signed electronically for the single next day package that sat on the front desk.

“Well that’s all I have for you Don. Maybe Ground will have something for the building, I’m not sure.”

“He was already here, same thing with UPS. I am so sick of those guys in their brown shorts thinking they’re God’s gift to women. Makes it harder for those of us who really are, yet we have to wear grown up pants for our job.”

“Uh okay Don, see you tomorrow,” he said shaking his head at my comments as he departed.

Just because he didn’t notice it meant nothing. I knew I was right about this but there was no sense in getting upset. It was true that they got fawning newspaper articles written about them by women reporters every year when the weather would become warmer while the only time doormen were mentioned in the press was when we might go on strike, but so what? In our quiet way we provided a greater service to the females of Manhattan, some of us quite frequently and enjoyably.

Well there was no reason to dwell on any of that I decided, especially with it being so close to lunch. One more task and then I’d have a glorious hour of freedom awaiting me. Checking the tenant registry I located the phone number of the apartment I sought and a minute later I was listening to the sound of ringing over my headset. It was on the fifth ring and I was wondering if anyone was home when it was answered.

“Hello,” came a woman’s voice and she sounded out of breath to me.

“Yes hello, this is Don in the lobby. Is this Ms. Tyler?”

“Yes it is. Good morning or should I say good afternoon Don.”

“Well it just turned noon so either way is fine ma’am.”

“What can I do for you today Don?”

“I just wanted to let you know a package has arrived for you. Its express delivery so I thought it might be important and wanted to let you know right away.”

“Thank you so much Don, I’ve been anxiously waiting for it. Is there any way you can bring it up? Normally I would send Blanca down but she’s tied up with something right now.”

Groaning inwardly I looked at my watch realizing this favor would cut into my lunch break but I resigned myself to it before answering her.

“Certainly Ms. Tyler, I’ll bring it straight up.”

“Thanks so much Don, you are a life saver. And I assure you that you’ll be well rewarded for your help.”

“No need ma’am, just doing my job.”

I informed Jose I was bringing the package upstairs then taking lunch so he could watch the desk in the interim. On the ride up to the 9th floor I recalled what Ms. Tyler had said and felt bad that Blanca had been unable to collect the box. Not only would it have saved me the trip upstairs but it was always a visual treat to see Ms. Tyler’s live in latina maid. She had worked for the rich divorcee for a little over a year by this time and she was muy caliente.

Long black hair cascaded down past her shoulders and framed her pretty face and she had the biggest doe-like brown eyes I’d ever seen. Her name was very apt for unlike many with her heritage her skin was as pale and white as the summer moon. Blanca did have the stereotypical Hispanic figure however, with a big, round ass and small, though not tiny, breasts. In short she was a living wet dream and she never failed to arouse me whenever I saw her pass through the lobby while running some errand.

Well I had no doubt I’d see her soon so there was no sense crying about it I thought as I rang the doorbell to the apartment. When a minute passed with no answer I pressed the button again when a voice came over the intercom mounted next to the door.

“Don, is that you?”

“Yes it is Ms. Tyler.”

“The door is unlocked so would you mind letting yourself in?”

“Not at all, I’ll see you in a minute,” I replied after which I opened the apartment door and stepped inside.

Classical music was what I first heard as I entered the foyer, it was Vivaldi’s Four Seasons that I believe was playing but as I closed the door behind me I heard another faint sound that I couldn’t place coming from deeper inside the apartment.

“Ms. Tyler?” I called out.

“Yes Don, we’re in the living room so can you join us here please?”

“Certainly,” I replied as I followed the sound of her voice.

The living room was large and I could only see a small part of it from my initial vantage point in the foyer. When I first entered the room I didn’t see anyone when I again heard the unknown noise prompting me to turn to the direction it came from. That section of the room was dominated by a full grand piano in front of a row of windows but it wasn’t the sight of the impressive musical instrument that caused my jaw to drop. Rather it was what was on the piano bench that had this profound effect on me.

There around ten feet away from where I stood was the maid Blanca and she was tied securely to the wooden bench and almost nude. She was on her stomach with each wrist and ankle fastened to an individual bench leg and the only piece of clothing she appeared to have on was a bright red thong with a thin strip of fabric separating and drawing attention to her firm, plump buttocks.

If that sight wasn’t enough to simultaneously shock and arouse me there was also the fact that Blanca had a number of red welts marring her fair skin from her upper back down to her ass and even some on the back of her upper legs. Even more surprising to me was who had given her those for standing next to the servant was Ms. Tyler and a cruel looking whip was in her patrician hand.

Many times I’d seen her picture in the society section of the newspaper when she attended some opening night gala or charity event dressed in the latest haute couture but I’d never before seen her like this. She had on a cinched black leather corset with matching gloves along with black bikini panties, stockings and high heel stiletto boots. Her dyed blond hair was in a severe bun and her narrow lips were painted a bright shade of crimson.

“Is that my package Don?” she asked me as I stood with my mouth agape at the scene before me. “Can you bring it here please?”

Even after she asked I remained motionless for another twenty seconds before I was able to shake free of the inertia that had taken hold of me and approach her. With a sweet smile she took the package from me before placing it on the striped back of her maid.

“Now you understand why Blanca was unable to fetch the package though I’m sure she is quite interested in what’s inside.”

“Sure and I see you weren’t kidding when you said she was all tied up before.”

Ms. Tyler gave a throaty laugh to my statement before replying to me.

“Yes, I find it necessary as well as enjoyable to discipline her on a regular basis to keep her in line and this package contains something to help with the job. Do you think you could get me my letter opener from the occasional table?”

“How about this instead?” I asked her while producing my pocket tool with a small serrated knife blade.

“Why that will work fine Don, thank you,” she said taking it from me.

Ms. Tyler bent down and using Blanca’s back like a table she deftly cut open the package. While she did my eyes darted between her smaller toned ass and Blanca’s rounder, fuller one when I noticed a wet spot in the gusset of Ms. Tyler’s panties.

“Are you enjoying the view Don?” I heard her ask and when I looked at her head I saw she was staring at me with a wicked smile on her handsome face.

“Yes I am Ms. Tyler,” I replied.

“Good, I’m glad Don and since we’re all adults if you prefer you may call me Diana here in private. Would you like to see what was in the package?” she asked but instead of waiting for my reply she lifted the item from the just opened box.

