Final Tutorial


The early night air was warm and the skies clear enough to see the crescent moon shining brightly, the stars around acting like a thousand small fireflies as they danced gracefully, adding to the beauty. A tall, lone figure descended the Central Library steps on this particular New Zealand Spring night, late in the season, it was November. The figure paused to look up and admiring the beauty, took a photo with her IPhone 4, then continued walking towards the bus platform a few streets over. Her long copper-red hair fell in silken waves down the length of her back. She was wearing a short sleeved linen shirt, in a vibrant light blue, over her knee length black pencil skirt. Her black leather book bag hung easily from her shoulder as she walked along. Her heels, in a matching blue, clicked on the sidewalk. She had studied later than she’d first planned. Isabelle looked down to check her watch, her black wire framed glasses slid down the bridge of her nose, absentmindedly she pushed them back up with her index finger, covering her gorgeous deep blue eyes. Seeing the time was 9.16pm, she felt frustrated she had missed the bus for this hour and had the better part of an hour to wait for the next one.

“Damn Sunday timetables”, Isabelle muttered to herself as she sank into one of the seats in the main terminal. She really wanted to get home and felt disappointed she hadn’t taken her little Mazda 323 to the library that day, but parking was too expensive in the city for this second year student. She knew she should have just gone to the University Library but she’d wanted a change of scenery.

Isabelle considered calling her new friend, Sequoia. Sequoia had been one of her tutors for the Ancient Cultures course at the University this year. Isabelle was glad she had changed tutors from Jenny. Not that there was anything wrong with Jenny, she was good, it was just Sequoia was different from the other tutor. More animated and involved with the subjects. It was easy to see it was her passion and that helped Isabelle with her own drive to learn. Their friendship had developed as group discussions with other students had morphed into more personal debates that continued between classes or over strong lattes after tutorials over the past year. At the moment, Isabelle found herself more frequently requesting meetings for advice or discussion with the strangely intriguing tutor as finals loomed and the last semester drew to a close. However, Isabelle loathed to annoy her by interrupting whatever Sequoia was doing just for a ride home since the bus was still running. For the hundredth time today Isabelle found herself wondering if Sequoia was seeing someone. Would she be interrupting a date if she did call her? Isabelle wondered. Sequoia had never really mentioned anybody, which Isabelle thought odd since Sequoia had let Isabelle herself confide about her ex-boyfriend, William and their disagreements or plans the last couple months in their ill-fated relationship, before they had split just over a month ago.

Sequoia was gorgeous, Isabelle decided as she considered why Sequoia didn’t seem to have anybody. So it couldn’t be that at all, Isabelle thought. She’s gorgeous in a brilliant, alternative sort of way, Sequoia’s hair was shaved quite short and dyed a sort of midnight blue. Her emerald coloured eyes slanted slightly like a cat’s over a slightly long aquiline nose and sultry lipped mouth. Whenever she smiled, which was often, a dimple appeared on her left cheek. Her labret, septum and eyebrow piercings had rainbow ball ends on them and she sported a massive swirling rainbow design descending the full length of her right arm. Slightly shorter than Isabelle’s own height of 5ft 11. her body was athletic in build and sexy as sin itself, especially in her tight black jeans and that men’s short sleeved white pinstripe shirt she was wearing the other day, and those gun metal gray combat boots, mmm… Isabelle pulled her thoughts up short before they went further, as they had been inclined to do for the past three weeks. Tutorials had started becoming distracting.

It was freaking her out a little bit actually. She liked boys, not girls she had been fairly certain. Now, however, and today especially, she’d been reconsidering that certainty. Maybe it was Sequoia’s aura of masculinity that attracted her, coupled with that killer female body she would be hard to resist for most girls, Isabelle supposed. And her personality just topped it off. Intellectual, enthusiastic and spontaneous, Sequoia was always ready with a joke or a diatribe on one Greek hero or another. Or a theory on human evolution and the development of society or any number of things really, now that she concentrated on it, depending on the situation or day and Sequoia’s resulting mood or thought pattern. Isabelle considered her to be one of the most fascinating people she knew. And although they differed and disagreed on quite a few political and religious ideals they always seemed able to put personal feelings aside and have great debates on the ethics or principals of this or that Casibom and whatever was on their minds.

