Expanding Our Horizons Ch. 01

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“You want to do WHAT, John?”

I was so shocked by what my boyfriend John just told me, that I could not believe my ears. So I asked him again.

“I want to fuck my Stepmom,” he sheepishly replied, his face red with blushing. He added, “It’s nothing wrong with you, Hon. I just want to try a new pussy so that I can appreciate your lovely pussy more.”

“Oh, is that it? Or is it that you really lust after your smoking hot MILF stepmom, and also really want to fuck an Indian pussy after doing my bland white pussy for two years?”

“A little bit of that too, Susan, I won’t lie to you.”

“Let me think about it,” I said. I was a little bit mad about it, since John and I have only been each other’s exclusive sexual partners. But it is true that I have also committed mental adultery with several guys. And I must appreciate that John brought up the topic to me to seek my permission, and didn’t go around banging fannies behind my back.

I asked after a few minutes, “Does Anushka know that you are trying to get inside her pants?”

“No, you are the first person I am telling this to. But I can sense that she really wants to have heat things up with me. I have caught her many times looking at my crotch, she brushes against my body so often, and the way she tries to bring up sexual topics of discussion with me, you know, in the form of jokes.”

“Hmmm, I see”, I said as I started to think again. Then I had an interesting idea.

“Okay John, I can let you knock boots with her. But I have a few conditions on my side. You game?”

“Thank you honey — OMG, I can’t believe this!! Whatever conditions you suggest are OK with me.”

“Great. I can’t believe I am saying these either, but here we go. My first condition is that I get to watch you guys do the deed. You OK with that?”

“Of course, you have every right to watch me fuck!”

“My other condition is that I also get to fuck someone I choose, and you sit and watch me get dicked. You OK with this too?”

There was a slight pause, and an emphatic reply after that.

“Oh yes Susan, of course I can’t say no to that. And I am just getting hard thinking of seeing another boy do you.”

“Or, are you just hard wondering how tight your stepmom’s pussy is?” I smiled and winked.

John seemed more confident now about talking to me. He said, with infinite enthusiasm, “Do you mind if we make it a foursome? It might be more fun, don’t you think?”

I thought for a moment and said, “Yes, of course. We can actually play couple swapping.”

I then explained to him what I had in mind. All four of us will get together at some place — John, his stepmom Anushka, I, and the guy I want to fuck (who we can call Mr. X till I decide who that would be). Mr. X and Anushka will act like a couple for our evening. The first part of the act will be the respective ‘couples’ fucking. Then after a brief hiatus, there will be partner exchange — Mr. X and I will watch Anushka and John have sex, and when they are done, they will watch Mr. X and me do it.


We got our final foursome team in place three days after our initial discussion. It didn’t take much effort on our part to get Anushka to agree, although she was a bit shy and hesitant at first. John took me with him while pitching the idea to her, and it was probably my presence and the silent womanly communication of confidence that helped shed her inhibitions fully. I softly touched her hand with mine and said, “Always try not to lose any opportunity to have fun, and this will be a ton of fun”.

She beamed back at me, and it was one of those smiles that instantly comfort you and make you happy! John’s dad is a bit of an aloof person, and is away from home for long stretches for work. We decided it’s best if he does not know of this, as he wouldn’t care anyway.

With this out of the way, we decided Mr. X now needs a name. I told John, “I was thinking that I want an ethnic dick too, you know, to better appreciate your mac-n-cheese white dick!”

John laughed at my joke, and after thinking for a few minutes, made a suggestion. “You remember my ex-roommate Carlos? He’s still single, and quite hot if you recall.”

Of course I remembered this hot Brazilian dude from before John and I moved in together. In fact I had fantasised on multiple occasions, albeit for a few minutes, of getting it on with him. Of course, at that time, there was a guilt associated with such a thought. But as I was telling this to John, that guilt was totally gone. John smiled knowingly on hearing this and said, “I think he’ll be an easy catch!”

We then met Carlos, and it took just under 10 minutes to get him on board! And to think, 4 of those minutes were spent in bringing up the topic, and another 3 to explain him everything. With a wide grin, Carlos said, “My god, I am so excited! And this is the stuff of my wildest dreams!”

As we got on the car to return home, John and I looked at each other with playful smiles. He said in an over-excited tone, “Rock hard dicks, juicy pussies, and perky boobs — what gaziantep eskort bayan a fun evening it would be!”

I laughed along with him, already feeling my panty get a bit wet. I gave a light squeeze on his already hard dick and said, “And waiting five days for it seems sooooo long, right?”