There in her gloved hand Diana Tyler held a leather riding crop which she then swung in the air a few times to test it. The crop made a whistling sound as she did and it was plain that the divorcee was no stranger to such implements and handled them expertly.

“Blanca, look what I have for you,” the woman said and after she did the bound maid managed to twist her head to look back at her employer.

When she turned I noticed a few things right off the bat. The first was that in Blanca’s mouth was a red ball gag securely fastened with a leather strap to prevent her from speaking. I also noticed her cheeks were streaked with tears from crying, from being disciplined no doubt. But what really struck me was how when her eyes gazed at Diana they revealed undisguised adoration of her employer who’d just been chastising her.

“Here you go Don and thanks again,” Diana said as she returned my pocket tool to me. “Would you be interested in watching me try out the newest item in my collection on Blanca?”

“Honestly I find the whole idea intriguing Diana, so by all means go ahead.”

“Hmmm, I knew I hadn’t misjudged you Don, you‘re my kind of man. Since she’s already received her normal allotment for today I’ll be going easy on her but it still should prove entertaining. There’s also the matter of your tip to consider. I could get something for you from my purse but I have what I believe to be a better way to reward you,” she told me after which her gloved hand reached down and rubbed the prominent bulge in my pants.

“If you mean what I think you do…”

“Oh I most certainly do Don. Why don’t you get undressed while watching me put Blanca through her paces. Then for a start I want to suck what you’re hiding in your trousers and we’ll go from there.”

“Sounds like a plan, a very good one,” I told her as my fingers began to loosen my tie.

Diana first put down the whip she’d originally held onto the piano before positioning her body right behind the rear of Blanca and raising the riding crop. She licked her lips sensuously and a second later her toned arm descended in a smooth motion. As I watched eagerly the crop left a thin red line on the white skin of Blanca’s right buttock as it kissed her soft skin there.

It must have been a stinging blow for the maid’s body flinched so powerfully that the bench she was on rolled slightly and I heard a muffled groan come from behind the gag. Without pausing the socialite divorcee raised her arm and delivered another blow, this time to Blanca’s left cheek and left a similar mark.

The maid’s taut hamstrings were the next body parts to receive the sweet kiss of the crop from her mistress and after Diana had left her mark there it was Blanca’s back that next bore the brunt. During this I had undressed and was now standing stark naked as I watched the young woman being disciplined. My excitement was great and was reflected not only in my hard cock jutting straight out from my body but also in my sweaty palms and my mouth being as dry as an Englishman’s wit.

Turning my way her smile grew wider as Diana’s eyes focused on my straining cock and a moment later she stood beside me. She playfully prodded my erection with the tip of the crop as her hazel eyes met mine causing me to groan as my hard flesh bobbed about. Her gloved finger then pressed to my lips before trailing down my body until it too reached my erection at which time her hand encircled it.

“Come,” was all she said as she led me to stand in front of the bound Blanca.

She crouched down before me and moved the bench cushion which was on the floor to near my feet and knelt there. During this time her hand had kept a firm grip on my erection and as soon as she was kneeling Diana licked my hard cock. From right above the base and continuing all the way up to my swollen crown her agile tongue traced a winding path before working its way down the other side.

Her eyes then met mine at which time she parted her lips and engulfed my head in her warm, wet mouth. My groan came from deep inside me and encouraged her as she swallowed more of my hard flesh until it reached the back of her mouth. Unlike some women she was undeterred by this and to my utter delight kept going forward, taking every inch. It was only after her lips met my body and my balls grazed her chin that she stopped.

She held that position for twenty to thirty seconds before she had to pull back, letting my cock slide out of her throat with a little gurgling sound. Her mouth released my hard flesh but as soon as she did Diana began to feverishly kiss the side of my erection, bestowing kisses up and down my full length until I wanted to scream from pleasure. Finally she moved her mouth off me but she kept one gloved hand around me. Her other hand reached out and first unfastened then removed the ball gag from Blanca’s mouth and placed it on the maid’s striped back.

“Blanca, I have a job for you,” Diana told her.

“Yes mistress?” the younger woman replied, though with her adorable accent it sounded more like mees-tress.

“I want you to open your mouth wide and suck Don’s big cock for me. Do you understand Blanca?”

The bound maid shook her head from side to side and looked at Diana with a pleading expression on her pretty face.

“Please, no. Don’t make me do this…”

“Blanca! Are you refusing my request?” Diana replied in an angry sounding voice.

“I not refuse but you know…”

“Enough. Either you do as you’re told or I’ll tan your hide so bad you won’t be able to sit for a week. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes mistress,” Blanca replied though she looked like she might burst into tears at any moment.

“You know Blanca, there are a lot of girls out there who would love to have your job. We don’t want anything to happen to make that necessary, do we?”

On hearing that Blanca appeared to be thrown into a panic though due to her bound state her options were somewhat limited. Still she violently managed to shake her head while saying “No, no, no!” at the very suggestion her mistress might discard her.

Having made her point Diana then stroked the maid’s hair like one would do with a pet while speaking much more softly to her.

“I don’t want that to happen either Blanca but it’s really up to you. All you have to do is obey me and do what I say with no arguments or protests. Now are you ready to suck Don’s cock?”

Blanca’s head moved up and down like a bobblehead doll while her pretty lips frantically mouthed the word yes over and over.

“Good girl. Do a good job and I’ll reward you later. And be careful with your teeth. Don has a very nice cock and I’d hate to see it get scraped by them.”

She patted Blanca’s head again before turning and looking up at me.

“Use her sweet mouth for your pleasure Don but understand you’re the first man she’s ever been with so she may be hesitant. It’ll be up to you to guide her, with my expert assistance of course.”

“Interesting. You say she’s never been with a Sex hikayeleri man before?”

“Correct. Blanca was a sweet, innocent, church going naïf from a small town in Colombia when I sponsored her to come to America. Since then I’ve been doing my best to corrupt her and I’ve made steady progress so far. But who could blame me? Her body is built for sin, not saying prayers.”

“I must agree Diana. She does belong on her knees, but for more carnal purposes,” I said as my eyes feasted on her alluring flesh.

