Dragon Lady Mother Pt. 02

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Notice: no characters are underage in this story.

Wearing only the black panties, not having permission to put any clothes on, I cleaned the carpet and the rest of the mess I made, except for the now crusting mess that was on the panties themselves and on me.

Once I finished with the carpet, I lingered in Mother’s room. I was never allowed in here before, but she hadn’t told me to get out, so I wanted to look around. I was pretty sure there was no security camera in here and I was willing to take the chance at punishment even if she found out. In fact, the idea of more punishment made my dick throb. But I tucked it and my balls down between my legs as Mother had insisted that I do.

I knew her job involved sex, but she was so discreet, I never knew if she ever so much as pleasured herself at home or saved herself for her job. I had more of an impression that she didn’t typically give her clients access to her body, except in the visual sense. Her actions with me, and everything I knew about her, suggested a dominating role, even a dominatrix perhaps. But I had seen how she got wet with what she did to me, so I knew that the sexual control excited her, and she must get some relief somewhere, somehow.

So I snooped.

Her bedside table was the first and most obvious choice. She had some assorted pills in the top drawer, and some lotion. But there was nothing exciting. The next drawer held a generic tablet computer, which I had never seen her use. Maybe she read herself to sleep? Or for all I knew, she was addicted to Candy Crush. I pressed the power button and the camera light flashed, but it didn’t recognize me, so the PIN pad came up. I thought I could probably figure out her number, but I put it back in the drawer for now.

There was a dresser in the room, so I started through those drawers. The top one had several wallets and clutches, some keys, her passport, and a roll of cash. I left everything in place but again was determined to come back later and give it a closer look.

The next drawer held nylons, panties, and bras. I had seen these before in the laundry, so I was not surprised by how sexy they were. And the ones in the laundry had her scent, that I had inhaled and memorized for years, so they were much more interesting.

Neither was there anything more interesting in the rest of the dresser. I looked under the bed and I looked through her bookcase, but it was disappointing.

Then I entered her closet. I had never set foot in there before. I recognized the dresses, the skirts and blouses, all the shoes. But there was a cabinet on the far wall, and it was locked. And I just knew that was where her secrets were hidden.

I went back to the dresser and took the keyring. I took the keys to the cabinet and found the right one. I placed the key in the lock, and I turned it. And then I heard a “click” from the bedroom. Maybe it was nothing, but I froze, suddenly terrified of what she would do to me if she found out I opened her secret cabinet. So I relocked the cabinet without opening it, and put the keys back where I found them. I climbed onto the bed and I was shaking from the adrenaline. And then I was glad I didn’t know what was in the cabinet. Because as long as I didn’t know for sure, my imagination could put anything there.

I fell asleep after midnight, curled up like a pet on top of the bedspread. The light was still on. I didn’t hear her come in. It was well before dawn.

“What are you doing in here?”

I jolted awake. “You didn’t say I could leave. And you said that everything was about to change.”

“Insolent,” she muttered. But she didn’t tell me to leave.

I thought she would go to her closet and change clothes for bed, but she came over and stood beside me. “What are you hoping will happen? I sleep in the nude. Are you expecting to share the bed with me?”

There was no right answer for this one, and I was trapped. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“That didn’t answer my question.”

I trembled as I said, “Yes, I was hoping to sleep with you. To see your breasts again at least. But I’ve been fantasizing about more.”

“What did you fantasize about?” I saw a glint in her eye and knew she was enjoying this. I knew how to give her what she wanted. Maybe even what she needed.

“I’m a virgin. I fantasized about you taking my virginity.”

“I know you are a virgin! But be careful what you wish for.”

“I can’t help it.”

“Then genç gaziantep escort beg me. Beg me to take your virginity.”

“Please Mother! Please take my virginity. I want you to be my first. My only.”

She smiled, and that smile made me afraid. “Get on your hands and knees.”

She had something in mind that I could not imagine. I did as commanded.

She walked over to the dresser and took out her keys. She went into the closet. I waited a long time for her to return. My dick has shriveled to nothing but was still tucked between my legs in the panties.

When she appeared, she was still in the same dress, but both her breasts were out of the top and the slit at the bottom had been hiked up to accommodate a strap on cock. She walked around the bed to my head. She placed a jar of lubricant beside me.

“Look at me.”

I could not help but look at her. I wanted to take her breast in my mouth, but it was the dick she moved to my lips. It was black and large and veined. The harness covered her pussy, but I could see more of her legs than I had ever seen, and I could tell the straps had pulled the base of the cock tightly against her mound. I even wondered if it had a double shaft or knob pressing inside her. I wanted to believe it did.

She grabbed my hair and forced my mouth onto the cock. It was thick and hurt my jaw to get my mouth around it. I started drooling. She just left the tip in at first, until I adjusted to it. Then she grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my mouth more deeply, starting to drive it into my throat. My eyes were watering, and I was coughing and gagging. She didn’t keep it up for long. We both knew what she was more eager to do with it.

