First Kiss Ch. 3

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Martha was frustrated and excited as she went to her bedroom. She felt like taking off all her clothes and walk into the bathroom naked, knowing that Lydia would be looking. She felt guilt at such a naughty thought, but she gave herself permission to enjoy it. She decided to leave the robe on but untied it so it would flow open as she walked, knowing that she would be showing herself to Lydia. She draped her short gown that she had bought for this trip, over her arm and wondered if it would be too revealing to let Lydia see her in it. She decided to blame the consequences on the wine and she walked into the hall.

Lydia was standing by the bathroom door holding towels for her. Lydia’s eyes flowed up and down Martha’s partly exposed body. “Just look at the beautiful woman who is spending the night with me” Lydia said with a full smile.

Martha flushed and noticed that Lydia’s robe was not tied and her cleavage lay beautifully for her view. Pretending to look at the towels she took from Lydia, she dared to look at Lydia’s closely trimmed crotch and her inner thighs that were slightly parted. She had a difficult time turning into the bathroom and slowly placed the towels within easy reach of the shower. She slowly slipped out of her nylon robe and as she turned she bursa escort looked up and found Lydia still in the doorway looking at her near naked body. She blushed and said, “Oh, I forgot to close the door.” Lydia said, “I’ll get it for you honey,” and leaned forward to reach the doorknob. As she leaned forward her robe completely opened and Martha feasted her eyes on Lydia’s beautiful naked breast, her entire right leg and the almost naked mound of her vagina. Lydia’s eyes were focused on Martha’s bra, panties and legs as she slowly pulled the door almost closed. She left a two-inch crack and Martha wondered if she was going to peek at her when she took off her bra and panties and while she showered.

Accepting the challenge Martha. Unfastened her lacy bra and took it off. She cupped each breast in her hands and gently rubbed them. She was facing the mirror and knew that Lydia may well be watching her. Then she lowered her panties and stood before the mirror complete nude. The tub/shower had a glass door and Martha decided to take a shower instead of a bath. The hot water felt good against her sensitive nipples and she slowly soaped her hands and washed her body with her soapy hands. She often glanced toward the open door and at the mirror wondering if Lydia was escort bursa peeking at her. Secretly she grew more excited hoping that she was looking.

Martha slid the door open and reached for the towel before stepping naked from the tub. She slowly dried turning her body completely around giving Lydia a view of her entire body…if she was looking.

When Martha exited the bathroom Lydia was seated on the couch with the robe hardly covering her body. Martha left her robe open and said, “OK, beauty queen the bathroom is all yours.” Lydia rose, turned the TV off and walked down the hall with her open robe flowing making no effort to hide her nakedness.

When Lydia got close to her she placed her hands on Martha’s hips and then slipped them around her waist. “You smell very clean sweetie. Get in bed and sleep with lots of good dreams. We will have time tomorrow to do lots of fun things.” With this Lydia pulled Martha close and gave her a warm and forceful kiss fully on her lips. Martha smiled broadly but was a little surprised that Lydia was ready to stop their sex play. She said, “Ok, you have nice dreams too.” Then Martha surprised herself as she leaned forward and gave Lydia a soft but firm kiss on her lips. She felt the softness of her firm breasts bursa escort bayan pressing against Lydia’s breast. She turned and went to her bedroom.

She heard Lydia flush the toilet and then begin the shower. Martha was tempted to slip down the carpeted hall and spy on Lydia as she showered. She fought a brief battle, and then with heart pounding in her chest she slipped naked to the bathroom door. It was open several inches and she could look at the mirror and see Lydia lathering her body. The shower door was OPEN and Lydia slowly turned as she lathered and touched her body. She spent lots of time with her breasts touching and fondling her nipples. Then she placed the bar of soap on her vagina mound and made a heavy lather. She slipped the bar of soap into her ass crack and lathered it also. Then with a hand in front and back she paid tribute to her crotch area. Martha saw her body go into several little spasms and knew that Lydia was having a sexual climax. Martha began rubbing her own vagina and breasts until Lydia recovered and rinsed all the soap off her body.

Martha was in bed when Lydia came to her bed and bent over and gave her an open lips kiss and said, “Good night honey. I’m glad we are together again. See you in the morning.” Lydia left and went to her room and turned the light out. Martha was sexually excited and immediately began playing with her nipples and vagina. It only took three minutes until she brought herself to a beautiful climax. She slept soundly.

Part four is on the way.

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