“Can you believe she was educated by nuns in a religious school? And she actually considered becoming one herself. Fortunately her family was poor so it became necessary for her to find work to help out with money. Now every month she sends most of her generous salary back to Colombia. But enough about that, lets get her sucking your impressive tool. Open your mouth Blanca.”

During our conversation Diana’s gloved hand had continued to stroke my rampant erection and as soon as her maid parted her lips Diana guided my cock there. It felt like paradise when I first slid between them and knowing my cock was her first gave me a perverse kind of thrill. To start with I only put my head and just below it in her wet orifice to let her adjust to me. Diana however had a different plan and she took hold of Blanca’s long raven hair and pulled it, causing her to take me deeper.

“Use your tongue on the bottom of his cock Blanca, lick it good,” she ordered the maid.

Blanca seemed determined to follow her mistress’ word to the letter and no sooner had Diana said that then I felt the maid’s tongue wriggling against the sensitive underside of my cock. I began to rock my hips slightly, doing just enough to move my cock deeper into her mouth before retreating.

“That’s it Don, feed her some hard meat. Here, take her hair,” she told me as she stood and brought Blanca’s hair towards my hand.

My fingers wrapped around the maid’s jet black hair and I tugged on it as I kept up the mini thrusts.

“Hmmm, I think you’re being too gentle with her Don. She may be a novice when it comes to fellatio but she can be a workhorse I’ve discovered. Now since its afternoon I’m going to make myself a cocktail. Would you like one?”

“Normally I don’t drink on the job but since I’m technically on my lunch break I don’t see why I can’t have one. What are you drinking?”

“I’m in the mood for a stiff vodka martini to go along with your stiff cock. And you?”

“The same,” I replied.

Diana sauntered across the room, her hips swaying provocatively with each brazen step. Taking her advice to heart my free hand seized Blanca by the back of her head and with one hand there and my right hand still holding her lustrous hair tightly I increased the speed of my thrusts. I also began going deeper, now reaching the back of her mouth with each thrust. By the time Diana returned with a martini glass in each hand Blanca was making gasping sounds from the rough mouth fucking she was receiving and there was a small pool of saliva forming beneath on the polished wood floor. Diana first kissed me before handing me a glass which forced me to release Blanca’s hair to take it.

“Oh, I love the sound a cock makes when it makes a girl gag,” she told me with a gleam in her eye.

“Well I admit I love the way it feels.”

“I’m sure,” she said with a laugh before taking a sip, “now open your mouth darling. I have a special treat for you.”

When I did Diana slipped a pill between my lips and smiled wickedly.

“What was that?” I asked while holding it in my mouth.

“Oh just a little concoction that a pharmacist friend prepares specially for me. I’m not sure of the exact formula but suffice it to say it’s like fast acting Viagra on steroids. Believe me you’ll love what it does for you, Don. Now be a good boy and swallow it down.”

I had to slow down in order to drink without spilling the liquid and as I did Diana placed her glass on a coaster on top of the piano. As soon as she had done this she moved the pillow on the floor right behind me and promptly sat there. While I drank she worked her upper body between my wide spaced legs and then with no warning Diana managed to suck one of my balls into her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned with pleasure as Diana suckled on my nut while Blanca continued licking my shaft.

After a minute of this sweet torture Diana pulled her lips from me though she remained where she was. With my drink now half gone I resumed thrusting into Blanca’s mouth when I felt something thin and hard across the back of my ball sac. Before I could look down I felt it drawn around the front as well and then pulled tight. When I turned my gaze down I saw a grinning Diana had used a thin, black, plastic zip tie to snugly wrap around my low hanging balls.

“Is that too tight Don?”

“What are you doing!?”

“Oh come on, an experienced man of the world like you not knowing about such things I find hard to believe. Personally I find these to be more effective than the standard cock strap,” she replied as she drew it another notch tighter, “and when you cum you’ll thank me.”

“Well be careful! That’s very important equipment you’re handling.”

“Oh don’t worry Don. I always treat jewels with the proper respect,” she said as she removed another zip tie from her leather corset encased cleavage.

This one she wound around the base of both my cock and balls and tightened it, further imprisoning my genitals. Once she had done this Diana resumed sucking on my balls and right away I could feel the difference. It was like the nerve endings in my balls had become much more sensitive from her actions. The feeling was intensified when Diana actually lowered her head a couple of inches pulling my captive balls down with her. When she opened her mouth and released me they rose back up to their normal location where her hand took hold of them and squeezed gently causing the pleasurable signal to travel straight from there to my brain.

“Blanca I want you to bob your head on Don’s cock; and you,” she told me, “need to stand still. I think its time to watch you cum. Just let me know before you do.”

Right after saying that she again sucked one of my balls into her mouth while Blanca managed to bob her head and swallow the top half of my cock inside despite her body being bound to the bench. I just chilled as the two women did their best to push me past my breaking point and the way they were going it didn’t take much longer.

“Oh damn Diana! I can’t take any more,” I cried out as I felt the familiar feeling of impending orgasm wash over me like a tsunami.

Quick as can be Diana released my nut from her mouth as her gloved hand wrapped around my thick shaft.

“Blanca, let his cock go,” she ordered her maid who wasted no time in releasing my swollen head from her hot mouth.

Diana then stroked my cock rapidly and concentrated her effort on my head and just below, easily my most sensitive location. Since I was already about to cum nothing more was needed to bring this about. A loud grunt escaped my mouth as the first shot sailed over Blanca’s head to land on her lower back. More spurts followed as the divorcee’s hand continued jerking my hard flesh with some landing in Blanca’s hair or on her back and a couple missing her altogether to end up on the floor.

The sensation of my balls shooting while confined by the plastic ties felt almost surreal in its intensity and after no more came I was in for another treat. Diana brought my now overly sensitive cock near Blanca’s mouth at which time the Colombian cutie started to lick it. Before my mind had a chance to process this it was amplified when Diana then began to run her tongue along my cock as well.

It blew my mind to watch the two of them licking me at the same time and when their tongues met for a few seconds they entwined like serpents before both going their separate ways again, further stoking the inferno of my lust. The pill she’d given me must have already kicked in for not only didn’t I lose my erection but unless I was mistaken my cock felt and appeared thicker than before and as full of blood as I’d ever experienced in my life.

