Evening Delight

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Francesca smiled as she woke up next to Michael. They had slept for a couple of hours after spending the afternoon in bed. She sat up in bed and started to move to the edge of the bed. She jumped as Michael grabbed her hand.

‘Mmm where are you sneaking off to?’ Michael sleepily whispered, his fingers gently stroking Francesca’s hand.

‘I was just going to the bathroom.’ She leaned over and kissed his lips gently. ‘You keep the bed warm.’ She walked over to a cupboard and took out a towel and quickly wrapped it around her. She didn’t like walking around totally naked and wanted to freshen up. Michael admired her shape as she walked into her en suite bathroom and closed the door, blowing a kiss to him.

Francesca was feeling really good. She quickly sat down to pee and turned on the shower. She closed her eyes as the hot water coursed down her breasts and stomach, her pale skin was flushed as the hot water continued to flow over her. She heard a noise and turned to see Michael come into the bathroom and approach the shower. She stood to the side to let Michael in and stayed silent as he worked his hands all over her body. She leaned into his body and wrapped her arms around him as the water bounced off their skin.

Michael loved holding Francesca close in the shower. She had pulled her hair into a tight bun on top of her head and she dodged the water to avoid wetting her hair. He reached up and stroked her cheek and she reached up to stroke his. He knew he was at least twenty years her senior but he knew her desire for him was like nothing else she had felt before. They stood together silently for a moment before Francesca turned off the shower and led Michael out of the shower. He took the towel and wrapped it protectively around her shoulders before rubbing her body. He admired the shape of her breasts and the way they hung plump and free. He gripped her right breast tightly and quickly kissed her, slipping his tongue into her mouth to seek hers. She kissed him back and took the towel and wrapped it around him, rubbing his body down, feeling the muscles in his back and chest. She gently kissed his nipples in turn and looked up into his brown eyes. He smiled warmly at her and squeezed her hand tightly.

‘You know sexy, all that hard work has made me hungry.’ He whispered, gently kissing her forehead.

‘Oh? Well what would you like? I think you’ve really worked hard today!’ She smiled.

‘Anything is fine. What have you got in?’

‘Hmm let’s have a look in the kitchen.’

Francesca walked into the bathroom and put on her dressing gown as Michael wrapped the towel around his waist. He followed Francesca to the kitchen as she opened the fridge. Bayan Escort Gaziantep He spotted some fresh pasta and a tomato sauce.

‘Here babes we can have pasta and this sauce.’ Michael smiled, getting the packets out of the fridge for her. He kissed her again and sat down on the sofa as Francesca started to prepare the food.

A little while later Francesca took the empty dishes into the kitchen and topped up hers and Michael’s wine glasses. She was still dressed in her dressing gown and Michael was still wrapped in the slightly damp towel. She sat beside him on the sofa and rested her head on his shoulder. He slipped his hand down the front and stroked her breasts gently, paying particular attention to her hardening nipples. Francesca arched her back at Michael’s touch and reached between his legs. Her hand soon found his semi hard cock and she grinned at him.

‘What are you smiling at?’ Michael laughed as his cock grew harder. ‘You’re a naughty girl.’

‘Oh? Am I?’ Francesca said softly, fluttering her eyelashes. ‘I’m a very good girl.’

She stood and wrapped her gown tightly, while removing the belt from the loops at her waist.

‘Sexy sit on this chair here.’ Francesca whispered as she moved a dining chair to the middle of the floor. Apprehensively Michael nodded and sat down and he quickly felt Francesca tie his arms behind his back. Satisfied he was securely tied, Francesca kissed his head and walked out to her bedroom.

Michael was unsure what to think, he loved to experiment and he knew how much fun sex with Francesca was, but he was still unsure what she was going to do next. He felt his cock harden as he thought about her. He wasn’t alone for long and he looked up obediently as he heard her bedroom door close and saw her transformation.

She had dressed in a short black skirt, white blouse and a school tie, teamed with white ankle socks. She was carrying a small bag in her hand and she rested it on the sofa. He couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. He knew that she wasn’t a real school girl, but her youthful look was almost convincing. He felt so dirty and totally overcome with lust

‘Oh sir, I think I’ve been a bad girl.’ She whispered in a low purr he hadn’t heard before. ‘I think I need some.’ She paused. ‘Correction.’ She fluttered her eyelashes and pouted slightly, leaning over to kiss his chest.

‘Oh babes you look fucking amazing. Oh I’d love to correct you! Hadn’t you better untie me?’ He eagerly moaned. He wanted to fuck her again and fuck her hard.

