Eva Ch. 03: A Flood in Our Love Pools

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You should read my first two chapters namely “public glaze” and “unknown genes in my womb” as this is the follow up.

So I was with Christelle, looking at her and touching her breast and her dark hair and noticed this slightly defiant but loving smile on her face. I had to know who had just been making love to me and was opening my mouth when she cut me off and asked me if I had enjoyed fingering her with Pietro’s sperm. As I had earlier guessed, she knew… but after all it was just tit for tat among the two of us.

I reflected on her question and said that I had really had one of the best climaxes in my life but could tell that she had herself been rather enthusiastic about my hand and lip job. I added that if I had loved her acts, I was still a bit curious to know who, if not Frédéric, had finally added his genes to my pool. The little mink replied that it was probably more fun for me not to know but that my invader was a splendid specimen and that it was partly why she had licked him from his thick cock to his balls while he was fucking me. Besides, she added, his cum tasted quite sweet when she had a chance to scoop some from my pussy with her tongue. No danger, she added, she had known my bull for some time and could swear that he was as healthy as us and it was a pity I did not have a chance to see him.

A bit relieved, I still wanted to know more as I was temporarily off the pill and had arrived at the club firmly determined not to make love bareback. Gone with the summer breeze were my wise decisions! So I opened my mind to Christelle who now looked annoyed at knowing that I was not on birth control. We discussed the situation, she being on the pill and thus well protected against unwanted pregnancy. I had calculated that I was really at high risk as I was in day 12 of my cycle and that any sperm whether from Dominique, the young black man from Guadeloupe, Pietro, the Italian or my unknown lover could very well be on their way to my egg racing to blend their DNA to mine… and start a beautiful healthy and of undefined color baby…

Christelle quickly became more serious and advised me to take the morning after pill if I wished so as Dominique, the semen of which she had so kindly fingered into me, was coal black and my unknown lover was another friend of the club manager and like most of the team being of mixed blood and having African features. Very tall (I would meet him later) with a French father and a Tutsi mother. So if I was pregnant, the offspring would most likely be dark skinned, certainly beautiful, a cuckold dream and in a way very exciting for me but difficult for hubby, the real world and my family. I felt relieved by her quick decision-making capacity and her concern for me. As Frédéric was coming back, she asked him to bring us two Cointreau and a bottle of water.

The beautiful waitress gaziantep eskort we had met at the entrance brought the glasses and although used to these clubs, I was as usual surprised by her natural behavior at seeing us nude, our skin still a bit shiny in various spots and one of Christelle’s legs draped over me. “Très professionnelle”! I thought. We sipped our Cointreau and I was soon back in a festive mood having in my head solved my “little” problem.

Frédéric was sitting by his wife Christelle and was caressing her thigh moving his hand progressively towards her wet crotch. She proceeded to tell him that besides Yves who had earlier made love to her, Pietro had been adding some glazing on her and that finally she had kissed my pussy lips after André (my unknown lover) had ejaculated inside me.

Frédéric, although a frequent swinger, whistled quietly as if surprised and admiring his daring wife. She took his cock in her hand and asked him if he had had fun with the blonde woman he had been with. Half serious, he said that it had been a bit of a turndown as she did not speak anything but German, was very clear about condoms and immediately stated that she did not like anal, kissing strangers etc. A very factual, disciplined woman and a pretty normal way of thinking around swingers’ clubs but obviously lacking any romantic touch in its expression. So he had tried to post the glory of France, entering her large pussy but after a while had only been able to drive the fraulein to a meager climax while he finally decided to save his stamina for us and not waste his seed in the condom.

Good choice, we thought, and as Christelle’s hand was softly going up and down his penis, his dark little snake started to get up and straight. I added my hand to hers and once again felt his unusually large balls. I was, with the help of the Cointreau, getting excited once again, not wet but dripping as both Christelle and I were drenched from our previous lovers. As I pressed my breast against her, she turned and once again kissed my lips.

That evening was a revelation as I had seldom had such strong lesbian impulses in the past. But Christelle is so sexually charged and so erotic in her behavior. Frédéric was now looking at us with a serious grin, the one of the man who wants to release his built up excitation. And as Christelle let herself fall backwards on the sofa, she attracted me against her and both on our sides, facing one another started to feel our breasts, our pussies, fingers delicately tracing lines on our skins.