Still all good things come to an end and this was no exception. After another minute of licking, Diana stopped though at first Blanca continued her effort. Diana got to her feet and slapped my ass sharply before walking toward the couch located around fifteen feet away. On the end table next to it was a finely carved wooden box which she opened and began to search through.

“Don, would you mind rolling Blanca over this way?” she asked as she looked up a moment before continuing to rummage in the box.

Pulling my cock free of Blanca I rolled the bench in the direction of the couch. Once I had Diana smiled at me and pointed to the couch before simply saying “Sit.”

As I settled comfortably on the plush piece of furniture Diana removed an item from the wooden box and stepped behind Blanca. It appeared to be a slim vibrator constructed of pink plastic and as I watched Diana brought it to her mouth and started sucking on it. At the same time she leaned down and taking hold of Blanca’s thong she yanked it down past her full ass and left it at mid thigh.

Removing the vibrator from her mouth Diana then slid it into Blanca’s pussy causing the maid to moan. She must have turned it on right after that for a second later I heard the muffled buzz coming from the South American’s nether region which prompted a louder moan from the captive maid. Her employer fiddled with it for another few seconds as she adjusted the setting until she seemed satisfied it was at the desired speed.

After delivering a few rapid spanks to Blanca’s ass Diana moved directly in front of me. Her fingers hooked the waistband of her panties and as I watched with bated breath she rolled them down past her hips. Then bending to finish the job Diana pushed them down to her ankles before stepping free of them. She didn’t leave them there but instead wadded them into a ball and turning sideways jammed them into Blanca’s open mouth.

“Here you go for now, my little chica, just to give you a taste. In a little while I’ll let you have the real thing but first I’m going to get filled by Don’s fat cock and ride him. That should make me nice and juicy for your little, pink tongue.”

While she spoke my eyes were ogling her assets and unsurprisingly Diana’s muff was as bare as a little girl’s. Full bikini waxes are quite common in the privileged circles she travels in as many of these women prefer to be hair free in order to wear the revealing designer dresses and swimsuits they favor.

Be that as it may I didn’t get much time to look for as soon as Diana had attended to Blanca she knelt on the couch and straddled me. My rigid member throbbed with anticipation which didn’t last long, for once she was in place Diana reached down and grasped me. She guided me to her wet opening and as soon as the tip of my cock nestled between her lips she impaled herself.

“Ooh,” she exclaimed as my girth stretched her hairless pussy wide but despite her kitty being wet as a drowned kitten her descent stalled after initially swallowing the top half of my member.

Diana was too experienced a lover to let this setback slow her down any. She placed her hands on my broad shoulders to gain leverage at which time she raised her body up until only my swollen head remained inside her. While like that Diana rotated her hips for a minute before she reversed direction and plunged down, this time managing to take me deeper though not all the way yet.

My hands grabbed her narrow hips and pulled her down as I thrust upward burying my cock in her to the root. Holding her in place I pumped as fast as I could and with each thrust my bound balls hit her ass cheeks with a slapping sound. After a minute of this Diana moved her hands from my shoulders and using the thumb and forefinger of each she pinched my nipples painfully until I stopped moving and glared up at her.

“Sorry Don, I was just trying to get your attention,” she told me with a smirk on her face. “Would you mind letting me set the pace for now. Maybe later you can but I like to be in control, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

My only answer was a shrug of my shoulders but apparently satisfied she’d made her point Diana resumed her movement. She now moved at a rapid pace and once she built up a (rock) steady rhythm she leaned down so her lips could meet mine. We kissed passionately as she continued to ride me fast and hard and before long my upper thighs were wet from her leaking juices. She broke our kiss which allowed her to straighten her torso and again she rested her hands on my shoulders.

“Unfasten the top two buttons on my corset Don,” she commanded in an imperious tone that brooked no dissent.

I certainly had no problem with that for it dovetailed with my desire anyway. Since first seeing her in this corset with the top half of her bosom spilling out I’d wanted to free them and now she was giving me the chance to do so. My fingers reached up and undid one button followed by the second which was enabled me to pull the leather down enough to free her full breasts.

They were round and plump with mouth watering pink nipples perched on equally pink areolas and I wasted little time in leaning forward and flicking one with my tongue. She gasped and when my hand palmed her other breast it became a moan of pleasure.

“Ooh Don! I like! Don’t stop!” she implored not that I had any intention of doing so.

Instead I began sucking on her hard nipple while my tongue continued to lick it and she must have really enjoyed this as one of her hands left my shoulder and ran through my hair. She didn’t let this slow her any and continued to ride me hard and in fact if anything she was moving faster. During this I lost track of time and had no idea how long we’d been in this position when she began to moan louder and more often as she got close.

“Oh fuck Don,” she cried out, “don’t stop! Keep sucking me baby! Yes, yes, yes!”

With a final cry her body collapsed on mine as she achieved sexual nirvana. My mouth then left her breast to find her neck where I began to nibble until that proved too much for her sensitive nerves to take.

“Nooo, stop,” she demanded as she forced her body upright again.

Using my shoulder for support she managed to stand on shaky legs while wearing a smile a mile wide. This of course caused my still erect cock to slip from her well fucked channel. After being inside her hot, wet pussy the skin on my cock now felt cool from the room temperature but I didn’t have long to think about it.

“Oh Don, look how wet your cock is from my juices. Let’s have Blanca clean that up for you,” she said as she bent and removed her panties from the maid’s mouth.

Diana then grabbed her maid by the hair and planted her lips on Blanca’s and passionately kissed her. When she pulled back she indicated for me to feed her my cock. I rose and got in front of the young woman and a second later she began licking off her mistress’ juices. Diana wasn’t content just watching and instead moved behind Blanca and taking hold of the inserted vibrator she started to slide it in and out of her bound servant.

This had an immediate effect on Blanca who was no longer able to Sikiş hikayeleri continue licking my cock as her mistress forced her body to orgasm. So I watched with interest as her pale face reddened and her muscles trembled like a leaf in a breeze as climax overwhelmed her. My hand reached down and worked between the bench and Blanca until my hand found her breast. It felt to be around the size of a large orange as I squeezed it, further sending Blanca’s senses reeling.

“Dios mio!” she cried out when I managed to pinch her nipple as her head shook from side to side in her passion.

Diana continued to fuck Blanca with the vibrator as the maid came down a bit from her orgasm which permitted her to resume licking my cock.

