Father’s Day Date: One Year Later


Melanie was finishing up her makeup as her mom stepped into the bathroom. “Oh, Mellie, look at you. You’re breathtaking!”“Mohhhhm,” Melanie groaned. “Cut it out!”“It’s true!” Her mom protested as Melanie applied her lipstick. She wasn’t wrong. The teen had pulled all the stops out today. Her brand new strapless maroon dress showed off a hint of her generous breasts and cut off just above her knees, giving Melanie a super cute look that was sexy without being slutty. Her freshly applied makeup and gently curled blonde hair that cascaded down her back upped the ante even further. Dressed like this she could get the attention of any guy she wanted, but the only one that mattered to Mel was her dad.The whole idea had been Melanie’s. This was her last Father’s Day at home before going off to college, and she wanted to do something special for the man who had always been there for her. Over the years, her dad took her on countless “daddy-daughter” dates. Some were just for fun, and others were full of valuable life lessons, from changing tires to getting over boys who broke her heart. Mel and her dad had always been close, and she was so thankful to have a dad like him in her life. To show that thankfulness, she decided to turn the tables and treat her daddy to a special Father’s Day date. The plan was to surprise her dad by taking him to his favorite upscale steakhouse, and after that Melanie was going to take him on a tour of some of the daddy-daughter date locations from years past that meant a lot to her.“I just hope dad has fun tonight,” Melanie admitted as she applied a little perfume.“You know he will, sweetie,” her mom replied, smiling, “but as good as you look you’d better be careful not to steal him away from me. He’s mine!”“Ew, gross!” Melanie chided before joining her mom in laughter. Hey, is dad almost ready?”“I was actually coming to tell you that he was all dressed up and waiting downstairs as soon as you’re done.”“Perfect!” Mel squealed. “Go tell him I’ll be right down.”Melanie’s mom left the room to head downstairs while Mel finished getting ready. She checked herself out in the mirror, then slipped on a pair of pretty low-heeled shoes that matched her dress before strolling out of the bathroom and down the hall. Turning the corner to head down the stairs, she saw her dad for the first time. He was wearing his black suit that she always said made him look handsome, with a striped maroon tie that coordinated with her outfit, probably thanks to her mom. Melanie couldn’t help but beam at him as she made her way down the steps.At the bottom of the stairs, Steve’s jaw dropped when he saw his daughter for the first time. She looked absolutely gorgeous. His wife was in the living room with happy tears welling up in her eyes, and Steve could understand why as he tried to keep from getting misty himself. Here was his little girl, all grown up and putting in so much effort to show her love. He didn’t know how he did it, but he must have done something right as a parent for all these years.“Hello Father,” Melanie said in her best fake British accent, a long-running inside joke between the two from so many past adventures.“M’lady,” Steve replied in kind. “Shall we?” He crooked out his arm, which Melanie took, and the two walked arm-in-arm toward the front door.“Have fun you two!” Mel’s mom called out. “Just call if you’re going to be late.”A few moments later, Mel led her dad over to her car. “Remember, tonight I’m taking YOU on the date,” she told him, “so I’m driving.”“Yes ma’am,” her dad replied, opening up the passenger side door of the ‘land yacht,’ the nickname the family had affectionately given Mel’s big, older car. He sank down into the soft, roomy bench seat and waited while Melanie got in and fished her keys from her purse. She pulled out of the driveway, and the two were off, making casual conversation as she navigated to the restaurant.“Ooh, fancy,” Steve commented as they pulled into the parking lot for Arturo’s Steakhouse. “I’m glad we dressed up.”“I told you dressing up was important, dad,” gaziantep kızıl escort Melanie replied, “and don’t worry, I even made reservations.”Steve nodded in approval. “I raised you well, young grasshopper.”Melanie and her dad made their way inside and to their table. Once their orders were placed, the two started into a conversation that spanned two decades of events, from Steve retelling the story of how he and Mel’s mom met, to Melanie going over her plans for the fall when school starts. When the food arrived, they both dug in.“This prime rib is so good,” Steve raved between bites.“Same here,” Melanie replied before adding, “but don’t get too full, we’re going someplace super special for dessert.”“Oh really? Like where?”“It’s a surprise, I can’t tell you, but I can say this, you’ll–”“Oh, there you are!” croaked an old man in a frail voice. The two had been so deep in their dinner and conversation that they hadn’t noticed the gentleman wander up to their table. He was bald and toothless, appearing to be at least ninety. His striped button-down shirt and bow tie looked nearly as antiquated as he was, and he squinted at the two of them through the thickest pair of glasses Mel had ever seen.Melanie and her dad silently stared as the old man pulled out one of the empty chairs at their table and sat down. “Now where was I?” he asked himself. “Oh, yes, yes. I was saying what a lovely couple you two made. A pair of lovers out on a date.” Exchanging looks with her dad, Mel tried to let the nonagenarian know he’d found the wrong table, but he ‘tsk’ed’ her quiet before continuing.