A day before our big event, we decided to gather together at our place to get introduced, as well as to set the rules and boundaries for the fuck fest. Both John and I were very happy to see Anushka and Carlos hit it off quite well — they even shared a quick kiss!

I suggested “CARROTS” as our safe word, and people were amused at my choice! We also decided we will all come brushed, showered, and shaved, there will be no anal play, and no dick goes inside a pussy without a condom. John and I agreed that since raucous sex is on the table, it’s totally okay if Carlos and I, and also Anushka and him, share passionate kisses. Also, even though the guys are very straight, us girls would kiss and get a bit touchy-feely!

Carlos let out a small cough and said, “Ummm, I have a little thought”

“Of course, go ahead,” we all said, eagerly.

“Umm, we will all do what we do tomorrow, but would it be a good idea to just familiarise ourselves with the tools we’ll be working with, umm, you know, the relevant body parts.”

We all nodded in agreement, since we were already quite horny from all the discussions. I suggested, “Let’s start with the boys first.”

John and Carlos were all too happy to do it, and they quickly rose from the sofa. John dropped his cargo shorts and boxers, and his 8-inch white dick jumped out. Anushka looked at it and made kissing motions with her lips, while John winked at me in joy. Carlos then revealed his pecker, which also was as long as John’s and quite a bit darker. I made some sucking motions with my mouth.

“OK, it’s now the girls’ turn,” said Carlos.

I went first by taking off my top and shorts and then my bra and panty. When I was fully naked, John turned to Carlos and said, “Ain’t she a beauty, every inch?”

Carlos couldn’t take his eyes off my smooth shaved pussy, and nodded vigorously to John’s question. He then looked at by boobs, and said, “Glorious!”

All eyes then turned to Anushka, as she rose from her chair and started taking off her skirt and t-shirt. Now, she was quite older than the rest of us; Carlos, John, and I were all 22-23 while Anushka was 38. But she was still what you’d call extremely sultry — her dusky tight body oozed sexiness from head to toe. I fully understood why John would want to drill her good, she’s absolutely irresistible.

By the time Anushka got fully naked, the boys had their jaws on the floor, and even I couldn’t look away. Her perky breasts, perfectly shaved labia, and the perfect curves at exactly the right places made her seem like an Indian goddess. John said, “My God, this is just divine.”

Carlos was so awestruck by what he saw that his language became formal! He said, “I cannot believe my sheer fortune that I got the opportunity to engage in sexual intercourse with such an amazingly beautiful and attractive lady! I cannot thank you all enough!”

Anushka giggled and blushed a bit hearing such compliments! She said, “Feel free to touch, boys. Maybe I can touch your boners too?”

“Yeah, I completely agree,” I said jumpily.

John turned toward me and, and firmly kissed my boobs and fingered my pussy lightly. Seeing this, Carlos turned to Anushka with a super polite “May I?”, to which she nodded softly with a large smile. He started playing with Anushka’s boobs and pussy lips with the enthusiasm of a toddler gifted with a new toy set, and then sucked on her tits intently for a few minutes.

“Licking and light touching is OK, but not much more, kiddos,” I remarked to the boys. “We agreed today is just getting used to the terrain!”

“Haha, right,” said Anushka. “But the boys probably wanna switch girls for a couple minutes?”

“Bet they would,” I answered.

“I was dreaming this for so long,” John blurted as he started caressing the outside Anushka’s pussy and licking her nipples.

“Careful, John,” said Carlos. I almost bust my nut touching Anushka.

Anushka closed her eyes and replied, “And the fact that I’m your stepmom makes it infinitely more exciting!”

“Mmmm,” managed John.

I asked Carlos, “How many times have you jacked off to the though of fucking my brains out? Tell us the truth, John won’t mind!”

“Didn’t really keep a count,” he blushed, “but a dozen times at least. And honestly, I felt very guilty every time!”

“Well, you can drop the guilt part now, please!”

“I will,” he replied and started nibbling on my tits and everyone laughed. His fingers rubbed lightly on my labia, sending light shivers down my spine.

“Okay gentlemen, you get a few minutes of tongue on vulva action now,” Anushka announced, and winked at me. I laughed at her and shared a high-five.

“And vulva bros, not eskort bayan gaziantep vagina,” I added. “I’m sure you knowledge of female anatomy is top notch!”