“Hmmm, are you enjoying the taste of me on Don’s cock Blanca?” Diana asked her.

“Yes mistress, I love the way you taste. You know that.”

“Soon you’ll be tasting the real thing Blanca, would you like that?”

The maid nodded her head in assent to the question, her eyes filled with hope.

“What do you say Don, has she done a good job cleaning you? Should I reward her, do you think?”

“She’s done an adequate job under the circumstances. It can’t be easy to concentrate while being fucked at the same time.”

“You hear that Blanca? Now be sure to thank Don properly and I don’t mean with words. Fuck her mouth now Don and get your cock nice and wet. And when you’re ready here’s a nice tight hole to fill.”

“Are you saying…” I began as I drove my cock deep into Blanca’s mouth when Diana interrupted me.

“Yes I am. As soon as you’re ready we can switch places. You’ll be the first man to experience her tight little pussy. She’s no longer a virgin, I popped her cherry myself but still it should be something special.”

“Sweet,” I said, “though I’m jealous of you. That must have been very enjoyable.”

“Oh it was, for both of us. I was her first so she’ll never forget me I’m sure. Are you almost ready?”

“Hell yeah!” I replied pulling my cock from her mouth, a string of her saliva hanging from it. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Diana said as she pulled the humming vibrator out of Blanca then went and sat on the couch’s edge, “now roll the bench a little closer so she can lick me at the same time.”

I pushed the bench so Blanca’s head was right between her mistress’ thighs before then crouching behind the maid.

“Blanca, I’ve given Don permission to fuck you. While he does that you are going to continue to eat my pussy; do you understand?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Don, you may begin whenever you’re ready.”

Before I did I first pushed Blanca’s face into Diana’s wet pussy and only after hearing her begin eating it did I take hold of my cock and bring it between the maid’s legs. For one torturous minute I rubbed it on the outside of her vulva to tease her until my lust got the best of me. Unable to wait longer I guided the head of my cock between her inner lips and to her opening. The vibrator had already loosened her up so it wasn’t difficult to work my head inside and due to her pussy being so wet I easily sank most of my hard length in one powerful thrust.

Her muffled moan in response was music to my ears while her tight vagina gripping me felt like a velvet glove on my engorged cock. Then I put my hands onto her ample backside to support myself and as soon as I had I jammed the last couple of inches inside her. My hips then pulled back until only my mushroom shaped head remained before I again buried my erection in her.

This time I rotated my hips while balls deep, prompting Blanca’s groans to become louder as I stretched her tiny pussy out. After loosening her a bit I started to pound her with long smooth strokes, sinking up to my bound balls with every thrust. My fingers dug into her ass while I fucked her, squeezing and kneading the flesh of her sizable ass.

“So how is she? Nice and tight?” Diana asked as her fingers tugged on Blanca’s hair to encourage her oral efforts.

“Oh hell yeah! Her muscles are squeezing me like a boa constrictor.”

“What a delightful, as well as an apt comparison Don.”

“Huh?” was all I managed as I continued to fill Blanca each time I drove my hips forward.

“Sorry,” she answered with a grin, “I guess your brain doesn’t have enough blood left to think with it all being in your big, hard cock right now. I only meant both Blanca and boa constrictors are native to South America.”

“Oh yeah, I knew that.”

“I’m so sure,” she replied sarcastically. “Blanca, don’t slow down! If doing two people is too much for you I’ll have to tell Don to stop what he’s doing. Do you want that?”

The maid’s head went side to side as way of an answer while she kept licking her demanding mistress. I guess her renewed effort convinced Diana to hold off on her threat for the moment at least, a decision I certainly welcomed. There was no way I wanted to stop screwing sweet, innocent (comparatively speaking, I mean) Blanca, not the way her little pussy felt on my hard flesh.

The toughest part for me was deciding where to look. I couldn’t stay focused on one thing with so many competing for my visual attention. It was great watching my wide cock slide in and out of her clinging lips but the sight of Blanca’s head buried between her mistress’ thighs was equally arousing. That doesn’t cover how entertaining it was to watch the changing expressions on Diana’s face as her maid’s tongue drove her insane with lust or just my delight in taking in the beauty of Blanca’s back with all the whip marks her mistress had given her. Plus once or twice I found myself appreciating the stylish décor and subdued elegance of Diana’s apartment though not to the same degree as the rest.

Suddenly my undivided attention was drawn to Diana as her moans became louder and she began to thrash her head about while pulling Blanca by the hair nearer to her bare pelvis.

“Faster darling,” she ordered the maid, “I’m so close. Use that wonderful tongue of yours. Oh yes, that’s it! Yes! I’m cumming!”

Diana let out a wail as now both her hands held Blanca to her wet sex, her eyes tightly closed from the intensity of her climax. During this I had stopped moving, transfixed by the spectacle before me. There was something so fierce and elemental about what I’d witnessed that for that brief period of time it made me forget about my own pleasure and how my cock was deep in Blanca and instead just marvel at what I was watching. The moment passed as Diana opened her eyes and released her maid’s hair and I found myself resuming my thrusts as the spell faded.

“Wait Don,” she said to me as she sat up, “it’s my turn for your cock again. Just let me thank Blanca first.”

The divorcee slid off the couch to a crouching position whereupon she took the maid by her face with both hands and passionately kissed her. Blanca mewed like a kitten as her mistress showed her appreciation and if she could’ve purred I had no doubt that she would have done so. All I know is when Diana’s lips met hers she contracted on my rigid rod something incredible and she relaxed when her mistress stood.

“Don would you do me a favor and release Blanca from the bench? She will need to be mobile for what I have planned next.”

“No problem,” I replied as I reluctantly withdrew my weapon from Blanca.

She let out a disappointed whimper as my cock slid from her and it was plain to me that she had enjoyed her first time with the real thing. Not doubting that Diana had rocked her world with her toys but there was a difference between my hard, hot flesh and imitation phalluses. The restraints were fabric strips with Velcro attached that held Blanca captive and I unfastened them one at a time until she was free.

Blanca pushed her body up so that she was sitting astride the bench, a leg on each side, at which time she began to rub her wrist. No sooner had she repeated the process with the other than Diana took hold of one of her arms and fastened one half of a set of leather restraints on her just freed wrist. Next she pulled both her arms behind her back and fastened the second in place, effectively restraining the maid again though less restrictively this time.

