First Affair

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It is about one hour before my son Joe, his friend Randy, and my husband and I are due to go out to dinner. I just came from the nail shop, having both a manicure and pedicure and my nails polished a bright deep red. I am sitting on a stool in my shower shaving my arms, legs and of course my pussy. When I am done shaving, I grab the hand held pulsating showerhead and begin to rinse myself off. I turn the water on hot and rinse my pussy and I do not want to take the showerhead away, it feels so good. I stick one and then two fingers in my hot twat and rub my enlarged clit with my thumb. After about three minutes of this I feel my orgasm nearing, I get off the stool and sit on the floor of the shower, as when I orgasm, I have no control over anything and I do not want to hurt myself when I spasm. As I come, I release what seems to be a gallon of pussy juice.

As I begin to calm down, I here the phone ringing. Wrapping a towel around my body, I quickly answer the phone. It is my husband. He tells me he is stuck at work, will be working very late, and being as he has a bed and shower at the office, he will stay there tonight. He tells me to go ahead and take the kids out to dinner and he will be home tomorrow. For the last three or fours month, my husband’s sexual appetite seems to be waning and he has been spending more and more time at the office. I strongly suspect that my husband is having as affair as his overnights at work have grown from once or twice a month to a couple of times a week. I met my husband in college, as I had a scholarship for volleyball. His family was very much against our dating and getting married as his family is super rich and I come from a lower income, two family income, working home. When we were married I signed a pre-nup as I thought I was Cinderella and he was Prince Charming. I had one lover before I met my husband, and have been faithful. But lately I find myself fantasizing about a young lover while masturbating and daydreaming. I have no thoughts of leaving my husband, as he supports me financially beyond my wildest dreams

So here I am, clad in only a towel having just taken a shower , pondering my situation. I am 39 years old, in excellent shape. I had by boobs done a couple of years ago, and know I am a 36D, with a 26 inch waist and am told my best features are my ass and legs. I have natural red hair down to the middle of my back without the pale complexion that most redheads have. I spend 4 hours a week with a personal trainer at the gym, and when there are times when I hate her, but when I look in the mirror I know she is worth it.

So I am now in my bedroom, deciding what to wear. I am sitting on the edge of the bed and light up a Marlboro Light 100 , sipping a glass of wine. Taking a long drag off my cigarette, and walk over to my underwear drawer, and pull out a very brief red thong, matching garter belt and a one cup size too small push up bra., all from Victoria’s Secret. I find a pair of red fine mesh seamed nylons. I grab my cigarette, head for the bathroom. I wear very little makeup and apply what is needed with an off red eye shadow. Back in the bedroom, I light another cigarette and begin getting dressed. I pick out a pale greenish skirt that stops about three inches above my knees. I then pick out a darker green blouse that matches my eyes. I apply crimson red lip gloss, that matches my manicure and pedicure perfectly. I leave a button undone, to allow some cleavage to show, as my tits are practically falling out of the bra.

Lighting another cigarette with about ten minutes left before Joe and Randy are due to arrive, I grab a pair of four inch spiked patent red stilettos and head downstairs. I

I find a classic rock station on the cable, check the fridge (plenty of beer and wine and a tray of snacks.) I grab my shoes and head to the downstairs bathroom to brush my teeth, gargle and apply one last touch of lip gloss as the doorbell rings. I open the door, and there stands Randy. He then informs me that Joe had to stay at school to finish a term paper.

“Gee Randy, it looks like it just you and I. Won’t you come in. I will be ready in a minute. Help yourself to the fridge.”

He asks, “Would you like to cancel and reschedule when we are all able to go?”

I giggle “There’s nothing like being all dressed up with nowhere to go.”

I gaziantep bayan escort head to the kitchen and ask Randy if he would like something to drink. He says a beer will be fine and I grab a beer for him and pour myself a white wine.”

When I return to the den, I sit on the couch next to Randy. He asks if he can smoke and I tell him sure, and reach for my pack of Marlboros. Randy offers to light my cigarette and I lean over and he gets and eyeful of my 36ds in their skimpy little bra. He moves closer, so we share the ashtray. As we sit and sip our drinks and smoke , we make small talk about this and that, and then I decide I am going to have to have some of this young man. Randy is about 6′ 1″, average build, but has the most amazing blue eyes.

“Where would you like to go for dinner?” I ask.

“Its up to you,” he replies.

“Or we can just stay here. There is plenty of food and snacks. We can just stay in and watch a movie.”

“That would be great,” he tells me.

I get up and go into the kitchen. “I am making myself a martini. Would you care to join me?

” No thanks but I would love another beer.”

I fix my martini, and go around in the kitchen with my heels tapping to the tile floor, unbutton another button on my blouse, grab him a beer and return to the living room.

As I sit down closer to him, my skirt hikes up and I make no move to pull in down and I know Randy can see the top of my nylons and garter straps. I then make a big deal of using a compact to reapply my lip gloss. I take out another cigarette, and ask for a light, giving Randy a super view of my tits. After I inhale there is lipstick on the filter.

I look down there is a bulge in his pants and as I look, I ask “Like what you see?”