The boys dutifully moved downstairs and gave us some light tongue service. I was dripping wet, and I am sure Anushka was too. It was evident that the boys didn’t fail to notice that both of us women had tight asses — they’re boys after all! I felt my buttocks being firmly gripped by Carlos; I turned to see John doing the same to Anushka. I softly held her hand and she looked at me with a big smile. A second later, our lips locked and we smooched.

The boys took their mouths off our pussies a couple of minutes later. John exclaimed, “Vagina extracts should be an ice cream flavour, for real!”

“Or a salad dressing,” Carlos quipped.

“You guys are gross,” I laughed!

Ansuhka noted, “Hey Susan, should we attend to the guys’ dicks a bit? The little boys have been standing straight for so long!”

“Of course,” I agreed. “I think it’s fine if we give them some oral pleasure and a happy ending today. You know, tomorrow they’ll be shooting inside our pussies!”

“Inside your hot pockets down there,” Carlos added with a wink.

“Or as I love to call it, the penis-fly-trap!” John giggled.

Anushka and I laughed at the boys’ excitement, and then she replied to me, “Sounds good, Susan! Those popsicles look really delish! By the way, are you a swallower, Susan? I quite like the taste of cum, and love swallowing.”

I replied enthusiastically, “Yes, I do too! I just love the feeling of the warm oozing dick-cream in my mouth so much!”

Anushka and I sat side by side on the sofa, while the boys stood with their peckers in front of our faces. I grabbed Carlos’s rod, while Anushka started rubbing John’s erection. Carlos was oozing precum which I licked up immediately, before taking almost all of his cock in my mouth. I closed my eyes while Carlos rocked his pelvis gently to move his rock hard and lightly throbbing penis in and out of my mouth — it felt so good. All four of us were moaning lightly but in very different tunes, which made the atmosphere all the more erotic! I could feel Anushka’s hand slowly travel over my thighs and reach for my drenched pussy. As she slid two fingers inside my love box, I reciprocated, getting her extremely silky and creamy Indian vagina nectar on my fingers.

After a couple of minutes, Anushka softly pushed John’s dick out her mouth and called for attention, “Carlos, get out of Susan’s mouth”.

He complied, and she made a suggestion. “We want to swallow your sticky creations, guys, but let’s make it a bit communal. How about you jerk off in our open mouths one by one? You must be close to cumming, so it should not be too much work?”

“Sure,” said John. “Maybe Carlos goes first?”

Anushka and I kneeled on the floor, and Carlos started vigorously masturbating in front of our wide open mouths. It took less than a minute for him to climax, and he guided his dick expertly to dump a mouthful of warm semen into our mouths — not a drop fell elsewhere! We swallowed it fully, and gave a satisfied “Ah!”, which pleased him no end.

I said, “Wow, it tastes a bit sweet, kinda like coconut water. What do you eat Carlos?”

Anushka remarked, “This is good cum, and I won’t mind it as a cupcake frosting!”

I giggled, as John said, “Carlos doesn’t drink as much coffee as I do. Maybe that explains it?”

“Probably, since yours is a bit bitter!” I added.

“Let’s try bitter now,” Anushka was excited. “Come over and nut on your girlfriend and stepmom!”

“This stepmom-stepson things sounds almost wrong,” John said, “and it’s making things a 1000 times hotter.”

“I know bro, I know,” Anushka smiled and said.

John wanked and came in our mouths a minute later, but he was a bit sloppy. Several drops of his juice landed on our breasts, which we licked clean off each other after swallowing our mouth loads.

“You like this flavour, Anushka?” I inquired.

“Uh-huh,” she answered. “It’s a pretty neat taste. I want it in a bagel.”

We all laughed!


We gathered back at our place again the next evening for our main show. We talked about myriad things while having a light dinner, and then grabbed some beer to set the mood. As we were finishing drinking, I asked, “I can’t explain how excited I am for the long night to be. Hope you boys will last very long for us.”

“Of course, I had a very nice wank before coming here,” said Carlos. “I can last hours in your steamy coochies.”

“And I got a nice head from my girl,” John said proudly.

“Awesome,” Anushka quipped. “We are all set then, but let’s finish any bathroom business before we start, everyone.”

The boys said they were good for now, but we women needed to go after the beer.

“We’ll be right back in 5 mins,” I said, and softly nudged Anushka to come with me.

“Oooh, sexy bathroom time for the ladies,” John said as he winked at gaziantep bayan eskort Anushka and me.

In the bathroom, I hugged Anushka tightly and said softly, “Thanks for agreeing to do this with us.”

“I wouldn’t have missed this for the world, Susan, and I must thank you for helping shed my shyness,” she replied with a reassuring smile.