“Now, now, none of that,” he continued. “A pretty young lady like you should count herself lucky to have such a good-looking man. I bet when you look at him, you just want to hold his hands and flirt with him and kiss him like all the young lovers do. When you see him, you’re just filled with all sorts of naughty thoughts!” The old man cackled in an ancient laugh before continuing.“I may be getting up there in years, but love has always been the same. A man like this turns you on. He excites you. He makes you want to do things you wouldn’t normally do. I bet you’d just love to wrap your hands around his member. Or his lips. Or just take him inside you. Well, you should just do it. I’ve lived enough years to know that he wants it too!” Amber stared slack-jawed as the old man turned to Steve and gave him a wink through his thick glasses.The man was clearly senile, Steve reasoned. Trying to be firm but gentle with the elder, he spoke up. “Sir, no, actually, it’s not like that. This isn’t my wife, she’s–”“A hot piece of ass, that’s what she is!” The old man cackled again, cutting Steve off and reaching over to give him a nudge with his elbow before addressing him again. “Now listen here young man, she didn’t tell me you were married to someone else, but I suppose times are-a-changin’. It seems that all of the married men have a side piece these days, and I reckon you’re no exception. I don’t blame you either. She’s a fine-lookin’ woman. “I bet that you like to hold her hand and flirt with her and kiss her like a lover too, and in your mind you think about all the ways you’re gonna use her body behind wifey’s back. Somewhere inside you, you probably feel a little guilty about stepping out on your wife,” he said, briefly glancing over at Mel. “But you’ll get over it. Soon enough you’ll leave that wifey for this beauty, I reckon. When you’re as in love as the two of you are, you can’t help but be together.”As the old man finished his sentence, he placed his hands on both Steve’s and Melanie’s shoulders. They both jumped in their seats as a jolt passed through them. Suddenly the old man’s face scrunched up in a scowl. He stood up and got right up in Melanie’s face, looking her over closely. Then he did the same to her father before backing up from the two of them.“Oh me, oh my,” the elderly man said. “I appear to have the wrong table. But don’t you worry, I think you’ll gaziantep köle escort still enjoy my little gift. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find my party.” With that, Steve and his daughter watched the ancient soul shuffle away and wander through the restaurant, occasionally stopping at tables and staring down patrons from a few inches. Eventually, he came across another table with a man in a black suit accompanying a woman in a maroon dress. The woman got up and gave him a hug, and he sat down with them.After the old man sat down across the restaurant, Mel and her dad turned to face each other. They stared silently, eyes wide. Finally, Steve started to snicker, and a moment later both he and Melanie burst out laughing.“Well, add another one to the list!” Melanie laughed, waving her finger in a “checkmark” motion.“Yup. Looks like our luck is holding up strong!” her father laughed back, wiping away a tear. “If I had a nickel for every weird story we had, I’d be a rich man. I will admit, the dirty old man definitely takes the cake. Do you think we should tell your mom about him?”“Oh forget that!” Mel laughed. “She already told me not to go stealing you away tonight. The last thing she needs is to hear about some old codger suggesting it!” They both laughed at the situation, and spent the rest of dinner recalling other crazy mishaps from their past daddy-daughter dates.At the end of their dinner, a brief moment of silence fell over the table and Steve found himself studying his daughter. ‘She really is beautiful’ he thought to himself, smiling as he looked her over. ‘Just like her mom at that age. Except Mel’s got way sexier tits.’ Steve’s eyes went wide and he immediately diverted them down to his plate. Where did that thought come from? Steve had never in his life thought about his daughter in any sort of sexual light. Maybe that old man got to him?As Steve stared at his plate and tried to cleanse his mind of its disgusting thought, Melanie excused herself and strode to the ladies’ room. On her way there she turned back toward their table and caught her dad checking out her ass. When he noticed that he’d been spotted, he once again yanked away his head, and Melanie rushed into the bathroom.Locking herself in a stall, Melanie leaned up against the wall and took a deep breath. She didn’t really need to use the restroom, but ever since that man had come to her table, she had found herself struggling with unwelcome feelings. What she felt was fairly innocuous at first. As they chatted away, Mel found herself staring at her dad’s hand and wishing she could hold it. That wasn’t so unusual – they held hands all the time, especially on their little dates. It seemed harmless, so she enjoyed the butterflies in her stomach thinking about how nice it would be to hold his hand later tonight.She soon found herself considering her dad’s face. He was such a handsome man, she realized, and soon a part of her mind was