Five or Six Big Gulps for Mom

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Five or Six Big Gulps for Mom

It took about five or six big gulps for Mom to swallow my entire load. It seems like the more I have sex with her, the more cum my nuts produce… which is fine with both of us.

Our incest started a little over two years ago, right after I started high school. She was thirty-six and I was 18 at the time. The first time, was purely MY taking advantage of the perfect opportunity……

Of course, as a horny, sheltered 18 year old boy, my dick stayed hard all the time. The memory on my desktop computer was almost to capacity with porn I had downloaded. Most of it was commercial porn, but I was able to find a few videos of boys and girls that I knew from school.
Most of the girls had no idea they were doing blow jobs and being fucked on camera.
The ones who did know always put on a big show.
Needless to say, my little trash can stayed full of cum filled Kleenexes.

I knew my Mom and Dad only had sex on Friday nights. Helloooo… you could hear Mom all over the house. I often wondered why she was so vocal, and what her cunt looked like. Mom and son videos were always some of my favorites, on the internet, and it always seemed like mothers usually preferred their son’s sex sessions over their husband’s.

I had no doubt that most of the players in porn videos were actors, but the more I watched, the more I wondered about Mom’s body.

One Friday afternoon, I got a text from Dad, “Mom must be on the phone, tell her Dave can’t come in tonight, so I’ll be working a double. I’ll be home in the morning around 7:30. Thanks, Don. Love ya, son.”

Mom didn’t hear me come into the kitchen. I overheard her talking to my Aunt Sue. She giggled and told Sue that she was going to be in bed naked when Dad got home. She was going to leave the light on so he would get his eyes full when he walked in the door, “I have a black mask for my eyes so I can nap until he gets here. I intend to get him so horny I’ll get the best fuck I’ve had in a couple of years.
“Donnie should be asleep for more than an hour before Ed gets here.”

Aunt Sue was snickering when she said, “Better careful, sis, that boy’s beginning to get a pretty good bulge in his britches. If he hears you two, you’ll have cum stains all over his sheets.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve been dealing with that for a couple of years, now. But… he’s a boy and that’s going to happen.”

I slipped back, out of sight, and made my way to the front door, slammed it and yelled out that I was home… after what I just heard, there was no way I was going to tell Mom that Dad wouldn’t be home that night.

Mom was acting a little silly all evening. Then I figured out she was sneaking sips of wine from the pantry. Until recently, I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t pour herself a glass and just sit and enjoy it.
Not long ago, she told me that grandpa had been a wino and lost everything to a loan shark. He shot himself when mom was two.
She had promised grandma that she would never touch alcohol. She didn’t drink in front of me because most kids can’t keep a secret.

Back to that eventful night…..

Mom was in a great mood, but she kept asking me what time it was and what time I was going to bed. Finally, about 10pm, I told her good night and hugged her tight. I could feel her stiff nipples, right through her house dress. Little did she know I would be looking at those babies, before much longer.

When I got to my room, I hit the shower and beat Sex hikayeleri my meat in anticipation. After my cum washed down the drain, I wondered if I had just made a mistake… I’d know within the next couple of hours.

I heard Mom start her shower and gave her about five minutes. It had become a familiar routine for me to slip through her bedroom and watch her through the frosted glass. This time I was bold enough to do it naked.

She turned off the water and I eased back to my room. I knew she would check on me, like she did every night, so I pretended to be asleep when she cracked open the door. From my waist, down, I was covered by my sheet. However, since I knew what was coming, my cock acted as a center pole of a tent.
I heard her catch her breath and could tell she was getting an extra eye full.

Her better judgment took over and she closed my door, quietly. I lay there for close to an hour, slowly stroking my hard dick. When I felt it was time, I went back downstairs and listened at Mom’s bedroom door. BINGO! I could her soft snores. Carefully, I cracked the door open and peeked at the most beautiful sight my teen-age eyes had ever seen.

There was my gorgeous mother, flat on her back with her left leg straight and her right one lifted out to the side. At first, all I could focus on was her pussy. The rest of her body was just a ‘housing’ for that beautiful, hairless pussy. Wait… there was a small patch of brown hair, shaved into the shape of an arrow and pointing to her clit.