As I unzipped and lowered my denim shorts to pee, she looked at my light blue panty and remarked, “OMG, your vagina is a small lake! More than enough dressing for Carlos’s salad.”

I laughed as I started to pee, and Anushka surprised me by planting a firm kiss on my lips. I really loved it, and instinctively squeezed her tits over her shirt. I finished, wiped my crotch nicely with a clean tissue, and put my pants back on.

“Your turn,” I remarked as I started unbuttoning her trousers. She moaned lightly as I pulled her pants down and rubbed my hands on her thighs for a few seconds. Her boy-shorts were black, so I couldn’t see immediately how wet they were. But as my fingers touched her cameltoe, it realised it was drenched.

“I am not the only one who’s gushing juices tonight,” I giggled and kissed her as she sat down and started to pee. It was so hot to see her dress back again after cleaning herself. I thought to myself that if I were a straight man, I would never come out of her vagina.


We came back to find the boys already in the bedroom. They whistled as we entered, and Carlos said, “The damsels are back! Let the games begin!”

I sat on John’s lap and watched Carlos and Anushka start smooching and groping each other furiously. Things happened fast — within a couple of minutes, they were down to their undies. I couldn’t see what else they were up to, since John and I got busy too. He got me fully naked and kissed all over my body. I let out a soft long “Mmmm” as he nibbled on both my titties and I grabbed and stroked his hard dick. He then went down on me and started vigorously tonguing my pussy, and I glanced quickly on the side to see Anushka’rspussy juices being slurped by Carlos, too! A while later, I went down on John, sucking his erection as he moaned hard and shivered. This happens every time, and I love it.

“You have such a cozy mouth Anushka,” Carlos blurted out. “This is the best oral ever. And no offence Susan, I am being objective.”

Anushka winked at me while continuing blowing him, while I replied, “Ah no, I can’t even imagine competing with her hotness!”

“I am so ready to drill you love,” John said as he lifted me up and lay me on the bed. He then got a condom and gave Carlos one, too.

“Do me doggy, young man,” Anushka instructed Carlos, to which he replied, “Happy to, your highness!”

She got on all fours on the bed next to where I was lying down, and kissed my boobs. John fondled her tits. Carlos put on her condom and got ready to enter her pussy and said, “Goddamn Anushka, if I pop early it’s entirely your fault for being so insanely hot!”

“Shut up and make love to my hole,” she said with fake sternness, and giggled. They both let out an intensely sensual “aaaaah” as he penetrated her, which made me instantly horny.

“I’m entering you too,” John told me, and before I could reply with a “Yes!”, I was in a deep smooch with Anushka. We all fucked like this for about 10 minutes, with the boys varying their pace to spice things up. We then switched positions — John sat on the bed and I sat on his dick facing away from him, while Anushka now started riding Carlos cowgirl. We were all shaking so vigorously, it took a few tries for me and Anushka to touch our lips again. I was really loving these kisses with her, and could only imagine how a horny boy would feel.

As if he could read my feelings, John said then, “The ladies are really loving kissing each other. Should I get jealous?”

Carlos replied, “You have to kiss Anushka once to experience the magic. You might cum from just a couple of minutes of that.”

“Can’t wait,” he said with an excited voice as he continued squeezing my breasts and pumping my love box with his rod.

“I’ll cum soon honey,” John suddenly shouted out and I felt his fingers vigorously rubbing my clits from the front.

“Give it to me dude, I will cum too” I replied.

“Oooh steamy,” Carlos remarked and slapped my ass lightly. That pushed me over the edge and I started orgasming hard. I could feel my pussy gripping John’s pecker tightly and he let out a loud moan and emptied his semen in the condom inside me in 9 huge thrusts.

“Fuck, that was marvellous,” I remarked as John squeezed me tightly from behind and kissed my neck.

“It indeed was,” John agreed, and added, “lemme get out of your love cave and clean myself.”

Carlos and Anushka were still fucking, but from her moans I realized that her ecstasy was not far. Carlos was also focussing intently, with eyes closed. I told John, “Maybe we should help them, John?”

“Mm-hmm,” he said as he dropped the condom in the trash and wiped his cock clean. Anushka and Carlos nodded lightly to signal that our help was welcome. John and I started nibbling and biting either of her boobs as she let out a long moan. As she started shaking lightly, John kissed her lips and squeezed her nipples. I moved towards Carlos and gave him a sloppy smooch. It took less then a minute for both of them to orgasm hard — they quivered and shook and shrieked as the whole thing happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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