Elevator Fun

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I pulled up in front of the piano bar and a couple of spaces over I could see Layla’s car. I got out and walked into the bar. It was really nice inside. Several little tables all around room with low hanging lights. There was a small dance floor for those who wanted to move. There were lounging couches but my favorite part was the colors. It was done in autumn colors which made the entire place have a sensual feel. I looked around until I saw Layla frantically waving me down.

“Hey, you made it,” said Layla.

“I told you I was coming,” I replied.

“I ordered you a drink, you’re usual sex on the beach,” she said.

“Ah thanks girl.”

We talked and laughed about everything from the past to the future. I heard someone clear their throat and looked up to see a guy burning holes into Layla. He asked her to dance and she eagerly agreed. I people watched from my seat at the table. Fifteen minutes went by before I noticed someone was sitting across from me.

“You got your hair cut,” he said.

“Malik this thing with you was tedious but not you are going too far by following me places.”

“I promise this is just coincidence my date is in the bathroom, so can I at least join you until she returns?”


“How long have you been seeing Chance Daniels?”

“I’m not talking about that.”

“Yani he’s dangerous, don’t you think it’s weird that a man who worked hard to avoid society suddenly wants to be apart of it?”

“About as weird as a man sitting at the corner of my house in a blue Porsche about nilüfer escort a month ago?” I replied before taking a sip of my drink.

Malik fidgeted with his shirt cuffs.

“He uses women to get something he wants and now he wants something from you,” said Malik.

“And what would that be because didn’t you do the same thing all those years ago?” The look on his face matched the shock I felt at the steel in my voice.

“That was different and you never gave me a chance to explain,” he said with the same coldness.

“Really? Because this is the first you ever wanted to explain anything. In fact that’s when I realized while watching you drive away with my hard earned things and money that I didn’t need you then or now. I’m better without you. I also realized that maybe life would be easier if I was more like you, easily discarding people, men to be specific, like trash.”

“Is that what you think I did?” he asked softly.

“I don’t think, I know. I saw you. But I’ve let the past go and so should you-“

“Hey!!” shouted Layla.

“Hey you looked like you had fun.’

“He was hot,” laughed Layla. Then she looked over and saw Malik. “Sorry was I interrupting something?”

“No,” I replied. Malik extended his hand and introduced himself.

They begun talking in deep conversation about Layla and where she was born and raised. I excused myself to go get another drink. Instead of going to the bar I jumped into the elevator and headed to the upstairs bar to get a break away from görükle escort Malik. I must have been lost in my thoughts because I didn’t realize the elevator stopped until I felt someone standing behind me.

I turned to look but all I glimpsed was a mask before she pushed me against the elevator wall and began her assault. She fisted her hand in my hair pulling my head back hard while her other hand pulled my dress up around my hips. She bit the side of my neck as she slide her hand between my thighs. I could tell she was pleased that I had opted for no panties. I could feel her grinding against me and it was making me ready. She removed her hand and pulled my dress over my head and threw it to the floor and spread my legs apart.

I grabbed the rail for support. She sat kneeled between my legs as I faced my reflection on the elevator wall. I felt her breath across my pussy before I felt her tongue rolling over my clit before it plunged deep inside over and over. My legs began to get weak with each movement of her tongue. No one has ever ate my pussy the way she was doing at that moment. Before I knew what she was about she had me handcuffed to the rail…this bitch was good. She sat on the floor against the wall as I stood over her with my wrists cuffed to the rail. She pushed my legs further apart as she looked her fill from the floor. She then laid down on the floor and pulled me down toward her. I dropped down with a knee on either side of her head.

She grabbed my waist and buried her face in my pussy. bursa escort She fucked me so good with her tongue and I couldn’t help but ride her face. She squeezed my ass so hard I knew there’d be marks later and I reveled in the feel of it. Shivers ran through me as my orgasm hit hard. She lapped up every bit of cum that touched her lips. She rolled from beneath me and helped me to my feet but she didn’t undo the cuffs. I felt her run her hand over my back before she disappeared from my eyesight. I heard the sound of a zipper and then she was standing behind me again. She slide something soft and hard up my leg…a dildo.

I heard her shifting behind me and without warning she pulled me back into her while shoving the dildo in my pussy. She eased it out and slammed it into me again. I winced. I felt her lips by my and ear and she whispered, “did the hurt baby?” as she plunged it into me again as she pressed me against the wall. I met her thrust for thrust as I bit down my lip prevent any sound from escaping.

She continued to fuck me hard and I was getting so close. The pain of her shoving the dildo and her nails scraping against me sent a tantalizing feeling through me. I wanted it to stop and yet I craved more. I was deliriously happy and whispered more. and I felt her slide a finger into my ass sending me over the edge. She pulled the dildo out my pussy and into my mouth before wrapping it back up and returning it to the bag.

She uncuffed me and tossed me my dress. I had just pulled my dress back into place when I saw her take out a phone and send a text. Within seconds the elevator was moving again. I looked at my reflection on the panel with the buttons to check my hair. The elevator stopped on the third floor and the woman slid off her mask as stepped out. I only got a small glimpse of her face and she looked familiar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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