Feel Jane Fuck


The way you storm up the stairs tells me that your need to fuck me is almost as high as my need to be fucked, I lick my lips, excited for what is to come. Hearing you discard your clothing with haste brings a smile to my lips and when I hear you rummage through the bedside table I audibly gasp in anticipation. Subconsciously I spread my legs draping them over the ledge of the bath tub while rearranging the towel, acting as my pillow, against the wall and end of the bath tub.

You push the bathroom door open and the sight of you makes me moan. Looking over your scrumptious body my eyes pause at your glorious blonde hair which sparkles in the days dying light, those killer hazel eyes consuming my soul, exquisite breasts and candied nipples, and then the strap-on attached to your waist. I gulp loudly. You chose the orange one today which means you have no intent on being gentle with me, the thought makes me whine.

Approaching the foot of the tub we do not break eye contact as you slowly test the water’s temperature before entering. Our tub is huge; you have more than enough room to go to your knees before fitting yourself between my legs. Two of your fingers enter me, testing my resistance, and both of us moan when we find out there is none. The water sloshes around us as you lift yourself between my legs placing the phallus’s head against my entrance.

You bring your lips to mine whispering, “Please.”

“Yes,” I reply and you thrust your hips forward driving the phallus in and all the air out of my body in one long moan.

The room grows silent, except for our heavy panting, as you wait for me to quiet before moving again. Quickly I come to the conclusion there is barely enough oxygen in the room to support my body let alone yours as well. Once I suck a breath in you force all the air out of my body disguised as a moan or groan, and depending on the angle at which you enter me a scream. Your rhythm is sure and strong and leaves me immobilized, I am at mercy to your exceptional fucking. Suddenly, your intensity increases becoming deeper and harder. The consistency of this pace sends more and more water out of the tub and onto the tile below us I am briefly thankful for the drain in the middle Casibom of the tile floor. Clawing at your back with my hands, I wrap my legs around your waist; my teeth find their favorite spot on your shoulder and set in. I know that I will be cumming soon and so do you.

The phallus brushing repeatedly over my spot while diving in impossibly deep sends me over the edge screaming out your name and this does not faze you. Your onslaught does not slow and I cannot stop cumming. I know what you want me to say. I know that you will not cum until I say it. And I don’t want to say it yet still I feel the word forming at the back of my throat. Also I am dimly aware of the lack of water in the tub, which considering how full it was when we started is slightly amusing and thus makes me giggle around your shoulder.

Your head snaps back and the movement in your shoulder breaks my teeth’s contact. All movements cease and I slowly come down from my peak. As I look up in your eyes as you adjust my hips and this makes me want to shout the word which you wish to hear. Your first thrust makes my eyes roll back into my head and everyone after makes me scream out my Deity’s name, yet begging for your forgiveness. Raging eyes stare into mine demanding everything I have over and over again as penance. Not in a place to deny you I surrender all. Your thrust falters for a brief moment and I know that you are close. I know that more than you want me utter the word you so desperately seek you need me to. Your face contorts and I draw in the breath I will need as you pull all the way out. My head shakes from side to side silently begging you not to do whatever it is you are about to do. And when you thrust in harder than what I ever imagined I shout, “SUNSHINE!!” Our bodies spasm against one another as I am delivered the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced, squirting all the liquid that is left in me all over you, until we are a tangled sticky mess.

“Pookie?” I whisper breathlessly moments later.

“Hmm?” You respond without moving.

“Can’t.., Breathe..,” I barely get out.

“Sorry,” You mumble and move supporting yourself up by the edges of the tub, the air comes rushing back into my lungs as you Casibom Giriş practically roll yourself out of the tub and on to the floor. I could barely breathe that didn’t mean that I wanted you to get out. Just as I am about to voice my opinion you stand up and leaning in lift me out of the tub and over your shoulder. A few quick steps later you lower me into our bed and curl around my body. Sleep comes naturally.

I don’t know what time it is but when I wake it is light outside and your body around mine is a comforting weight. I can tell by your breathing that you are awake, “What time is it?”

“Almost noon,” You say against my ear kissing it gently.

“How long have you been awake?” I ask rolling in your embrace and finding my mouth level with your nipples, this excites me.

“Maybe an hour,” You respond brushing my hair out of my face.

“Why didn’t you get up? You hate being in bed around noon.”

“I didn’t want to wake you, you silly sleepy head.”

I smile and engulf one of your oh so tempting nipples in my mouth playing with it until its feels like a small pebble against my tongue and then move on to the next one. Your fingers trail down my legs and to my vag, I roll to my back, when they brush my lips I wince and you snatch your hand back.

“I hurt you,” You say jumping out of bed.

“Jane, I’m fine I’m just a little sore that’s all,” I say leaning forward to grasp your hand but that act makes me wince as well.

“No you aren’t fine,” You say and practically run out of the room and down the hall.

“Jane!” I call but receive no answer. Slowly I roll out of bed, grimacing slightly, and try not to limp as I walk into the bathroom. The shower I take is brief yet refreshing; I towel off quickly and grab my robe putting it on as I exit the room. “Jane?!” I call again and this time I am blessed with an answer.


“Where are you?” I ask feeling silly.

“Over here.” You answer from the direction of the couch.

I walk over successfully hiding my limp and managing not to wince when I sit down next to you on the couch, “Pookie?”


“Why are you upset?” I ask brushing your still messy yet adorable cute bed Casibom Güncel Giriş hair out of your face and behind your ears.

“I came really hard last night.”

This is honestly confusing, “Why is that a bad thing?”

“You know I hate it when you cock that eyebrow at me,” you say turning to face me better, “It just seems that every time I cum really hard it’s when I hurt you. And when I cum and it’s not from me hurting you it’s always less fulfilling; almost as if I am cheating myself.”

“Jane,” pausing to de-cock my eyebrow, “you didn’t hurt me, everything that happened last night was like a dream come true. Nothing happened that I didn’t want. If anyone is to blame it would be me. I’m the one who actually says the safe word, not you. If you would have stopped I would have begged you to start again.”

By now you are leaning against my shoulder burying your face in my newly washed hair. “Are you sure that you aren’t too sore or mad or upset with me?” You mumble from beneath my chin.

“No, Pookieness I am not mad at you for anything and wish for you to go take a shower, you smell like day old cum,” I say trying not to laugh at the end of my reply.

“Wow, Ryan, way to be a total dick,” You stand pulling me up with you and frown when the unprepared for movement brings a slight grimace to my face.

“I am fine Jane. Real talk.”

That always makes you roll your eyes, “Real talk? Go make me some pancakes,” you say wrapping your arms about my waist and laying a breath taking sweet kiss upon my lips, “And then we can finish unpacking the living room.”

Pouting has become my second nature and that is my only reply.

Parting the robe you suck one of my nipples into the hot wet cave that is your mouth and gently run your teeth over it then move on to the other when my hands find themselves pulling at your hair. Kissing your way back up to my lips you mumble, “That pout better not have been directed towards my pancakes,” disengage yourself and walk away swaying your hips all too suggestively.

At times I am amazed by your emotions and how they can change at the flip of a switch. One moment I am holding you close and reassuring you that as rough as we were last night you did not in any case hurt me in any unwanted way. And the next I am watching your amazing ass saunter away and offering my soul to any Deity that would take it just to be relieved of my soreness for the next five hours. Life’s a fucking bitch.

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