“On your knees Blanca,” she barked at the maid who wasted no time in kneeling next to the couch.

Diana stretched her body out on the couch then beckoned me forward. As I approached her I couldn’t help but to sneak a peak at Blanca now that she was no longer bound to the bench. Her pert breasts sat high on her chest and seemed to be begging for attention, what with their pink, hard nipples protruding proudly. My eyes then followed her curvy contours downward until reaching her mons of Venus where I noticed that unlike her mistress she had a full bush, though it was groomed neatly and clipped short.

“One knee on the couch and your other foot on the floor,” Diana directed me as she settled herself comfortably in place with one leg resting on the high back section of the couch and the other suspended in mid air.

As soon as I was in place where she wanted me, Diana reached down and took hold of my straining erection. She brought it to her hole at which point I pushed it back into her sopping pussy marveling at how she was even wetter than earlier.

“Grab hold of my leg Don and then give it to me hard,” she instructed me as her hand first let go of my cock and a second later I felt it close on my imprisoned testicles. “Do a good job now or I’ll let you know it,” she said as she squeezed my lemons.

“You are so bad,” I told her while I hooked her leg with my left arm.

“And you love it, don’t you Don?”

“I have to admit that I do and I’ve never met anyone quite like you before Diana.”

“That’s because there’s no one else like me, I’m unique!”

“Good thing too. I doubt New York could handle more than one of you.”

“How nice of you to say but let’s get a move on Don and start fucking me. I don’t want to break your balls but you know I will if you don’t get moving,” she said as she applied a little more pressure to my nuts.

That got me going, that and the fact I really wanted to cum again. It had been a while since I blew my first load and I’d fucked both women since then as well as filling Blanca’s sweet mouth with my cock. On top of that the pill Diana had given me made my cock almost painfully hard as well as extra sensitive. There was also the fact that Diana still held my captive balls in her gloved hand and was constantly stimulating them.

While I pounded her, Diana grabbed Blanca by her hair with her free hand and pulled the maid toward her breasts. No further direction was given or needed as she started sucking on her mistress’ nipple once she was close enough. While she sucked I continued pumping my hips rapidly and it became clear that between the two of us we were rocking Diana’s world.

“Ooh that’s nice Blanca, it feels sooo good. But I want you to lick my clit now because I’m getting close. Be a good little chica for me.”

The maid pulled her mouth off Diana and crawled a little further down so her mouth could reach the pussy of her mistress. It was quite a treat watching Blanca’s tongue licking the erect clit of Diana and when she sucked it between her lips the mature divorcee lost it. My driving shaft was inundated with her pussy juices as she released a gushing wave of the fluid as she came all over.

Luckily for me she didn’t crush my balls as orgasm overwhelmed her though her hand did tighten its grip somewhat on them. During her climax I kept sliding my cock deep in her with short, powerful thrusts that shook her body from the force of my movement. Blanca had also continued licking and sucking Diana’s clit during the orgasm until the older woman yanked her head back by the hair.

“Sorry Blanca, I can’t take anymore, my clit is too sensitive right now,” she told her as way of explanation when the maid looked questioningly at her mistress. “But don’t go anywhere. Unless I’m mistaken it won’t be long before Don’s cock shoots another load of his tasty cum and I want you to catch it in your mouth. Well Don, how much longer do you think?”

“Not long,” I grunted as I sank deep, “not long at all.”

My speed increased as I gave it my all while my eyes shifted between Diana and Blanca. They were both hot yet so different in looks. It was when Blanca smiled up at me as she knelt obediently on the floor that was the final straw though I can’t discount how nice Diana’s wet, shaved pussy felt on my driving cock.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” I managed to exclaim as I pulled my member from her sticky snatch.

My hand went right below the head and squeezed tight giving me just enough time to reach Blanca’s open and waiting mouth. No sooner had the head of my cock passed between her parted lips then it exploded – firing a thick rope of cum deep in her mouth which was followed by many smaller spurts.

“Blanca, don’t swallow it! Hold it in your mouth,” Diana said as she attempted to sit up.

For my part I couldn’t care one way or the other. All I knew was I was experiencing another mind blowing orgasm which was accentuated by the thin plastic ties, Diana’s hand and the better living through chemistry pill I’d swallowed. When no more cum came from me I squeezed my shaft one more time just to make sure then I staggered to my feet. Diana waited until I did this before releasing my balls from her grasp after which she pulled Blanca to her.

“Kiss me darling and share Don’s bounty,” she told the maid and as I watched the two women kissed and no doubt passed my salty spunk back and forth.

Finally Diana stood over her kneeling servant who had her head tilted back and her beautiful mouth open allowing her mistress to release a white glob of semen and saliva inside.

“Be a good chica and swallow that down,” she told her maid who complied immediately.

Since the maid’s hands were bound behind her Diana helped her to her feet before turning and fixing her gaze upon me. I stood close by as my body recovered from my last orgasm but in spite of my carnal exertions my erection remained as rampant as if I hadn’t cum twice already. It had to be the pill because there was no way I should still be raring to go after what had occurred but I wasn’t complaining.

“Sit back down on the couch,” Diana told me, “so Blanca can ride that big cock. Would you like that chica?”

“Yes mistress, please,” Blanca replied in a soft voice but it was clear from the look in her eyes that she wanted to ride the pony.

No sooner had I sat than the maid knelt astride me. Diana leaned down and reaching between Blanca’s thighs she wrapped her hand around my erection. A moment later she guided me to Blanca’s wet pussy and once she had me in place the maid sank down onto me, taking it to the root. She let out a little moan as I bottomed out and I could feel her tight muscles squeeze me like a vise. The next thing that happened was I heard the sound of leather meeting flesh and looking up I saw Diana standing behind Blanca with the riding crop in her hand and a wild look in her eye.

“Ride him Blanca! Faster!” she ordered her servant as she repeatedly lashed her.

Between my cock splitting her wide and her mistress whipping her Blanca was in a frenzied state and Erotik hikaye when my mouth found her breast for the first time and latched onto her erect nipple she went crazy.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Beat me! I love it, oh I love it! Don’t stop, please!” she wailed in her charming accent as our actions pushed her to what appeared to be an earth shattering orgasm.