“What’s not to like?” he replies.”

I scoot over next to him. He puts him arm around me and gives me a kiss. Deciding to leave no doubt about what was on my mind, I slip my tongue into his mouth and he returns the gesture. Soon he is starting to kiss my neck and I unbutton my blouse to give him better access. He moves down the front of my chest, stopping at the top of my breasts as he unclasps my bra. He then starts to play with one nipple, while greedily sucking the other. The young man suck on my nipple like a starving infant. He then proceeded to lay me down on the sofa, undoing my skirt. He continues to play with one tit while his other hand in rubbing my pussy through my thong. I then ask him to unclasp my garter belt and he then proceed to pull my thong off.

“Oh fuck, what a beautiful body.”

I can only moan in response as he teases his way down towards my steaming cunt.

“Shit, lick my pussy, lick my pussy please,” I cry.

He continues to tease and when his tongue lick up and down my slit, I am moaning.
“Tell what you want”

“I want to cum, I need to cum,” I reply. “My clit, lick my clit.”

He continues licking me from the top of my pussy to my asshole, never touching my aching love button.

“Oh God, please lick my clitty.”

He finally move up and starts to tease my clit, Licking up and down my pussy, He puts a finger in my pussy and starts in on my clit. I am nearly insane, wanting to feel his tongue on my clit.

He finally lick my clit and I scream for joy. “Oh my God, I’m going to cum. Lick me, fuck me. Omygod here it comes. Yes, yes, yes.” My climax hits and am screaming and moaning, writhing like a snake as he holds me down and continues with his oral assault until my orgasm subsides. He lights us both a cigarette as I quickly reapply lip gloss

“I need to take the nylons off, and when I am done, you will be begging for mercy,” I tease him. “Get your clothes off. I am going to give to the blowjob of your life and then fuck you all night…” I am very pleased to see a nice large cock, easily the biggest dick I have ever seen, much less fuck or suck, hard as a rock, waiting for me.

“I have never begged for mercy, but you are cordially invited to try,” he coos.

I have just put on more lipstick and I am going to see if I can leave a lipstick kiss at the base of you cock, as I take his cock into my smoke filled mouth with one gulp, deep throating him. I pull back and begin to lick furiously on his cockhead. I realize he gaziantep bayan escort ilanları has become plenty aroused while eating me, so I know he is hot and horny. I alternate between deep throating him and using my tongue on his cock, trying to get my tongue into his pee hole.

“Oh my God, that feels so good. Shit don’t ever stop.’I reach under him and begin playing with his asshole with one hand, squeezing the bottom of his cock with the other.

“Please make me cum, please.” I then start to insert my finger up his ass.

“Oh shit, oh fuck, oh dear” as he begins bucking up and down on the couch. I feel his balls start to tense up.

“I’m gonna cum, oh here it comes, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” as I feel the first squirt of cum in my mouth. Randy is moaning and bucking as I lick the tip of his cock, swallowing every drop.

We both lay there, exhausted for the moment. I then sit up light another cigarette and wander naked into the kitchen to get us something to drink. I grab two beers and return, sitting on Randy’s lap as we have a cigarette and relax for a few moments.

As I am applying more lipstick, Randy says he’s glad the police weren’t there as I had made so much noise screaming and begging.

“You weren’t so quiet yourself ,” I reply. I feel his cock under me, beginning tp come back to life. “You have a great cock and I hope you know how to use it.”

With that, I slide down off his lap, onto the floor , take one last drag on my Marlboro, and again swallow his cock whole.

“Suck my cock for two or three minutes, and it will get super hard and it will stay hard for a while.”


Soon his cock is rock hard. I climb back on the sofa, and guide his cock into my pussy. I begin humping up and down. He is massaging my tits and I maneuver around so when I ride all the way up, my pussy feels almost empty and then I slam back down, taking him in to the hilt. After a few moments, I crawl off, get on all fours.

“Give me that cock, fill my cunt with your cock. Fuck me, fuck me.”

He slams his cock into my pussy, reaching around to caress by sensitive clit.

“I cannot believe how this feels. Give me more, I want all of it baby, fuck me, fuck me.”

“Don’t worry baby, just keep bucking back. Shit your pussy is so soft and sweet. I love the feel of your cunt trying to suck me dry.”

After a few more moments, he stops, turns me over, and sinks his hard pole deep in my pussy. By this time I am a quivering, ranting and raving lunatic, begging for him to fuck me and fuck me hard. I feeling another orgasm building inside of me, and I am screaming for more of his cock as he continues to fuck me long and hard. I start my orgasm and I feel my juices really flowing. Again I am begging and screaming. Soon, my orgasm starts to subside.

“I’m going to come again,” Randy cries. “Fuck, here it comes,” I scissor my legs, locking my ankles around his waist as he pounds into me. He is bouncing up and down, lifting my ass of the sofa. I not care.

“Give me your cum. I want every last fucking drop. Fuck me.”

“Take it all baby, take all of my come,” as he shoots what seems to be another quart of cum deep in my pussy.