I had seen a thousand pussies, twice as many tits, and nearly as many assholes on porn sites. I had seen white ladies, black ladies, Asians of all kinds, Muslims, women from India, the Philippines and from countries all over the world.
But, to me, there had never been a body as beautiful as my mother’s… and I was going to fuck that body, within the next few minutes.

As she had told Aunt Sue, her eye mask was in place. My cock would never be more ready, so I eased onto the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I spat on the end of my dick and slid it down until it tried to lodge against her hole… SCORE!

When she started to arouse, I took her wrists in my hands and held them away from her mask. The small act of dominance, actually, excited her and she shoved her fuck hole upwards, helping me with entrance.
She gasped when I thrust into her and murmured, “Oh, God, that feels good.”

I thought her experienced cunt felt pretty tight, but it was my first one so I really had nothing to compare it with… I just knew I was in ecstasy.
I had watch enough porn to know that I wanted to go slowly at first, enjoying the feel of my first real fuck.

After a minute or so, Mom said, “Oh, Damn… you feel so big tonight. I’m so glad you still want to make love to me. I love you so much…”
I dropped to her face and gave her lips a quick kiss. She began to shudder with an orgasm when I returned to pumping her pussy a little harder.

As soon as she started coming down from that one, I plowed her as fast and as deep as I could. My shaft exploded as she screamed, “OH, MY FUCKING GOD, ED!!! OH SHIT, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

I thought I must have busted a blood vessel because the flow just wouldn’t stop. Stream, after stream, after stream, filled Mom’s womb until it was squirting out around my piston, down my balls and across her ass. She was, literally, screaming for more, “FUCK ME MORE! HARDER, HARDER! GIVE ME MORE, GIVE ME Sikiş hikayeleri MORE!”

My cock never softened. I pulled out and when she reached for her sleep mask, I slapped her hand and muttered, “Huh-uh.”
I grabbed her by the left leg and lifted it, forcing her to flip onto her stomach.

“Oh, yes, Eddie… fuck my ass, Honey.”

I hadn’t planned on ass-fucking my mom, but… if that’s what she wanted…….

My mother worked her pucker in and out, trying her best to help with the invasion.
Finally, she pushed outward and the head of my dick eased in and past the
sphincter. From there, it only took three thrusts for her to accommodate my entire eight inches.

The warmth and the very idea of having my dick rammed up my own mother’s asshole drove me wild. I was slamming her hard, my balls slapping in the slop from our previous loads. With the grip I had on her hips, there was no way she could have made an escape, so it was time…

She had one orgasm and was having her second when I erupted, “OH, SHIT, MOM! OH, MY FUCKING SHIT! I’M PUMPING YOUR ASS FULL OF CUM! OH, MY FUCKING, FUCKING, GOD! IT’S SO GODDAMM GOOOOOOODDDDD……….”

Sure enough, she tried to pull loose, “Oh, my God, Donnie! Oh, my God, turn me loose. Turn me loose, right now!”

No sooner than her words were spoken, you might say that an aftershock hit me. I dug my finger tips in and pounded her ass full, again. Something… some feeling I got, told me that she really didn’t want to separate. I rode her down to the bed, still thrusting. She began to cry, “Oh, Donnie, please… please let me up. We can’t do this, son. I’m your mother, for God’s sake. Let me go, son, now!”

I rolled off her back and flopped onto mine. My dick was finally beginning to soften. Mom jumped out of bed and ran into her bathroom. Within seconds, the shower was running. I needed a shower, too, so…

She tried to stop me from entering the enclosure beside her. She was trying to cover her tits and cunt with her hands.

I grabbed both hands and forced her against the wall, “C’mon, Mom, admit it. That was the best fuck you’ve had in years, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it?”

She began to cry, softly, “Oh, no, what have I done? (sniff) What have we done, Donnie? (Huh-huh-huh, sniff) Oh, God, this is so wrong. Your dad will be coming home in a few minutes. (sniff, sniff) We need to clean up and get out of here. We can talk about this tomorrow.

