Dreams of Jean Ch. 03

Big Dick

The work of the garden had not been too much for Ted but his mind was in overdrive and he needed to answer some questions for himself. Answers that were not going to found in the presence of Jean, Faye and Annie, where his mind would once find itself gloriously distracted.

When Brad had called the night before to check on his return and ask him over the next day he welcomed the change.

All the way to Brad’s house Ted had revisited a fascination, and devised a test for his theory that his explicit thoughts once he stepped out of the shadow he had draped himself in were not just his anymore, but shared. Far fetched sure, but either that or he was that irresistible, and that seemed even more far fetched.

Brad had been his closest friend since middle school and he would be lying to say Brad’s mother Peggy did not play a major role in it. Peggy was the prototype for the well dressed women in his church. Sundays were for dressing up and she like some of their fellow parishioners never failed to make him hard.

Now a hard-on in church was never a good idea but with all those skirts around what was he to do. When he tried to look away from one skirted wife he would sometimes find her teen daughter and the situation would be exacerbated. Chief among those was Peggy, her blonde hair to her shoulders, beautiful face, newly fifty something body, ample breasts and a firm full ass.

As for Brad, he was a dork. He had an incredible act of bringing unfavorable attention to himself, but his heart was in right place and he provided an excellent shield for Ted when wishing to escape attention.

And Peggy was a guilty of the same thing but in reverse. Brad had his dad’s look which is not saying much and the same off putting sense of humor, but instead of hiding behind that distraction Peggy used it to focus the attention on her.

She had been another focus of his lust for 5 or more years. He loved when she would come to the door and take him aside to give him her “motherly” advice. She had been good friends with his Ted’s mother and when she divorced his dad Peggy assigned herself the role of surrogate, always quick with a confident praise, and consolation.

Brad’s thing was drums, he was going to community college and dreamed of being REO if he played his the drummer for REO Speedwagon. When Ted heard Brad still on the drums when he got there he knew he was going to be whisked away to the breakfast nook for some of Peggy’s TLC. The TLC he had in mind was completely different.

Like at church, Peggy never dressed down. She greeted him at the door and held him tightly in an embrace. Now there were a lot of ways he could have gone with the test of his theory but he knew that a good 80% of them were just a bunch of bullshit. This was an all in moment. Besides she was so tightly wrapped in the drama that was family if she freaked out too much, he could blame it all on circumstances she could mentally defend him with.

Still holding him in a loosened embrace she looked into his eyes with a big smile, their bodies still touching. “Oh Teddy, I did so miss you. Come with me, lets talk.”

Brad was halfway just coming to the end of Wheel In The Sky and the half point in his regular drumming routing when they finished all the pleasantries of school and such. When the conversation turned to summer plans Peggy was firm in her invite to work for her again with Brad at the putt putt course. She talked on and on about what a good influence Antep Escort Bayan on Brad he was. Peggy had made herself quite a little real estate empire with her husband’s engineering pay. The yogurt store, the card store, the cabins, the rentals, and of course the putt put course. This is where Brad and Ted spent their last four summers with Ted being more of a hired friend than a coworker, with few if any responsibilities aside from keeping Brad company.

She had spent her whole life shunning the shadows, consequently he had exhaustedly studied her, broke her secrets down in his mind, broken her resistance in his fantasies.

He had been replaying the most domineering of his fantasies invoving her while they talked. Focusing mainly on the time when sleeping off a drunk he though he heard her pleasuring herself. Thinking of how he had wanted to throw open the door and ravage her pussy with his tongue. Funny he thought, it was the first and the last time for a long while after that he had thought about eating pussy.

He answered and nodded almost instinctively, she for the most part answered his questions for him for so he was free to daydream. She drove the conversation in the same manner that she had driven their relationship to this point. Smiling nodding, barely audible or registering to himself, but sufficient for her to keep moving the conversation while he took her in from his downward gaze.

The way her pearls rolled across her breast before cascading beneath the white business blouse with three buttons open. How when her stories became more animated she would lean forward in her seat. Her crossed thighs rising on occasion the pulled fabric of her skin pulling into her skin, sliding for a moment up her thigh.

It wasn’t so much that she was a touchy person but Ted had always brought it out in her. He had always seemed so distant sometimes when they talked that her touch seemed to ground him, change, engage him. But every time she touched him this morning it was as if she could feel his pulse racing. His arm, his shoulders, his thigh, it was how things had always been she told herself as she caught his upward glance and glower of his blue eyes beneath his blonde bangs.

She was finding that she could not help but entertain passing thoughts. She found herself doing a peculiar inventory of their past as his eyes seemed to pierce her. Listening to her words but only hearing her moans.

So it was instinctive when he rose from the bench at the breakfast nook and extended his arms that she rose from her chair to meet him in an embrace. She buried her head against his chest. “Oh Teddy” she squeezed him tight. “I would be lying to say I was afraid that when you came back… If you came back, you… well you would have a life of… well a life that we did not fit in anymore”. She felt her fingernails pull against the fabric of his worn t shirt.

“Nonsense, I thought about you all the time, maybe too much.” She felt his fingers spread from his hand each creating a separate, desperate pressure, pleasure.

“Little ole me?” She wiggled in his arms at his attention and the safety of the situation. She always loved when he pulled her into him. He was so much taller, broader, than any other man in her life. She found it odd that she was now thinking of him as a man.

She looked up and gathered in his stare, her lips pouting. “Even with all those cute college girls around”. She was casting for a compliment and he knew he had her hooked.