‘So… why isn’t she seeing somebody?’ Isabelle returned to the previous thought. She was fairly certain Sequoia was a lesbian. Indeed, it was pretty obvious from her complete disinterest in the many attractive guys on campus that frequently checked her out or approached her, and the rainbows that decorated her things and body itself. The question then is what about the girls that approached her in the cafe, which Isabelle had seen while Sequoia was at the counter, especially the barista in Cafe 365. But nothing and no girlfriend, as far as she could surmise. ‘Maybe she’s asexual’ Isabelle thought. The thought disappointed Isabelle more than she would have liked, or felt comfortable with. In fact it seemed downright depressing that such a gorgeous woman could be asexual. ‘Surely not though’ she continued to muse.

Isabelle was still pondering this as the last bus home pulled into the station. “Number 5, heading into Southshore, from Platform B2… Repeat Number 5 to Southshore.” A few minutes after the bus pulled out of the platform and onto Lichfield St, Isabelle looked up at the board and realised she’d completely missed her last bus. Sitting right there, she had missed it.

She groaned and hit the arm of her chair, “Merciful Zeus! I’m hopeless at the moment. No attention span, I must be tired.” Then she giggled out loud at her use of the Ancient Greek term. Sequoia was really rubbing off on her. Her immediate blush after she thought of Sequoia rubbing against her seemed to decide her and she pulled out her IPhone and dialled before she could second guess herself. “Besides” she thought out loud, “I’m stuck now.”

The fact that there were at least two people who would have picked her up, and actually lived with her, occurred to her quite soon after the call was answered. In fact at roughly… well, exactly the same time.

“Hey, Sequoia speaking,” the deep feminine voice answered.

Isabelle was not expecting Sequoia to answer so quickly, she hadn’t really thought what she was going to say.

“Uh, hey, it’s Isabelle… umm sorry to call you so late.” Isabelle stammered.

“Oh, hey Isabelle, it’s ok, what’s up?” Sequoia sounded as if she’d been in bed, Isabelle hoped she wasn’t interrupting anything.

“Oh umm, did I wake you? It’s ok I can call someone else…”

“No, no it’s ok. I was napping at my keyboard, needed waking. What’s up?”

“Well I’ve kinda gotten myself stranded in the middle of town, I missed my last bus. I was going to see if you could maybe, like pick me up… I can give you gas money.” Isabelle finished as she hurried through, feeling totally spastic for having actually called her in the first place. Nervously, she fiddled with her petite gold pentacle necklace.

The answering laugh was soft and deep. A shiver passed through Isabelle and she started to get her black dress coat out of her bag, sure it was just the cold.

“That’s fine; I’m not up to much. Except, of course, the keyboard sleeping. What terminal are you at?” Sequoia answered her voice clearer as she woke up more and started moving around the room she was in.

‘I wonder what her room is like’, Isabelle thought to herself.


“Huh, oh sorry. Ummm the main one, B platform.”

“Cool, I’ll see you soon, ok? Bout fifteen minutes?” Isabelle confirmed and Sequoia hung up.


As Isabelle sat in the terminal trying to read but checking her watch almost every minute, Sequoia rushed around her room changing her clothes, and finding her car keys and hair product and make up and cologne. All in roughly 5 minutes. She changed out of her track pants into her tight black jeans, which she’d noticed Isabelle staring at her in. Put her combat boots on, glad they were the kind with the zip on the side, and hesitated on the decision for her top half.

It’s cold but not overly, they’d be in the car, so… just her waistcoat? Or with a shirt? Or was it too much and she should go with just a t-shirt?

She wasn’t sure and wished Monique hadn’t left two hours before. Sequoia had been talking about Isabelle for three hours with her best friend, Monique earlier today over coffee. She’d cracked when Monique had hassled her non-existent sex life and the unusualness of that.

“Seriously, my friend, you gotta get some pussy babe,” Monique, blunt as always, continued when she hadn’t said anything back, “What’s going on with you? Switching sides or something? Or are you doing a married chick, your lecturer’s wife maybe, so you can’t say anything?”

“What! Of course not, definitely not the team switching, eww thanks. Roberts’ wife is pretty hot for a 45yr old. But no, that would be unethical, thank you very much.” Sequoia had protested, slightly insulted.

“Well, you know… after fifteen years of best friendship I know you’ll crack and tell me, so young lady. Tell Monny all about it…”

Still nothing from Sequoia.

“I already know who Casibom Giriş it is, you realise.” Monique steamrolled on, “Its Isabelle, that undergrad from your Ancient Cultures tutorials. You know, the one you have coffee with practically every day while Melissa from 365 flirts with you, and you ignore her sexy brunette ass?” Monique had raised her eyebrow waiting for the inevitable break in Sequoia’s silence.

