Dragon Ball Z – Before the Fight 2_(0)

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Gohan had his first wet dream that night.

Although that was to be expected after all he had done the previous day. His mom had announced that she was teaching him about sex, let him rub her nipples, fingered her and finally tasted her sweet juices. So when he woke up, he was surprised to find a sticky substance, quite similar to his mother’s cum, staining his bed sheets.

“Damn!” Gohan muttered, “What is this stuff?” He gathered the sheets and took them to Chi-Chi. She’ll know what this gooey stuff is, Gohan thought.

He found her in the kitchen, making breakfast. With Goku in the family, she had to use every last pot and pan to get enough food for her two boys. “My baby boy!” she exclaimed when she saw him. “What’s the matter, Gohan? Why are you holding your bed sheets?”

“Well mom,” he said shyly, as he was quite embarrassed. “I woke up this morning and…this weird stuff was all over my sheets. What is it?”

Chi-Chi took the sheets from Gohan and examined the stained spots. She lifted the sheets up to her nose and took a sniff and exhaled deeply, as if she enjoyed what she smelled.

“It looks like someone’s had his first wet dream!” she exclaimed happily. “Don’t worry sweetie, it’s a natural part of growing up. When you have a wet dream, your dream usually involves some sexual content that makes you excited. And when you get too excited, your cum shoots on your bed sheets!”

“But enough about that. Let me finish your big breakfast, Sex hikayeleri and then I want you to study until lunch. Is that understood?” She said sweetly. “Oh, and I got your new books!” Chi-Chi rushed off to the front door and came back with a metre-high pile of textbooks.

Gohan looked at them with terror. “Do I have to finish all of those, mom? There’s just so many!”

“Yes, and you’ll have them done all before lunch if you want your sexual education lesson!” she said sternly, and went back to the kitchen, where she went back to cooking 30 different breakfasts for the boys. Gohan sighed, easily picked up the books and took them up to his room.

* * *

At eleven o’ clock, Gohan closed the cover of his last textbook. Spurred on by the thought of his “lesson” with his mom after lunch, he managed to finish all his books an hour early.

“Mom!” he called through his partially open door. “I finished all my books!”

He heard the sound of footsteps approaching his doorway. Chi-Chi came in and approached Gohan in his chair. “Wow Gohan, you really did finish all of them, didn’t you!” She said after quickly scanning through most of his work. “And you’ve been such a good boy, you even completed them early! I think you deserve a sneak peak to your next lesson. Would you like that?”

Chi-Chi didn’t need a worded response – just one look at Gohan’s lit-up face Sikiş hikayeleri was enough to tell. “Yesterday, Gohan, we learnt a lot about how the female sexual organs work, and what they do. I think today, it would be ideal to show you how the male organs work. So pull down your trousers!”

Gohan happily complied. Chi-Chi leaned over and started slowly massaging Gohan’s cock, which was slowly staring to harden. “You see that Gohan? Your penis gets hard when you get sexually excited, just like when women get hard nipples.”

Gohan was now at full hardness, his stiff rod standing proud at around 7 inches long and quite thick. He was in ecstasy as Chi-Chi rubbed her hands up, down and around his cock, as well as massaging his sizeable balls. “This type of experienced massaging of the genitals is called masturbation, Gohan. It can be done slowly, and sensually like this,” she said as she continued her rubbing. “Or it can be done quicker!” Her hand pumped up and down his thick shaft as she continued to fondle his balls.

Gohan was now close to the edge. He started to groan with pleasure, and Chi-Chi knew it was time to stop. “Why did you stop, Mom? It felt so good,” he told her as he now grasped his thick rod.

“Because, Gohan, there are even better ways to make your penis feel good. And I didn’t want you to cum before I got to show you!” she said as she knelt down and moved her head towards his cock. She now grasped his hardness, and slowly lowered Erotik hikaye her mouth over the head of his cock.

Gohan gasped – the feeling was amazing. “Oh mom, that feels so good! Your mouth feels so wet and warm around my penis!” he exclaimed as Chi-Chi bobbed her head up and down his thick shaft. She started fondling his balls again to give him extra stimulation. Gohan was starting to groan again – the feeling from her experienced blowjob was too good. Locking eyes with Gohan, Chi-Chi pushed his cock all the way into her mouth, deep-throating him to the extreme. This pushed Gohan over the edge, and with one final groan he shot several wads of his thick cum into her mouth, filling it up.

Chi-Chi made sure she had a full mouthful of his cum before she swallowed it in one go. “Gohan, you have the most amazing taste!” She told him.” It’s very similar to your father’s, but unique in it’s own way.”

“That was amazing, Mom!” Gohan said. “What was it that you just did?”

“It’s called fellatio, or more commonly known as a blow-job, sweetie. Now, since I know you love it so much, I’ll do it for you any time you want, unless I have a very good reason not to!” She told him. “Now I have to get some lunch for you and your father. But after that, we’ll have another sex education class, and your father will come and help too. Are you looking forward to it?”

Well, are you? Please leave your unbiased comments below please.

By the way, sorry for the wait. I’ve chosen to do the straight version, even though I love the bisexual version, because it fits better with the anime. And I know this is quit short, but another one will be up shortly.

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