She knew how this was supposed to go. He would get embarrassed; she would gently tease then console him. “Well I have to admit you would find it a little off putting if when I found yourself in a sea of women looking for one who is… well… more attractive than my friends mom”.

When his eyes left hers and began to take in her body as she reclined away in his arms she knew this was not going to go as she had thought. “But what’s worse was when I have found myself going down on some cute girl and all I can think of is how you tasted you the night I watched you fingering your pussy when you thought I was asleep in Brad’s room.”

Bending her backwards with his shoulder his open hands slid down her back and across her ass to just below mid-thigh at the hem of her skirt. He raised it till his finger were spread across her ass, then he raised her into him. “Ted don..” was all that escaped Peggy’s mouth before his hand had snaked around her back, over her shoulder and across her mouth, leaving a passionate muffle.

His free had slid between her legs his fingers splayed. He lifted her against him, two fingers forcing their way between her chicks on onto the pussy. He was surpised at the ease with which her skirt bunched up and her legs wrapped around him.

It happened so fast, but he had lived each of these seconds before so it became a more manageable amount of time. He was able to savor the feel of her legs contracting on him, the weight of her breath from a stifled argument she was having as much with herself as with him.

When he planted her ass on the table she knew her arguing was done. There was no point in screaming, no one would hear her over Brad drumming along to “Riding The Storm Out”. She knew, he knew, no one would come to her rescue if she needed it till the end of Don’t Stop Believing which served as Brad’s finale.

She might have laughed at that thought like she had laughed out other thoughts she had had about the times she caught Ted out of the corner of her eye. But her mind was firmly on his hand between her ass cheeks supporting her while her fingers pressed hard against her pussy which despite her best intentions was suddenly on fire at the thought of him watching her.

Her mouth turned to the side to follow his hand perhaps finally overcoming her fleeting resistance to suck on one of those fingers her lips so desperately wanted. Then his hand took firm hold of her shoulder length curly hair and pulled down forcing her to arch her back, staring up at the ceiling the breakfast nook laid out across the table. Her mind was practically shouting. He is going to fuck me, and she had no rebuttal when he slid his head down her chest barely taking notice of her heaving breast .

As if in pity her hands left his side where they tugged and pushed at the clenched fabric of her shirt and ran to her breasts aid to console them. What the fuck was she thinking raced through her head as her hands left her breast for his shoulders which were quickly retreating down and over her body. All she could think about was his tongue and he was quick to deliver.

Laid out on the breakfast table with her skirt pushed up around her hips she watched as her son’s best friend rose from between her legs where his breath had played on the silk of her panties driving her crazy. Ted knew she could not be quiet for long and when she opened her mouth a moment later his hand was on it while the other held tight to her inner thigh.

What she wanted to come out was a whimper. What came out was a moan. As it escaped her mouth his two middle fingers slid in and she instinctively began to suck. He removed his fingers from her mouth and she stared at his blazing eyes, his tight chest and broad shoulders. Her body lifted from the table as she felt his two wet fingers slide over her clit and her pussy walls collapse upon them as they entered her.

Watching her eyes roll back was more than he could stand as he watched her writhe on the table, the taste had tormented him too long. His fingers dove deep one final time and withdrew as his mouth pounced on her devouring her pussy. Licking its length, and breadth, his tongue diving into her canal. When his tongue slid across and he sucked her clit into his mouth her legs tightened around him, her finger dug into his hair.

Tightening his grip on her legs he forced them open again spreading them and her ass with his hands. His fingers playing about the soft skin of her thighs and the crack of her ass. He was circling her clit with his tongue to the rhythm of what Ted knew was about the end of Brad’s set when his index finger slip across her anus.

Any thought of him as a boy who had become like her son was nowhere to be found when she found herself grinding harder against the flat of his tongue. He could taste her orgasm building. He looked up but all he could see were her hands roughly massaging her breasts, tweaking her nipples through her bra. Driven to the edge he took he sucked her clit into his mouth one last time. A shriek erupted from her as his damp index finger pressed against her butthole and she came all over his face.

It seemed like an eternity after she came as he mouth slowly licked and kissed its way off of her pussy before she opened her eyes. When she did he was standing over her again smiling. Slowly sliding her skirt back down her legs while he touched them, taking her panties with them. The room was silent.

“Brad!” Ted yelled not taking his eyes off her. “Take a shower! We need to go!”

“How long have you been waiting!” Brad yelled down fumbling about upstairs.

“Long enough,” Ted replied watching Peggy’s hands laying limp upon her heaving chest. “That should buy you a minute” Ted wiped his face with her panties while her head lolled to the side staring at his hand at his hard dick beneath his hand. He watched her eyes trying to form a word so he so he spoke first.

“Some kids play sports, video games, Brad plays drums. Everyone has something to occupy their mind, their actions. What I am good at are deliciously sexually deviant thoughts. And now I think we both know that our reality is even better than our dirty thoughts.”

When he disappeared into the bathroom there were a lot of thoughts that should have been going through her head but all she could think about was what he might be doing with her panties.

Reclining before gathering herself, all she could think about was what had just happened to her. Not that it was Ted, but what Ted had done. No one before him had even tried and he was laughable enough that she had grown to discourage it. She felt totally and completely alive as every passing fancy she had ever had now nibbled at her sensitive clit, overcoming her.

When Ted stuck his head out Peggy was gone. When he went into the bathroom he had every intention of blowing his load but the panties made him crave the real thing. He knew time would not permit that so he washed his face, un-tucked his T-shirt and collected himself.

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