Sequoia laughed, and the torrent of words started to spill out.

“I just can’t stop thinking about her, she’s incredible. Artistic, intelligent, political, dark sense of humour, loves Buffy and horror movies, reads fantasy novels and Shakespeare and Austen. Debates with me, listens to me and completely disagrees with me on almost everything (sometimes just for the fun of it) but indulges my ranting. Lives for good coffee and likes running, camping and hiking.”

She had stopped pacing and waxing lyrical for a moment, then looked into Monique’s brown eyes, “Seriously… all that and she has the most outrageous hourglass figure, it drives me crazy! Sometimes, in tute’s, I can’t even look at her, she makes me so wet. I just want to push her onto one of the desktops and make her cum all over my face, no matter who’s in the classroom, watching. Especially when summer was here for the first half of the year, I almost lost my mind when she joined my tutorial, the singlet tops, her cleavage… just… argh,” a strangled, tortured groan escaped her, but she couldn’t stop herself now, she was on a roll, glad Monique had understood her need to talk about it, finally she just had to get it out.

“And she has blue eyes; you know how I am about that. And the glasses, grr yum… when she’s all serious studying, I take her that coffee and she looks up at me through those lenses with that gorgeous naturally red hair in those crazy waves around her face and neck… I just wanna wrap my hands in it… But I just can’t seem to say anything, she makes me so nervous. I just babble about anything else, if I didn’t have so much Ancient Cultures knowledge up here,” Sequoia rapped on the top of her skull for emphasis, “I’d hardly ever speak when I’m around her. My clit throbs so hard as soon as I smell her vanilla perfume when she walks past me to sit in her usual seat, I forget what tutorial I’m meant to be leading”… and so on and so forth, she really couldn’t have stopped herself and Monique had left after their fourth cup of coffee, giving her some parting advice before jumping on her motorcycle.

“Put up or shut up, hon… You gotta at least try. It sounds like nobody else can get it done for you until you do. I hope you get to eat some pussy, for all our sakes!”

That’s why she dialled Monique and gave her the situation and resulting epic brain crisis on clothing.

“Well, Sequoia, honey. If I were you, I’d go with the bra and waistcoat look. It suits your trim frame. It’s hot and she can stare at your awesome cleavage since you won’t be wearing a shirt. It’s a win-win. Wear that dark green bra, it pops them right out at you, with your deep gray pinstripe waistcoat and she’ll flip. And match your panties, just in case honey!” squealed Monique as Sequoia thanked her profusely and hung up.

Sequoia finished dressing, adding the rainbow dog tags that had just arrived in the mail today. And her black leather wrist cuff. Sequoia checked herself out in the full length mirror, adjusted her hair so it was spikier. Applied her foundation, black eyeliner and dark red lipstick, as well as her Adidas cologne, before running out of her bedroom door, only to go back for her keys before finally jumping into her green Mitsubishi Lancer and leaving for the bus terminal.

Pulling into the car park on top of the bus terminal building, Sequoia felt excited about seeing Isabelle. Her nipples were stiff as pebbles, the very thought of gripping that waist as those hips ground into her face. She descended the stairs down to the main terminal two at a time, but pulled up short of the bottom as she spotted Isabelle from behind. Seated near the corner to the left of the stairs. Slowly she finished walking down the stairs, headed to the left behind one of the pillars that flanked the area of the main terminal. Sequoia could see Isabelle side on, reading her class book, as she made her way down the left side. Which made Sequoia giggle; they really did have a lot in common, even if they were quite different. She leant against one of these pillars as she allowed herself a few seconds or minutes just to stare at the graceful outline of Isabelle’s neck and jaw, her profile showed her soft features and Sequoia smiled to herself as she started to approach her.

Look up, she willed towards Isabelle, look up and notice me.

Almost like magic, Isabelle raised her head, turned to the left and saw Sequoia walking towards her.


Isabelle looked up and to the left. Wow, she thought, that was definitely Sequoia who was sauntering across the terminal; toward her, smile bright and alluring. Isabelle wet her lips subconsciously Casibom Güncel Giriş and made her throat swallow. Suddenly she really needed a drink. Also, she was glad she’d freshened her make up and perfume before Sequoia had arrived. Sequoia looked stunning, the waistcoat pinching in at her waist, accentuating her cleavage which was more obvious than Isabelle remembered seeing before, and she knew now she would have noticed, definitely. The olive toned skin was gorgeous and Isabelle fumbled her book as she tried to put it back in her bag, she felt flushed and unnerved; dropping the coat she’d forgotten to put on. Sequoia bent to pick it up and their eyes locked as Sequoia held the coat out for her, eyebrow raised in an unasked question.

