Fang Alley

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I really hated doing a lot of work. I hate it when people resist or fight back, especially if they scream for help. That’s why I was glad to find this perfect empty back alley bar that had been abandoned. It was a total wreck and would cost a small fortune to refurbish. What intrigued me the most was the old neon sign that read “Fang Alley Bar.” I bought it for about thirty thousand dollars and began cleaning up the trash. I didn’t care to use it for its purpose but I would have it clean. I installed soundproof doors and set up my wards. No intrusive humans or anything else. I enchanted the now-working sign to attract what I wanted. I purchased a bed and put it in the back stockroom, dark and cold as it was it felt like home. I did not live well.

Finally, after about a week, I was ready. I sat in the darkness of the alley, watching as people passed by, when the smell came to me. Strong and masculine, and young. The arousal set in and I exerted my power down the alley. The trap was set and the target was getting closer.

Why he was alone, I have no idea, but he was. He was about 6’1” with short, tangly black hair. He had creamy Latino skin and pouty lips and coal eyes. He had broad shoulders and great muscles. He wore a leather vest and pants, but nothing else. I could see tattoos around his arms. He was drunk already, and that was great. His foggy mind suddenly went completely soft as he turned to look down the alley. I stood up to my full height and pulled my black cloak apart to flash my pale, nude body.

He saw my pearly skin and rock hard, slender, smooth, eight inch cock. But that’s not what he craved. He craved my pink nipples to bite and lick and Porno hikayeleri before he knew it, he stumbled forward into my embrace and began to suck and devour my nips. I moaned appreciatively, as the nerves were still sensitive there. I fondled his muscles and the throbbing vascular veins across his biceps and triceps and shoulders. Fuck, I was starving, and couldn’t wait anymore. I pushed him off of me and bit into his upper arm where a big, thick vein existed and I was rewarded with a gush of blood into my mouth.

He tried to scream but his mind was too fogged. He cried and his heart began to thud and scream with fear. What a delicious feeling, like getting into an all you can eat Vegas buffet for free.

Once my hunger pains were settled and the vein had collapsed, I pulled my stud into the bar and slammed the door shut. I threw my cloak on the floor and saw his cock go rigid when he saw my bubble ass.

“Come fuck me baby. This will be your best, last ride ever,” I smiled evilly. He had no clue what I was saying. The mind fog was making him so horny he was practically bursting through his pants. I ripped them apart and found him without underwear, with a ridiculously thick nine inches covered in a curly dark hairs. He was so masculine and virile, but totally subdued to my femininity and magic.

He thought he was scoring when he threw me to the floor and mounted me. I screamed with delight as he ripped my ass with his entry. To be able to feel anything is a delight – pain or pleasure. The blood in my system made my body feel alive. The dick ripping apart my ass made me feel like I was dying. Oh yeah, this one was going to be good.

“Fuckin’ Sex hikayeleri slut! Scream bitch, yeah, scream fuckin’ faggot,” he surprised me with his clarity. He was a twenty-four-year-old Latin stud with a huge cock. He knew how to fuck and that was the last thing he would know.

Twenty minutes of the best fucking I’d had in months, being fucked like a slut on the floor. He was running out of steam from the lack of blood and he fell on top of me, bucking his hips violently. He grabbed my hair with his bloody arm to turn my neck and kiss me and bite and suck. He was too far gone to understand the irony as I gripped his other arm and pulled it to my mouth.

I kissed and licked his wrist for a moment, moaning as he sucked on my neck. Then I released my fangs and drove them into the veins, retracting instantly to suck on the heavy flow. Wrist blood was always very tasty and flavorful, as if I was tasting everything they had ever touched with their hands. The world was at their fingertips and my tongue was lapping up their most precious thing in the world.

I felt too much like a dog being fucked like one and licking up blood from the man’s wrist like one. He was still rock hard but did not have as much strength anymore. I decided to ride this bronco to his final home.

I threw him back and he was too sluggish to resist as I put him on his back. “Just relax baby, it’ll all be over soon and you’re gonna love it!” God, I’m such an evil prick. But why the fuck do I care?

The cock is one of the last things to go, thanks to the magic. I crawled up his body seductively and reached behind my bubble ass to find his rod. I sat on it, my ice Sikiş hikayeleri cold blood a great lubricant. I rode him for a full ten minutes completely devoid of him even realizing where he was anymore. Not that I cared. I was getting fucked. I rode him slow for a while, rode him hard. Vampire stamina feels so good. But human blood tastes better. Still bouncing my ass on his cock, I lean down as if to kiss him, trailing down to his carotid artery.

His working out had pushed the vein up on his neck. Puncturing it felt like biting into a very ripe plum – the juices almost exploding out. Dripping down his neck, I was slurping up most of it. This apparently set my meal over the edge, because he groaned and shot one of the thickest wads I’ve had up my ass for years. I wish I’d gotten it in my mouth but it’s been almost two weeks since my last feeding and I was starved.

He slipped into unconsciousness as his dick quickly softened and slipped out of me, and his heartbeat began to go faint. The sound of slurping and sucking was all that could be heard, as he stopped breathing. The last few gulps were the tastiest but the most difficult, with no heartbeat to push it into my mouth. Licking the holes in his neck clean gave a gentle satisfaction akin to cuddling.

Finding the remaining pools of blood in his body, biting, and sucking it out felt so much like licking the plate clean, that I almost laughed every time I got to this point. I found his cold dick, only about four inches this soft. I kissed and licked it clean, enjoying the taste of cum all over it. Yes, I wished I’d swallowed it. But oh well.

I stood up and found my cloak and wrapped it around my bloody and sweaty body, my cock rock hard from not having ejaculated. I smiled, stroking it absent-mindedly.

“Time to get dessert,” I whispered to my engorged member as I closed the door behind me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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