I released her hands and grabbed a hand full of hair on both sides of her head, “Dad’s not coming home tonight.” I kissed my own mom on the lips and forced my tongue into her mouth, “He sent me a text and told me was working a double,” I kissed her, again. This time, she kissed me back, “He won’t be home ‘til in the morning. That means I can fuck you all… night… long.”

Her voice was barely above a whisper, “But, Honey, this is wrong. You’re my son… I’m your mother. We can’t be…”

I cut her off with another kiss. “Yes we can, and we’re going to.”

“No, Donald David! We will not! Now you get your ass out of this shower and leave me alone!”

I pretended to be hurt, “Why, Mom?” I whined, “I love you and you just gave the most wonderful hour of my whole life. Do you not love me anymore?”

I was pleased that I was able to force a real tear. When she saw it, her hands caressed my cheeks and she said, “Of course I still love you, sweetheart. But it’s not right for a mother and her son to…”

I wrapped my arms Erotik hikaye around her and began kissing her ear and neck, “Please, Mom, just one more time. Just let me stick my dick in you one more time. Dad will never know, and I’ll never ask again, I promise.”

“Oh, Honey,” she started and hesitated. I could tell she was thinking about it…

“Please, Mom. I love you so much.”

“Well… okay. But just this one last time, and you have to let me call the shots… Deal?”

We fondled each other, took our time, and enjoyed drying our naked bodies. The more I caressed her nipples and butt cheeks, the bigger Mom’s smile got. By the time we got to the edge of the bed, she was kissing me, stretching my cock, and giving my balls some gentle squeezes.

“On your back, mister big dick. I’m gonna be on top for a while.”

Sure enough, she guided my shaft inside her tunnel and began rocking. We must have fucked in that position for ten minutes or more. Then she bent low and kissed me, “Now I’m switching to my butt… enjoy.”

She spun around, facing away from me, and stuck her asshole down on my hard rod. I remember thinking, “How in the fuck can this thing stay so hard, so long?”

Mom literally bounced herself into a screaming, cumming fit. I was shocked when she pulled off and dropped her head to my rod. She, actually, took the whole eight inches (covered with her own juices and slimy shit) into her mouth and throat.
Fifteen seconds later, I blew another load… not a drop escaped.

She crawled along side me and laid down, “How did you like that? Not bad for an old lady, huh?”

“Mom, you are the most beautiful, most fantastic woman in the world to me. Thank you for all we did. I love you. I just wish this wasn’t wrong; I could fuck you every night for the rest of my life.”

She took my dick in her hand and started stroking, lightly and slowly, “Spoken just like a horny, 18 year old boy. With a cock like this, I probably should say ‘man’, though.”
She kissed me on the cheek and chuckled, “Donnie, my dear son, you just fuckin’ ruined your mother. The only time I ever had this much sex in one night was when I was in college… but it took two grown men to give me six orgasms.
“Here’s what I’m willing to do to keep this lovely little cannon busy. On Fridays, your dad gets my pussy. On the other six days, we can do anything you want, fuck, suck, ass, pussy, hand jobs, anything. We just have to make sure your dad never finds out and you can’t even tell your best buddies.
“You’re my son and incest is illegal. I could go to jail.

We both could. I don’t think your cock or my pussy, either one, would like that situation. Last, we need to take our activities to your room. I’m gonna have to change these sheets before morning. We wouldn’t want Daddy to see the mess we’ve made, would we?”

Her soft hands had revived me once more, “You seemed to like doggy style pretty good. You want to try it again, in my cunt instead of my ass this time?”

All I had to do was nod and smile. Her fine ass went into the air and my tool went up her pussy…

Now, two years later, my mother and I have sex nearly every evening, before Dad gets home from work. I, still, have told nobody about our incestuous activities. However, she decided to let Aunt Sue in. That woman has fantastic pussy, too.

We’ve had a couple of close calls, nearly getting caught, but we learned to be more careful with dead bolts, etc.

Once in a while, she comes to my room on Friday night, after she and Dad fuck and he goes to sleep. That’s exactly where this story started, in my room… on Friday night… with my 20 year old cock in my mom’s mouth…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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