Another couple of people appeared, looking at us, as lesbians are always in favor, and one of the men was André, the very tall dark skinned unseen man who had made love to me earlier. We stopped our movements and looking at me, Christelle invited him to sit next to eskort gaziantep her just telling me: “C’est lui”. He was just gorgeous and strangely I felt hot when thinking that his warm seed was now at work in my womb. He was tall, slender with very long hands and fingers and a physical elegance one rarely sees in a man. His face was like chiseled by a Greek sculptor, his muscles were long but well defined and I felt a little contraction in my womb as I wanted more of him. He sat or rather lied down and she jokingly introduced him to me as the “unknown lover”. As Fred was not “au-fait”, she quickly explained the situation and he burst out of laughter not knowing that maybe at this stage I was getting pregnant…

We resumed our kissing while Fred lied next to me and kissed my shoulders and André, our exceptional specimen had his chest and sex to Christelle’s back and was mauling her ass cheeks with his long black fingers. The heat was rising again and as I was putting one of my legs on top of Christelle’s hip, my wet pussy was open to the exploring hands of Fred while my own hands were busy feeling Christelle’s pubic mound and working a slow motion on her clit. The cum of Pietro had started to dry and she was sticky so I had to get a finger inside her to retrieve some fluid to give her a proper massage on her bud.

I was concentrating on my new activity when I felt Fred holding his prick with his hand and rubbing it against my pussy lips. I had the fleeting thought that if he came in me I would in the end have collected four samples of semen in one evening, two from white males and two from African blooded friends. I shivered and pushed my leg up on Christelle a bit more so as to open my pussy even wider for Fred. And this marvelous moment of first penetration of a new sex happened again. Slow, powerful, determined, and as I felt his strength, his total rigidity, I whispered to Christelle: ” Ton mari me baise superbement et toi écarte un peu tes cuisses pour que la grosse queue noire d’André puisse te pénétrer” She squeezed my tit, brought her right leg up against my own hip and as my hand was now free to explore down between her legs, I touched the warm penis of André. My hand was now discovering this organ that, 30 minutes before, had spurted its seed inside my womb. I squeezed him, feeling his girth and brought him to Christelle’s entrance as she had guided him inside me earlier.

Both men put their hands around us and started stroking our pussies with their cocks from the back. When André was going in, I could feel the movements of Christelle against me while in a similar fashion, when Fred was surging inside my vagina, I was pressing Christelle’s body. Our love making was a kind of group communion where Fred was indirectly making love to his wife through my body while the gaziantep bayan eskort increasingly energetic fucking of Christelle by André were felt not only by me but most likely by her husband. The movements of André and Fred were forcing Christelle against me and our bellies, breasts, faces were soon like glued to one another and I could directly feel in my body the movements of her lover.

It was so erotic, so wild and the two men were noticing this effect on us and far from turning them off, this blending of bodies heightened their passions and Fred, feeling through me every pressure inside his wife’s pussy, went on a crescendo. As his arm gripped me hard, he told me he was about to cum and I closed my eyes, plunged my tongue into Christelle’s mouth and felt my vaginal muscles contract around Fred’s spurting cock. A fourth load of fresh sperm!

We were breathing hard, saying French words such as “baise moi, viens, viens, viens, donne moi tout, prends moi”, while the boys were grunting and I heard from André :” Je viens, c’est bon, donne toi, ouvre toi, tiens…” He was seeding Christelle and as we had stopped all other movements, I clearly felt the contractions of her spasming belly as her own orgasm was triggered by the long powerful pulses of André’s black cock at the deepest point of her vagina.

The storm was over, the breathing slowed and after a while, I turned my head, opened my eyes and saw four people looking at us from a distance. Among them, next to a woman I did not know was Yves, my husband who seemed to have appreciated the scene. Fred’s cock slipped out of my vagina and I pressed my pussy against the one of Christelle, my arm pulling her towards me. My free hand glided down again to her thigh and as I managed to get it between our legs, I found André’s cock still embedded in her, less rigid but drenched with cum. I felt it for a while but he was relaxing and finally also fell out of Christelle. I closed her pussy lips with my fingers, which in the meantime were soaked with his sperm. I even put my palm against her opening to get more semen and brought my hand back to my mouth. The smell once again was strong but pleasant and as I looked at Christelle, I smeared her breast with the gooey mixture and proceeded to lick one finger and offering her the other. André and Fred got up while Christelle started to move, turned around, sat down and, opening her legs, pressed her pussy against mine, in a scissors like position. Yves, my hubby came to sit next to my head and looked at us while we were rubbing our flooded pussies, lips open, wet thighs pressing.

Yves was holding my hand and as another last and very subtle climax was hitting me, I felt his love and passion for his highly bisexual hot loving wife.

We relaxed for a while and decided to meet on the beach for lunch on that same day as it was past 2 am. We dressed, kissed and Yves drove me back home where I literally fell on our bed after undressing and was joined by Yves. Before closing my eyes I asked him if he still loved me as I was filled and smeared with sperm from four men. He just kissed me and I slowly went to sleep still thinking of the sperm racing for my egg inside my womb.

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