daydreaming about what it would be like to flirt with him, like the old man said. Or to kiss him, not a kiss as a daughter like she had thousands of times in her life, but as a lover. Her butterflies grew even stronger. When she noticed her dad staring directly at her tits, a flood of what the old man called ‘naughty thoughts’ crashed into her. She pictured herself going down on him, and begging him to fuck her. The perverted thoughts got her attention, and she knew she had to get away and clear her mind from the gross images.Melanie stood in the stall for a few minutes, taking deep breaths and trying to frame her father in any sort of light but a sexual one. It wasn’t easy, but finally, she felt comfortable enough that she could control herself, and headed back out to the table, where she noticed that dad had just finished paying the check.“Daddy!” She mock-whined, giving him a playful punch in the arm. “I’m taking YOU on a date, remember? I was going to pay for that.”“Oops. Sorry princess. Old habits are hard to break,” Steve smiled as he stood gaziantep kumral escort up. “I’ll tell you what, I won’t pay for another thing tonight. I promise.”“Deal,” Melanie smiled, taking her dad’s hand in hers. “Now, I think it’s time for dessert.”The girl and her father walked out of the restaurant holding hands, and as they strolled up to the car Melanie found herself leaning on her dad’s shoulder. It felt so good to be this close to him, and she almost hated letting go as he got into his seat.While Mel walked around the vehicle, Steve was desperately trying to purify his thoughts. They’d walked hand-in-hand countless times before. Melanie snuggled up into him like that all the time. Last night they were watching a movie and Mel was practically strewn across him. He didn’t have one iota of sexual feelings then. Why was his mind coming up with all sorts of depraved ways to use her tonight? Did that old man have something to do with it? He almost wanted to call off the rest of the date so he could go home and clear his mind, but he knew how much work Mel had put into planning the evening, so he forced himself to smile and go on.Climbing in the car next to her dad, Mel put the key in the ignition and turned towards him. As soon as she did, she found herself fighting off an urge to lean over and kiss him hard on the lips. Mel did her best to eradicate those thoughts and put a smile on her face. “So how was dinner?”“Superb, magnificent, out of this world, and yet nowhere near as delicious as the company,” Steve flirted as he took Melanie’s hand in his. Realizing what he said, his face reddened slightly. This was behavior for his wife, not his daughter. Why was he being so flirty?“Well, daddy,” Melanie purred, her heart beating harder as her father held her hand and his eyes met hers, “the night’s not over. I’ve planned out a stroll down memory lane for us, a tour of some of the places where you helped me become the girl I am now.”“The woman you are now,” Steve smiled at his daughter. The way he said ‘woman’ made Melanie’s heart skip a beat. She took a deep breath, and for a quiet moment, her eyes slowly studied her father. Was he feeling this way too? Why was she feeling like this? The butterflies in her stomach returned, begging for Melanie to just lean in and kiss her father, just like the old man had said. She couldn’t though. She knew it was so wrong, so dirty.Without saying a word, Melanie smiled at her father as she gently pulled her hand from his grip long enough to reverse the car out of the parking spot and get moving. She pulled onto the road, and as she checked in the side mirror she found her dad staring at her tits again. Why did that make her feel so hot? The couple drove in relative silence to the next destination, Melanie’s right hand came off the steering wheel and found her father’s, holding it once more. In his mind, Steve was in a screaming match with himself. Every time he looked at Melanie, he couldn’t help but think of what the old man said – she’s a hot piece of ass. The warmth of her hand was making his heart beat harder, his mind flooded with impure thoughts. He could hug her. He could kiss her. He could fuck her. Steve mentally screamed to cut it out, and fought to quit checking Mel out as she drove.Meanwhile, Melanie was having her own battle. She loved her dad so much. She always had. But the feelings she was having now were so much different from the love she’d always felt for him. To use the old man’s words, they were so…naughty. She thought about what the man said, about how she was her dad’s ‘side piece.’ The butterflies in her stomach were churning at full force. Why couldn’t she shake that old man’s words from her mind? She resolved to fight off the urges and give her father the best date that she could.Turning one last corner, Steve finally realized where they were heading. “Hey, Pete’s Ice Cream Shop!” he said with a grin. “Man, we used to go here all the time! Remember when you were little, you always wanted their famous rocky road sundae with–”“With extra chocolate syrup and gummy bears,” Melanie finished, and they both chuckled. For the briefest moment, the two were able to forget their unwelcome thoughts and they both grinned at countless fantastic memories made at the old-timey parlor.“Those were good times,” Melanie chirped as she found a parking spot. “But the reason we’re here is because of one very special day….

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