We collapse, bodies entwined, his cock still inside of me, as my cunt involuntarily spasm and continues to milk his cock. I am in pure post orgasmic bliss as we just lay there, marveling and the magnifegence of what we have just experienced. After a moment, I begin the stir, and I feel Randy’s cock slipping out of me. As I stand up, I feel juices flowing out of my pussy, running down my leg. I walk over the end table, grab a Marlboro 100 and walk into the kitchen.

“We need to eat something nutritional,” I suggest as he walks up behind me, wraps his arms around me, nuzzling my neck. I look in the fridge and there are some leftovers. “Want me to nuke that and we can take a short break.”

“Okay, but not too long,” he chuckles. I go the downstairs bathroom, grab a very short robe, and wrap it around me. I don’t want to catch cold,” I tease.

He just looks hungrily at me and then asks, “Will you put your stilettos back on? I love a woman in high heels, especially one with legs like yours.” I grin as I go back to the couch and slip into gaziantep bayan escort reklamları my shoes. “I just love those heels. If I can only look, might as well improve the scenery.

We sit at the counter and quickly devour our dinner and head back to the sofa. I grab my cigarettes, crook a finger at him and say, “You have looked long enough. Lets go upstairs. I just have to have your cock in my ass.” I light another cigarette and walk to the stairs, seductively shaking my ass. In my best Mae West imitation, as we are walking up the stairs, I ask him, “Do you have enough left to fuck my ass? Can you fill my ass with cum. I absolutely adore a cock in my ass, but I have never encountered a cock quite like yours.”

“Are you wearing out?” he teases.

“No its just that you have been here for over two hours, and I have had two gut wrenching climaxes, and I want more, more, more.”

“Well maam, I’ll do my best and see what happens.”

“Do I get to suck that thing again? I ask hopefully, as I reach into the night stand and grab the KY Jelly and pour it into a small bowl on the nightstand. I then push him back on the bed and put a small pillow under the small of his back, giving me access to both his cock and ass. I touch up my lipstick, continuing to smoke my cigarette. and slide over until my face is even with his ass.

“Have you ever had a prostate massage?” I ask innocently.

“No, but I have a feeling I’m going to get one now and love it.”

“You can’t come now, I need that thing deep in my ass. I will give do a short one to get your cock very hard.”

I inhale the smoke, and blow it up in the air. I then move up his body, until my muff is on his mouth.

“Here is your dessert. Enjoy.”

As I go down on him, I inhale the smell unmistakable smell of sex juices, as I again start trying to shove my tongue up his pee hole. I grab hold of his ass, and suck his cock deep in my throat. I then rub the KY on my forefinger, and then slip my finger into his ass to about the second knuckle. I then wiggle around and find his prostate. He jumps, almost choking me with his dick.

Again, he licks up and down my slit, his forefinger on my clit. I am off to the races again. I feel like a sex starved nympho, which I guess is what I am at this point. I pull my finger out and start to concentrate on his forefinger on my cunt and pussy, and Iagain, from s

Deep within me, I get that heavenly feeling.

I spit his penis out and start screaming again. “Oh shit, I’m going to come again. Lick my pussy. Put your tongue on my clit.” He then deftly slips two fingers into my pussy, as his tongue teases my clit.

Again I am screaming in joy as I feel my juices release as I have another climax. Randy is having a difficult time keeping me lined up on top of him, as I am writhing and shaking. He immediately turns me over and tells me to lock my ankles around his neck. He then lifts me up and puts the small pillow under the small of my back. He the dips into the KY bowl. Puts some lube on his cock and then puts first one, then two oily fingers into my back hole.

“Fuck my ass. Put that big wonderful cock all the way up my ass.”

He then puts the head of his cock into my ass. He then proceeds to slowly and agonizingly pushing his cock into me until he is buried to the hilt.

“Now fuck me, fuck my ass hard. I want your cum in my ass.” He pulls almost all he way out, puts some lube on his cock and slams into me. I bury my head in the pillow next to headboard and push back, enabling his rock hard cock deeper penetration. He reaches around and starts rubbing my clit while continuing to jackhammer my back hole.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard, FUCK MEEEEEEEE. FUCK MY BUTT. DON’T STOP, Oh my God, I’m going to cum again. DEEEEEPER, MORE, OF FUCK HERE I COME.”

Randy eases up a bit, letting me fully enjoy my orgasm, and a soon as it begins to wane, he back to jackhammering away at my ass.

“Come for me Baby, shoot that hot cum deep in my ass. Fuck me, oh God I love it.”

“Get ready because here I come. I am going to unload in your ass. Keep fucking, yes, AAAAHHHHH.”

As we lay in each other’s arms, the bed soaked with sweat, both of us exhausted. We lay there for about 20 minutes, and he begins to nuzzle my neck and tweak my right nipple. I look at the clock and see that is almost midnight. I tell Randy that we need to shower and he needs to go home, but return as soon as we can arrange it. I explain this is my first extramarital affair and do not want the neighbors to see a strange car in front of the house all night. We hop in the shower, have a furious kiss and off he goes. I have a feeling he’ll be back.

To be continued.

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