“Hey Sequoia, thanks.” Isabelle took the coat and folded it over her book bag as she went to sling it over her shoulder.

“Here, let me get that…” Sequoia reached out and lifted the heavy bag over her shoulder easily. “I see you’ve clearly been hard at work studying away for finals, ay?” Sequoia asked as she turned and motioned for Isabelle to start ahead of her.

They fell into step and continued talking.

“Yeah it’s been quite a long day, but I feel quite alive for all the reading I’ve waded through today.” Answered Isabelle as they walked up the stairs.

“And, what about you Sequoia? Are you hard at work finishing your thesis for honours?” Isabelle questioned her in turn.

“Me? No I was playing at the park this morning and met a friend for coffee before falling asleep, pretending to finish my thesis. Then you, gratefully before I got keyboard face, woke me and here I am.” Sequoia babbled, slightly nervous and self-conscious as they reached the roof level and walked across the car park toward her green Lancer.

“So, what area of Ancient Cultures took your attention today, Isabelle?” Sequoia asked, saying her name softly… enjoying the way it sounded on her lips, after Isabelle gave her directions to her house in Southshore. They pulled out onto the road and headed toward the beach.

“Polybius’ Histories. Books 3 and 4 and the poetry of Sappho and Alcaeus.” Isabelle answered automatically, still wishing she could have that drink.

“You do realise you know this stuff cold, right Izzy?”

Isabelle smiled, “It’s always good to do revision isn’t it, Teach?” she shot back.

Sequoia laughed, feeling more at ease.

“Yes, As long as you mix a little fun in as well. Besides its beautiful weather, what about all those shirtless boys out there for you, now you and Wills are finally split?” Sequoia asked, trying to feign disinterest and succeeding.

“Oh well, it’s finals Sequoia.” Isabelle started.

Rushing into, “Besides who says I haven’t seen anything I like?”

Sequoia’s head turned faster than a rattlesnake Isabelle had once seen on Discovery Channel.

“Have you, then? Met someone you like?” The disinterested facade had dropped momentarily, but Sequoia turned back to the road and collected herself. Isabelle wasn’t sure if she’d imagined the hungry look deep in Sequoia’s bewitching emerald eyes in that brief moment Sequoia was looking at her. But she was starting to really hope she hadn’t.

“Maybe,” she shrugged nonchalantly, “A guy from my Latin class is nice and easy to look at.”

This was total fiction, although there were plenty of nice and/or hot guys in her classes, Isabelle never really had paid much attention to them since her and William had broken up. Too busy studying she told herself, when she had wondered herself, but at the moment she was staring at Sequoia to see her reaction.

“Oh, well that’s good,” Sequoia mumbled, then “Do I turn right here, or at the next lights?” Changing the subject, Sequoia was thrown by her answer, as jealousy stabbed at her; she thought Isabelle would have mentioned a guy before now, but maybe not if it wasn’t a definite thing.

“The next set,” Isabelle answered. A smile slowly spreading across her face, something had occurred to her with Sequoia’s change of subject. It was so obvious she couldn’t have missed it that time. Jealousy. Sequoia was jealous… over her!

Isabelle looked out of her window, they were roughly ten minutes from her house. Only ten minutes, I wish I had more time, Isabelle thought.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure I want to go out with him or anything.” Isabelle really looked at Sequoia properly. She looks… dressed up, considering she had been asleep when I called her, Isabelle thought to herself. Consciously, she noted the spicy, sultry smell of Sequoia’s cologne for the first time. She smelled really, really good.

Isabelle’s heart fluttered slightly as she thought of the last two months, or more accurately of the last six months. Flashes came to her, Sequoia bringing her much needed coffee during her study binges. Sequoia giving her Shakespeare’s Complete Works for her birthday, and hugging her tightly. Sequoia holding her umbrella for her, getting wet while she had stayed relatively dry underneath it. Sequoia’s eyes sparkling as she took her to see The Frogs at the university theatre when William said he wouldn’t go, Sequoia angry when she told her of William’s cheating. But mostly, Sequoia smiling at her as they talked and laughed and joked about.

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