She pulled it out and slapped my face with it a few times. It left a wet trail across my cheek. Then she handed me the jar and said, “Lube the cock, and lube your ass. If you don’t use enough, it will be your fault.”

From her position in front of me, she could see the dresser mirror behind me as I stayed bent over, slid the now crusty panties down my legs, and let my small but semi-hard dick fall free. I took both hands to spread my ass and dip lube around and into my asshole. I used as much as I could, then wiped my hands on the cock, and glommed some more on the entire shaft, especially on the tip. The whole time, my dick was getting harder, and she was watching.

Instead of walking around behind me, she told me to turn around and I did. I could see us in the mirror then. And I saw her delighted smile as she pressed the cock into my virgin asshole.

I say virgin but it was not the first time I had tried objects up my ass. I had tried to self-massage my prostate on several occasions, without success. But the size of this dildo was like nothing I had tried before. And I was a virgin to anyone fucking me there. To anyone fucking me anywhere.

It was clear to me that my mother was not that interested in finding that perfect angle to stimulate my prostate, she was just wanting to fuck me as deep and hard as she could. But the sheer size of the thing and the excitement of what was being done to me took care of that need. My dick was harder than it had ever been, and i was sure that pre-cum was dripping out.

Mother kept working the cock deeper inside me, until the entire thing was in me and the base was pressed against my ass cheeks. Once there, she kept pressing in and rotating her hips. He facial expression changed and I knew she was trying to cum.

Her hands went to her breasts as her pussy was grinding against the harness. I watched it all in the mirror while my ass was stretched, and my prostate was taking the shock of every twist she put into that cock inside me. She let go of one tit and just started spanking me with the other, hard and fast, then switched and did the other side.

At that point, I felt the cum milking out of me. It was a totally different kind of orgasm than I had ever felt before. Hands-free. I could see one long gooey strand of semen stretching from the tip of my little dick, down to the bedspread. It pumped out of me like it was happening to somebody else. But the pleasure connected with the pain, and I just let out one long moan, “Oooooohhhhhh. Mama, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

That’s all she needed to put herself over the edge. She grabbed both tits and pumped one long hard time as she came against my gaziantep genç escort ass.

She slumped over my back, leaving the dildo deep inside me. Then she leaned back and clicked a release that separated the harness from the cock. She gingerly took the harness off, and I could see then a double knob on the inside that had pressed against her and got her off.

She sat on the bed beside me. I was still on all fours. And my dick still had a strand of cum oozing out and down onto the bed. She watched it as she took the dildo in hand and backed it out a bit, then pressed it in at the perfect angle.

“Ohhhhh. Oooooohhhhhhh! Yes, Mommy, please.”

“Please what?”

“Please keep fucking my ass. Please milk me.”

She pressed and twisted, and a new glob came flowing out of me.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” I whimpered.

She took her other hand and wiped the pool of cum from the bedspread and fed it to me. I sucked her fingers, and she left them in my mouth while she moved the dildo in and out.

I kept oozing and moaning and begging for a long time. With her fingers in my mouth, the only begging I could do was, “Mmmhmm, mmmhmm,” while pressing my ass against the cock.

When I was spent, she knew it, but she was making a statement. This mouth, and this ass, this prostate and this dick, they were not mine anymore. They belonged to her. She kept fucking me, and finger fucking my mouth. I did not want it to end.

When the lube was starting to give out, she eased the cock out of me. She took her fingers out of my mouth and slipped the panties back on me, over my dripping cock.

She stood up and walked around to stand in front of me, just off to the side. She made a show of slipping her dress completely off. I could see her backside in the mirror, and her breasts and shaved pussy before me. She gave me plenty of time to ogle her. My dick twitched but my prostate was too spent to get me hard.

“Here are the new rules: You can change your panties every morning after you shower. If you ever run out of clean ones, you can borrow mine. You are to wear nothing else. You are to keep yourself tucked in your panties at all times. You can sleep in my bed, but you can never touch me with your hands or your cock. You can never clean yourself up between showers. You can watch porn whenever you want, and play with yourself, but you cannot untuck, and you cannot cum without my permission. Your cum is mine. If you ever cum without permission, I will lock your cock in a cage.”

“Yes Mother.”

Then she put one delicate foot up on the bed, spreading herself for me. I took the cue. I could not touch her with my hands or dick. I crawled over and smothered my mouth in her wet cunt. One hand guiding my head, her other hand on her breast, she used my mouth like a sex toy. Because that’s what I was. My nose and face were soaked with her as she came, a small, easy orgasm.

Then she leaned over and it looked like she was going to kiss me. I lifted my face, and she drove her tongue into my mouth. She did not kiss me with her lips. She just tongue fucked my mouth as she grabbed her pussy for one final little shiver, a finishing touch. Then she shoved me back onto the bed.

