Fear of the unknown

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It all started in a sophomore level geometry class. We were going over material that would be on the test tomorrow. But then our teacher, Mr. Hendrickson, stood up and said something I will never forget. He stood up and said, “You will never go home.” The classrom quieted as what he just said sank in. Some people were just as ignorant as always. Some were a little shocked. All of us were confused, so he replyed with a casual, “You will never see your family again.” Now we were officially spooked. Just the way he said it sent chills down our spine. One student stood up and said, ” Screw this, I’m going home.” Mr. Hendrickson just pulled a 9 millimeter pistol out from his desk and shot the student in the head. Screams rose and the student fell to the ground. Mr. Hendrickson shouted over the screams, “Do you believe me?!? Do you believe me now when I tell you you will never see your family again?! You will never go home!” the screams continued, and we were wondering how people couldn’t hear us, couldn’t hear the screams. It was then when we lost all hope in seeing our families again. Mr. Hendrickson called two men into the classroom armed with AK 47 ‘s and the class went silent. The men herded us out the door and out to the bus loop where we were then loaded up on a bus. As we left the school our hearts sank. We were Sex hikayeleri on our way to wherever he felt like taking us. Some of us noticed the men putting on gasmasks but it didn’t matter. By the time anyone thought to do anything or even react the sleeping gas was already ventilating through the whole bus.

4 years later……..
This case has been the toughest on all of us. No leads, no witnesses it just seems like they vanished into thin air! The police chief took a deep breath and continued, “As always there have been false leads, maybe to throw us off their trail or maybe it’s just people looking for the reward money. We may never know in fact we may never……” A knock penetrated the room. The chief yells at his secretary for letting people into the building when it was supposed to be a private meeting. The secretary calls on the phone and tells him that it’s a man who might have a lead on the case he hasn’t given me all the details. The chief told her off because she had no proof that he knew what he was talking about, she replied with a startled voice, “sir I just got a report in! They found a woman!! A woman who fits the age description and physical one too! She said her name is Anna. She’s been left at the park, she’s dying!!!!!” the chief was intrigued if this could be a girl that Sikiş hikayeleri was originally kidnapped maybe she could tell them where the other victims were! He shouted, “On my way!!”
Sirens blare throughout the city as the information was spread to every police station within 20 miles, telling them they found one, they need to keep their eyes open to see if any more victims can be found. The chief pulled up into the park, jumping out of the car before it had even stopped. He ran into the park startling all the people that were left and the police officer already at the scene. For some reason that particular police officer looked frightened, almost terrified. This made the police chief very intrigued. The chief asked the police officer if anything seemed out of the ordinary. The police officer, James, replied, “Out of the ordinary? Out of the fuckin ordinary!! This chick was beat up within an inch of her life! She was dumped here as a statement. And she has marks all over her body! Like they have when they have been operated on, except all over her!! She’s got this black canvas stuff on her back that must be glued on to her because we cannot get them off her!” the chief thought for a moment and said thoughtfully, “All over her body?” James replied with ,”yeah she was dumped here naked. Not a stitch of Erotik hikaye clothing on” This angered the police chief greatly. He couldn’t understand who could do something like this! It was inhuman! He walked over to the crime scene. They hadn’t moved her yet. She was lying there, as beautiful as can be. Dark brown hair glistened down her shoulders, her eyes were a brilliant shade of green gorgeous breasts, 34C’s, she was the most beautiful thing the police chief had ever seen. She was beckoning him closer with one hand. He walked over and grasped it tightly. She pulled him down close with breathtaking ease, and whispered into his ear. “They experimented on us, made us freaks. Don’t let them…….don’t let them do it to other children.” he said that he would do his very best. He asked her where she had been kept all these years. She smiled at him and breathed the words out, “So cold, can’t feel anything glad it’s over.” Her eyes closed for the last time. Her whole body relaxed. The black thing on her back became loose. The police chief looked on in wonder, flipping her over and stretching the blackness out……and he gasped. He fell back in shock, nauseous with the thought that someone would do this to sucks perfect angel. Attached to the flesh on her back were bat wings.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read my story, if you can please leave any ideas that you want incorporated into the story or anything I can do to make it better. Or just comment if you even want me to continue the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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