‘I thought I would show you what a bad girl I am first.’ Francesca purred. She had dressed as a submissive school girl but she was the dominant one now. She sat down on the sofa and took the bag in her hands. She extracted her favourite purple dildo, around 7 inches long and an inch and a half wide, as well as a bullet vibrator. She sat on the edge of the sofa, directly facing Michael, and spread her legs, revealing her white cotton knickers. She rubbed her lips underneath the cotton and sucked her fingertip, she loved to taste her sweet juices on her fingers. Francesca felt so aroused and she was relishing giving Michael such an intimate show. She pulled her knickers to the side and ran the tip of the vibrator between her moist lips. Her pussy lips weren’t only moist but also swollen and pink, ready for action. She moaned loudly as her dildo entered her. Michael watched in awe as Francesca fucked herself with the dildo, still dressed in her school uniform and socks. He badly needed to fuck her but knew he was helpless as Francesca relentlessly fucked her pussy and rubbed her clit. Her pretty eyes were closed and she spread her legs even wider as she approached orgasm. Michael badly wanted to touch his cock and he could feel the precum leaking out of him. He was going to fuck Francesca as hard as he could give it and she was going to take it. She had stirred him up so badly he wasn’t going to rest until he had banged the fuck out of her.

‘Mmmmmmmm fuck!’ Francesca moaned, becoming more breathless before she finally came, crying out loudly as she held as much of the dildo as she could in her dripping tight cunt. He was amazed by how much she had been able to take of the dildo and he desperately needed her to take his big cock. Michael’s eyes didn’t leave Francesca’s body as she slowly pulled the dildo out. She rubbed her swollen lips and gently touched her clit, gasping with the increased sensitivity her orgasm had given her. She stood and held the dildo before her, waving it at Michael’s face. He could see her juices glistening on the plastic and could also smell the sweet aroma of her cum as she approached him.

‘Babes let me fuck you!’ Michael cried, wriggling in his chair. Francesca smiled at and squatted over him, her outer lips gently kissing the tip of his cock. She gently slipped the dildo into Michael’s mouth and watched him eagerly suck it clean, loving her sweet taste. Once he was done she dropped the dildo behind her and eased herself down onto his throbbing dick. Michael moaned in relief as his bare cock finally found the tight pussy it had been seeking. He looked down and admired Francesca’s accommodating pussy as she grinded down before easing up slowly and back down again. She had such a good rhythm for fucking him. The soft fabric of her skirt against his thighs was making sure Michael’s cock carried on throbbing even harder than ever.

Francesca continued to ride until Michael almost came deep inside her. She slowed down and gently eased up, kissing Michael’s lips as she stood. By this point Michael needed to show Francesca who was in control. He was going to fuck her good and hard no matter how she wanted it. He looked at her young body and smiled to himself as he realised she was about to untie him. As he expected she walked behind him and untied the knots and he sat for a moment to allow for a greater element of surprise. Francesca was still standing beside him as Michael leapt up and grabbed her body, quickly pulling her to the ground.

‘You horny fucking prick tease! I’m going to fuck you good now!’ He whispered through gritted teeth. Francesca moaned lightly as Michael gripped her hard and pinned her face down onto the carpet. Michael’s grip was almost hurting her as he held one hand behind her back to stop her moving. Francesca was completely at his mercy and he pushed his legs against hers to force them further apart. Her white knickers were still on and with one hard yank he ripped them down and eagerly pushed them down her legs, exposing her pussy and arse, her skirt up around her waist. With no hesitation Michael slipped all of his cock into Francesca’s dripping young hole. He fucked her with such force that Francesca shrieked in surprise at his powerful thrusts. She revelled in the fact she was being fucked so hard and loved being dominated by him. He reached around to her blouse and pulled hard to tear it open and expose her bra covered breasts. He lifted each breast out of the cups and squeezed hard with each thrust, Francesca trembling with pleasure as she approached another orgasm. This time, however, Michael came first, his cock throbbing and twitching as his hot spunk fired into Francesca’s well fucked pussy. As she came her muscles milked the last of the cum out of his cock and Michael released his grip on her arms. He pressed his body close against Francesca and kissed her neck. He realised that he had been rough with her and gently stroked her body as she relaxed beneath him. Being careful not to disturb her, he moved up and Francesca turned to lie on her back, smiling up at him. She slowly sat up and slipped off her clothes, leaving her naked on the floor. She was no longer self conscious but somehow seemed younger and almost vulnerable. Michael stood and held his hand to lead her back to the bedroom. She stood as Michael turned off the lights in the living room and walked with her to the bed. Francesca was tired and sleepy and Michael could see it in her eyes. He held her close as they lay in the bed together, his arms embracing her warm body. His cock was totally spent and he soon felt himself drifting off to sleep a few minutes after Francesca.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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