By this time, the sun had come up. Mother crawled into bed. I stayed on top of the covers. She was on her back, and she tucked the sheet and bedspread under her breasts, fully exposing them. They were perfect. Her nipples were soft now. I scooted over and took the nearest one in my mouth. Her eyes were closed, but she moaned. I spent minutes with one, and then the other, and back again and again. I was still sucking her tits when she fell to sleep.

* * *

Three weeks passed without any sexual interaction at all. I knew she was testing me, hoping that I would fail to follow the rules. I think she was eager to put my penis in a cage. But I kept my hands away from myself, and of course from her. Even though, every night she would disrobe in front of me with the lights on. But she didn’t leave her breasts out for me to suckle again. And she didn’t lift her foot and open her pussy for my mouth.

I was having sex dreams the whole time. I was afraid I would have a wet dream and get myself in trouble, but it never got that far. In one of the dreams my mother was giving me a hand job, but in the dream my dick was black and was so long I could put the head of it in my mouth, gaziantep genç escort bayan and when I began to cum I was swallowing it, drinking from it like a hose. It felt so real that I was relieved upon waking to find the bedspread still dry.

Friday morning of the third week after my birthday, she brought me a box.

“Try this on,” she said.

It was a beautiful satin kimono, dark blue with a yellow dragon emblazoned on the back. It fit me perfectly.

“You will wear this when we go out tonight. But first, you need preparation. Grandmother is coming to make you ready.”

I had not seen my grandmother in months. She was an old-school Asian woman, elegant, but not to the degree of my mother. I knew she was connected with my mother’s business, but I was clueless what her role was. I was confused that my mother mentioned her, but I was more confused at the announcement that I would be going out. I had not left the apartment for weeks.

“We’re going out?”

“Yes. It is time you join the family business. You still have much to learn, but now is the time. This is what I’ve been saving you for.”

I got no more clue, even after Grandmother arrived. I was not allowed to wear the kimono yet, so when she appeared, I was naked except for my lace panties, red this time. She did not remark on it, showed no surprise. She simply looked me up and down and said, “Come.”

I followed her to the bathroom. She opened her large handbag and took out several products, foams, and a safety razor.

She said, “take those panties off.”

I did, and my small dick was shriveled to a nub.

She said, “We need to get this hair off of you. We can use the foam everywhere except on your scrotum and that little penis. We’ll use the razor for that.

She spread the foam all over my arms, legs, back and chest. I didn’t have much hair to begin with, but when she wiped it off, I was completely smooth, and surprisingly cold. She took shaving cream and the razor and completely shaved my cock and balls. Then she told me to bend over so she could spread my ass cheeks and shave there as well. She had all the intimate touch of a hospital nurse.

When she was done, she rinsed me off with a washcloth and checked her work.

Then she gave me a small sack from the pharmacy. It was heavy. I read the label.

It was a liquid enema kit. I opened the box and pulled out the two full clear bags and the tubing. I didn’t know what she wanted me to do or say.

“I, um, don’t…”

She took them from me like I was an idiot, and said, “Get on your knees, ass in the air. Face to the floor.

I did that. Then she stuck the tube into the bag, spit on the other end and poked it into my ass. The tube was long enough for her to hang the bag on the towel bar, and she did. Then she opened the clip on the bag and the heavy water flowed straight down inside me. I felt it swirling and gurgling and bubbling deep in my bowel. It was taking longer than Grandmother wanted, so she squeezed the bag, and my stomach cramped from the pressure. When it was empty, she clipped in the second bag and squeezed it as well.

I did not think I could contain it. My dick stuck out like it was pressurized, and my insides felt like they would explode. I tried to distract myself from the physical pain by thinking about my grandmother’s spit inside my ass. Me exposed like this to my grandmother was the ultimate disgrace.

When the second bag was empty, and I was in agony she yanked the tube out of my ass and said, “Stay like that until I come back.” And she left the room.

I imagined this must be what menstrual cramps feel like. And the more I held in the liquid, the more my dick was throbbing from the pressure on my prostate. I was so afraid I would cum now and ruin Mother’s plans for me, and worse, receive the punishment I had been working so hard to avoid.

Grandmother came back eventually, and I had no sense of how long she had been gone. She simply said, “Go empty yourself.”

I was so afraid of squirting I stuck my finger in my ass as I crawled across the bathroom floor to the toilet. She didn’t wait around for the results, knowing that at the end of it, I would be as clean as a whistle.

When I made my way back into the living room, Grandmother was gone. My mother told me, “You will fast today. Clear liquids only. You will take a shower at six and present yourself to me in your kimono.”

“Yes, Mother. Thank you for this special occasion.”

She smiled. “Special, yes. But this will be your routine every Friday.”

At six o’clock I took my shower, and afterwards I put on my navy-blue panties and kimono and presented myself to my mother.

She examined every inch of me, then tucked my dick and balls back between my legs and said, “Very well. The limo arrives at seven.”

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