Her body was trembling uncontrollably and her head sank onto the top of mine as I sucked on her tasty nipple and I could feel her vaginal muscles clenching and unclenching on me. Sometime during this Diana had ceased disciplining her maid and from the corner of my eye I saw her going through her box of toys on the nearby table. Ignoring her for the moment I began to thrust upward into Blanca, who’s muscles seemed to be no longer obeying her as her body sprawled awkwardly on mine.

Each time I jammed my cock deep in Blanca she let out a little whimper which spurred me ever onward. It was after a particularly energetic thrust of mine made Blanca’s head move sideways that I saw what Diana was up to and if I hadn’t seen how nuts she was already I would have been shocked. Girded about her hips was a leather harness which had a fairly long dildo protruding from it. As I watched she applied a generous amount of lubricant to the device while her eyes stayed locked on Blanca’s hot latina ass.

Once she was satisfied it was fully coated she climbed on the couch directly behind her maid’s behind. She first delivered a sharp smack to Blanca’s already striped ass, then pushed the maid even closer to me so her body and mine were pressed together. She then leaned in and spoke into her servant’s well shaped ear.

“I hope you’re ready Blanca because you’re in for it now,” she told her and I gathered Blanca felt the dildo press into her butt for her eyes showed sudden fear. “I’m going to fuck your big ass while Don is fucking your tight, little pussy. What do you think about that?”

“Please mistress, no. Its too much I think.”

“Nonsense Blanca, you’re just being a baby. I don’t want to hear any more talk like that. Don, can you do me a favor?”

“Sure what do you need Diana?” I replied as I ground my hips into Blanca.

“Would you mind spreading her big ass? It would make things a lot easier for me that way.”

“No problem,” I said as my hands took hold of her ample ass cheeks and pulled them far apart.

Blanca let out a frightened whimper when I did this and it morphed into something louder as Diana forced the dildo head inside her asshole with no mercy. Once she accomplished this she stopped pushing and instead stroked the maid’s raven tresses while speaking softly to her.

“Relax chica, I’m not going to hurt you – too badly. Don’t I always take care of you and make you cum?”

“Yes mistress,” she sniffled in reply.

“And I’ve fucked your ass before – damn, I practically own it! So what’s your problem?”

“I’m just scared. I never had it like this before, two people in me at the same time. Before today you’ve been the only one I‘ve been with, until Don. I’m sorry mistress.”

“That’s okay my darling, I forgive you” Diana told her as she slid deeper into Blanca’s back tunnel.

Blanca moaned as Diana filled her but so did I for I could feel the dildo sliding against my rigid cock with only her membrane separating us. It felt wonderful to me and made Blanca’s already tight pussy feel that much tighter on my swollen erection. After she had worked the whole flexible length inside her maid, Diana took my hand in hers as our eyes met.

“Hmmm, so how does that feel Don?”

“Fucking great Diana, what else can I say.”

“Here’s the plan, I want us to fuck her in sync, so when I squeeze your hand then you thrust, okay? If we’re able to build a rhythm then I won’t have to keep squeezing your hand but I want us filling her slutty little holes at the same time.”

“Its all good,” I replied after which Diana squeezed my hand.

We both began to slide in and out of the bound maid and we were able to time our movements for the most part with only a few minor glitches. It was easier for Diana to move freely due to her location on top of the pile but I did a more than adequate job from underneath of pumping Blanca’s pussy. All I knew was that it felt incredible to be fucking her tight hole plus I was being doubly stimulated by Diana doing the same to her ass with the dildo.

By this time Blanca was useless as far as moving her body voluntarily, she was just a helpless fucktoy for our depraved lust. Not that she wasn’t having a good time herself. I lost track of how many times she cried out in my ear that she was cumming and it felt as if she leaked a gallon of vaginal fluids onto my cock and thighs as I filled her. After a particularly noisy climax I felt Diana slide out of Blanca’s ass before standing.

“Don I want you to get up for a minute and take Blanca with you,” she instructed me while she reached back and unbuckled the harness before letting it slide from her hips to land on the floor with a clatter.

“All right, just hold on a second while I catch my breath,” I replied to her before speaking to Blanca. “Are you ready baby? When I stand, wrap your legs around me. Okay?”

She nodded yes at which time I wrapped one arm around her waspish waist while placing my other hand on the armrest of the couch for support. Pushing down I struggled to my feet while lifting Blanca with me and being the obedient little sub that she was her legs hooked around my waist. Once standing I moved my hand from the couch to her ass to help hold her in place. I admit I was caught off guard when Blanca leaned in and began to smother my mouth with hot kisses.

“Well Don, it appears like you have a new best friend,” I heard Diana say before laughing. “So Blanca, do you like Don and his big, hard cock?”

The maid stopped kissing me and turned to her employer.

“Si, I mean yes mistress. He is nice and he makes my pussy feel good.”

“You’re right there, he is very talented although I’m not quite so sure he’s nice. Not that it matters really.”

“Hey I’m standing right here while you’re talking about me,” I said as my arms raised and lowered Blanca on my erection.

“Yes I know and I need you to do something if it’s not too much trouble,” Diana replied as she dramatically cast herself onto the couch before stretching languidly.

“What is it?” I asked her as I continued to move Blanca’s body up and down my shaft.

“Put her on top of me in a sixty-nine. But don’t worry Don, this is going to work out great for you, trust me.”

“All right,” I told her before catching Blanca’s eye, “sorry sweetie but you heard your mistress. Its time for us to stop, at least for a little while.”

“I said to trust me and that goes for Blanca too. In no time you’ll be fucking like rabbits again.”

With that ray of hope to look forward to I lifted her body up until my cock slid free causing her to whimper in disappointment. Next I lowered her body so her big ass rested on the armrest of the couch at which time her legs unwrapped from around me. Then with my help she was able to kneel astride Diana’s head. Since her hands were imprisoned behind her back I guided her upper body down until her head was resting on the top of Diana’s thigh within licking distance of her delectable pussy.

“Bravo Don and now your reward. Kneel behind Blanca but before you put that big cock back in her let me suck on it a minute.”

“Now you’re talking sense,” I said as I scrambled onto the couch.

Placing one knee beyond Diana I left my opposite foot on the floor so I was straddling them both. Before I was even fully in place Diana grabbed my cock and angled it so that her mouth was able to slide onto it, swallowing the head initially. As she inched upwards taking more of my swollen flesh into her mouth her tongue lashed my head repeatedly. For less than a minute she drove me crazy doing this before pulling her head from me.

