Emma’s Birthday Surprise

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It was Emma’s birthday and Annie my live-in Domme and I had arranged a night we hoped she wouldn’t forget. As far as she knew it was just dinner, a girl’s night at my local hostelry. Annie and I left work early to finalise the arrangements and have a leisurely soak in the bath before our guest arrival.

Emma and our new friend Ellie arrived at five and we did the usual birthday things, giving presents and generally chatting.

Our table was booked for seven so five minutes beforehand we wandered down the lane to the pub. Birthday girl Emma had decided on her sexy long black almost transparent dress, skin tight and with a very low back. Annie was in a red see-through mini with a high neckline. Extremely close fitting with an occasional flash of pussy. Ellie wanted to wear the same dress as she borrowed from Annie last week. A coral mini with a plunging back and neckline that left little to the imagination. I myself opted for an old favourite, a red satin dress to just above the knee split at the side to the top of my thigh. The neckline plunged way down to below my naval. We all opted for heels but no underwear just hold-ups.

As usual the waiting staff gave us their undivided attention plus the landlord who hovered around most of the time insisting to double as our wine waiter.

Our meal over we made our way back to my house.

Back home a got a bottle of Sancerre from the fridge and four glasses, we made ourselves comfortable on the pair two sofas to enjoyed our wine. After a glass I suggested to the girls it might be an opportune time to make our escort tanıtımları way upstairs to relax even more.

Once in my bedroom Annie told us in no uncertain matter that we were here to pleasure our birthday girl. Strip the slut, take off your clothes and knee to await my return. Annie then disappeared out of the room for a few minutes.

She returned as Mistress Anna resplendent in leather basque, breasts exposed and a leather open-crotch thong. She handed us three leather collars and a pair or ankle and wrist cuffs each, put these on sluts.

Mistress opened the toy cupboard and returned with a selection of equipment. You two take these chains and attach Emma wrist chains to the ceiling hook. Use this spreader bar to make her cunt totally accessible. Mistress handed Ellie a blindfold to put on Emma and me a pair of nipple clamps to attach to Emma’s tits. Now resume your submissive positions.

Mistress started to tease Emma’s back then arse with the flogger. Gently at first but slowly building up momentum. She then walked round to Emma’s front and commenced working on her lovely tits then her pussy.

Now Ellie I want you to start eating the bitch’s cunt. Suzy you concentrate on Emma’s arse, lick it. I want you both to make her cum. Mistress now was playing her flogger in turn between Ellie’s arse and mine to ensure we didn’t lose concentration on our task.

Mistress clicked her fingers and out of the corner of my eye I saw six young men enter the bedroom. My eighteen-year-old son Mike gaziantep escort tanıtımları and his friends Ollie, John, Freddie, Jack and Sean, young cocks standing proudly erect. Mistress motioned them to sit quietly on or around the sofa to observe. I remembered how Emma had really loved her weekend with three young cocks, six would surpass that I’m sure.

Emma by now was in a highly aroused state, with me delving deep in her arse and Ellie beautifully pleasuring her pussy. Slowing she was nearing orgasm, moaning quietly at first then finally with a yell she came drenching Ellie with her juices.

“Suzy unshackle the bitch and lay her on the edge of the bed, lay her down, legs on the floor. You sluts take an arm each and hold her down” She called over two of the guys to drag Emma’s legs wide apart. She then called Mike forward to insert his rampant cock in Emma’s by now very moist cunt. “Now fuck the bitch young Sir” Mike thrust away for all he was worth at Emm’s pussy. Harder and more forceful with every stroke. Soon Emm was in the throes of ecstasy screaming obscenities as she neared orgasm. Finally, one final thrust and both came together.

Mistress now beckoned Ollie to take Mike’s place. He too attacked Emma with youthful exuberance. Again, starting slowly and building up to an orgasmic finale with yelling Emma again. Next was John then the new boys Freddie, Sean and Jack.

By now Emma was showing signs of fatigue. “Okay Suzy and Ellie you can release Emma’s arms and remove her blindfold. gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları Now my beautiful cumsluts clean up the bitch’s overflowing cunt, I want it all swallowed completely” We didn’t need asking twice and did so eagerly until Emma’s pussy was spotless.

“Whilst Emma is resting for a while I need satisfaction” Mistress went across to the sofa sat down and summoned Ellie and me over. “Now my cunt-sluts I need to cum, both of you eat my cunt until I do” Ellie and me both inserted our tongues in Mistress’s exquisite pussy playing and teasing until she did cum.

By now Emma was snuggled up on the bed with her six young admirers, hands wandering about her body.

Time to get on said Mistress. “You three sluts lay on each edge of the bed face down and legs apart” Mistress then proceeded to lube our arses in preparation.

Now guys three step forward choose a slut. Mike, Ollie and John were first, Mike choose Emm, John Ellie and I had Ollie. They fucked our arses as if it was a race to finish first, maybe that was the idea. They all came and were replaced by Sean, Freddie and Jack who thrust their cocks eagerly in our arses. This time we needed to cum, first Emm then me and finally Ellie, she was loving it!

My time now said Mistress Anna as she slipped out of her basque and thong. She invited the guys over to fuck her. And so they did, all six of them.

That’s it announced Annie, time for a nightcap but a shower first then downstairs.

Sleeping arrangements were made, four girls and six guys not an ideal combination. We decided on initially Mike, Ollie and John with Emma and Ellie, Sean, Freddie and Jack with Annie and me.

This worked really well and after a couple of hours the guys changed bedrooms. By this time the sun was coming up and we really needed to sleep, there was always tomorrow.

As for Ellie, no need to worry. She had a wonderful time and is extremely eager to come again.

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