Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 02

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Half an hour later Sally entered the dining room to have dinner with her boyfriend and his father. Richard’s wife had been delighted to hear from her husband that he was making the effort to spend time with their son when he had telephoned her to tell her where he was.

Sally had dressed to impress for dinner – but sadly not to impress her boyfriend. Her pretty face had just been fucked senseless by his father’s huge 15 inch weapon and she was desperate for him now to fuck her properly.

Sally’s tight miniskirt revealed all of her long tanned legs and her top emphasised the firmness of her b cup tits as they were pushing out of a wonder bra. By the time they sat down for dinner Richard could feel his cock pressing hard against his trousers and Sally was kind enough whilst chatting with her boyfriend to reach under the table with her left hand, unzip her boyfriend’s father’s trousers and release his hard cock.

Richard had to be careful that it didn’t spring above the level of the table and into full sight for his son to view. He knew, as his hands slid all over Sally’s long legs that he was going to find a way to fuck Ankara travesti her very soon.

Sally wanked him hard under the table and it turned them both on to chat away with Martin who was quite oblivious to what was going on under the table.

As Martin got up to take the plates to the kitchen they knew they would have a couple of minutes alone. Richard let his weapon spring above the level of the table and Sally lowered her mouth over it and at the same time cupped his huge balls with both hands. Richard could last for hours when he needed to but here he had only a couple of minutes. He quickly lifted Sally off his cock and placed her face down on the table. He spread her fantastic legs apart and his huge weapon easily found its way past her thong and into her. It slid 7 inches inside her pussy on the first thrust and Sally grunted with pleasure. “How can you live with my son’s 4 inches” he said as he gradually pushed the remaining 8 inches into her and smiled as she had 3 orgasms before he was fully inside her.

“I can’t” she replied breathlessly. “I need your huge cock. God, fuck me you stud”. He Antalya travesti built the pace up slowly so as not to hurt her but he smiled in satisfaction as he reached ramming speed and looked at his son’s girlfriend’s fantastic arse and legs clamped around his huge piston. Sally needed to stuff a napkin in her mouth to stop herself screaming with lust and pleasure.

Richard called through to the kitchen:

“Sally and I have been chatting. I was very impressed with the work she did for me upstairs and I have offered her a promotion to work with me as my personal accountant. Sally agrees with me that her current position with you does not stretch her enough.”

He smiled down at her and thrust his huge cock back into her and felt he could cum at any moment if he needed to.

“This is something we should discuss Sally, I will be through in a minute” Martin called.

Richard said quietly to Sally “You know how much I cum. I better start now. Prepare to be filled”

He, on demand, started spurting his hot seed deep into her.

“I am going to take you on all my business trips Sally, İstanbul travesti so you better get used to this.”

He continued to spurt endless cum deep inside her.

One minute later he pulled his still throbbing dick out of her. Two huge ribbons of cum shot across the room and landed behind the door before Sally could get her mouth over the monster and started to swallow the last few powerful shots. Richard heard footsteps through the hall and pressed Sally’s head down hard on his cock so that it was safely below the level of the table. He looked into his son’s eyes as he walked into the room and released shot after shot of the remainder of the contents of his huge balls down Sally’s throat. He was somehow able to calmly say “Sally has gone to the bathroom but could you make us all coffee before I go home.”

“Sure dad” Martin said and turned to go back to the kitchen.

Sally came up for air looking like a gorgeous babe who had just been fucked at both ends – which is what she was.

“Wow, I’m dumping him, as long as I have this I’m happy” she said grabbing his still hard dick.

“Not tonight though darling, I want to be 15 inches inside of you tomorrow when you tell him on the phone that he has a wimpy dick and you are dumping him for a better man.”

He smiled and looked forward to tomorrow and all his future business trips with her tanned toned legs wrapped around him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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