“Okay Don, time to feed her your cock and Blanca are you waiting for an engraved invitation? Start licking my pussy!”

The maid had begun to eat out her mistress when my cock entered her tight tunnel causing her to stop for a second but she quickly recovered and resumed licking Diana. I pounded sweet Blanca as hard as I could but within a few minutes Diana pulled my cock from her maid’s pussy. She again sucked on my head but this time just long enough to get the taste of Blanca before her mouth released my erection.

“Hey Don, I know you’re enjoying fucking her pussy but what do you think about putting it in her hot, tight ass?”

“I think that’s a great idea Diana.”

“Well then why not do it. I already loosened her up for you so get going.”

That was something I didn’t to need to hear twice. All I had to do was shift my body slightly and my cock head was rubbing her little brown hole. Since Diana had just been fucking her there moments before once my head touched her back hole it opened up allowing me to work my head inside. Since I was wider than the dildo had been her body resisted me a bit when Diana took hold of my shaft by the base.

“Fuck her ass Don! Give it to her good and hard,” she told me as her hand moved down and again took possession of my restrained balls. “And why not grab her arms for leverage while you fuck her? I think that would be so hot.”

Hmm, Diana certainly made a good point there I thought to myself. My hands seized Blanca’s upper arms right above her elbows and seconds later I forced my cock deeper in her ass. At the same time Diana took hold of Blanca by the back of the neck to hold the maid’s head near her pussy. It took me a few thrusts to get up to full speed but within a minute my entire length was sliding into her tight back channel.

While I built up a rhythm Diana released my balls and instead jammed two of her fingers into Blanca’s pussy and started to finger fuck her. Somehow through her moans Blanca continued to tongue her mistress, her nimble pink tongue licking both clit and swollen lips with each pass. Just when I thought things couldn’t get crazier Diana surprised me again.

“Don, put it back in her pussy for a minute,” she instructed me.

With a groan I slid from Blanca’s ass at which time Diana guided me back into her maid’s wet pussy. My balls slapped into her clit as I buried myself, then I paused with my full length inside her for a minute before I resumed pumping. After a couple of minutes of this Diana tapped my leg making me look down at her.

“Ooh, let me taste Blanca on you,” she said, her eyes ablaze with lust, “then after that you can fuck her fat ass again.”

Once more I pulled out of Blanca allowing Diana to take my cock back into her hot mouth. She took me to her mouth’s limit with each movement of her head until I was dripping wet from her saliva at which time her mouth released me. Her hand guided me to Blanca’s back door and this time my cock slid all the way in with no difficulty.

Diana again pushed two fingers in Blanca and resumed fingering her as my speed increased until I was pumping as fast as I could. With her back channel squeezing me even more than her pussy had I was in pervert heaven. Watching Blanca lick Diana as she frigged the maid in return only made things more exciting and when the divorcee managed to suck one of my balls into her warm mouth it proved too much for me to take.

As her tongue ran along the wrinkled skin I froze in place as I felt another orgasm overwhelm me. I cried out from a combination of pleasure and relief as my balls released what little cum remained in them deep up Blanca’s ass. While I came Diana continued sucking on my captive ball, prolonging and intensifying my pleasure until finally she released it and let her head fall back onto the couch.

Not surprisingly when I slid my overworked cock from Blanca her mistress grabbed it and brought it to her own mouth. It proved too much for me to take when she sucked on the sensitive head and I was forced to pull it from her mouth before my brain exploded from the sensation. It was while I did this that my eye happened to notice the time on my watch and I realized I had stayed well beyond my lunch hour.

“Fuck!” I grunted as I scrambled off the couch.

“Something the matter?” Diana asked looking my way though I noticed her fingers continued to fill Blanca’s well used pussy as she spoke.

“Only that my lunch hour has become my lunch ninety minutes,” I replied as I hurried to get dressed.

“Sorry about that Don,” she answered after which she pulled her fingers from Blanca and rolled the maid off her toward the back section of the couch before she sat up.

On somewhat unsteady legs Diana then stood and reached into her toy box and emerged with a pair of nail cutting scissors.

“Come here Don and let me remove those from you,” she told me as she brandished the scissors in her gloved hand.

“You’re going to be careful with those, aren’t you? Very delicate equipment we’re talking about.”

“No I’m going to cut off your cock with them,” she replied sarcastically before continuing. “What do you think Don, that I’d do anything to hurt that beautiful cock of yours? Really! Besides they’re not big enough to do much damage so come here and stop being such a baby.”

Luckily after my last orgasm I had shrunk a little which allowed her to slip a blade under the plastic tie and snip it fairly easily. She did the same with the tie that circled both my cock and balls freeing me.

“See, no problem,” she said as she shook her head at me as if to say you were worrying for nothing.

“Yeah thanks,” I told her as I pulled my pants up.

While I continued to dress Diana sat back next to Blanca and pulled her close. When she did the maid leaned in and whispered into her mistress’ ear. As she did I noticed they were both staring at me intently and when Diana said something back to Blanca the servant’s face turned bright red but she nodded.

“Don, before you leave I have something to say that you might find of interest. Dear Blanca just reminded me that this weekend I’m going to stay with my daughter in Westchester to visit her and my grandson. Now while that doesn’t concern you, there is the problem of what to do with little Blanca. As you may have noticed she is quite submissive and that extends beyond sexually but carries over to all aspects. She is much happier when she is being told what to do but since I won’t be here she will have no direction. If I was only going to be gone for a night I’d simply have her polish my shoes or some such mundane task. However with me leaving Friday and not returning until Sunday night I think something more is necessary. Interested?”

All of a sudden I found I wasn’t quite so concerned about being late as I turned their way.

“So you’re looking for lack of a better term a Blanca-sitter for the weekend?”

“Precisely. So what do you say? I assure you that Blanca will be glad to do whatever you like for the duration, won’t you chica?”

She nodded as her big brown eyes looked at me with a pleading expression.

“Sure, why not? I’m always happy to help out a lady or ladies as the case may be.”

The look on Blanca’s pretty face was almost all the thanks I needed but we all knew I’d think of many other ways for her to express her gratitude before the weekend was over.


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